Top Black Racists of 2021: The WAZ Awards: Runners Up and Selected Citations

WAZ Awards: Top Black Racists of 2021 Selected Citations (and a few Runner’s Up)


1) Colin Kaepernik

1997 Fire Under the Snow: The Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk. Grove Press, by Palden Gyatso.

2002 Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion. earthworks films. Documentary

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion.

07.28.2011 Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh Team Sweat YouTube. Jim Keady, et al. 20.19 min.

10.19.2011 Nike Sweatshops: are Nike workers paid a living wage? Team Sweat YouTube

04.09.202013 Kim Keady’s Presentation: Father Ryan High School, Jim Keady speaking.

09.04.2018 Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played an NFL game in 2 seasons, but he just keeps winning. Time by Sean Gregory. Among other endorsements, Colin just signed deal with Nike.

06.29.2019 China’s vanishing Muslims: Undercover in the most dystopian place in the world. Vice News Tonight YouTube. 31:47 min. Brave young woman and photojournalist risk all to film life where everyone is watched every moment, people disappear without a trace, children are taken by the state, etc.

01.17.2022 Nike Secret shoe factory in China Space Rumor YouTube.
2) Brittney Cooper:

Mr. Basketball Shoes by the great Juneau singer/songwriter Buddy Tabor.

The Rolling Mills of New Jersey 1983 by John Robers and Tony Barrand (parody of Rolling Hills of the Border)

Brittney Cooper:

03.14.2017 Brittney Cooper: The racial politics of time. TED Talk by Brittney Cooper. In which Brittney claims white people own time. 12.29. minutes

10.10.2019 Black woman says she is fat because of President Trump & racism Conservative Twins YouTube The Hodge Brothers. The Hodge brothers make fun of Brittney Cooper (‘that swole woman) and the hundred black women who agree with her on the on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

05.04.2020 Why fat black lives must not really matter The Hill by Armstrong Williams. In which the author points out that co-morbidities play a far more dominant role in killing black people than Covid.

09.21.2021 Unpacking the attacks on critical race theory. The Root. with Michael Harriot, 45 min.

10.29.2021 Brittney Cooper: Prof blamed Trump supporters for Covid, bragged Rutgers cannot fire her. Media Entertainment Arts Worldwide. by Kuani Dey.

11.05.2021 Rutgers AAUP-AFT statement in solidarity with Brittney Cooper. American Association of University Professors, American Federation of Teachers, (Rutgers branch.)

11.26.2021 Dr. Cooper: America’s Nutty Professor Norfolk Daily News. by Michelle Malking.
Talking about Brittney’s book: “Eloquent Rage: A black feminist discovers her super power.” about which the lovely lady says, “This is a book by a grown-ass woman written for other grown-ass for women who expect to be taken seriously…This is a book for women who know shit is fucked up.” Full disclosure: no one here has read Brittney’s book.

Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions: 2022-2023 Non-Resident $47,872 Tuition Room & Board

3) Baltimore City Schools:

Project Baltimore: Ongoing video series by Fox News say what you will about Fox News but the series has been a grand shake-up in Baltimore. Nuggets like the 0.13 GPA kid. The kid whose mom was trying to get him transferred to another school because, she said, the violence at his schools was out of control. 23 Baltimore schools have zero students proficient in math, per state test results…

Latest revision of Baltimore City Public Schools Baltimore School finances reported by Project Baltimore, Fox 45 News, Forbes auditors, Open the

Baltimore City Public Schools website is the source of racial demographics cited by Jake: BCPS are 73% black, 17 % Hispanic, 7% white, the rest Asian & other ethnicities.

09.13.2017 Baltimore’s failing schools are a tragedy The Hill. By Armstrong Williams.

12.29.2018 Baltimore trying to stem decades-long disappearing act. AP by David Mc Fadden AP (photo by Patrick Semansky. In 1950 Baltimore was the 6th most populous city in America. Now it’s 30th. “There are whole sections of our city that look like 1980’s Beirut.” Carol Ott, Baltimore tenant’s rights advocate.

02.13.2021 Why Baltimore School leader’s new contract will make her the highest paid in the state. Baltimore Sun. by Liz Bowie. [Sonja Santelisis: 4 year contract. Salary $325,000/yr. with a 2.5% annual pay increase per year. 38 days paid vacation per year.]

03.30.2021 Baltimore City Public Schools promoted student with 0.13 GPA while spending a $1.4 billion budget. Forbes by Adam Andrzejewski.

07.21.2021 Board Policies and Regulations: Equity Policy. Baltimore City Public Schools * [the third item on page 4 of BCP’s Equity Office Resources under “Educating Yourself” 12 ways to be a White ally to Black people.”]

08.19.2021 Have BMore schools failed our youth? 41% of HS Students have a 1.0 GPA. One 19-yr-old has 0.13 GPA Roland Martin on YouTube by Roland S. Martin. In which Roland answers the title question as he interviews a very uncomfortable flak from the BCPS District.

08.21.2021 As Baltimore school bureaucrats get rich, their students fail. Washington Examiner. by Christopher Tremoglie.

10.27.2021 Misery, they name is Baltimore City Public Schools. America’s Future. AF Editors lay out the problems that have been going on for years.

11.14.2022 Baltimore City Schools CEO earns nearly $445,000 due to perks buried in contract. Fox News by Chris Papst.

Many Books, videos, and articles through 2021, by Colin Flaherty on the web. A remarkable, intelligent, man of great integrity, Colin F. passed away at 66–years-old, on January 11, 2022 making the bank accounts of race hustlers everywhere a little safer. Some of his blog posts and articles are still up on American Thinker website.

Colin Flaherty/Criminals has 87 videos of Colin on YouTube put up by jtsunami66.

4) Chicago Museum of Art

09.27.2021 Editorial: Shame on the Art Institute of Chicago summarily canning its volunteer docents. Chicago Tribune by the Editorial Board. Well-deserved spanking from the Editorial Board takes the Art Institute to task for “… weaselly letter was sent out Sept. 3 by Veronica Stein, the Woman’s Board Executive Director of Learning and Engagement of AIC. Engagement in this case really means disengagement. The Trib points out that by virtue of Stein’s title, “Volunteers pay her freight.”

10.09.2021 The Art Institute of Chicago fires all of its (unpaid and volunteer) docents because the are sufficiently “diverse”. Why Evolution is True. by Jerry Coyne.

10.22.2021 At long last, the NYT covers the Art Institute of Chicago’s Docent Gate Why Evolution is True. by Jerry Coyne.

02.22.2022 Art Institute of Chicago: Firing of docents is ‘Misinformation’. Chicago Contrarian: Commentary on Urban Affairs in Chicago. by Benjamin Blair. Former AIC family membership/donor wrote the Institute explaining why he wouldn’t be renewing his support. They sent him a form letter calling media coverage of the Museum firing the docents because of their skin color ‘misinformation’. He includes AIC response letter in his article. The Institute blames media for not sharing ‘nuanced’ nature of museum’s education program which, the Institute claims cause ‘confusion’ and ‘heartache’ amid the ‘misinformation.’

*Winter, 2022 The Guardians in Retreat, redefining its purpose as anti-racism, the Art Institute of Chicago abandons its core mission of preserving history’s treasures and instructing future generations. City Journal. by Heather MacDonald. There are many, many articles on AIC firing docents. This one is long and, I would say, one of the finest. It is cogent, well considered, well written.

5) Lori Lightfoot

05.29.2020 Lightfoot to Trump: ‘What I really want to say…begins with F and ends with U’ Chicago Tribune by John Byrne & James Munks.

06.05.2020 Mayor Lori Lightfoot denounces vigilantism in Chicago after white men patrol Bridgeport with bats. Chicago Tribune by Gregory Pratt & Morgan Green. [Says the big girl] “It is absolutely not appropriate for people to take up arms, bats, pipes, whatever in patrolling neighborhoods.” Says they should call 911 instead.

07.22.2020 Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot tweets against Trump as bullets fly outside funeral home. Fox News. by Brie Stimson. 15 wounded at South Side funeral home as Lori says, “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trumps troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.” (mourners at the funeral exchanged gunfire with multiple shooters in the car shooting at them).

07.23.2020 Chicago Mayor agrees to allow deployment of Federal police to Chicago after call with Trump. National Review. by Zachary Evans.
An alderwoman quoted as saying, “My ward is a shit-show. They are shooting at the police. I’ve never seen the likes of this. I’m scared.”
An alderman said his ward is ‘a virtual warzone.’
Lori Lightfoot responded that the alderman was, ‘100 percent full of shit.’

08.20.2020 Lightfoot defends heavy police presence around her home. Chicago Sun Times. by Fran Spielman. “Given the threats that I have personally received. Given the threats to my home and my family, I’m gonna do everything to make sure they are protected. I make no apologies whatsoever for that.”

05.19.2021 Lightfoot says she will only give 1-on-1 interviews to journalists of color. NBC Chicago. “Diversity and inclusion is imperative across all institutions including media. Marking her two years in office LL promotes ‘diversity and inclusion’ by not doing interviews with white journalists.

06.17.2021 Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares racism a public health crisis in Chicago. ABC News. by Jessica D’Onofrio, Will Jones. Chicago’s Department of Public Health will spend $9.6 billion of Federal Covid relief monies to create 6 ‘Health Equity Zones’ which among other nonsense are to, ‘build capacity for anti-racist leadership.’ and ‘reckon with the impacts of racism.’

07.02.2021 Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is slammed for claiming ‘99% of her critics are racist and sexist after her own REFUSAL to be interviewed by white journalists. Daily Mail. by Brian Stieglitz.

07.12.2021 Lightfoot welcomes Federal Strike Force amid increase in Chicago gun violence NBC Chicago. Trump Federal troops won’t terrorize Chicago—then they were okay, except she didn’t call them troops. Far as Biden Federal Troops; ‘Come on down!”

07.20.2021 Democratic mayors defunded their police, while spending millions on their own police protection. Forbes. by Adam Andrzjewski.  [First example is Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago]

12.22.2021 Mayor who pushed to defund police by $80 M pleads with feds to help with rampant crime. Fox 17 Nashville. by Alec Schemmel.

05.25.2022 79% of Illinois communities lose people in 2021: Chicago loses 45 K Illinois Policy by Bryce Hill.

12.20.2021 Lightfoot seeks additional help from ATF, US Marshals to curb violence in Chicago. NBC Chicago. ‘Earlier in December the city saw its 800th homicide victim of the year.’ At least 4,328 people shot.

03.28.2022 Woke Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has secret unit of 70 cops protecting her in addition to her 20 officer body guard detail: 660 cops retired in 2021 under the one-time Defund the Police advocate. Daily Mail. by Alex Hammer. Lori’s secret police unit has 60 officers (seasoned ones, who are required to have at least five years on the job.) This is the same Lori who wanted to cut $80 million from CPD. They cut $59 million. 660 cops retired while she was pandering to the Defund the Police crowd. Now Lightfoot is begging the Feds to help with Chicago’s crime wave, and she’s pandering to the ‘Refund the Police’ crowd.

6) Darrell Brooks

Waukesha Christmas Parade attack Wikipedia. Darrell Brooks, Jr. attack on Christmas parade kills 5 grandmothers and a boy, injures 62,

11.23.2021 At least five killed after SUV plows into Wisconsin holiday parade. CNN by Aditi Sangal et al.

11.24.2021 Media blasted for referring to Waukesha parade attack as ‘crash’ Fox News by Lindsay Kornick.

11.24.2021 Liberal media ignores Waukesha Christmas parade horror: Devine. NY Post by Miranda Devine. Among other points in the article, Brooks was let out on $1,000 bail for punching his girlfriend in the face and running over her with the same SUV (his mother’s car) he used to attack the Christmas parade.

11.28.2021 CNN roasted for tweet saying Waukesha parade attack was caused by ‘a car’ that drove through the parade Fox News by Yael Halon. [the tweet] “Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade killing six people and injuring scores of others.” CNN

12.13.2021 ‘Not fitting their narrative’: Waukesha feels abandoned after tragic parade attack NY Post by Dana Kennedy. Example of black racist murderer Darrell Brooks Jr’s social media droppings, “so when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out inon wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOCK DEM TF OUT! PERIOD!!

12.16.2021 Waukesha: Tragedy exploited by white supremacists ADL Anti Defamation League claims “There appears to be little evidence that Brooks actively subscribes to an overreaching extremist ideology” See Brook’s racist social media posts above. [one of many]

09.14.2022 White supremacists exploit ‘false narrative’ of racial motivation in Waukesha parade tragedy. Wisconsin Examiner by Isiah Holmes & Henry Redman. [despite all evidence showing it was absolutely racially motivated.]

11.16.22 Courtroom claps as Judge throws book at Darrell Brooks, locks him up for life in prison. Law and Crime Network. Law and Crime Network. YouTube. Judge Jennifer R Dorow. over 7 million views. 15.06 min. Judge Dorow sentenced Brooks to consecutive life sentences for each of the 6 murders, plus 60 sentences of 17.5 years each for the injured.

7) Oberlin College

02.23.1996 African Heritage House has 27 year history. The Oberlin Review, vol 124, #15. archives; Associate Professor of African American Studies, Booker Peek, is quoted “[The House] is another form of segregation…that needs to be justified periodically.” House resident Ginneth Famer said, “The House does segregate, but not bad segregation.” She also said that after moving to Afrikan Heritage House she now feels, “uncomfortable with white students.”

12.19.2015 Sushi & Social Justice The American Conservative. by Rod Dreher. Oppressed Oberlin College students up in arms about inauthentic BanhMi, disrespectful sushi, and the school’s failure to make fried chicken part of Sunday night dinner at Afrikan House, also, too much cream in foods to suit black students.

11.11.2016 Krislov, Raimondo Respond to student senate resolution The Oberlin Review. In which Oberlin College President and Vice President/Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo open with the statement, “This has been a difficult few days for our community, not simply because of the events at Gibson’s Bakery, but because of the fears and concerns that many are feeling in response to the outcome of the [US] Presidential election.” Oberlin Student Senate passed a resolution ceasing all support for Gibson’s bakery, financial and otherwise.

09.08.2017 Gibson’s boycott denies due process. The Oberlin Review. by Roger Copeland, Emeritus Professor of Theater and Dance. “The time has come for the Dean of Students, on behalf of the College, to apologize to the Gibson family for damaging not only their livelihood but something more precious and difficult to restore—their reputation and good standing in the community.” [as far as we know, neither the Dean nor the President, nor the Board of Trustees has apologized the Gibson’s to this day.]

11.07.2017 Gibson lawsuit original legal document: Case # 17CV193761 in the Court of Common Pleas, Lorain County, Ohio. Judge John R. Miraldi. 33 pages.

06.14.2019 Punitive damage verdict against Oberlin College “Was like a seismic wave moving quickly through the courtroom.” Legal Insurrection. by Dave McGraw.

06.16.2019 Student journalist: shoplifting at Gibson’s Bakery was part of Oberlin College’s “Culture of Theft” Legal Insurrection. William A. Jacobson. Article reveals that 82% of thefts occurred when the College was in session. Students who could afford to buy would sometimes steal instead, because they felt like it. This revelation was suppressed at the trial.

06.27.2019 Oberlin College President Carmen Twillie Ambar on the $44 million ruling against the school. CBS News. by Brian Pascus.

08.18.2019 How Oberlin College screwed up. Why Evolution is True. by Jerry Coyne. Focus on what Oberlin did to incite/inflame students and defame the Gibson family.

09.2019 Oberlin, My Oberlin: I taught there for 18 years but he details revealed in a recent lawsuit shocked even me. by Abraham Socher. Cogent article by a fine intellect. Shocking contrast to Oberlin Administrators.

2019 Gibson’s vs Oberlin (series of commentaries by Roger Copeland: famous theater, dance, and film critic, who taught at Oberlin for 41 years.) The Oberlin Dean of Students responded to Copeland’s commentary with “Fuck him…unleash the students….” Which didn’t help Oberlin College at trial.

03.03.2020 Oberlin College Executive Pay: Exposing Oberlin College Trustee chaos. by J.D. Nobody (a pseudonym). J.D. is an Oberlin graduate, class of 1961.

06.12.2020 College, Gibson’s bakery file briefs appealing $25 million verdict Oberlin Review. by Anisa Vietze & Katherine MacPhail.

05.18.2021 Gibson’s Bakery v Oberlin College—New Panel assigned to appeal. Legal Insurrection. by William A. Jacobson. Jacobson is a stalwart who stayed with this story for years as it played out.

08.30.2021 Federal disclosures show the most expensive and most affordable colleges are the ones willing students. The Business Journals. by Hilary Burns—Editor. The National Observer. Oberlin was the only college among the most expensive ones to lose enrollment. ‘The top 20 most expensive colleges in the country all reported enrollment growth over the past 5 years, with the exception of Oberlin College in Ohio (4% decline in 5-year enrollment). They note that Wellesley enrollment stayed flat.

03.31.2022 Appeals court upholds Gibson’s massive verdict against Oberlin College. Legal Insurrection. by William A. Jacobson.

03.31.2022 Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College Wikipedia.

04.13.2022 How woke Oberlin bullies prospered despite driving bakery to the brink with racism lies: Diversity Director now has well-paid job, works at Brown after intimidation witnesses outside bakery—while comms boss received promotion after backing angry mob. Daily Mail. by Natasha Anderson.

09.01.2022 Will I ever see the $36 million Oberlin College owes me? My family was falsely accused of racism by a powerful school in a small town. Our business was destroyed. We won our case. But the school is refusing to pay. The Free Press for Free People. by Lorna Gibson. The strong, wonderful, Lorna Gibson lays out exactly how Oberlin, with its billion dollar endowment, tried to demolish Gibson’s Bakery, the impacts it had on her family, and how she plans to use the money to bring the bakery back to its former level.

09.06.2022  Oberlin College gives social justice a bad name. Wall Street Journal. Opinion. Em. Professor Marjorie Perloff, Stanford University.

11.09.2022 Oberlin defamed a bakery rather than hold a shoplifter accountable. It’s now $36 million poorer. Forbes. by Frederick Hess.

8) Jussie Smollett:

01.29.2019 John Legend, NAACP, ‘Empire’ Co-Creator Danny Strong, and more condemn Jussie Smollett attackers Complex by Joe Price.

01.29.2021 Jussie Smollett: Trump needs to denounce MAGA attackers…says Rev. Al Sharpton. TMZ Al is outraged! Outraged!, “We’re talking about hate with steroids.” (a month later he was saying Jussie should be held accountable.)

02.15.2019 Jussie Smollett, FULL interview on alleged attack. ABC News Exclusive. Robin Roberts interview.

02.15.2019 All the proof you need Jussie Smollett staged his attack. Body Language Secrets, Derek Van Shaik (who looks a lot like Jim Carey) Includes ‘ABC News Exclusive: Good Morning America Robin Roberts, Jussie Smollett speaks out.’

02.21.2019 Jussie Smollett turns himself in to police for staging a hate crime. The Daily Show. Trevor Noah.

02.28.2019 all the proof you need Jussie Smollett staged his attack. Body Language Secrets—YouTube. by Derek Van Schaik.

03.14.2019 Ex Michelle Obama aide pressed prosecutor to give Smollett probe to FBI: report. The Hill. by Brett Samuels.
Texts and emails show former Michelle Obama Chief of Staff, Tina Tchen contacted Prosecutor Kim Foxx to encourage her to take Smollett case away from Chicago Police and give it to the FBI.

03.26.2019 Jussie Smollett hoax charge dropped by Chicago prosecutors, prompting Mayor’s rebuke. Reuters.

03.27.2019 Calls to probe Obama links to the shock decision to drop Smollett charges after it emerges Jussie’s sisters worked for President’s campaign and made personal visits to White House aide. Daily Mail. “Smollett’s record was wiped clean and his case was sealed.” Both Smollett’s sisters worked on Obama campaign. Texts between Kim Foxx and Tina Tchen. Police called for Federal investigation.

03.29.2019 Kim Foxx: I welcome an outside review of how we handled the Jussie Smollett Case. Chicago Tribune by Kim Foxx

03.30.2019 Jussie Smollett charges were dropped because conviction was uncertain, Prosecutor Says. New York Times by Sandra Garcia.

05.01.2019 If it please the court: Watch Jussie Smollett in an Obama White House video. Chicago Tribune by John Kass. (this article references an 02.26.2016 video, ‘Watch President Obama Speak—and sing—at White House Tribute to Ray Charles. Obama thanks the band and performers. At minute 6:58 he thanks Jussie Smollett.

07.2019 Watch how police knew Jussie Smollett staged his own attack with body language. (includes police body cameras) by Derek Van Schaik
02.24.2020 Actor Smollett pleads not guilty to new Chicago hoax charges; seeks stay; dismissal Reuters by Brendan O’Brien.

02.14.2020 Judge who fought to get Jussie Smollett special prosecutor frozen out of case Chicago Sun Times by Andy Grimm.

11.03.2021 Hate crime or publicity stunt? Chicago Jury to Hear Case in Jussie Smollett Trial Reuters by Peter Szekely.

12.01.2021 Abel Osandario testifies that Jussie Smollett wanted him to ‘fake beat him up’ CBS Chicago. In this clip a reporter asks Abel O, “Are you ready to tell your truth?” Abel replies, “Ready to tell the truth not my truth.”

12.06.2021 Fitness Trainer Testifies Jussie Smollett gave him $100 for supplies. Wanted him to “Fake beat him up”. Generation Iron by Greg Patuto.

12.09.2021 ‘Jussie Smollett is a liar’: Prosecutor torches actor after guilty verdict in fake hate crime trial. Live Now from Fox

12.10.2021 Media, celebrities ran with false allegations made by ‘Empire’ star Fox News. by Brandon Gillespie. [The usual suspects].

12.20.2021 Prosecutor lied to public after initially dropping charges against Jussie Smollett: Report. Newsweek by A Yumi Davis.

12.22.2021 Dan Webb: Handling of Smollett charges by Foxx was a ‘Disgrace’ WttW Chicago. ‘They lied to the public. No one wants to admit who actually cut the deal.” Dan Webb.

12.29.2021 Biden, Harris Led Frenzy to Amplify Jussie Smollett’s false hate crime claims. Fox News by Andrew Miller.

03.10.2022 Jussie Smollett’s family furious after he’s sentenced to jail time CBS Chicago. Outside the courthouse after the trial Jussie’s siblings blame ‘the system’ for Jussie being sentenced to jail. His brother is all upset at the judge saying, “We don’t shame people in 2022. Many Americans think shame isn’t an emotion that gets through to Jussie.

03.11.2022 Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail plus $145,000 in fines and restitution. Kim Foxx under fire for saying Jussie Smollett faced ‘Kangaroo prosecution.’ Sun Times Media.

03.11.2022 Judge Scolds Jussie Smollett at Sentencing ABC 7 Chicago. Judge James Lin lets loose on ‘The Noose’ with a 35 minute lecture prior to sentencing.

03.11.2022 Jussie Smollett: a complete timeline from actor’s 2019 to jail time. BBC News.

03.11.2022 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tweets supporting Jussie Smollett remain up after sentencing Newsweek by Emma Nolan.

03.16.2022 Jussie Smollett release from jail amid appeal on charges he faked hate crime New York Post by Gabrielle Fonrouge.

03.18.2022 A timeline of Jussie Smollett’s case Complex by KHAL

9) Aruna Khilanani

01.20.2020 Why India’s fair skin business is booming Vice News. YouTube 13.31. One of the most lucrative cosmetics markets in the world

04.06.2021 The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind Yale Presentation.

06.04.2021 “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind” The Free Press for Free People The Free Press for Free People by Katie Herzog. 52 minutes In which Katie interviews Aruna K.

06.05.2021 NYC psychologist who talked about shooting white people slammed online NY Post by Eileen AJ Connley.

06.08.2021 Indian-origin psychiatrist at Yale slammed for ‘fantasies of unloading revolver into white person’ India Today by Rishabh Sharma

06.08.2021 SJW fantasizes of ELIMINATING whites?? Aruna Khilanani is sick YouTube Lauren Chen.

06.08.2021 We word swap ‘black’ for ‘white’ on lunatic psychiatrist’s speech! Louder with Crowder. Stephen Crowder & Company. Swapping the modifier. Always a fun exercise. In this episode, the crew brings in a few seldom seen clips of Aruna rants. Here are a couple: “White people need a psychopathic level of control.”
“Something always felt uncomfortable and attacking in every interaction with a white person and I didn’t get why. The most violent attack on me was always a white woman and yet every time I brought it up it was always discounted, dismissed, and I was told I was overreacting.”
“I began training with Cobra Kai… [Cobra Kai is a fictional TV karate show]
“when they have their…little white killers because it’s who they are and what they have in common.”

06.10.2021 Psychiatrist says remarks to Yale audience about killing white people were hyperbole. The Hill by Celene Castronuovo. Aruna tries to walk it back.
06.16.2021 BNT Exclusive: Dr Aruna Khilanani: explains Yale Speech about killing white people. Black News Tonight by Mark Lamont Hill.

10) Black on Black Crime

August, 1979 Black on Black Crime Ebony Magazine, Special Edition.

12.02.1993 Jesse Jackson’s message is too advanced for most. The Baltimore Sun. by Mike Royko. Royko smacks down people decrying Jackson for saying (famously), “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage of my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see someone white and feel relieved.”

06.11.2015 The origins of the phrase ‘black-on-black crime. Bloomberg. by Brenton Mock.
In which, B. Mock claims the phrase ‘is a myth.’ at the same time asserting the term means different things when residents of the black community say it amongst themselves, vs when conservatives (white ones, presumably) say it.
Moreover, he says there’s paradox’ that black neighborhoods are simultaneously under policed and over policed, where black victims of crime are less likely to receive justice.
Article mentions a 1973 Ebony calling out black criminals, but ignores Ebony’s 1979 special edition; ‘Black on Black Crime.’
The author also quotes Patrice Cullors, founder of Black Lives Matter, who says, “But our conversation—it looks like an internal conversation—is about what do we do to take care of ourselves?” [Come to find out, Patrice owns several mansions, her latest is in one of the whitest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Which we guess answers that.]

10.02.2021 Who is killing 10,000 black Americans every year? Examiner Enterprise. by Patrick Buchanan

10.06.2021 US records highest increase in homicide in modern history CDC says. CNN by Jacqueline Howard.

12.14.2021 As homicide rates break records black lives clearly don’t matter to BLM or to Soros-backed rouge prosecutors. The Heritage Foundation by Mike Gonzales.

12.31.2021 Philly ends 2021 with over 550 people murdered. But community leaders say a ‘peace movement’ is building WHYY PBS by Katie Meyer

02.01.2022 Dissecting homicide statistics in St. Louis City, and looking at 2022 projection. Next STL: Covering the future of Development, Transportation, and Public Policy in St. Louis by Tony Nipert.

02.23.2022 Crime in America: Study reveals the 10 most unsafe cities. Forbes. b y Laura Bloom.
02.23.2022 Homicide is pandemic’s biggest killer of young black men. Washington Post. by Justin Fox.

04.12.2022 Who suffers the most from crime wave? The Heritage Foundation. by Gian Carlo Canapato. Stats from 2011-2020.

10.06.2022 The FBI’s murder rate mystery. VOX by Jeff Asher. Gist of this article is that the FBI changed its reporting protocols in 2021, a lot of cities gave incomplete data. So the numbers aren’t reliable.

10.31.2022 Violent Crime is a key mid-term voting issue, but what does the data say? Pew Research Center by John Gramlich.

Top Black Racists of 2021: Runners up

John Blake
who works for CNN wrote an article titled, ‘The Most Frightening Thing in America is Angry White Men.’ Guys like John are the reason guys like us aren’t allowed to work in the copy room at CNN. We’d switch the modifier from White to Black and stand back to watch the fun.
Truth be told, it sparked a lively conversation at the Woodshed Autonomous Zone that Blake’s right. Roy, Al and Sonny, who all study military history, made the point white men are dangerous as hell when they get riled. The Scottish highland mobs who stopped armored cavalry with sharpened sticks, the million Swiss mercenaries who formed the backbone of European armies for five hundred years, the few hundred German mercenaries who saved Vienna, the Winged Hussars, Vikings, Henry V at Agincourt, the Irish Republican Army,.. Not to mention that half of us in the room can shoot a hole in a quarter at 300 yards.
Their idea being that people wanting a race war should be careful what they ask for.

Anyway John is just CNN so we didn’t take his take on race seriously. Especially given that his article was published on the very same November day that Darrell Brooks mowed down the Christmas Parade in Wisconsin. HO HO HO! John.

All the politicians, corporate talking heads, and other race hustlers who promoted Jussie Smollett’s hoax on TV, social media, etc. And never even apologized for it.

Mark Federman,
(feckless white principal in NY City) of East Side Community School, who sent children from his school home with Northwestern University Associate Professor of African American Studies Barnor Hesse’s racist ‘The 8 White Identities’ (all negative) color wheel. Feckless Federman admonished the children’s parents to ‘reflect’ on their ‘whiteness.’ Hesse, who came to our country via England, doesn’t make the list, (apologies Barnor) because he concocted his crayola wheel in 2013. Supposedly, after Hesse’s racist construct was outed via Federman, Hesse began getting hate twits. The International Sociological Association responded with a letter of support for Barnor. The ISA doesn’t make the list, either.

Barak Obama
for that 2021 interview with Bruce Springsteen in which he (Obama) blamed white people as the reason he didn’t advocate for reparations to black people when he was President. “politics of white resistance made it a non starter to propose.”  As in, those white people  who elected him President twice weren’t ready for it. All of us here who voted for him (the first time) aren’t ready for it, and never will be, but that said, we think he was chicken. Just like he was chicken for many other things, like not codifying Roe v Wade as he promised.

Al Sharpton, Al could win it every years. He cracks us up.

Jumaane Williams, A ‘cut funding to the police’ New York public advocate. Jumanne, as of November, 2021, lives in nice, safe housing on Fort Hamilton Army Garrison in Brooklyn. Protected around the clock by military personnel. How does a civilian get a deal to live in inexpensive housing on an Army base? We’re not sure but guessing Jumaane got connections. He also has an NYPD security detail to protect him when he’s out and about NYC. He makes $183, 801/year.