August 2019, Week 5

August 2019, Week 5
08.29.2019 Update 2: “Hamas arrests ten persons believed to be behind fatal bombings in Gaza.”

08.29.2019 Detainee from Beitbg Rima starts hunger strike. Israel kidnapped a young man engaged to be married on Friday. For the third time he is being held indefinitely in Jewish state prison with no charges or trial. 28-year-old Hummam Maonir Rimawi’s first two detentions lasted five months and 18 months respectively. To call attention to his plight he started this internment with a hunger strike.

08.29.2019 Israeli colonists invade archaeological site near Nablus. Once again extremist Jewish colonists protected by machine gun wielding Jewish occupation troops drive Palestinian villagers off village land coveted by the Israelis.

08.29.2019 Israeli troops abduct two married couples, journalist. Night and fog raids. Ransacked homes and kidnappings.

08.29.2019 Israeli forces demolish al-Araqib village for 156th time. Israel keeps demolishing tents, stealing furniture like chairs and lamps, and is now measuring the community cemetery for demolition. But the stubborn Bedouin refuse to leave their lands. Oh! and the Jewish state has also imposed a $453,000 on the villagers as the cost of demolishing their community.

08.30.2019 Israeli soldiers injure 72 Palestinians in Gaza. Firing from safety, Jewish snipers shot 30 civilians with live ammunition, and wounded many more with barrages of gas bombs and rubber coated steel bullets. As usual, no Israelis injured.

(updated numbers of injured) 08.30.2019 PCHR “on 72nd Great March of Return: 94 civilians injured, including 25 children, a woman, 2 journalists, and 2 Paramedics by Israeli forces.

08.30.2019 Army shoots a Palestinian fighter in Northern Gaza. Jewish snipers, firing from safety on the Israeli side of the segregation fence, shot and wounded a volunteer with the National Resistance Brigades. None of the Israelis were threatened or injured.

08.30.2019 Medicine shortage in Gaza.

08.30.2019 Israel halts travel for 661 Gaza patients.

08.30.2019 Palestinian children face physical and verbal abuse in Israeli prisons. Report form “Commission of Detainees and ex-Detainees Affairs.” Kids are commonly punched, kicked all over their bodies as well as other types of abuse as they are being abducted for interrogation by Israel.

08.30.2019 Army injures three Palestinians in Kufur Qaddum Jewish occupation troops turned neighborhoods into gas chambers as they attacked the weekly non-violent protest against Israel’s annexation wall. They also fired live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets. Three Palestinians treated for minor injuries. No Israelis injured.

08.30.2019 ISM calls for protest against Israeli demolition ‘charity’ Regavim in London. ISM is International Solidarity Movement. A group calling itself UK Lawyers for Israel is hosting a talk by pro-colonist NGO Regavim (a racist entity funded by the Israeli government) that “uses legal loopholes to ensure that only Palestinian structures, and not illegal settler outposts, are demolished and dismantled, leaving entire communities without proper roads, houses, or even water systems.”

08.30.2019 Statement on “postponement” of Regavim London talk due to activist pressure. ISM Due to opposition by British, Palestinian, and Israeli activists, the UK Lawyers sponsored talk by the extremist group Regavim has been postponed indefinitely.

08.30.2019 Jewish newspaper apologizes to pro-Palestinian charity. London’s pro-Israel Jewish Chronicle tried to smear the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, accusing them of supporting terrorism. Now JC has had to apologize and pay damages to the charity. Their apology is remarkably like John Cleese’s apology to ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ when Otto hung him out the window upside down to make him apologize.

Here they are:
“I apologize unreservedly…and I deeply regret any distress that my comments may have caused you, or your family…” John Cleese hanging upside down in ‘A Fish called Wanda.

“We apologize unreservedly to the trustees for any distress caused.”
Jewish Chronicle hanging upside down (figuratively) to Palestinian Relief and Development Fund.

08.30.2019 Pacbi welcomes statement by more than 500 filmmakers against “close up” initiative normalizing Israeli apartheid. Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

08.30.2019 46,000 refugee students return to UNRWA schools.



08.31.2019 Army seals entrance to Beit Ummar North of Hebron. Restricting Palestinian travel to facilitate Jewish colony expansion.

08.31.2019 BDS calls for boycott of AnyVision, Israel’s ‘field tested’ facial recognition company. Creepy surveillance company with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, London, Mexico, Belfast, and Singapore. ‘A pillar of the apartheid system used by Israel’s Population Control Registry.’

08.31.2019 Young man dies from serious wounds suffered Friday in southern Gaza. Jewish state sniper, firing from safety and comfort of fortified embankments, shot 25-year-old Badereddin Nabil Mousa who survived two days and is now in a better place.

08.31.2019 For organizing soccer competition, army abducts the head of a social center, its administrator, and its coordinator, in Jerusalem. Apparently, soccer is an existential threat to Israel.