April 2019, Week 4

April 2019, Week 4
04.22.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers, fishermen Maan News. again today.

04.22.2019 Minors among 10 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

04.22.2019 Israel seals off Ibrahimi mosque to Muslim worshippers Maan News. Since Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians in the mosque in 1994, Muslims are not allowed in the mosque during Jewish holidays and Jews are not allowed at the mosque on Muslim holy days. Article notes Israel has divided Hebron (where the mosque is) into H1 and H2. H2 is the 30,000 Palestinian population. H1 is the 800 Jewish colonists, while under protection by the Jewish state army, whose function in life is to make life miserable for the Arabs.

04.22.2019 Arab League pledges $100 million per month to PA. Maan News. Whether they deliver is another matter.

04.22.2019 Committee: health of hunger-striking prisoners continues to deteriorate Maan News. Five Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strike protesting that they are being held by the Jewish state’s Administrative Detention, e.g. they’re political prisoners being held indefinitely in Israeli prisons with no charges and no trial.

04.22.2019 Israel issues 75 administrative detention orders against Palestinians Maan News. In a related story to the one above: The Jewish state issued 75 more administrative detentions today. some were first time orders. Some were extensions of existing orders that extended prison time for prisoners who haven’t been charged or tried for anything. Article notes that 479 Palestinians are in Israeli prisons as administrative detainees. Of those, 48 are females, 205 are minors, 32 are under 16-years-old. Over the past decade, the number of Palestinian prisoners in administrative detention never fell below 150 humans. Article notes Israel targets political activists, journalists, and politicians for administrative detention.

0422.2019 Japan funds Palestinian project for replacing compost production plant Maan News. Japan’s Palestinian Affairs ambassador Takeshi Okubu attended opening of upgrades to a compost plant to help farmers that was made possible by an $87,500 grant from Japan. The plant will now be able to produce 3.7 times as much compost as before and will benefit 360 local households.

04.22.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers, fishermen. Maan News. No reason. Unless cruelty is a reason.

04.23.2019 Palestinian killed while being chased by Israeli police Maan News. Article is short on details. Apparently a young construction worker who was working in Israel without a
permit made a run for it rather than be arrested. He ‘fell from a height’ and died of his injuries.

04.23.2019 Israel supporters try to shut down UMass forum about efforts by Israel supporters to shut down debate Mondoweiss This may be the best headline of the week. Article notes the Trump administration has not issued a visa to one of the speakers, Hannan Ashrawi. Organizer Sut Jhally accused Trump of “doing the bidding of the Israeli government.”

04.23.2019 Guest writer” Israel’s anti-BDS tactics mirror white South Arica’s defense of Apartheid. Middle East Monitor. by Michael Bueckert. Article compares South Africa’s attempts to quash boycott with Israel’s. Addresses Israel’s unilateral ‘3-D’s’ test for what constitutes an anti-Semite and observes that South Africa used the same arguments.
Just as apartheid Israel does today, South Africa’s apartheid regime accused its international critics of ‘dismal ignorance,’ claimed the media was biased against them, that South Africa was being ‘demonized.’ That Western countries were obsessed with South Africa and singled it out in a double standard not expected of other countries. That opponents of apartheid South Africa were racist. (eg. ‘Why don’t the liberal do-gooders boycott the Soviet Union, or other African countries?’ That, “They’ll wipe us out.” That, “There’s a war going on. (between the regime and the African National Congress.) That, other African countries with one man-one vote democracies were failures.

Ishtayeh: U.S. decisions are worse than ‘deal of the century’
Maan News. Palestinian Prime Minister spoke with Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (Wyden is an ardent Israel supporter who was raised in a Jewish household) in Ramallah City, about the U.S. moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at Israel’s bidding, and also about the U.S. cutting off UNWRA funding, and now the U.S. is openly supporting Israel’s colonialist of the occupied territories.
Isshtayeh supports separating Palestinian-American relations from Palestinian-Israel relations rather than the U.S. blackmailing Palestine if it doesn’t do what the Israelis want.

04.23.2019 Minor among 18 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Jewish occupation troops terrorized the countryside again last night.

04.24.2019 In video- Israel punitively blow up family home of killed Palestinian. Maan News. Heavily armed Jewish occupation troops gassed local people, fired concussion grenades, and blew up the family home of the accused.

04.24.2019 Israeli police assault, injure Palestinian in Jerusalem Maan News. A gang of over 20 Jewish occupation troops surrounded a young Palestinian, and hemmed him in while some of them beat him with clubs and kicked him.

04.24.2019 Far right Israeli organization publishes list of ‘disloyal’ professors The Real News Marc Steiner. Interview with Professor Hill Dayan about Im Tirtzu, a Zionist tool, is trying to intimidate Israel’s university system by publishing personal information of professors it doesn’t consider loyal enough to the Zionist regime.

04.24.2019 Israeli forces detain 6 Palestinians across West Bank Maan News. Nacht un Nebel raids.

04.24.2019 Ishtayeh urges Norway to pressure Israel to release full tax revenues Maan News. At a meeting in Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister Muhammad Ishtayeh asked Norwegian Representative Helda Haraldstad to pressure Israel to adheres to the Oslo agreements that Israel signed in 1994. Under those agreements Israel was to collect taxes in the occupied territories for five years ending in 1999. The taxes were to go to the Palestinians. Israel is still collecting the taxes 25 years later and is keeping large amounts of them for itself. They dun Palestinians for water that Israel takes from Palestinian aquifers, and for electricity, and now the Israeli occupiers are keeping another $138 million to punish the PA for sustaining indigent families of Palestinians arrested or killed by Israel.

04.24.2019 Sarsour, Waters and Hill will ‘incite …violence’ against Jewish students, say pro-Israel groups Mondoweiss by Philip Weiss. Outlines massive effort by Israel lobby and company to shut down free speech at UMass.

04.25.2019 Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinians in West Bank raids Maan News.

04.25.2019 Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinians in West Bank raids Maan News. Night and fog raids again last night. No one safe in their beds.

04.25.2019 27 Palestinian men, women raise flag at base of Mount Everest Maan News. Climbers trying to add Palestine to countries whose people have climbed the mountain. They’ve reached the base after a high-altitude, 100 km acclimation trek.

04.25.2019 Israeli authorities detain Palestinian man escorting ill wife at Eretz Maan News. A woman who has cancer crossed Eretz checkpoint with her husband a few weeks ago so she could get better treatment in the West Bank than she could get at home in Gaza because of the Israeli blockade. As the couple, ages 51 and 47, were returning to Gaza, Jewish occupation troops stopped them at the checkpoint, began interrogating her husband, decided to detain him for further interrogations, and ordered the woman to go home by herself.

04.25.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers in southern Gaza Maan News. Jewish occupation troops shot at unarmed Gaza farmers working their fields on the Gaza side of the segregation fence again today.

04.26.2019 ‘God is great’: for the third time, a federal judge blocks an Israel boycott ban on first amendment grounds. Washington Post by Isaac Stanley-Becker. In 2017 Texas passed a law requiring contractors with the state to sign a loyalty oath to Israel. It’s called the ‘Anti-BDS bill’. Following that, a Texas school district required teaching contractors to sign the oath stating that they would not boycott Israel, as a condition of employment. [really].
Bahia Amawi, an immigrant from Austria who has been in the U.S. 30 years, has a masters degree in speech pathology, and who has been contracting with the Texas school district since 2009 as a speech pathologist, refused to sign. She was fired. She sued.
The opening line of the introduction to the case Bahia Amawi Plaintiff v. Pflugerville Independent School District, et al. reads: “This case is about whether Texas may prohibit boycotting the State of Israel as a condition of public employment.” In his decision in Amawi’s favor, Judge Robert L Pitman ruled that the right of free speech under the First Amendment is still a law of the land.

04.26.2019 UMass Amherst chancellor calls on organizers of Palestine event to include pro-Israel side for ‘dialogue.’ Mondoweiss by Phillip Weiss. Bowing to Israel lobby attempts to stop the ‘Not Backing Down’ forum scheduled for May, 04, the Chancellor issued a statement urging organizers to include the Israel lobby on the panel. Article notes that Israel supporter Dennisa Ross spoke at UMass two weeks ago on the topic that Jews need to be advocates for Israel, and there was no call from the Chancellor for balance or dialogue.

04.27.2019 New York Times prints Netanyahu-Trump cartoon with ‘anti-Semitic tropes,’ retracts it Times of Israel. Here we go with Zionists giving massive publicity to a cartoon of Netanyahu as a wiener seeing eye dog leading blind Trump. The Zionists want the cartoon censored.

04.28.2019 Pence condemns New York Times over Netanyahu-Trump cartoon Times of Israel Pence grovels, “We stand with Israel.” on cue.

04.28.2019 Hotel prices fall as Eurovision demand disappoints Globes: Israel’s business arena. by Michal Razchaimovich. 20 days away from Eurovision, ticket sales, which usually sell out immediately, are languishing in Israel with thousands yet to be sold. In addition, over 10,000 apartment rentals are still vacant for the weekend along with wide selection of hotel rooms. Apparently, the Israelis bought their government propaganda that Europeans would flock to Israel and jacked the prices on rooms and tickets to exorbitant levels. Article compares Lisbon Eurovison prices to Israeli prices for example and showed tickets and hotel rooms in Israel are far higher than they were when Lison hosted and, at the same time, the contest arena is about a third the size of Lisbon’s.

04.28.2019 What kind of democracy deports human rights workers +972 by Hagai El-Ad. Israeli judge Tamar Bazak-Rappaport has ruled that the Israel and Palestinian Director of Human Rights Watch, Omar Shakir, is to be deported based on the ‘Entry into Israel Law’ and the ‘Prevention of Boycott Law’ which are in place to stop democratic dissent and dialog but which Israelis call ‘defensive democracy.’ The author argues that Israel is not a democracy except for Jews and its ‘defensive democracy’ doctrine is a cynical, violent, whining, lie ‘devoid of any intellectual integrity.’