December 2019, Week 1

December, 2019  Week 1

18-year-old Badawid al-Masalma. Shot dead by Israeli occupation trooper.

December, 2019 Week 1
from IMEMC
12.01.2019 Israeli forces shoot and kill Palestinian teen in Hebron. Beit Awwa community. Jewish occupation troops joined the kosher killers club by shooting up three civilians. One of them, Badawi al-Masalma—just 18-years-old—they shot multiple times severely wounding him. When he was on the ground they wouldn’t let Palestinian medics help him. Instead they left the young man to bleed to death, keeping help away at gunpoint. The Jewish state later said they killed him after he, “apparently threw Molotov cocktails.”

12.01.2019 Arab League: Israeli occupation will always be rejected. The Arab League, has 22 member countries and 4 observer countries. They make up a large part of the world’s population.

Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Gheit remarked, “the unfortunate change in the US stance towards the Palestinian cause has prompted the legions of Israeli settlers to exert more violence and brutality against Palestinians.” Called out US bias for and support of Israel at the expense of Palestinians. Pointed out that international law is just that, international. It’s not just one country, even if that country is powerful.

12.01.2019 Israeli troops invade al-Araoub refugee camp; fire tear gas at homes. North of Hebron. No reason or warning given. Jewish occupation troops in combat gear gassed the people then fired concussion grenades and rubber coated steel bullets.

12.01.2019 Israeli soldiers photograph homes, confiscate two cars, near Hebron. Occupation troops in Beit Ummar intimidated residents by photographing homes (that’s often a precursor to Israeli bulldozers showing up to demolish buildings). Then the Israelis stole two cars, and left.

12.01.2019 Israeli troops abduct five Palestinians in pre-dawn raids across the West Bank. Night and fog raids.

12.01.2019 Smoking rate in Israel on increase despite campaigns to quit. Jerusalem Post. By Eytan Haylon. Smokers age 16-74 went from 18.9 in 2017 to 19.1 in 2018. Says 27 % of males and 12% of females smoke.

12.02.2019 Israel’s spastic shifts in fishing zones endanger Palestinians Al Monitor. by Entsar Abu Jahal. Israel unilaterally expands and contracts Gaza fishing zones like a drunk playing an accordion. Often the Zionists change the range without notice, then shoot fishermen who are out in the newly closed zone. Israeli terrorists in gunboats attack fishermen with water cannons to swamp their boats, with concussion grenades, with rubber coated steel bullets and with live ammunition. Sometimes they swamp Palestinian boats with wakes from navy vessels.

12.02.2019 Soldiers abduct brother of detainee who died in prison.

12.02.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct four children in Jerusalem Night and fog raids.

12.02.2019 Army abducts three Palestinians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem Ransacked homes.

12.02.2019 Violations of Palestinian social media content 50% higher than last month Pro-Zionist social media websites blocking the Palestinian narrative of Israeli crimes.

12.02.2019 Detention of al-Baden continues despite deterioration of health. 25-year-old mother of two in military administrative detention. No reason given. She’s sick. Vomiting blood. Denied medical care.

From Wafa
12.03.2019 Minor among 12 Palestinians detained in West Bank. A 16-year-old kid was among those abducted from their beds in the night and fog raids last night.

12.03.2019 OECD finds record education gulf between Hebrew, Arabic-speaking Israeli kids. Of 79 countries tested, Israel has the worst socio-economic gap. Overall, Israel placed 37th in reading, 41st in math, 42nd in science.

12.03.2019 Israeli forces destroy two water tanks in Tubas. Two 1,000 cubic meter water tanks that farmers need to irrigate crops.

12.03.2019 Palestinian accuses Israeli soldiers of stealing money, jewelry in raid on his home. Town of Yabod, near Jenin. Occupation troops ransacked his place. Robbed him. Left. Hardly worth a Palestinian’s time to file papers as Israel occupation troops are never prosecuted.

12.03.2019 Israeli forces seize4 land near Bethlehem for construction of parking lot.

12.03.2019 On International day of Persons with disabilities: 2.1 % of total population in Palestine is disabled. Of those, 48% are in the West Bank. 52% are in Gaza.

12.03.2019 Family of Palestinian who died in prison appeals to pressure Israel to release his body. Palestinians say the prisoner, who had cancer, died from lack of treatment. The family wants to bury him but Israel is cruelly keeping his body from them.

12.04.2019 The Gaza teen ‘arrested’ by Israel and returned home in a body bag Middle East Eye. by Tareq Hajjaj in Gaza City. On November 01, 2018 a group of teenagers snuck across Israel’s segregation fence, went into Zionist barracks, where they lit a fire and ran for it. One of the boys, Emad Shahin, ran slower than the rest because he was on crutches after having been shot on two different occasions by Israeli snipers. This time, as his friends were calling for him to hurry up, an Israeli army jeep pulled up. Jewish troops shot Emad in the leg. He was then taken away in an Israeli helicopter. Never to be seen alive by his people again.

Initially Israel told the family he was alive. Then they said he was dead. They were evasive when news reporters asked multiple times where the body was. When the Jewish state, [which is a notorious trafficker in human organs] returned the boy, his body had been frozen in liquid nitrogen. It had a 5 inch long scar on each side of the chest and a 6 inch scar down the front from chest to stomach.

12.04.2019 Israel demolishes residential structures south east of Jerusalem.
More Palestinians homeless tonight with winter coming on.

12.04.2019 Soldiers abduct two school children, shut down their school, near Nablus. Orif village. Jewish occupation troops surrounded a little school, invaded it, kidnapped two of the kids, and closed the school until Israel says it can open again.

12.04.2019 Israeli defense minister approves new settler neighborhood in Hebron. Naftali ‘I’ve killed a lot of Arabs and there’s no problem with that’ Bennet ‘ approves more illegal Jewish fanatics in Hebron.

12.04.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct eleven Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids. Ransacked homes.

12.04.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists bulldoze lands south of Nablus. Jewish fanatics making the desert bloom again.

12.04.2019 Editorial: Israel’s real existential threat is the gap between Jewish and Arab students Haaretz. On yesterday’s revelation that Israel scored dead last in the socio-economic gap between Hebrew and Arab speaking students. Average PISA exam scores measure scholastic achievement among 15-year-olds. Israel has fallen below international average in core curriculum of math, science, and language. The exam is put on every three years by the OECD (organization for economic cooperation and development) to evaluate educational systems based on results.
22% of Israeli students won’t be able to succeed in society. Article notes that the ultra Orthodox, Israel’s lowest scoring academics, don’t take the test at all on the advice of their rabbis, so young Israelis are worse than they appear from the exams.
Of the kids who did take exams, Arabs scored lower than Jews but Palestinians in the occupied territories didn’t take the exams, either. The Haaretz editorial says the problem is that so much more money and resources goes into Jewish kids than Arab kids.

12.04.2019 Israel seals off entrance to Bethlehem-district town. Nahalin town, occupied Bethlehem. Jewish occupation troops put concrete barriers on two of the community’s three entrances.

12.04.2019 Deportation of American living in West Bank shows Israel’s obsessive fear of Palestinians population Haaretz editorial. American Elaine Zoghbi married a Palestinian Christian 30 year ago. She’s lived with her husband in Bethlehem there most of the time. She flew to the states to visit and now ‘the only democracy in the Middle East,’ calls her a security threat and won’t let her back in Palestine. When she asked, “Why?” an occupation trooper told her, “Because you married a Palestinian.” Article notes the couple doesn’t live in Israel. They live in Bethlehem, which is in the occupied West Bank.

from Wafa
12.05.2019 14 Palestinians detained fro West Bank.

12.05.2019 Settlers set up mobile home on Palestinian land north of Nablus.

12.05.2019 Israel demolishes four residential structures, blacksmith work shop, south of Hebron.

12.05.2019 Israeli forces demolish garage, car wash, in Bethlehem. district village of al Walaja west of Bethlehem.

12.05.2019 Japan funds solar energy system at Franciscan sister school in Jericho. To aid 600 students and 42 workers, Japan is providing over $60 thousand USD to install solar powered air conditioning to the school.

12.05.2019 After Pompeo meet, Netanyahu says Israel has ‘full right’ to annex Jordan Valley Times of Israel. by Raphael Ahren. After a two day meeting in Lisbon, Portugal (Lisbon?) Netanyahu announced to reporters from his hotel room the Israel has the ‘full right’ to annex the Jordan Valley and that he had talked to Pompeo about it.

12.05.2019 ‘Horrific footage of live cattle having horns removed in Australia sparks outrage. The Guardian. Israelis eat a lot of meat per capita. Israeli animal-rights activist Ronen Bar who founded advocacy group ‘Sentient’ posed as an Israeli back packer in Australia, along with another member of the group. They hired out to work on massive. sprawling cattle ranch where Israel-bound live transport cows brutalized, tortured (there’s no other word for it), and where the days start by hauling the cows that died overnight to open pits and throwing them in. Those cows contaminate the water supply that the other cows have to drink.

Article notes Israelis eat a lot of meat per capita, that meat consumption increased by 40 % in two years between 2015 and 2017, and that a quarter of Israel’s live calves come from Australia.


12.06.2019 These boys would have made it home after school if it weren’t for Israeli sniper fire Haaretz. by Gideon Levy. Levy visits two boys—ages 11 and 13—and their families after cowardly Jewish snipers shot the boys from a distance of 120 to 150 meters, with live ammunition. One of the boys is wounded in the hand and chest. The other shot in the arm.

12.06.2019 Rep Rashida Tlaib rejects Israel resolution, criticizes Congress for omission. Detroit Free Press. “We cannot be honest brokers for peace if we refuse to use the worlds: illegal occupation by Israel.”

from Wafa
12.06.2019 Israeli police detain Palestinian TV crew in Jerusalem, seizes equipment. IN the latest attack on freedom of the press by the self-proclaimed, only democracy in the Middle East, agents of the Jewish state broke into a live broadcast of Good Morning Jerusalem, seized equipment detained the news crew.

12.06.2019 Foreign Ministry condemns removal of Palestinian exhibition from World Forum. Unknown thieves removed the Palestinian exhibit.

12.06.2019 Israel hands over body of prisoner who died in custody to Jordan The body of the 36 year-old cancer patient who Palestinians maintain died from lack of proper medical care, has been sent back to his family for burial.

12.06.2019 Congressman Josh Gottheimer, “House passes Gottheimer bipartisan language blocking those seeking to put new conditions on security aid to Israel.” protects America’s ironclad commitment to Israel’s security. Israel tools pass legislation to block American attempts to link funding Israel to Israel’s following International agreements that it has signed.

12.06.2019 U.S. House opposes Israeli annexation of West Bank in landmark resolution. Haaretz. by Amir Tibon. Vote was 226-188.

12.06.2019 Brown University committee votes to divest from companies connected to the Israeli occupation Mondoweiss. by Michael Arria. Brown University committee following up on last March’s student vote which was overwhelmingly in favor of BDS.

From Wafa
12.07.2019 Erekat hails congress resolution as a blow to Trump’s legitimization of settlements.

from IMEMC
12.07.2019 Belgian trade delegation to Israel cancelled. Brussels and Walloon governments withdrew from a trade mission due to opposition from citizens against Israel’s apartheid practices.

12.07.2019 U.S. state department denies Netanyahu talked Jordan Valley annexation with Pompeo Times of Israel. On Netanyahu claims he and Pompeo talked annexation during two-day meeting Lisbon. David Schenker of the U.S. State Department told reporters, “I can tell you that there was no annexation plan, full or partial, for any part of the West Bank presented by Israel to the United States during the meeting.”

12.07.2019 Exclusive: Israeli military ‘secretly training’ Libya’s Haftar militias in street warfare. The New Arabs. 1) In Libya the government officially recognized by the U.N. is the Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Fayez Sarray. 2) GNA is supported by Turkey, Italy, Qatar. 3) Against them is warlord Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA), comprised of allied tribes, militias, mercenaries. 4) The LNA is backed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, France, Russia, and apparently Israel. Israel is supplying weapons, sniper rifles, night-vision goggles, and tactical training to the LNA at even now when both sides of the Libyan conflict are supposedly under U.N. embargo to stop weapons supplies to them.