August 2019, Week 4

August 2019, Week 4
08.22.2019 American Jewry’s misplaced loyalty Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Levy weighs in on Trump calling American Jews who vote for democrats disloyal.
Levy says it’s not clear who Trump meant Jews were disloyal to. [Trump later qualified that he was referring to Israel.] Levy accuses American Jews, in their blind support of Israel, of being disloyal to the principles of justice and morality. Some choice quotes:
American Jews, in their support of, or in their silence, in blindness or in ignorance, are more loyal to the Israeli occupation than any other value.”
What was permitted and even admired in the identification with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. is forbidden in standing alongside Marwan Barghouti, and Omar Barghouti, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, who are battling for the same principles and the same justice.”

08.22.2019 Israeli forces strike ‘Hamas facilities’ In one of the world’s most densely populated enclaves, the Jewish state terrorist air force bombed Gaza again last night. To maximize terror, the Israelis lit up large areas in north and south Gaza with flares before bombing them.

08.22.2019 Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian non-violent protesters near Ofer prison.

08.22.2019 Army abducts thirteen Palestinians in the West Bank. Night and fog raids.

08.22.2019 Eight Palestinians detained, including 13-year-old girl.

08.22.2019 Soldiers abduct five Palestinians, including two women, in al Aqsa. In today’s provocations at the mosque, Jewish occupation troops and colonists invaded the courtyard and abducted a guard, another man, two women, and another guard who they’d told to report to the police jail for interrogation.

08.23.2019 Injuries increased from Israeli gunfire at Gaza border protests as the day increased. WAFA. Wounded count is now 127 injured. 54 shot with live ammunition. Among the injured are 3 medics and a child.

08.23.2019 Israeli soldiers injure 122 Palestinians in Gaza. IMEMC Numbers still coming in. So far it’s 50 shot with live ammunition, including three medics.

08.23.2019 Israeli teen killed, her father and brother injured in West Bank. Seventeen-year-old Rina Shureb was hiking with her brother and father in the occupied West Bank when a bomb exploded, killing the girl, wounding her brother seriously, and lightly wounding their father. Israel immediately blamed Palestinians and occupation troops began ransacking area homes and villages in a massive manhunt for the culprits.

08.23.2019 Settler runs over 6-year-old girl in Bethlehem district.
The Jewish state has blocked entrance between Jabaa and Surif villages, so people have to take an alternative route that has more traffic. As shown in the case of this child, routes with more traffic are more dangerous for young children.

08.23.2019 Weather forecast: heavy heat stress to affect region. WAFA. Heat waves continue to hammer Palestine with temperatures 9 degrees F above seasonal norms. Jordan Valley temperatures were 107 F.

08.23.2019 Jewish settlers attack Palestinian civilian cars on West Bank Roads WAFA Rock throwing thugs with Zionist army approval.

08.23.2019 Israeli forces seal off main roads West of Ramallah following suspected attack WAFA After the teenage settler was blown up by an IED the Israelis blocked roads, shut down villages, interrogated villagers, and are ransacking homes and stores.

08.23.2019 Israeli firms ‘facilitating press freedom abuses worldwide’ Press TV. Last year Israel’s Ministry of Military Affairs allowed Israeli spyware firms to market and sell spyware internationally. The spyware allows countries to spy on journalists. Committee to Protect Journalists pointed out that Mexico used the spyware—called Pegasus—made by Israeli company NSO, to spy on journalists, and that Saudi Arabia may have used it to track American-Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi before killing him, and dismembering his body, at the Saudi embassy in Turkey in 2018.

“Over and over again, we see Israeli technology facilitating press freedom abuses around the world, by lending a hand to governments that want to track and monitor reporters.” CPJ advocacy director Courtney Radsch.

Israeli regime is exporting spyware to hack cell phones and social media accounts to other repressive regime.

08.23.2019 What’s killing Israel’s lone soldiers? Haaretz by Judy Maltz. Israelis call foreign kids who enlist in the occupation army ‘lone soldiers.’ There are about 3,500 in the army at any given time. Article says they have a higher suicide rate than Israeli conscripts. In short, Israel blames the foreign kids. Much of the article implies they had mental or drug issues before they went to Israel. There is some mention given to the fact that the kids don’t have families in the country, most don’t speak Hebrew, and they don’t understand the culture. [No mention of the culture shock that comes with realizing you’ve signed up to fight for an apartheid state.]
Some in the military consider the program a nuisance and want to get rid of it. Others don’t because “the investigation suggests that the lone soldier program continues to be nurtured and encouraged because so many fundraising organizations and government funded initiatives have a vested interest in keeping it going.”

08.23.2019 U.S. Jew disavows divorce deal to have his mother buried in Israel. Haaretz by Aaron Rabinowitz. The case of that American Jew, Meir Kim gets stranger by the day. For fifteen years his wife has been trying to get him to grant her a divorce. He wouldn’t even do it even though he himself is a bigamist, having remarried in the U.S. five years ago. Israel’s Chief Rabbi stepped in and ruled that Israel wouldn’t bury Kim’s mother unless he gave his first wife the divorce. From the article it appears that Kim had to put up money as security that he’d follow through.
Now that his mother has been planted, Kim is saying he never agreed to give his wife the divorce and that he didn’t put up any money for security. Furthermore, Kim claims that his wife #1 is a relative of the Chief Rabbi who made the decision to blackmail him about burying mom. The rabbi says he didn’t know the woman was his relative. As to his being a bigamist, Kim says his American rabbi gave him permission to remarry without divorcing his first wife.

08.24.2019 Unhappy with Iraq strikes, U.S. outs Israel Haaretz by Amos Harel. Israel has been bombing what it calls ‘Iranian targets’ in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, for years. Now, Israel [Netanyahu trying to act tough before the upcoming Israeli election] is going against American interests, and putting American lives at risk, and risking Iraqi upheavals and Iraqi calls for American troops to leave the country, by bombing Iraq with American F-35 jets. American military isn’t okay with it. They told Israel to stop. Netanyahu went mouthing off saying, “We will act-and currently are acting-against them, wherever it is necessary.” So, American officials have told the American press that the Israelis are behind the bombing campaign.
Article notes that Netanyahu and Israel may come to regret this if President Trump gets fed up with Netanyahu.

08.24.2019  Israel’s ban on Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar backfires Truthout by Marjorie Chon. Not content with feeding BDS by attempting and failing to censor Angela Davis for her support of BDS earlier this year, and then attempting and failing to censor UMass Amherst’s ‘Not Backing Down’ forum, the Zionists have flopped again by giving BDS major publicity in America by banning Tlaib and Omar while Israel hosted 72 Congress people the week before on the Israel Lobby’s dime.

08.24.2019 The trip Rashida Tlaib didn’t get to take Haaretz by Gideon Levy and Alex Levac. Levy travels along Rashida Tlaib’s planned route. Shows what occupation is like in her grandmother’s neighborhood.

08.24.2019 Palestinian forced to demolish his home in occupied Jerusalem.
08.24.2019 Israeli troops abduct 4, summon one, in pre-dawn raids. Night and fog raids again last night.
08.24.2019 ISM report: Death is only the beginning of suffering for family in Ezariyya. Occupation troops shot 14-year-old Nassim Abu Roumi to death nine days ago after he and another 14-year-old boy, Hamoudah Khader Al Shaikh, tried to knife occupation troops that were blocking Palestinians from one of the gates leading into al-Aqsa mosque. The Israelis shot both boys multiple times. They shot Nassim in the leg, then executed him as he lay on the ground unable to move. There are videos of it online. Now the Jewish state is keeping his body as a potential bargaining chip. They won’t release him to his family for a proper burial. Article notes that proper burial with dignity, carried out according to the religious practices of the deceased are human rights according to the Geneva convention.

08.24.2019 Israeli military closes all roads West of Ramallah. Occupation closing roads to facilitate attacks against locals as Israelis search for a Palestinian culprit for the bombing that killed 17-year-old Rina Shnerb.

08.24.2019 Israeli paramilitary settlers throw stones at Palestinians in Hebron, Nablus.

08.25.2019 Two Israeli drones, one loaded with explosives, crash in Beirut, Hezbollah says Haaretz/Reuters. Israel launched terrorist attack against Lebanon at 2:30 this morning. Two drones: one crashed into Hezbollah’s media center office in Beirut, Lebanon and exploded. A second drone, that appeared to be out looking for the first, crashed and is being analyzed by Hezbollah.
Unbelievably, but predictably, the Zionist regime claims that by attacking Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, it was defending itself from Iranians.

08.25.2019 Hezbollah chief: We will down Israeli drones in Lebanese skies Al Jazeera. Following back-to-back-to back Israeli terrorist attacks in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah, and the Lebanese Prime Minister both let the world know Lebanon is done putting up with Israeli aggression. The Lebanese Prime Minister, decried the attack on his country calling it, “a threat to regional stability and an attempt to push the situation towards further tension.” Nasrallah called the attack ‘very, very, dangerous.’ and vowed to start shooting down Israeli drones in Lebanese air space.

08.25.2019 Hunger striking detainee transferred to hospital. Anther prisoner of the Jewish state being held indefinitely without charges or trial. His health is deteriorating as he passes thirty days without food.

08.25.2019 French-Egyptian national still being detained by Israel IMEMC. 61-year-old with multiple medical conditions was arrested by Jewish occupation troops as he was visiting the al-Aqsa mosque.

08.25.2019 Israeli forces raid villages West of Ramallah. Occupation troops have stepped up night and fog raids after teenage Jewish colonist was killed in bombing two days ago.

08.25.2019 Soldiers abduct several Palestinians near Ramallah

08.26.2019 21 Palestinians abducted in early morning raids. Night and fog raids.

08.25.2019 Israeli colonists attack Palestinian cars near Nablus. Once again Jewish thugs throw rocks at Palestinian cars as Jewish occupation troops watch.

08.26.2015 Israel drawing its last breaths, says Iranian commander behind foiled drone attack Haaretz/Reuters. Strange headline. Seems it  should read more like, ‘Israel caught with its pants down as two Israeli drones come down in Beirut.’
Yes, Israel fired two drones into Lebanon right after they bombed Syria, right after they bombed Iraq. All the while Bibi Netanyahu making preposterous claims that Israel is defending itself against countries that haven’t attacked it. Both Iran and Syria confirmed that Israel didn’t hit anything Iranian. But that several Hezbollah troops died in the Syria attacks. Iranian General Qassem Soleimani remarked of the latest Jewish state attempts to start a regional conflict, “These insane operations are absolutely last struggles of the Zionist regime.”

08.26.2019 Israeli bombings considered declaration of war Common Dreams. by Eoin Higgins. The Jewish state may have bitten off more than it can chew by bombing Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria this weekend. Everyone who is paying attention knows Netanyahu campaigns by fomenting state violence. Hezbollah leader Nasrallah said, “Netanyahu knows his destiny is either in the Prime Minister’s office or in prison. He is doing this with the blood of Lebanese and Iraqis. But this time, Israelis, Netanyahu is electioneering with your own blood.”

08.26.2019 Why Iran is risking a major escalation with Israel Haaretz by Anshel Pfeffer. Blatant propaganda title: what we around here call, Haaretz Syndrome. Israel, not Iran, is escalating by bombing neighboring countries.

08.26.2019 21 Palestinians abducted in early morning raids. Night and fog raids.

08.27.2019 Netanyahu approves 300 housing units West of Ramallah. Netanyahu pandering to his support base of extremist colonists.

08.27.2019 10 Palestinians abducted by Israeli forces in early morning raids Tuesday.

08.27.2019 Israeli army strikes Gaza after alleged mortar fire. Israel’s terrorist air force bombed what it called Hamas sites after claiming Palestinians fired four mortar rounds. Israel further claims that only one of the four rounds even made it over the segregation fence and that one landed in an open field causing no damage.

08.27.2019 Nine detainees continue hunger strike in Israeli prisons. The prisoners are being held indefinitely without charges or trial.

08.28.2019 Orwellian surveillance of Tohno O’odham Nation –a test case for entire U.S. border? The Real News by Marc Steiner.

Yes, there’s a creeping technological proto-fascist kind of society being tested out in the borderlands, where everyone is potentially subject to surveillance at all times and in incredibly intrusive ways.”

This story is about another case of Israeli weapons developed to monitor/control Palestinians being deployed in America. Israeli cyber spy company Elbit developed highly invasive surveillance technologies that they are now selling to the US Border Patrol which is spying on indigenous people. One of the ranchers interviewed calls the Border Patrol the Ges tapo.
Part of the technology’s permanent surveillance is fixed surveillance towers that can follow resident’s movements anywhere nearby and send it to the Border Patrol headquarters.
Also interviews the Intercept’s Will Parrish who has studied Elbits activities in the U.S.. Parrish notes that since Obama wanted American companies to get some business from Israel in return for all the billions we give them, Elbit simply created an American division.

08.28.2019 Gaza in state of alert after blasts kill 3 Hamas policemen. Al Jazeera. Apparent suicide bombings in Gaza set off two explosions that killed three policemen and wounded a number of passersby. Article notes Hamas faces internal opposition from those who want a more hardline stance and want to align themselves with ISIL and Al Qaeda.

08.28.2019 Israeli court forces senior Palestinian media activist out of al Isawiya. Jewish occupation troops raided Mohammad Abu al-Hummus’ home, ransacked the place, took him prisoner. His crime apparently was talking to the media. For that the Jewish state has ordered him to stay out of his home community until September 15, 2019 (what?) And to pay a fine of 1,000 shekels.

08.28.2019 Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians near Jerusalem. The Jewish state turned a neighborhood into a gas chamber and shot at people with live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets. among the injured are an old man the occupiers beat up and a woman with an eye injury from a rubber coated steel bullet the occupiers fired at her as she was driving.

08.28.2019 Army injures several Palestinians near Hebron.

08.28.2019 Army invades Betania and Ein Arik near Ramallah. Gas attacks, concussion grenades, ransacked homes.

08.28.2019 Army invades Silwanic Media Center, summon its director for interrogation. East Jerusalem. Another attempt by the Jewish state to shut down media. Jawad Siyam is the Director.

08.28.2019 Netanyahu cuts fuel transfer to Gaza in half Netanyahu on the campaign trail, shows he’s a tough guy by cutting Gaza’s fuel.

08.28.2019 PLO: “It’s time to impose sanctions on Israel” Another call for help from Palestinians who are asking the world for help as, “corrupt Netanyahu proves that his extremist populist approach in his electoral race has no limits and for that end, he is willing to wage war and blow up the entire region.”

08.28.2019 PACBI welcomes statement by more than 500 film makers against “close up” initiative normalizing Israel apartheid. Palestinian Campaign for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel. 500 (mostly Arab) filmakers reject Israel’s latest attempt to artwash the occupation with offers to filmakers to collaborate on a documentary project called ‘Close Up.’ Article says, “Close Up’ is a spin-off from the Greenhouse Film Centre, which itself, “is a project of the Israeli government funded New Fund for Cinema and Television.