August 2019, Week 1

August 2019, Week 1

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. life in occupied Palestine/Israel:
Southeast: Weather sunny and beautiful. Tidal range  this week is 23 feet between high and low. Sockeye salmon season is winding down. Boats occasionally, rarely, boarded by authorities to check that they’re following fishing regulations. No fishermen beat-up, shot, kidnapped, or swamped with water cannons in any of the boardings.
Occupied Palestine/Israel: Multiple fishing boats attacked again off Gaza coast. Story below on August 05, 2019.

08.01.2019 Family of shooter in parking lot killing apologizes to victim’s family Times of Israel. Classic Israelis: If the victim was Palestinian, the shooter could have thrown a knife down beside him, claimed self-defense- and Israel would have breathed a sigh of relief at another dead terrorist, but since this was a Jew killing another Jew, people are shocked. What happened: Apparently the shooter was taking up two handicap parking spaces and when another man asked him to move over so his disabled family members could use one, a brief argument ensued, the shooter pulled a gun and shot the man in the leg, then after a pause, finished him off with a shot in the chest. The shooter’s family expressed regret and, in the same breath, blamed the victim, claiming he started it.  Comic relief was provided by Prime Minister Netanyahu who said, “This is terrible…there is no place for violence in our society, and we will not tolerate it.”

08.01.2019 PCHR weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory (25-31 July, 2019)

08.01.2019 Water series (part I) Israeli forces destroy farmland east of Hebron, ISM speaks to owner Ghass an Jaber. Jewish occupation troops destroyed a farmer’s irrigation system on July 18 in the occupied West Bank. In this article the International Solidarity Movement talks with him about what that means to the farm where his family has been working the land for generations.

08.01.2019 20 more Palestinian prisoners join administrative detainees in hunger strike for freedom

08.01.2019 Euro-Med calls out Switzerland, Netherlands for suspension of UNRWA funding

08.01.2019 Israeli NGO petitions to bar Omar from entering Israel Bibi has to choose between pandering to his racist base like this NGO, or letting in someone who supports BDS into the country. Israel, you see, has a law that people who support the boycott aren’t allowed. They’ve rejected lots of people on that premise including rabbis and the Quakers. But, dear, brave Ilhan Omar is going to Palestine and because the Jewish state destroyed all the Palestinian’s airports 20 years ago and hasn’t let them rebuild, and because the Occupied West Bank is, occupied, (and maybe a little bit because she’s yanking Likud’s chain) she’s announced she’s going to Palestine via Israel. This puts Netanyahu in a position of turning away a sitting member of the American congress. Which would be a coup for BDS.

08.01.2019 Roadblocks erected in northern West Bank following shooting incident. Jewish occupation troops claim a guy shot at them from a motorcycle. No injuries to Israel, who are now setting up roadblocks to mess with the local population.

08.01.2019 Annexation of Area C would lead to bloodbath, says former Shin Bet chief. Yoram Cohen said annexation will result in “an unnecessary bloodbath.”

08.01.2019 Updated: Israeli forces kill Palestinian at Gaza border Israeli terrorists claim they killed young Hani Abu Salah when he crossed the border and shot at them. Article notes that the Jewish state murdered Salah’s brother along the Gaza border as part of the infamous May 14, 2018 massacre when Israel killed 60 Palestinian and wounded over a thousand. Salah’s brother was a double amputee because ten years ago Israel blew off his legs in a bombing raid.

08.01.2019 Expect to be shocked by prices on your next vacation to Israel Haaretz by David Rosenberg. Article notes you can spend a week on the Thames River, in a Superior Queen’s room, at London’s Savoy Hotel for less money than you’d pay for a week in a double at the King David Hotel in Israel. [The Savoy is one of the world’s finest, most elegant, most historic, most physically beautiful hotels. It’s in the heart of London with a short walk to ballet, theater, Covent Garden, and all that. The King David Hotel is a boxy affair best known for being partly destroyed in the 1940’s by a Jewish terrorist attack against the British that killed 92 people. That attack was masterminded by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.] If you’re interested, the Savoy is $4,496/week while King David Hotel is $4,833.

08.02.2019 Israeli forces injure 21 Palestinians at Gaza border WAFA. 21 shot with live ammunition, at least that many shot with rubber coated steel bullets—and, of course, the Jewish state gas barrages.

08.03.2019 Israeli troops abduct two Palestinians south of Jenin in overnight raid.

08.03.2019 In the 69th Great March of Return 66 civilians injured by Israeli forces: 28 children, 2 journalists, and 4 women including a paramedic.

08.03.2019 Family warned against holding banquet in memory of son killed by Israelis Wafa. Jewish state terrorists killed young Mohammad Samir Obid as the were raiding his neighborhood on June 28, 2019. Now Israeli secret police have told the family they can’t hold a memorial dinner for their boy.

08.03.2019 Weather hot with slight rise in temperature. Still hot as hell in the holy land.

08.04.2019 Inside Hezbollah’s American sleeper cells: waiting for Iran’s signal to strike US and Israeli targets Haaretz by Matthew Levitt. [War-mongering piece. Before reading, it helps to know Levitt is a fellow at WINEP, an anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, pro-Zionist, Israel lobby organization founded by an AIPAC member. As noted in comments section, the article is pure speculation and nonsense. Article has picture of Muslim fighters taken in Iraq, a photo of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasralla from 2014, and a photo of a 2012 ‘terrorist’ bombing in—Bulgaria—which Netanyahu at once, and without evidence—declared was the work of—Iran. (it was a busload of Israeli tourists that was blown up with seven killed. Speculations include that an Israeli on the bus was carrying a bomb that detonated accidentally.)]

Gist of article is that if Israel and the United States attack Iran, Iran might retaliate.

08.04.2019 Premier: we will treat all areas as “A” since Israel deals with all areas as area “C”. IMEMC [It’s campaign season in Israel again, and Netanyahu is running by fear mongering as always. He’s baiting the Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Lebanese.] This week Israel violently destroyed 10 Palestinian residential buildings in Area A which is supposed to be under complete Palestinian control. Back in 1993, under the Oslo Agreements, the Palestinians agreed that Area C (which is 60% of the West Bank and is where most of the water is) was to be under Israeli control for five years then revert to Palestinian control. Area B would be under joint Palestinian/Israel control, and Area A would be under complete Palestinian control. Israel never lived up to its part of the bargain, never left, installed over 600,000 Jewish colonists, and runs roughshod over Palestinians in areas A,B, and C. West Bank Palestinians are now saying they won’t cooperate with Israeli security any more. [The Israelis may be biting off more than they can chew.]

08.04.2019 Amnesty International Israel’s office targeted with death treats IMEMC. Workers arrive to find death threats painted overnight, not only at Amnesty offices but at the ASSAF office which helps refugee/asylum seekers in Israel. The scumbags also left a box with death threats and a dead mouse at the entrance of a refugee children’s center. Nice. Article notes that the climate for human rights defenders in Israel and the occupied territories has changed for the worse in recent years. The Zionist regime is working to squash those who support human rights.

08.04.2019 Water series: (part II) ‘There’s no country in the world that says you can cut water from humans.’ IMEMC. With no legitimate reason to kick-out Palestinians, Israelis are using above average heat extremes to do the job by cutting off water from Palestinian farming villages at the hottest time of the year. The Jewish state is demolishing wells, ripping out miles of pipeline, and stealing emergency water delivery trucks. Activist Tariq Hathaleen from the south Hebron hills: “I know the reality of these (Israeli) people. I call them the enemies of life, and they prove this by cutting trees, by cutting water pipes, by cutting the lives of people.”

08.05.2019 Steny Hoyer’s 2020 primary challengers call him out for going on AIPAC trip to Israel while U.S. mourns two mass shootings Mondoweiss by Michael Arria. House Majority Leader Steny gushing on social media about his latest big AIPAC adventure to Israel with 41 members of congress, which he has been criticized for strong-arming congress members-especially freshman-into attending. Civil rights attorney Briana Urbana who is challenging Steny, wrote “This isn’t something to be proud of. Touring an apartheid state on the dime of special interests requires us to act with repercussions towards Israel, not applause.

08.05.2019 Israeli navy attacks Palestinian fishermen. Abducts one, injures another. Jewish state terrorists attacked multiple fishermen out on the water again last night.  This time they used water cannons to ruin gear (including two generators, and swamp little fishing boats. In a sadistic twist, the Zionists doused a teenage boy continuously until he fainted. They also kidnapped a fisherman and stole his boat. Article notes that the boats were inside Israel’s unilaterally imposed six-mile fishing limit.
08.05.2019 Israeli forces detain 16 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem.
08.05.2019 Israeli forces suppress Palestinian prisoners in Ofer prison Occupation troops attacking prisoners again.
08.05.2019 Israeli forces storm Jerusalem and Jenin, 11 Palestinians detained.
08.05.2019 Silwan youth severely beaten by Israeli police. Occupiers invaded the family home, beat-up a minor so severely he had to be treated at the hospital.
08.05.2019 Two Palestinians arrested south of Gaza Strip. Occupiers arrested two Palestinians they claim had a knife and a grenade.
08.05.2019 Israeli forces demolish Palestinian home south of Bethlehem.
08.05.2019 Metal gates erected at junction of two Bethlehem area towns Occupation troops put up the gates to deny Palestinians freedom of movement.
08.05.2019 Israeli ministers speak at evening honoring rabbi who praised massacre of Palestinians. Fanatic rabbi Yitzchak Ginsberg praised Jewish terrorist for killing 29 Muslims as they worshipped in the Cave of the Patriarchs. Israel’s Minister of Transportation Bezalel Smotrich and Minister of Education Rafi Petetz will speak at a function where Ginsberg is to be honored.

08.05.2019 Israel excluded from UN “List of Shame” Annual UN report on treatment of children in conflict zones, shows Israel killed its highest number of children since the 2014 Gaza massacre [where it killed 550 kids]. In 2018, Israelis killed 59 children—56 of them murdered by the Israeli army. In addition, Israel injured 2,756 children, 2,514 of them boys-242 of them girls. Israel put 203 children in prison, most of them without trial.

08.06.2019 House members are again pushing a bill that would censor Palestine advocacy on campus Mondoweiss by Michael Arria. Congressperson Doug Collins (R-Ga) is reintroducing the, “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” which directs the Department of Education to use the 2016 definition of Anti-Semitism put out by the (pro-Zionist) International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) which calls virtually all criticism of Israel anti-Semitic. [There are 11 examples of anti-Semitism in the IHRA’s definition with 7 of them specifically about legitimate criticism of Israel]. Collins’ legislation is backed by the Anti Defamation League which boasted that it had “played a central role” in drafting the legislation. Bill is being pushed by Zionist tool, ‘Christians United for Israel (CUFI). The bill failed in 2016, and 2018, now it’s back.

08.06.2019 Israel still holding the bodies of 253 slain Palestinians. The Jewish state has 253 corpses in a cemetery with numbers instead of names so Israel can use the bodies for bargaining chips in negotiations. Israel has another 45 bodies in refrigerators.
08.06.2019 Ongoing demolitions in West Bank: Report.
08.06.2019 Israeli troops abduct 25 Palestinians in night raids Tuesday. Night and fog raids.

08.07.2019 Isaeli forces abduct seven Palestinians in early morning raids on Wednesday. IMEMC Night and fog raids.