February 2019, Week 2

February 2019, Week 2

02.08.2019 Palestine and the Israel-Saudi Arabia alliance Maan News by Ibrahim Fraihat. Describes how Israel is an accomplice in the Saudi Arabian torture, murder, dismemberment of American journalist Jamal Kashoggi inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. Israel supplied the Saudis with the Pegasus software that the regime used to monitor Kashoggi. Two of the Saudi Prince’s aids fired for the murder are part of the Saudi government’s clandestine efforts to build an alliance with Israel and to improve Israel’s image with the Saudi people. Some things Kashoggi’s murder accomplished:
1) Exposed Saudi regime’s clandestine romance with the Israeli regime.
2) Exposure of that romance helped Iran in the Arab world. Israel and the Saudis have been working together to undermine Iran.
3) Exposed Saudi dependence on Israel when Netanyahu publicly supported Saudi regime after it murdered Kashoggi.
Author recommends Saudi regime come clean on Kashoggi murder, get away from Israeli regime, return to the Arab League’s Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, 2007, 2017.

02.08.2019 Israeli forces take down Palestinian flag off mosque in Issawiya Maan News. Jewish occupation troops climbed ladder to remove Palestinian flag with a picture of Palestinian prisoner Fares Baraoud who died of medical neglect in Israeli prison this week.

02.08.2019 Two Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli live fire in protests, Gaza authorities say Haaretz by Jack Khoury. Jewish siege troops reported they killed 14-year-old Hassan Shalabi and an unnamed 18-year-old today. They also wounded at least 7 other Palestinians at the Gaza segregation fence. Article mentions 30-year-old Ahmed Abu Dabal who died last Sunday from Israeli bullet wounds incurred at the segregation wall during the previous Friday’s protests.  The Israeli press reports the dead as being a year older than they are. See tomorrow’s Maan News.

02.09.2019 Israeli forces kill Palestinian minors, injure 17 others in Gaza Maan News. Siege troops killed 13-year-old Hassan Iyad Shalbi and 17-year-old Hamza Muhammad Rashdi Ishteiwi and shot multiple unarmed civilians with live ammunition and tear gas grenades. They also fired sewer water at the people.

02.09.2019 In video-funeral procession of 2 killed minors set off in Gaza Maan News Mourners carried the little body of 13-year-old Iyad Shalabi from his middle school north of Khan Younis to his grave. A Jewish state sniper shot him through his heart with live ammunition today. As his people carried him, mourners in Gaza City were carrying 17-year-old Hamza Ishteievir to his final resting place from a mosque after a Jewish state sniper shot him through the neck with live ammunition. Article is mostly a photo essay of the funeral processions.

02.09.2019 Israeli settlers open fire at Palestinians in al-Mughayyir Maan News No injuries this time.

02.09.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian shepherds in Gaza Maan News again. No reason given as Israel works to destroy Gaza’s remaining agriculture.

02.09.2019 Saudi Arabia creates app to track women’s movement Maan News. In the wake of a Saudi woman fleeing the oppressive regime to Canada, Saudis have provided a tracking device that allows men to monitor movements of their wives and girls and that will alert the men if women or girls try to use their passports to leave the country. [The U.S. gives billions in foreign aid and weapons to Saudi Arabia.]

02.09.2019 Israeli ministers sign petition to settle 2 million Jews in the West Bank Maan News Politicians courting the colonist vote prior to elections.

02.05.2019 Swastika scrawlings unnerve three U.S. cities CNN by Andreas Preuss. To say 3 major cities are unnerved is a stretch. In Chicago someone put two swastika stickers on a synagogue and broke glass in the door. In Houston’s Rice University someone reported a swastika drawn on a statue. In New York someone drew swastika and ‘Nazi slogans’ on the subway which passengers wiped off with hand spray.

02.09.2019 Netherlands recognizes Gaza, West Bank as official birthplaces for Palestinians Haaretz by Shal Simpson-Balkie. Palestinians living in the Netherlands, who were born in Gaza or West Bank after 1948 can now have those places listed rather than the former options of, ‘Israel’ or ‘unknown.’

02.09.2019 Does Racism now define Jewish identity in Israel Haaretz by Anshel Pfeffer. Pfeffer opines that Israel’s not more racist than before—just more open and obviously racist than before.

02.10.2019 Kevin McCarthy promises ‘action’ against Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Haaretz/JTA. Republican house minority leader shows himself for the Israel tool he is by threatening ‘action’ –whatever that’s supposed to mean—against the only two congress people who have spoken up in support of BDS and against Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

02.10.2019 Palestinian suspected of sexually assaulting and killing Israeli teen reenacts murder at crime scene Haaretz by Yaniv Kubovich. 29-year-old Palestinian confessed to rape murder of 19-year-old Israeli woman. There has been a gag order on the crime investigation but it appears at this point he did it. Israeli authorities have accused him of nationalist motives for the crime and are going to demolish his parents house.

02.10.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in Bethlehem, Ramallah Maan News. Dozens of Jewish terrorists, under the protection of Jewish occupation troops, throwing rocks and shouting curses at Palestinians again.

02.10.2019 Minor among 9 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News Night and fog raids in Tuqu village, Issawaja, and Qalandiaya.

02.10.2019 Unicef demands end of violence among Palestinian children Maan News Yet again, UNICEF demands Israel stop killing children. The agency was responding to Israeli siege troops killing two more children today.

02.10.2019 Upstate New York Yeshiva set on fire and painted with swastikas Haaretz/JTA Yeshiva Yoreh Deah, located on a former farm, in White Sulpher Springs. [not mentioned in article but a major 2018 Yeshiva fire in Brooklyn was lit by a member of the Jewish community with “mental issues, and a 2017 Flatbush Yeshiva fire at Agudah Shul on Avenue L was supposedly started under the same circumstances.]

02.10.2019 Finnish soldiers participated in mass murder of Jews during WW2, report finds. Haaretz daily dose of Nazi by Ofer Aderet. The mass murders were not just of Jews. They were of Russian prisoners, foreign civilians, and Jews.

02.10.2019 Five water colors attributed to Hitler go unsold at German auction Haaretz another daily dose of Nazi.

02.11.2019 Ilhan Omar tweets U.S. politician’s support for Israel is all about the Benjamins Haaretz by Amir Tobin. ‘All about the Benjamins’ alluding to a rap song, meaning hundred dollar bills. The young congresswoman is getting tremendous attacks from all sides not least from the bought and paid congress. At the same time, she’s getting a lot of love from regular Americans. **update: the Israel Lobby and Israeli media are hyperventilating . Israeli news source Haaretz alone put out 14 articles on Omar in 4 days. I’ll list the headlines at the end of the week.

02.11.2019 Israel to legalize West Bank settlements built on private Palestinian land Maan News. Part of the shell game where Netanyahu and company tell American television cameras that Israel hasn’t built any new settlements in years. At the same time Israel supports illegitimate rogue colonies with infrastructure, money, and water. Then eventually declares such colonies legal under Israeli law.

02.11.2019 Ilhan Omar under attack for telling the truth about Israeli Lobby Electronic Intifada by Ali Albunimah. Heavy pressure from the Israel Lobby and its tools in Congress to silence the young woman speaking out about the Israel Lobby.

02.11.2019 Syria reports Israeli attacks near southern border Haaretz by Jack Khoury. Jewish state firing tank rounds into another country without again. No injuries reported.

02.11.2019 In photos: Israel demolishes home in al-Walaja Maan News Occupation bulldozers again. Another poor little Palestinian home destroyed. 40 more homes under threat of demolition by the Jewish state.

02.11.2019 Israel seals off road in southern Hebron Maan News Occupation bulldozers again. Sealing off road Palestinians use to get to their lands.

02.11.2019 Two Palestinians suffocate to death inside Gaza tunnel Maan News. Two men died from what’s described as “unknown poisonous gasses” in supply tunnel between Gaza and Egypt.

02.11.2019 Israeli settlers attack vehicles in Nablus Maan News Smashed windshields.

02.11.2019 Israeli forces uproot over 500 olive trees in Jordan Valley Maan News Mostly 15-year-old trees belonging to 5 Palestinian residents. Cut down or smashed with bulldozers.

02.11.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian shepherds in Khan Younis Maan News Again. No injuries reported.

02.11.2019 In video—Israeli settler assaults activist, journalist in Hebron Maan News. Perennial attention seeking Jewish colonist Inat Cohen flailing ineffectually away at people under the protection of Israeli occupation troops as she has done for years.

02.11.2019 Minors among 21 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids across West Bank. Two of the kidnapped were 14-year-olds.

02.11.2019 Netanyahu fires back at Iran: Attack Tel Aviv and ‘It’ll be the last anniversary you celebrate.’ Haaretz by Noa Landau. Bibi on the campaign trail. Threatening other countries again.

02.11.2019 The undercover spy op targeting journalists, lawyers, battling Israeli cyber firm NSO Haaretz About an Israeli company that makes smart phone hacking technology used by governments to spy on their citizens.

02.11.2019 Buying back the Iron Dome The Jerusalem Post. by Mohammed Mohammed. Another article about this. American tax payers paid billions to develop Israel’s Iron Dome technology which Israel has been selling around the world and is now going to sell back to Americans for more billions. See 09.27.2018 Funded by U.S. now Israel’s Iron Dome maker expects to sell it back Middle East Eye.

02.11.2019 Australian doctor: Nazi victims found ‘sense of relief’ in knowing no escape from gas chambers Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

02.12.2019 Netanyahu confirms Syria strike: Israel operating constantly against Iran in Syria Haaretz by Noa Landau. Netanyahu announced Israel’s relations with all Middleast countries are, ‘very good, except Syria.’ He is going to the U.S. sponsored Warsaw Summit.

02.12.2019 Lebanese FM says won’t join Warsaw conference because of Israel Jerusalem Post.

02.12.2019 Palestinian teen injured in Gaza protests succumbs to wounds Wafa Last Friday a Jewish siege trooper shot Hassan Nofal in the head with a tear gas grenade fracturing his skull. He died today at the age of 17. Rest in peace, son.

02.12.2019 Israeli soldiers attack 2 students near Ramallah Wafa Jewish occupation troops beat up two students who were on their way to Ramallah Hashemite school. Troopers took the kids to a Jewish colony where they held them for a few hours, then let them go. No reason given.

02.12.2019 Palestinian father and son abused by Israeli soldiers: ‘They beat us up, then started dancing.’ Haaretz. Jewish occupation troops handcuffed and blindfolded a father and son, then beat them for 10-15 minutes with kicks, punches, belts, rifle butts, even after the father was unconscious, they taunted the by as they were beating his father. The only reason this came out is that one of the occupation troopers began to film the beating to make the others stop. They continued for a while then stopped and the soldier, who was a person of conscience, released the footage.

02.12.2019 Israel extends detention of Palestinian student Maan News 21-year-old Muhammad Ali Samudi, son of a journalist and a student at Arab American University in Jenin, was arrested January, 29 of this year in the Night and Fog raids. He’s still in prison with no charges, no trial, no sentence, and no legal recourse.

02.12.2019 Israeli settlers attack, injure Palestinian shepherd Jordan Valley Maan News 35-year-old shepherd, Barakat Ali Darag, is in stable condition at hospital today with ‘cuts and bruises all over his body’ after attack by Jewish terrorist. Article notes Jewish occupation troops prevented a Palestinian ambulance crew from reaching the shepherd for an hour, and that occupation troops detained two other shepherds from the same village.

02.12.2019 Israeli forces storm Abu Dis, injure dozens of Palestinian students Maan News. Today Jewish occupation troops stormed the town of Abu Dis in the occupied West Bank. They attacked Al Quods University students again. The Israelis fired tear gas and stun grenades at the unarmed students. Article notes Israel has attacked the school numerous times, injuring students, destroying or stealing equipment, and that the Israelis once staged a raid on a book fair for needy students where they stole or destroyed all of the contents of the fair.

02.12.2019 Minor among 12 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids across West Bank again. No one is safe in their beds. Youngest kidnap victim was a 16-year-old.

02.12.2019 Palestinian demolishes own home in Jerusalem Maan News. Occupied Jerusalem. Jamal Bkeirat became the 11th Palestinian this year forced to demolish his own home or else be forced to pay Israeli occupation troops to do it. As it is, Bkeirat is being fined $6,874 for what Israel calls an illegal building.

02.12.2019 Incendiary balloons land in southern Israel Maan News. Gazans protesting the siege sending balloons trailing Molotov cocktails in aluminum cans towards Israel again.

02.12.2019 Israel orders 300 Palestinians to evacuate homes in Tubas Maan News. As advertised a few days ago, Jewish occupiers kicked hundreds of people out of their homes in winter, temperatures in the ‘40’s, so Jewish occupation troops could hold war maneuvers in and around their village.

02.12.2019 EU mission regrets extension of Israeli ban on Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem Wafa. Israel doesn’t allow Palestinian organizations like the Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or the Orient House, which Israel promised to allow to operate and said it would not violate in 1993 but attacked and closed down in 2001.

02.12.2019 Warsaw summit will show if U.S. gamble on Israeli-Arab pact against Iran can pay off. Haaretz by Amir Tibon. U.S. is hosting summit for Israel/Arab states tor form alliance against Iran. [Anyone else wonder how much is this costing the U.S. tax payer?]

02.12.2019 The never-ending fight to honor 16,000 Jewish victims of Russia’s worst Holocaust massacre Haaretz daily dose on Nazi. by Polina Efimova.

02.13.2019 Israel is hundreds of years overdue for massive earthquake Haaretz by Ruth Schuster. Yet another article about how unprepared Israel is for the ‘big one.’

02.13.2019 Hamas will try to draw Israel into full-out Gaza war, Israeli intel assessment says. Haaretz by Yaniv Kubovich. Gist of article is that Israeli siege has made life in Gaza so unbearable that Hamas may attack Israel to make the world pay attention to what Israel is doing to Gaza.

02.13.2019 Mike Pence to make first visit to Auschwitz, meet Netanyahu in Poland Haaretz/JTA. Daily dose of Nazi.

02.13.2019 Palestinian factions turn backs on Israeli teen’s murderer because he raped her Haaretz. While Israel still trying to make the crime a nationalist attack, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad want nothing to do with the rapist/murderer. One Palestinian official, who is locked in an Israel prison, said, “If you want to be a hero, you don’t kill innocent women.”

02.13.2019 Injured minor among 8 Palestinians detained by Israel Maan News. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society says occupation troopers repeatedly beat Mujahed al-Barghouti before kidnapping him during the night and fog raids.

02.13.2019 Israel demolishes 3 Palestinian-owned houses, warehouse in Jerusalem Maan News. Jewish state bulldozers make more room for Jewish colonists.

02.13.2019 Israeli forces raze southern Hebron road Maan News. Jewish bulldozers demolish access for Palestinians between Khillet al-Dabaa and Masafer Yatta.

02.13.2019 Israel demolishes Palestinian family home in Biet Jala Maan News. Jewish bulldozers knock down another home in Bethlehem district village.

02.13.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in center of Hebron Maan News. Armed Jewish fanatics protected by heavily armed occupation troops attacked multiple unarmed Palestinian homes in Hebron. Again.

Thursday Happy Valentine’s Day: We’ll start with a love story
02.14.2019 Reminder: Israel is still holding a Palestinian lawmaker as a political prisoner indefinitely Haaretz by Gideon Levy.
The former apartheid regime of South Africa would hold political prisoners for up to 90 days with no charges, trial, or sentence. Israel’s ‘administrative detention’ laws are the same except, Israel can hold political prisoners for 180 days, then roll their imprisonment into another 180 days, then another, and another, indefinitely.
In this article, Gideon Levy speaks out for justice on behalf of one of the more famous victims of this injustice: Khalida Jarrar. Jarrar is a wife, mother and Palestinian lawmaker, who has been held without trial in Israeli prison for 20 months now (over 600 days) on Israel’s latest string of administrative detention trying to break her. She was arrested by Jewish occupation troops who stormed her home in a pre-dawn night and fog raid in July, 2016. She’d only been out of Israeli prison a few weeks before that arrest.
A little background here: [She has actually been in Jewish state prisons all but a few weeks since April 02, 2015 when occupation troopers broke down the door of her family home at 3 a.m. and took her away. They held her under administrative detention for 6 months, Israel postponed her hearing multiple times then, in December, 2015 sentenced her to 15 months in prison for belonging to an illegal organization; the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP). Two witnesses who had testified against her told the court their statements had been coerced under torture by Israeli interrogators.
In December, 2015 this elected official told the press how she and 13 other women were taken, hand cuffed and shackled at the ankles, from prison at 2 a.m., made to wait in a very cold bus then taken to an unheated concrete room where it was freezing and the toilet had overflowed, flooding the floor of the room. Imagine the indignity of that, but Israel has not broken her.
Or her husband either. Israel has arrested him14 times. He has spent 11 years in prison without any charges being filed against him. Through it all the couple has supported each other through their long absences.]

02.14.2019 Dar Al Hikma School wins 1st place at ‘Know Europe’ contest Maan News. Dar al Hikma Girl’s School in Occupied East Jerusalem has won the contest established by the European Union and the Palestinian Ministry of Education. Over 500 9th-grade students from the West Bank and Gaza participated. Mustafa Hafeth Primary School in Gaza took second place. Raneen Boys School in Tulkarem, West Bank took third.

02.14.2019 Palestinian teen dies from tear gas canister injury Electronic Intifada by Maureen Clare Murphy. An Israeli siege trooper shot unarmed16-year-old Hason Nofal in the head with a tear gas grenade last Friday. The boy was over 100 meters from the segregation fence. Article notes Jewish snipers murdered two other children at the Gaza border that same day. They shot 17-year-old Hamza Israiwi in the neck with live ammunition as the boy was sitting 200 meters away from the fence. They shot 13-year-old Hasson Shalbi in the chest with live ammunition, killing him. Article notes also that of the 15 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops and colonists, 3 have been killed by being shot in the head with tear gas grenades.

02.14.2019 Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian property near Salfit Maan News Jewish colonists puncture tires and spray paint anti-Arab graffiti on vehicles, house walls and the mosque, again last night.

02.14.2019 Israeli forces open fire at farmers, shepherds, across Gaza Maan News. Again. No injuries reported.

02.14.2019 Adalah: ‘Bedouin villages in Negev cannot exercise right to vote’ Maan News. Eleven Bedouin villages with a total of thousands of people have no polling stations. Residents will have to travel 50 km to vote on April, 09.

02.14.2019 Erekat on behalf of PLO refuses to legitimize Warsaw Conference Maan News. Secretary General of the PLO Saeb Erekat penned a letter to Diplomatic Missions in Palestine laying out why his organization won’t attend the U.S./Israel led Warsaw Summit. Eloquent writing ends with sentence denouncing, “attempts of the organizers of the Warsaw Conference to normalize the systematic violation of the unalienable rights of the Palestinian people…”.

02.14.2019 PCBS: Unemployment rate sharply increased in Gaza in 2018 Maan News. Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) unemployment in Gaza is at 52%. In occupied West Bank 18%.

02.14.2019 Netanyahu on Polish Holocaust law. Saying Poles collaborated with Nazis never got anyone sued Haaretz daily dose of Nazi. by Noa Landau. [Netanyahu said this in Poland where he is grandstanding with at a U.S./Israeli conference with some Arab countries in the run-up for U.S. led war against Iran.]

02.14.2019 Pompeo to Netanyahu: confronting Iran key to Mideast stability, peace Haaretz by Noa Landau. The Warsaw Conference, supposedly a peace conference, quickly shaping up as a war conference aimed at Iran.

02.14.2019 Pompeo in Poland urges country to pass Holocaust legislation The Jerusalem Post. by Marci Oster/JTA. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling for more shakedown of another European country by the Holocaust Industry. [If you haven’t read Professor Norman Finkelstein’s book by that name, it’s a lively, scholarly, introduction to how wealthy, mostly American, Jews has used U.S. politicians threatening economic sanctions, to ‘shake down’ EU countries for massive payouts, supposedly to Holocaust victims, but most of the money goes to lawyers and the Industry.]

02.14.2019 Watch: Netanyahu leaks video of Arab leaders blasting ‘toxic Iran’ in discreet discussion Haaretz by Noa Landau. In a political maneuver sleazy even for Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has leaked an inflammatory video shot clandestinely of Arab state leaders in what they thought was a confidential discussion. As one commenter put it, “That’s our boy, Bibi! And he did this to our new friends!…Anything to save his ass!…How can Israel be led by such a louse?”

02.14.2019 The Knesset candidate who says Zionism encourages anti-Semitism and calls Netanyahu the ‘arch murderer’ Haaretz by Ravit Hecht. Dr. Ofer Cassif is running for Israel’s parliament and adding a little spice to the upcoming April election.

02.14.2019 Bibistan vs. Israel Haaretz by Uri Misgov. Addresses Netanyahu’s apparent paranoia that everyone’s out to get him.

02.14.2019 This is how AIPAC really works The Nation by M J Rosenberg. Asks, “Has anyone ever seen so many members of Congress, of both parties, running to the microphones and sending out press releases to denounce one first-t termer for criticizing the power of …a lobby?”
1. AIPAC is different from domestic lobbies like the NRA or the Ethanol Lobby because AIPAC is a lobby for a foreign government.
2. AIPAC conferences feature mini-conferences in side rooms where lobbyists choose which political candidates get how much money, and which don’t.
3. Author compares wide-eyed AIPAC denials that they raise money for political candidates to Captain Renault in Casablanca saying he’s ‘shocked, shocked’ to learn that gambling is going on at Rick’s Place—as the club crook hands him his winnings.’ While AIPAC claims it doesn’t raise money for American politicians, it directs money other PAC’s and individual donors raise to various candidates.
4. “I sat in AIPAC staff meetings at which the political director discussed whom “we” would be supporting in this campaign and whom “we” were going to destroy in that one. I also sat in on meetings at AIPAC’s huge annual policy conference, attended by as many as 20,000 AIPAC members and virtually the entire congress, at which fundraising pitches were made.”

02.14.2014 Auschwitz is rewriting Holocaust history one tweet at a time Haaretz daily dose of Nazi by Ariel Sobeli.

02.14.2019 Fox news rejects ad warning against Nazism as ‘Not appropriate’ Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

02.14.2019 Pro-Israel group lobbies for US Aid, funds congressional trips Wall Street Journal by Julie Bykowicz and Natalie Andrews. Unusual to see it in an American media outlet.

02.14.2019 As promised, here are those 14 Haaretz articles about Ilhan Omar in the past 4 days
1) 02.11.2019 Ilhan Omar tweets that U.S. politicians’ support for Israel is ‘all about the Benjamins’ [rap song about $100 bills].
2) 02.11.2019 Ilhan Omar criticized by fellow democratic law members: ‘No place for anti-Semitism.’
3) 02.11.2019 Thanks to Ilhan Omar, U.S. Jews just got their Jeremy Corbyn moment.
4) 02.11.2019 Ilhan Omar apologizes for ‘anti-Semitic tweet following backlash.
5) 02.12.2019 Jewish democrat who criticized Ilhan Omar says Republicans are hypocrites on anti-Semitism.
6) 02.12.2019 Trump says Ilhan Omar’s apologies for tweet on AIPAC not adequate.
7) 02.13.2019 Omar rips into Trump after call to resign: ‘You have trafficked in hate your whole life.’
8) 02.13.2019 AIPAC uses political storm over Ilhan Omar tweets to raise donations. Haaretz by Amir Tibon.
9) 02.13.2019 Ilhan Omar just doesn’t get why Americans support Israel Haaretz by Evan Gottsman. [many millions of Americans don’t support Israel, clearly Evan doesn’t get why.]
10) 02.13.2019 Ilhan Omar said AIPAC pays lawmakers to be pro-Israel. Here’s how the lobbying group really operates.
11) 02.14.2019 Leading republican who denounced Omar refuses to apologize for ‘anti- Semitic tweet.
12) 02.14.2019 Ilhan Omar has sparked panic in AIPAC Haaretz by David Rothkopf.
13) 02.14.2019 Ilhan Omar grills Elliott Abrams in heated exchange over U.S. involvement in Venezuela. [Grilled is the word. Some inflection in the article that Abram’s being Jewish was a factor, rather than his being a convicted war criminal.]
14) 02.14.2019 Despite apology for AIPAC tweet, Ilhan Omar uses controversy for fundraising. [Everyone is laughing at AIPAC over yesterday’s Haaretz headline that AIPAC is trying to make money off Omar’s tweet, ‘It’s all about the Benjamins” so today Haaretz accused Omar of doing what AIPAC is doing.