December 2019, Week 2

December 2019, Week 2

12.08.2019 PCHR: 83rd Great March of Return: 64 Palestinians injured, including 19 children IMEMC. Palestinian Center for Human Rights. Among those injured by gas, live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets. One person shot in the head with a rubber coated steel bullet is in serious condition with a fractured skull. Four other people shot with live bullets.

from Wafa
12.08.2019 Chinese envoy affirms China’s rejection of Israeli measures special envoy on Middle East Affairs. Thai Jun rejected Israel’s expansions in Hebron and the Jordan Valley.

12.08.2019 Slovenia’s Foreign Minister: “We cannot stay silent about what’s happening in Palestine.”

12.09.2019 Trump goes full anti-Semite in room full of Jewish people Vanity Fair. by Bess Levin. Remember last August when the Trumpster accused American Jews of not being loyal enough to Israel? He just did it again. This time, talking to a group of Jewish Florida real estate tycoons, he also said he knew a lot of them didn’t like him, and that he didn’t like some of them, but they would vote for him because he was the only choice to protect their money.

from IMEMC:
12.09.2019 Mai and Jacqueline: returning home with one eye. by Fatima abu Sbeitan, for QNN. Jewish occupation troops routinely aim for the victim’s eyes when shooting them with rubber coated steel bullets. Rubber coated steel bullets blind the person or sometimes kill them. This articles tells the stories of two women who were each blinded by being shot in the eye.

12.09.2019 Israeli soldiers demolish shed, uproot lands, near Hebron.

12.09.2019 Israeli forces arrest Palestinian youth at checkpoint in Hebron 14-year-old girl locked down tonight. Occupiers allege she had a knife. [They have machine guns.]

12.09.2019 Israel’s overnight airstrikes injure 2 Palestinians in Gaza. More terrorist bombings by the Jewish state. Multiple attacks. Israel making the threadbare claims it was defending itself from ‘three projectiles’ it says it shot down with its Iron Dome.

12.09.2019 Including one journalist, Israeli soldiers abduct nine Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

12.09.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists puncture tires of dozens of cars in occupied Jerusalem. Punctured tires, spray painted Star of Davids and other hate graffiti, ‘Death to Arabs’ etc. around the community.

12.09.2019 Luxembourg pushes for European recognition of Palestine.

12.10.2019 Israeli troops shoot and injure young Palestinian near Jenin; fire tear gas near Tulkarem. In today’s episode the Light Unto Nations shot a young man in the foot, interrogated him, then let him go at the hospital. [meaning that he wasn’t guilty of anything.] Elsewhere the gas-loving occupiers targeted a crowd that was waiting to get through one of Israel’s checkpoints. The Israelis gas bombed the crowd at point blank range, injuring five Palestinians.

12.10.2019 Israeli forces invade al-Issawiya, issue warrants to 7 youth. Night and fog raids.

12.10.2019 Settlers fence off piece of land in Nablus-area village. Jewish fanatics razed a Palestinian’s land near his home and now they’re putting up fence to keep the guy and his family off their own land.

12.10.2019 Netherlands resumes funding to UNRWA.

12.10.2019 Palestinians march in Hebron, Israeli forces attack After Israel announced it plans to steal more Palestinian property in Hebron’s Old City Market and give it to Jewish colonists, residents marched in protest. The Jewish state—gassed them.

12.10.2019 BDS the fulfillment of rights BDS Website. Title is from South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said, “I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights. On the 71st anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the BDS campaign affirms that Palestinians deserve the same rights as other humans as covered in the Declaration.

12.11.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian near Tulkarem Shot him with a live bullet in the leg. Then let Palestinian medics take him to the hospital. [Take away, they wouldn’t have let him go if he was a threat. So the shooting was unjustified.]

12.11.2019 Israeli troops invade West Bank, abduct seven Palestinians. Night and fog raids.

12.11.2019 Settlers attack shepherds in northern West Bank. Again.

12.11.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles near Bethlehem. Jewish fanatics throwing rocks at Palestinian cars that are driving by again.

12.11.2019 EU, Denmark, and the Palestinian Authority inaugurate multi-purpose buildings in Area C. EU put up 310,000 Euros, Denmark put up 215,000 Euros for the two buildings. Israeli politician Naftali Bennet has threatened have occupation troops demolish the buildings.

12.11.2019 EU, Germany sign agreements at UNWRA Jerusalem Girl’s School. Europeans are stepping up to the plate to help Palestinians as the US tries to harm them and supports Israel harming them.

12.11.2019 Israeli forces seize Palestinian owned vehicle in West Bank. Village of Marah Rehah. Jewish occupation troops ransacked a home, stole the guy’s car, and left. No reason given.

12.11.2019 Yehuda Glick performs Talmudic rituals at Al Aqsa mosque. Odious Jewish fanatic Glick does his bit to contribute to Israeli provocations at the mosque.

12.11.2019 Jerusalem governor prevented form holiday activities. The only democracy in the Middle East has banned Palestinian Governor Adnan Ghaith from even holding meetings in occupied Jerusalem.

12.11.2019 Israeli troops raid al-Bireh industrial Zone. Jewish occupation troops attacked businesses, stole camera recording equipment. The attack sparked protests from local people. The Israelis responded by shooting two young men with rubber coated steel bullets.

12.11.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian near Tulkarem. IMEMC. The guy mentioned in the title is one of five Palestinians Israel shot in various villages today. They shot 24-year-old Ala Bassam Bakr in the leg with live ammunition. He was taken to hospital for his wound. No word on if he’s being charged with anything.

12.11.2019 Soldiers abduct seven Palestinians, injure many, and attack three journalists. Night and fog raids.

12.11.2019 EU to discuss recognition of Palestine. Luxembourg and Ireland advocating a response to US efforts to kill the peace process by unlimited support of Israel as it continues stealing Palestinian lands. Discussion to take place at next meeting of the EU Affairs Council on January, 20, 2020.

12.11.2019 Israeli threatens to destroy all Palestinian structures in Area C. IMEMC. The ever-clueless Naftali Bennett apparently made the threat to a meeting of EU ambassadors last week, on the day the occupation army commander announced the Jewish state plans a massive demolition campaign n Area C. Area C encompasses 66 percent of the occupied West Bank, that Israel has been stealing piecemeal since 1967.

12.11.2019 Israeli forces arrest al Aqsa guard, extremist settlers storm mosque.

12.11.2019 Israeli’s shameful role in Myanmar’s genocidal campaign against the Rohingya. Haaretz. by Charles Dunst. Israeli ambassador, Gilor Ronen, wished Myanmar leader encouragement and, ‘good luck!’ as she goes to defend Myanmar’s genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Ronen quickly deleted his post after Haaretz asked him about it.

Israel continued to supply Myanmar with weapons after the US and EU cut them off because of crimes against humanity. Israel is commonly believed to still be supplying weapons fueling the Myanmar butchery.

12.11.2019 Leifer extradition snafu is gut punch for Israel-adoring Australian Jews Haaretz. Arch-pedophile Malka Leifer still hiding plain sight in Israel. In 2008 she fled 74 counts of rape by running away from Australia where she was head-mistress of a Jewish girl’s school. She made it to Israel, and has been there ever since. Australia, all the way up to the Prime Minister, is very publicly demanding her return. Her Israeli lawyers claim she’s mentally incompetent to stand trial.
In Israel’s latest attempt to cover for her, the court-ordered psychiatrists “forgot” to show up in court to testify.
There are only about 100,000 Australian Jews but they’ve long been among Israel’s staunchest supporters in the diaspora. Article mentions other times Israel has repaid Australian Jewish support by shitting on them. One time was the 1997 Maccabiah sporting event bridge disaster where four Australian athletes died after falling into Israel’s Yarkon river during the opening ceremonies. One died by trauma, three of them from being dunked in the Yarkon that was so polluted they died from infection. Dozens more were sickened. It turned out that Israel had cut costs for the sporting event by giving the bridge contract to an incompetent low bidder. Israel didn’t take responsibility.
Another low point was when Aussie Jews learned that Israel was using Sydney as an operations base [for terrorism outside Israel.]

12.12.2019 Schizophrenia! US now says Yemen not Iran proxy war. Ron Paul Liberty Report. Entertaining 21 minute video on the US administration/White House—after all this time it’s been blaming Iran for the Saudi war on Yemen—has done a total about-face. Ron Paul’s take on it this is that the Houthi fighters from Yemen are highly motivated, Saudi Arabian army forces are getting their asses handed to them. Despite being far outgunned and outnumbered the Houthis blew up the world’s largest oil refinery in Saudi Arabia in September, which got everybody’s attention, and they also captured a Saudi armored column, killing hundreds and capturing hundreds more. Now the Saudis are trying to save face as they run away with their tails between their legs.

12.12.2019 Activists urge mass evacuations as Israeli gas rig to emit tons pollutants in single day. Haaretz by Zafrir Rinat. Israel starting offshore drilling. Winds will blow the pollution ashore.

12.12.2019 Anti-Arab spray painted on mosque in Northern Israel Jewish thugs desecrated the mosque in Manshiet Zibdeh village with Star of David and other hate graffiti. Also damaged cars.

12.12.2019 Soldiers shoot a medic, abduct thirteen Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

12.12.2019 Army abducts a woman, invades many homes, near Jerusalem. Jewish occupation troops ordered a 30-year-old Beit Doggo woman to report to an interrogation center a few days after they had kidnapped her husband. Last night, they ransacked her village, gassed the local people, shot live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets at them.

12.12.2019 Activists urge mass evacuations as Israeli gas rig to emit tons pollutants in single day. Haaretz by Zafrir Rinat. Israel starting offshore drilling. Winds will blow the pollution ashore.

12.13.2019 Jordan foreign ministry condemns Israel’s violations at al-Aqsa. Again.

12.13.2019 Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Israel to release reporters. The only democracy in the Middle East is still holding journalist Sameh al-Titi. The CPJ calls on Israel to let him go or say why they are holding him.

12.13.2019 Israeli officials storm Jerusalem neighborhoods under police protection. Silwan neighborhoods near al-Aqsa mosque which Israel is trying to take over. In this case, the Jewish state occupiers are photographing homes which is what they do when they intend to demolish them.

12.14.2019 No visits to holy sites for Christians in Gaza The Jewish state denies Palestinian Christians in Gaza Strip permission to visit Christian churches in Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem.

12.14.2019 Israeli forces injure several Palestinians at protests in West Bank and Gaza. Jewish occupation troops shot five unarmed protesters with live ammunition, shot four more with rubber coated steel bullets. Gassed the people with barrages of choking gas clouds.

12.14.2019 200 International organizations support call to ICC on Palestine. Human rights groups, church groups, trade unions, etc. turn up heat on ICC to call out Israeli war crimes.

12.14.2019 Theory of Change: The wax and wane of J Street’s influence over U.S. Israel policy. The Intercept. by Mayarm Saleh, Ryan Grim. Good Intercept piece on what J Street is about. [I think of them as AIPAC light].
Founded in 2008 by Jeremy Ben-Ami ostensibly “to give cover to Democrats to get tough on Israel and pressure them to make a deal with the Palestinians.” J Street, doesn’t endorse the one method that has never failed to get Israel’s attention—money from the American government. It doesn’t support BDS, and it wouldn’t even support Congresswoman Betty McCollum’s bill (2407) that would deny money to Israel for violating human rights. She asked them for support. They didn’t come through.

They will occasionally do good things but it may come at a cost to Palestinian rights. They supported the Iran deal but all the while Israel was busy stealing Palestinian land. J-Street supported Israel killing 1,400 Gaza Palestinians in 2008 saying Israel had a right to defend itself. Now, after ten years of land grabs and increasingly violent suppression of Palestinian society, J Street is increasingly seen as irrelevent. People who helped start the organizaiton are moving on to what they consider more effective groups. Some at J Street seem to get that. Best line in the piece: “The elephant in the room at J Street’s conference had become J Street.”