February 2019, Week 3

February 2019, Week 3

02.15.2019 After Polish comment, Polish president suggests Israel shouldn’t host European summit Haaretz by Noa Landau. Polish president was responding to comments Netanyahu made about Poland and Nazis yesterday. [actually, a better reason for Israel not hosting a European conference might be that Israel is in Asia not Europe. The Israelis maneuvered for more than a year to get the EU nationalist bloc countries of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic to hold their conference in Israel so the Israelis could use them to drive a wedge into the EU’s unanimous support of the Iran deal, and increasingly, support of Palestinians. Netanyahu undid that with a sentence.]

02.15.2019 Israeli forces raze Palestinian agricultural lands in Unif Maan News. Near Nablus in the Occupied West Bank occupation troopers flattened more Palestinian farmlands. As part of today’s work they also used heavy equipment to plow mounds of dirt into a road so the people can’t get to their lands.

02.15.2019 In video—2 Palestinians injured during clashes at Unif Maan News. In a related story, when occupation troopers attacked Palestinian lands and road at Unif clashes erupted with local farm families trying to stop them. Jewish troops shot one Palestinian in the back with live ammunition. Another Palestinian went to hospital with an injured leg. The locals were able to remove dirt barriers Israel pushed onto their road earlier in the day.

02.15.2019 New York Mayor condemns BDS, calls to stamp out anti-Semitism Haaretz by Danielle Ziri. Mayor Bill De Blasis becomes latest American politician to place Israel above the First Amendment of America’s Constitution.

02.16.2019 Minor among 20 injured during Gaza protests Maan News At the weekly border protests on Friday Jewish state snipers fired live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets, and tear gas grenades at Palestinians. Among the wounded is a 16-year-old boy shot in the chest with live ammunition. He’s in critical condition.

02.16.2019 Israeli forces detain 4 Palestinians during West Bank raids Maan News Nacht un nebel raids across West Bank again last night.

02.16.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian farmers, fishermen in Gaza Maan News. On Saturday Jewish state snipers once again fired on unarmed Palestinian farmers working their fields forcing the farmers to flee. Meanwhile, on the northwest coast siege troops opened fire on Gaza fishing boats.

02.16.2019 Dozens suffer tear-gas suffocation in Bilin Maan News. Occupation troops gassed the Palestinians again at Bilin’s weekly protest against the occupation near Ramallah.

02.16.2019 UN warns of ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza Maan News. Again.

02.16.2019 3 Questions about the notion of an ‘Arab NATO’ Defense News by Aaron Metha. Defense News asked Emile Hokayem, a senior fellow for Middle East Security at International Institute for Strategic Studies three questions. I’ll paraphrase his answers:
1. Q: Is Arab NATO realistic? A: Small Gulf states don’t trust Saudi Arabia and don’t want the Saudis controlling the region. They’ll go along to please the U.S. but unenthusiastically.
2. Q: Is fear of Iran enough to bind these countries together? A: Ambiguous answer that I read to mean probably not. Because the U.S. tried an failed to formalize relationships through the Gulf Cooperation Council [Arab states, all monarchies, that cooperate sometimes: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE.]
3. Q: How does the Yemen situation impact a potential alliance? A: The Saudis, in demolishing Yemen [with U.S. weapons] have increased the prospect of a hard-core fundamentalist insurgency in nearby countries. None of those countries wants that.

02.17.2019 Angela Davis met with support, standing ovation at Boutwell Birmingham Times. Last month the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute reneged on giving Davis the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Prize after the Jewish community complained about the choice of Davis because she supports the BDS movement to boycott Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. Davis received massive national and international support, went to Birmingham anyway on the day she was to have gotten the award, held a public ‘Conversation with Angela Davis’ at the 6,000 seat Boutwell Auditorium. Lines were around the block. Auditorium sold-out. She got standing ovations at her opening and closing.

02.17.2019 The Law of Return is suicidal Haaretz by Roger Alpher. American Jews who think they’ll be welcomed to Israel if it goes bad for Jews in this country should read this article. Israel’s Law of Return is a ‘for Jews only’ law that lets any Jew in the world, including those who have never been there, to move to Israel and settle there. Alpher’s byline reads, “severe over crowding, coupled with a horrifically high birthrate, is already set to turn Israel into a living hell that will only get worse with an influx of Jewish immigrants.”

02.17.2019 Israeli navy opens heavy fire at Gazan fishermen Maan News Near Khan Younis on the coast, Siege troops in gunboats forced the fishermen to return to shore by firing machine guns multiple times at them.

02.17.2019 In photos: Israel evicts Palestinian family, hands home over to settlers Maan News Sad, sad pictures of Palestinian women crying after Jewish occupation troops roughed them up and threw them out in the streets of occupied East Jerusalem after Israeli courts gave their house to Jewish colonists. One picture shows a Jewish colonist smirking from a doorway. Another shows a different Jewish colonist gesturing from another doorway where the Abu Assab family had lived since 1952. Occupation troops beat up the Palestinian father and son and arrested them.

02.17.2019 Over $55 million to be invested into ‘settlement projects’ in Jerusalem’s Old City Maan News Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians being furthered by an entity calling itself ‘The Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.”

02.17.2019 Palestinian demolishes warehouse upon Israeli order Maan News Again, Palestinian didn’t have building permit that Israel issues to Jews but not Palestinians. This time in Northern Israel.

02.17.2019 OCHA: Israeli settler violence continues to rise in West Bank Maan News UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs bi-weekly report for first two weeks of February says attacks on Palestinians by Jewish colonists and occupation troops are up. Colonist violence for these two weeks include 425 trees, 14 vehicles, and one physical attack. Occupation troops for the same period destroyed 500 trees and 4 dunhams of cultivated lands.

02.17.2019 ‘Night Confusion’ unit commences protests across Gaza Maan News Palestinians are keeping occupiers on alert by burning tires, yelling slogans with loud speakers. Israeli snipers respond by shooting live ammunition and flares at the protesters.

02.17.2019 After Netanyahu holocaust row, Polish P.M. won’t attend summit in Israel Haaretz by Noa Landau. The Polish Prime Minister will not attend the Visegrad Summit being held in Israel because Bibi shot the summit in the foot this week by claiming—in Warsaw (!)—that Poles aided the Nazis against Jews, right before the summit was to start.

02.17.2019 We support you, Ilhan the heroine Haaretz by Odeh Bisharat. The brave young Congresswoman gets some love in Israeli media, though not from her own party, for her honesty and integrity.

02.17.2019 Israeli right up in arms over news anchor who said occupation turns soldiers into animals. Haaretz by Itay Stern. Channel 13 newswoman, Oshrat Kotler is getting heat for her comment that service in Israel’s occupation army turns soldiers into ‘human animals’. she was referring to 5 occupation troopers who were filmed savagely beating a Palestinian father and son with while the prisoners were handcuffed and blindfolded.

02.17.2019 Israeli elections and the big, fat Palestinian elephant in the room Haartez by Chemi Shallert. Israelis having trouble coping with how the occupation is going during the election run-up.

02.17.2019 Iran’s man grabs Munich spotlight Politico by David Herzenhorn. Amazing article describing how Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, “held the audience of power-brokers rapt for nearly 40 minutes, …It was a striking performance, conducted in fluent and colloquial English that quickly became the most talked about presentation at the annual Munich Security Conference—for its bluntness, its audacity, and its timeliness.”

[compare this with Haaretz headline]

02.17.2019 Iran’s Zarif warns: Great risk of war with Israel. Haaretz by Noa Landau. Grossly misleading headline and article. Not at all like David Herzenhorn’s Politico piece.

02.18.2019 Visegrad summit in Israel cancelled after Poland pulls out over Holocaust row Haaretz by Noa Landau. After about two years of trying to get Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia to come to Israel for a conference. [Where Israel wanted to get those states to go against the European Union’s support for Palestinians and the Iran Nuclear Deal, Netanyahu went to Warsaw the week before the summit and insulted Poland. Yesterday Netanyahu, who has been holding the Foreign Minister’s portfolio himself, appointed a fellow named Yisrael Katz as the interim Foreign Minister. Right out of the blocks, Katz goes on a news station with the line, “…every Pole suckled anti-Semitism with his mother’s milk.” So the Israelis didn’t just insult the Poles. They insulted their moms. Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki called the insults, “racist and unacceptable” saying, “this is not something that can be left without a response.” So the Poles are out.
Czech Republic’s Prime Minister, Andry Babis has announced, according to Czech news sources, that the Visegrad Summit, which was set to open on Tuesday, has been cancelled. [It’s worth noting that Poland has a larger area, population, and GDP than the other three countries combined. The comments are reminiscent of July, 2014 when Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor called Brazil, “…a diplomatic dwarf.” after Brazil recalled its ambassador from Israel over Israel’s massacre of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza during what Israel called, ‘Operation Protective Edge.’
[Also worth noting that many Israelis are commenting on how often Israel has vilified these countries with accusations of being anti-Semitic.]

02.18.2019 Israel demolishes 8 Palestinian-owned structures in Jordan Valley Maan News. In Tubas today: Israel destroyed homes, health care facility, and a large animal barn. They also destroyed water tanks.

02.18.2019 Israeli forces shoot, injure 19 Palestinian protesters in Gaza Maan News. Jewish siege troops fired live ammunition and field artillery at protesters. One of the injured is in critical condition.

02.18.2019 Israeli forces detain 8 Palestinians across West Bank Maan News. Night and Fog raids again last night.

02.18.2019 Israel seals off Al-Aqua gate, Palestinians call for protests Maan News. part of ongoing efforts by the Jewish state to take over the mosque.

02.18.2019 Israeli bulldozers raze Palestinian lands in Qaliqiliya Maan News. Hundreds of dunhams of Palestinian agricultural lands smashed. [a dunham is about a quarter of an acre.]

02.18.2019 Private Mossad for hire The New Yorker by Adam Entous and Ronan Farrow. In the print magazine as, Deception, Inc. Long, finely written article about Israeli operatives, former agents of Israeli spy agency Mossad and Israeli military intelligence, working in democratic countries to undermine democracy for money and the State of Israel. Article focuses on Tel Aviv company Psy-Group, which was disbanded after the FBI began investigating it as part of the Muller investigation on foreign meddling in the U.S. election. Groups like Psy-Group act covertly in the U.S. funded by wealthy Jewish Americans and organizations. In addition to going after pro-Palestinian activists, they will also target pretty much anyone you want if you’ve got the money. Their tactics include: fake websites, fake social media pages, fake email addresses, fake companies, fake think tanks, avatars who hire legitimate companies so their names will lend legitimacy to the Israeli fake ones, and con-people who pretend to want to help activists in order to infiltrate groups.
Article exposes smear tactics used against an older woman running for a seat on a local hospital board. Her goal was to unseat a board member who was key to keeping a wealthy doctor running the hospital. While she was holding a taco sale to raise money, the doctor flew to Tel Aviv to hire Psy-Group.
Authors weave her saga of being targeted in with other spy operations against groups like BDS, including a campaign funded by Jewish Americans who wanted to remain anonymous, against BDS, called “Project Butterfly.”
American intelligence agencies say Israel spies on Americans. Israel claims it doesn’t but admits that claim does not include Israel companies like Psy-Group and Black Cube. Black Cube, you will recall, is the Israeli spy company Harvey Weinstein hired to gather dirt on, and smear, women who accused him of sexual assault. Article says convicted Iran-Contra criminal, and now America’s diplomat to regime change in Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, was a board member of Psy-Group.

02.19.2019 Israeli forces injure protesters during Gaza naval protest Maan News. Siege troops shot and injured at least 3 Palestinians with live ammunition just off Gaza’s north coast. Other protesters were gassed.

02.19.2019 Palestinian family left homeless after demolition at Tubas Maan News. Jewish troops surrounded the tent where a Palestinian family lived. Threw out the people then demolished the tent and their possessions.

02.19.2019 Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen off Gaza’s coast Maan News Near Raffah Jewish siege troops fired heavily at the Palestinian fishing fleet forcing them to return to shore.

02.19.2019 Sick Palestinian teen kept in detention because Israeli official failed to write report Haaretz by Amira Haas. 16-year-old Palestinian in Israeli prison over a month accused of throwing rock at car, has fainting spells from low blood pressure and he has low white blood cell count. Because of his illness, an occupation judge ordered a detention review by January 28. A military government social worker responsible for the report refused, saying she didn’t have time and could do it by the end of February.

02.19.2019 Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinian women from al-Aqsa Maan News Jewish occupation troops arrested the 3 women. No reason given.

02.19.2019 Israel confiscates 4,000-square meters of tiles in Nablus Maan News (with pictures) Jewish occupation troops stole over 43,000 square feet of tiles belonging to a Palestinian. Occupiers loaded the tiles, that are worth about $28.000, on trucks and hauled them to the illegal Jewish colony of Eit El in the Central occupied West Bank, and gave them to colonists.

02.19.2019 EU slams Israel’s decision to deduct from PA tax revenues Maan News. European Union once again states its disgust at Israel for the Jewish state not honoring its signed agreements with the Palestinians. The Israelis are trying to break Palestinian resistance to occupation by withholding $138 million they owe the Palestinians. [Back in the 1990’s the Palestinians signed a 5-year-temorary deal with Israel. Part of that was that Israel would collect taxes on goods entering and leaving the occupied territories, then turn the money over the Palestinian Authority. More than 20 years later, Israel is still there and it’s using the tax money as economic blackmail.

02.19.2019 Israel re-opens Beit El checkpoint after 2-month closure. Maan News. Jewish occupation troops closed the entrance to the city as collective punishment last December after a Palestinian killed 2 occupation troopers.

02.19.2019 The Kahanists and the homophobes: The two parties no one wants but Netanyahu needs Haaretz by Allison Kaplan Sommer. Netanyahu needs 6 to 8 seats to win Israeli’s April 09. election. He has gone after the Otzman Party, that has a platform including: outright annexation of the entire West Bank, cancellation of the Oslo Accords, Israeli sovereignty over Al-Aqsa Mosque (which Israelis call Temple Mount), deportation of Arab population and a Jewish majority and loyal civilian population. The other party is the racist, homophobic Jewish Home Party.

02.19.2019 I thought Bibi was amoral. He’s not. He’s evil. Thanks to him, Kahane lives. Haaretz by Bradley Burston. Bradley says Netanyahu shouldn’t be compared to U.S. President Trump because Netanyahu isn’t merely an ignorant nut-job. [I’m paraphrasing], Netanyahu is a cold, calculating evil who “has repeatedly and unprecedentedly, divulged state secrets, in the process goading and humiliating Israel’s primary enemies. “He’s obsessed with Iran, placed Israel’s military personnel at risk, and walked the course of escalation which could lead to the outbreak of war.”
Article accuses Netanyahu of supporting white nationalists, homophobes, and ultra-right anti-Semites on three continents.
Kahane, was Jewish terrorism advocating crack-pot. As a member of the Israeli Knesset he introduced bills to revoke citizenship of all non-Jews, remove all non-Jews from Jerusalem, ‘eventual imposition of slavery, prohibiting contact-including sex-between Jews and Arabs, segregated beaches, forced dissolution of all intermarriages, prohibiting non-Jews from Jewish neighborhoods. The Otzima Party, which Netanyahu is courting in this election, embraces the Kahane ethos. Otzima has joined with the racist and anti-gay Jewish Home Party with a slogan published in Sheldon Adelson’s pro-Netanyahu newspaper “Our lives depend on it.”

02.19.2019 Hurricanes to slam Mediterranean as global warming ramps up Haaretz by Ruth Schuster. Mighty storms coming.

02.19.2019 Kiev mall features large swastika on staircase Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

02.19.2019 Why Netflix needs to remake ‘Holocaust’ Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

02.20.2019 Israeli forces detain 40 Palestinians across West Bank Maan News. Including 22 at Al Aqsa Mosque.

02.20.2019 In video-Israeli forces assault Palestinian worshipers at Al-Aqsa Maan News. Heavily armed Jewish occupation troops surround the mosque and rough up unarmed worshipers again.

02.20.2019 Israel holds mother of al-Barghouti brothers in solitary confinement Maan News The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) says the old woman is in a single cell with nothing but a bed. She’s not allowed outside and she’s been in the same clothes she was arrested in on February 05, 2019.

02.20.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian fishermen Maan News. Jewish naval siege troops fired machine guns at Gaza fishermen off Gaza City and, at the same time, off northern Gaza.

02.20.2019 Incendiary balloon sparks fire in forest near Gaza Maan News First such fire in 3 months was small and quickly extinguished.

02.20.2019 France threatens to boycott Eurovision over Israeli TV series depicting ISIS attack Haaretz. [Two background things for this article to make sense:
1) Israel is mostly run by ethnic European Jews who are always trying to integrate Israel into Europe even though Israel is in Asia. A few years ago, they got Israel into the popular Eurovision Song Contest. Israel won the 2018 contest, (under what some analysts considered shady circumstances since the contestant didn’t do so well with judging but won with a surge of online votes). Anyway, a contest rule is that the winning entrant’s country gets to host the contest the following year. Israel immediately announced the 2019 contest would be in Jerusalem. Europeans didn’t want it there because Israel is clearing the Arabs out of East Jerusalem. At first Israel’s culture minister said Israel shouldn’t host the contest if it wasn’t in Jerusalem. Three days later Israel backed down. The contest in Tel Aviv this May.
2) The other background thing is that Israel has a prickly relationship with France over the Jewish state’s mistreatment of Palestinians.]
So! Having set the stage: The singer representing France this year is a popular Muslim entertainer who is gay. Now Israel has announced that during Eurovision week it will air a television miniseries in which Israel is hosting Eurovision, and ISIS recruits one of the contestants to make a dramatic terrorist attack on stage. The terrorist contestant in the series is the French entrant. Not only is he French, he’s a GAY MUSLIM. Israeli Broadcasting Company claims that is just a coincidence. Article says France is not happy and may boycott Eurovision.

02.20.2019 Top posts for merging with Kahanists: Netanyahu, far-right party reach deal Haaretz by Chaim Levinson. Israelis freaking out at Netanyahu trying to win the election by bringing what commenters are calling Israel’s KKK, into the political limelight.

02.20.2019 Injuries, detentions reported as Israeli settlers raid Joseph’s Tomb Maan News. Hundreds of Jewish colonists, supported by occupation troops, raided Joseph’s Tomb again last night. One Palestinian shot with rubber coated steel bullet taken to hospital. Occupiers also tear gassed the locals.

02.20.2019 Corbyn’s Labour will never stop gaslighting Jews Haaretz by Alona Ferber. More accusations against the English Labour party by pro-Israel writers.

02.20.2019 Joan Ryan, MP who fabricated anti-Semitism quits Labour Electronic Intifada by Asa Winstanley. Ryan became famous in 2016 for fabricating an anti-Semitism claim against a sweet, old-lady member of the British Labour Party, Jean Fitzpatrick. Ryan was caught in the act by activists who were filming the explosive expose’ on Israeli meddling in the undercover documentary, ‘The Lobby.

02.21.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian school in Urif Maan News. About 50 Jewish colonists from the illegal settlement of Yitzhar once again attacked the Urif high school by throwing rocks at it, nearby houses smashing windows, and the local mosque. Local witnesses say occupation troops fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets at the kids as they evacuated the building.

02.21.2019 30 Palestinian students suffocate by Israeli teargas in Hebron Maan News. Jewish occupation troops and colonists attacked Hebron Elementary School again. Gassed the kids. One taken to hospital.

02.21.2019 Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian youths in Gaza Maan News Jewish siege troops fired ‘heavily’ at two youths on a motor cycle near Raffah. Israeli spokesman said the youngsters launched toy incendiary balloons at the Jewish state. No injuries reported.

02.21.2019 Israeli war planes fire missiles over central Gaza Maan News. Jewish state siege pilots fired missiles at a group of youths near al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza. Israel claims it was shooting at Hamas toy-fire balloon launchers.

02.21.2019 Israeli settlers repeatedly beat Palestinian shepherds in Hebron Maan News Supported by occupation troops, Jewish colonists beat up unarmed farmers tending sheep again.

02.21.2019 Israeli forces confiscate road roller, excavator in Yatta Maan News Occupation troops steal road maintenance heavy equipment again.

02.21.2019 Israeli forces deliver stop construction notice in Hebron Maan News. Again.

02.21.2019 Netanyahu now endorses Jewish fascism Haaretz by Etan Nechin. Another article about Israeli’s anxiety that Netanyahu is driving the country to Fascism to get himself re-elected.

02.21.2019 How Karl Lagerfeld cleansed Chanel of it anti-Semitic, Nazi past Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

02.21.2019 Facebook gives nod to secret pro-Israel campaign Electronic Intifada by Ali Abunimah. EI continues to build the case that Facebook allows secretive pro-Israel entities like The Israel Project (TIP) to put out pro-Israel propaganda through third party pages while disguising the source. At the same time Facebook admits censoring or deleting accounts at the direction of the U.S. and Israel.

02.21.2019 Unthinkable//U.S. Jewish leaders slam Netanyahu for promoting Kahanists. Haaretz by Amir Tibon.

02.21.2019 Palestinians perform prayers at sealed al-Aqsa gate Maan News. Jewish occupation troops sealed the ‘Gate of Mercy’ to worshippers, so the worshippers held their prayers at the gate entrance under the guns of the occupiers.