August 2019, Week 2

08.08.2019 Hoyer and 41 democrats visit Israel AIPAC-affiliated junket that violates ‘spirit as well as the letter of the law.’ Mondoweiss by Josh Ruebner. Steny (workin’ for the Bennies) Hoyer (who has taken over a million dollars in contributions from the Israel lobby), is in Israel today with 41 congressional democrats [and each one gets to bring a guest] on a week-long, all expenses paid trip to the Jewish state paid for by the Israel Lobby’s AIPAC polyp, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF). AIPAC created the foundation to dodge a 2007 law, the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA), that prohibits lobby groups from buying congress people trips lasting over one day.
AIPAC admits on tax records that it gives tens of millions per year to AIEF which sets up congressional trips that AIPAC is supposedly banned from organizing. AIPAC also pays salaries to AIEF employees.

08.08.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct thirteen Palestinians in West Bank Ransacked homes, beatings, kidnappings—including a father and his fifteen-year-old son—in the night and fog raids.

08.08.2019 Success: UIC reverses ban on Palestine event. In June the ‘Truth Squad of Rockford’ tried to rent an auditorium from the University of Illinois for a discussion by Israeli-American activist/author Miko Peled entitled, ‘An Israeli’s search for Peace and Justice in Palestine.’ A dean from the University didn’t like the idea and tried to prohibit renting to the group even though the space was available.
Advocacy group Palestine Legal became involved, convinced the University that it couldn’t arbitrarily shut groups out of public buildings when an administrator doesn’t like the topic. The University agreed. Peled’s talk went on as planned.

08.08.2019 Soldiers abduct a child from his home in al-Isawiya. Large force of occupation troops smashes in a family’s front door to kidnap a 13-year-old in front of his siblings. Israelis are trying to force the family out of the home and stores it has owned since 1954 as part of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the neighborhood.

08.08.2019 Israel approves construction of 2,430 units in illegal West Bank colonies. Part of the massive, and accelerating, Jewish building spree in the colonies.

08.08.2019 Israeli army to demolish four homes, one structure near Hebron.

08.08.2019 Israeli soldier found dead in apparent attack in West Bank 19-year-old occupation trooper found dead on the side of the road, south of Bethlehem. Israeli authorities immediately blame Palestinians, occupiers storm the nearest village, locked down several area villages so people can’t visit family on the eve of Eid al Adha, a major Muslim holiday.

08.08.2019 Eight Palestinians abducted by Israeli forces in early morning raids on Thursday.

08.08.2019 West Bank settlement resident facing over 100 counts of child sex abuse. Times of Israel. No, it’s not Malka Leifer, who is still dodging extradition after she fled Australia to avoid 74 counts of sexual abuse at the Jewish girls school where she was principle—although, she does live in the same West Bank colony of Emanuel. This is a 26-year-old male accused of rape, sexual assault, child pornography. 105 victims identified so far.

08.09.2019 Israeli colonists burn hay bales, write racist graffiti near Hebron Jewish arsonists from a local colony burned hay bales owned by local farmers, sprayed racist graffiti around on local homes, then ran back to their colony.

08.09.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists attack homes, cars, in Bethlehem Jewish thugs throw stones at Palestinian homes and cars with impunity as occupation troops ransack homes, beat people up, and interrogate Palestinians.

08.09.2019 Soldiers abduct the coordinator of the popular committee in Kufur Qaddum In a night and fog raid Jewish occupation troops have kidnapped the local organizer of the weekly non-violent protest against Israel taking their lands, blocking movement, etc.

08.09.2019 Shocking report on leading Jews’ effort to defeat Rashida Tlaib. Mondoweiss by Phillip Weiss. Powerful, wealthy Jews are targeting Muslim congresswoman vowing to take her down because she supports the boycott of Israel. Lara Friedman of Foundation for Middle East Peace said the anti-Tlaib Jewish attackers, “Will fulfill the worst ideas people have of Jews…if someone was speculating that these were the views, rather than reporting what people said in public, they’d be accused of anti-Semitism.”
Some quotes from the meeting ‘put together by a branch of the largest Jewish org in the U.S.’: “The
Palestinian-American freshman in the 13th district [Tlaib] has got to go.”
“We in this [Jewish] community will go against Rashida Tlaib.”
Source quoted in the article says, ‘I was also told that already “…pro-Israel folks were socking away money to target Tlaib.”
About ‘the Squad’ of four congresswomen of color: “The weaker one is and the darker one is determines who is “in the right,” the lay leader said of the Squad, and “anti-intellectual” posture that bodes ill for Jews and Israel.”
Rabbi Alana Alpert said taking aim at Tlaib would be catastrophic for Jewish community relations and for relations between the Jewish community and young Jews.

08.10.2019 Israeli army kills four Palestinians in Gaza boundary area Al Jazeera Israelis claim the four had automatic weapons, grenades, and other weapons. So the Israelis killed them. [The Israelis were in the same area-with automatic weapons, grenades, and other weapons.]

08.10.2019 Soldiers abduct four Palestinians, including a woman, in Hebron Jewish occupation troops are making violent house to house searches after occupation trooper Corporal Dvir Sorek was found stabbed to death on the roadside in the occupied West Bank.

08.10.2019 Rights group: Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes amounts to ethnic cleansing Wafa. Euro-Med report on Israel’s ongoing elimination of Palestinians.

08.10.2019 Jeffrey Epstein dead by apparent suicide at Manhattan jail. NPR by Gabriella Saldiva. Current story is that Epstein was found unresponsive at 6:30 a.m., taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Note that Epstein supposedly tried to commit suicide on July, 23, 2019, when he was found unconscious with bruises on his neck. [So: Epstein is either dead or not dead. If he’s dead, we are to believe the country’s most visible prisoner, who tried to kill himself three weeks ago, was left alone with no suicide watch and means to kill himself. If someone else killed him, that person had a lot of help from the authorities who let him/her into Epstein’s cell. If he’s alive, he can go anywhere, get a new face, new life etc. Again, that would take plenty of help.

08.10.2019 Former MCC inmate: there’s ‘no way’ Jeffrey Epstein killed himself NY Post. by Brad Hamilton. Inside perspective on Metropolitan Correction Center and cell where Epstein was being held. Former prisoner says he’s been there and there’s not a chance Epstein could kill himself. ‘paper-like sheets that won’t hold a prisoners weight, so they can’t hang themselves, steel bed frame bolted to the floor, etc.

08.10.2019 Jeffrey Epstein RIP Unz Review. by Philip Giraldi. In which Philip dives into a few of Epstein’s many contacts with Israel and its agents.

08.10.2019 “Visit your district, not Israel.” IRMEP Poll. By more than two to one, Americans would rather have their congress people show up in their own districts rather than go to Israel. 65.7 said go to district, 27.4 said go to Israel, 6.9 said other or no answer.

08.11.2019 Presidency says Israeli escalation in al Aqsa mosque can turn conflict into regional strife Wafa. Jewish occupation troops “attacked tens of thousands of Palestinians who were holding the morning prayers for the first day of Eid al-Adha, one of the main Muslim holidays, at al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s old city, causing several dozen Palestinian injuries, mainly among elderly people who had to be transferred to hospitals for treatment.”

08.11.2019 PLO: Israel bears full responsibility for storming al Aqsa, fueling religious tensions in Jerusalem Wafa More on Jewish occupation troops’ raid on al Aqsa mosque to disrupt first day of Muslim holiday.

08.11.2019 Temple Mount clashes: Jordan condemns ‘Blunt’ Israeli violations as Jews allowed in holy site Haaretz by Jack Khoury et al. By international agreement signed by Israel, the Kingdom of Jordan is responsible as caretaker for al-Aqsa mosque, which the Israelis call Temple Mount. Israel’s latest provocation at the mosque is to allow 1,700 Jewish zealots, guarded by hundreds of armed occupation troopers, into the mosque compound on the Muslim holy day of Eid al-Adha when tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers were at the mosque. Netanyahu-who is pandering to his Jewish extremist base prior to the upcoming election, said it was his decision to open the mosque to the Jewish extremists.
Jewish troops gassed the worshippers and fired concussion grenades in the mosque compound. Article has a photo of five Israeli occupiers in riot gear standing over a couple non-resisting Palestinian women and girls, two of whom they have knocked down. caption reads: “Israeli security forces scuffle with Palestinians near al-Aqsa mosque on Temple Mount, August 11, 2019.”
The Kingdom of Jordan condemned the ‘blunt Israeli violations’ and said Jordan harshly rejects Israel’s conduct, which only inflames rage and frustrations, and its provocations of [Muslim] worshipers on the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice.”

08.11.2019 Lone Palestinian killed at Gaza border by Israeli forces on Sunday IMEMC. Israelis say they shot 26-year-old Marwan Nassar dead after the young man attacked a Jewish military bunker by himself. Israel also says he was a member of Hamas. His family says he was not with Hamas, that he was having personal difficulties, and that he acted alone.

08.12.2019 Israel’s military chief is preparing the next war Haaretz by Odeh Bisharat.
[In January Haaretz published an article titled, ‘Israelis are living on the Titanic-no one wants to hear bad news about the army. That was from the Israeli Army’s ombudsman, who was retiring.]
All’s right with the world according to Israel’s military leader General Aviv Kochavi, who speaks about ‘victory’ and Israel’s ‘lethal army.’
Author’s take on it is that Israeli Generals are on an endless quest to carve out their own chapter in Jewish state history by attacking neighbors, and in the end, that is bad for Israel.

08.12.2019 Israeli soldiers invade Sebestia IMEMC. Jewish occupation troops invaded the world-famous archeological heritage site at Sebestia again, gassing the people in multiple neighborhoods and firing live ammunition to drive people away to stop tourism there.

08.12.2019 Soldiers abduct a Palestinian woman while visiting her detained son.

08.12.2019 Ailing Palestinian detainee faces life-threatening deterioration Israeli doctors botched an operation on cancer patient and prisoner, Sami Abu Diak. Now he’s on a respirator, dying of renal and pulmonary failure.

08.12.2019 Including a paralyzed man, army abducts four Palestinian in Jerusalem. More attacks on al-Isawiya neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. Apparently 52-year-old Mohammad Ali Nassar, who the article says is paralyzed, was an existential threat to the Jewish state.

08.13.2019 Kuwait official: ‘Shameful and disgraceful for Palestinians to face Israel alone.’ MEMO. Kuwait Parliament Speaker Manzouq al-Ghanin called out Arabs, Islam, and the international community for cowardice in not helping Palestinians to defend Al-Aqsa mosque against Israeli provocations and violations of agreements and law. “It is shameful and disgraceful to have Palestinians to face the enemy alone without support and backers.”

08.13.2019 Army shoots a young man and his wife near Tulkarem. For no apparent reason, unless mindless hatred is a reason, Jewish occupation troopers shot up a young man and his wife as the couple walked by. The Israelis kidnapped, 25-year-old Yahia Abu Khater, and black bagged him. His wife was taken to a Tulkarem hospital by a Red Crescent ambulance. Article notes there were not protests or incidents taking place in the area when the Israelis attacked.

08.13.2019 Israel planning to build annexation wall north of Gaza. The Jewish occupiers planning to wall in more of the Gaza ghetto.

08.13.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian teen in Jerusalem. Jewish occupation troops ransack another home: handcuff another 17-year-old kid, blindfold him, and take him away from his family.

08.13.2019 When Israel destroyed a family’s dreams. Article remembers a Gaza family’s self-built home. The father was a construction worker. He put everything he had into the place. It had a rose garden and a palm tree. It was one of thousands of Palestinian homes the Israelis targeted and bombed to rubble during the 2014 Gaza massacre.

08.13.2019 Armed colonists invade an archeological site near Nablus Jewish occupation troops kicked out the local people and let armed colonists in to play war games in the Palestinian village of Burqa on an archaeological site owned by Palestinians.

08.13.2019 Israel approves 641 new colonist units in Jerusalem.

08.13.2019 Israeli troops prepare to demolish two Palestinian homes in collective punishment. 90 percent of Palestinian homes Israel destroys are demolished because Israel says they don’t have proper permits (which Israel almost never gives to Palestinians). The other 10 percent of demolished homes are destroyed because they belong to family members of someone Israel accuses of crimes against Israeli Jews. In this case, Israel accuses two cousins of murdering Jewish occupation trooper/colonist Dvir Sorek a few days ago. Even though Israel admits home owners/residents had nothing to do with the attack, the Jewish state is going to destroy their homes. Article notes that collective punishment is a violation of Article 33 of the 4th Geneva convention. Also that the Jewish state only does this to Palestinians, never to Jewish terrorists.

08.14.2019 41 Democrats went on an AIPAC-sponsored trip to Israel but you wouldn’t know that from their twitter accounts Mondoweiss. 41 democratic party members of congress went to Israel last week. They tweeted comments about mass shootings and other events in the US but most of them were remarkably silent about the fact that they were tweeting from Israel while they were on an all expenses paid junket bankrolled by the Israel lobby. Article notes that 31 republican party congress people were also in Israel. They were more outgoing in their enthusiasm for touring the Zionist regime.

08.14.2019 After a week of strenuous efforts, deceased Palestinian artist to be buried in Jerusalem WAFA. Kamal Boullotta, a Greek Orthodox Arab artist, was born and raised in Jerusalem. His family had been in Jerusalem for over 600 years. He happened to be out of the country for an exhibit in 1967 when Israel took over the city. The Israelis wouldn’t let him come back. Now he’s there to stay.

08.14.2019 Ex-Blackwater contractor sentenced to life over Iraq shootings LA Times/AP. Federal judge Royce Laberth sentenced Nicholas Slatten to life in prison for his role in the 2007 massacre of Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square, Iraq. I just included this because it shows that justice can still find war criminals years after their crimes.