July 2019, Week 1

July 2019, Week 1

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. Life in occupied Palestine
Southeast: fireworks at midnight of July 3rd (show has to start late because it’s light all the time this close to summer solstice), 4th of July barbecues, town parade in Juneau, then everyone goes over to Douglas to watch the same parade.
Occupied Palestine: Taking advantage of Americans being distracted by 4th of July, Jewish snipers and occupation troops, firing from the safety of military embankments and vehicles, injured 95 Palestinians along the Gaza border, including 33 children, four women. Israel also bombed Syria again and had the US ambassador symbolically destroy a wall underneath a Palestinian neighborhood in Jerusalem.

07.01.2019 Bang! Bang! Friedman’s Silwan hammer came down—on US credibility and Israeli’s sanity Haaretz by Chemi Shalev. Another Haaretz piece on yesterday’s Friedman/Greenblatt fiasco in tunnels under East Jerusalem.
Title of this piece is a take-off of the old Beatle’s jaunty comedy song about a serial killer who hit people with a silver hammer. The chorus went, “Bang Bang Maxwell’s silver hammer came down on her head. Bang Bang Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure that she was dead.” From the article, “Words do not suffice for the bizarre spectacle that unfolded on Sunday in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. The ludicrousness of U.S. Ambassador David Friedman and “peace envoy” Jason Greenblatt’s participation of the so called “Pilgrim’s Road” underneath Silwan showed that reality trumps even the most fevered imaginations…The willingness of Friedman and Greenblatt to stamp a Presidential seal of approval…gives further indications of the immense influence if not direct control exerted by the messianic right, both Christian and Jewish, on Trump’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…Friedman and Greenblatt…damaged their own country’s reputation first and foremost.”

07.01.2019 The Israel Lobby Projects CEO is leaving amid advocacy group’s fund raising difficulties JTA by Rod Kameas. The Israel Project (TIP) was started in 2000 to produce pro-Israel propaganda to counter images of Israeli brutality during the Second Intifada. TIP’s current CEO Josh Block (who was outed in a censored documentary-The Lobby-USA—for working in America to smear college students and other activists, see July 03,2019 Electronic Intifada article by Asa Winstanley ).
This article says Block was making just under $440,000/year as TIP’s contributions dropped by almost half between 2015-2016. Under Block, TIP “helped lead state level lobbying for laws that target the boycott Israel movement.”

07.01.2019 The US duty free empire that funds Israeli settlements Haaretz by Uri Blau. The Falic family owns ‘Duty Free Americas’ shops. The family has donated millions to Jewish colonies in the occupied territories.

07.02.2019 US warned Israel over deals with China, top Pentagon official tells Haaretz. in Haaretz. by Amos Harel. The U.S. has given Israel America’s cutting edge electronic technologies, now Israel is welcoming the Chinese to run its major harbor and in other areas.

07.02.2019 Alleged Israeli strikes in Syria hit advanced Iranian weapons headed for Hezbollah Haaretz by Amos Harel. Israel bombed Syria again last night. Another blatant act of war. [Israel bombed Syria over two hundred times in two years claiming they were attacking Iranian targets. Iran is helping Syria fight ISIS and Al Qada. It’s well documented by the UN and even Israeli media, that Israel is helping terrorists in Syria who are attacking the Syrian government. Usually the Jewish state will neither confirm nor deny attacking other countries but claims that they are “defending themselves” by bombing Syria because the weapons could be used against Israel. What would happen if Syria began bombing the hundreds of weapons depots America has staged all over Israel?]

07.02.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 15 Palestinians in Jerusalem IMEMC. More people black-bagged in al-Isawiya.

07.02.2019 Israel to release corpse of slain teen who was killed in April IMEMC. Four months ago Jewish occupation troops shot a 16-year-old Palestinian kid. They’ve been holding his body ever since so the family can’t bury him according to custom.

07.02.2019 Exclusive: officials substantiate child sex abuse allegations at prominent DC synagogue’s preschool CNN by Daniel Burke. Using the Freedom of Information Act CNN documents that the Washington DC Superintendent of Education sent a cease-and-desist letter to Washington Hebrew Congregation after DC’s Child and Family Services Agency found that multiple children had been sexually abused by a pedophile working at the pre-school.Last April families of eight children filed a lawsuit against the synagogue for ignoring warnings about an “alleged maltreater” [pedophile] teacher, Jordan Silverman, for over two years. The families seek damages and an apology from the Hebrew Congregation which, according to a parent of one of the little victims, says continues to deny the abuse and refuses to apologize for it. [update: see story from 10.21.2019 re: graffiti on this synagogue back door.]

07.03.2019 Head of Israel Lobby group exposed by undercover film resigns Electronic Intifada by Asa Winstanley. As noted earlier this week Josh Block resigned from TIP. It’s possible that the reason is that TIP donors no longer trust him after he was outed for attacking Americans who boycott Israel. [Many American Jews who donate to such groups as TIP don’t want their names or businesses associated with the groups.]

07.04.2019 Iran fury as Royal Marines seize tanker suspected of carrying oil to Syria The Guardian by Dan Sabbagh. In a shocking act of international piracy (on the Fourth of July when Americans were eating hotdogs, drinking beer, and watching parades and fireworks) 30 British Royal marines “intercepted” the Grace 1, an Iranian oil tanker carrying 2.1 million barrels

07.04.2019 Settlers Storm Al Aqsa with Minister of Agriculture Uri ‘rainman’ Ariel (the Israeli government official who asked everyone to come to the Western Wall to pray for rain last year) is once again stoking trouble by guiding Jewish colonists into the mosque compound under protection of Jewish occupation troops.

07.04.2019 Palestine cup delayed after Gaza teams denied permit into West Bank Claiming ‘security reasons’ Israel denied 31 of 35 permits for soccer players slated to be at the tournament.

07.04.2019 11 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike against administrative detention, call for solidarity and action. More prisoners go on hunger strike to protest being held indefinitely with no charges or trail.

07.04.2019 Ashkelon detainees transferred to other jails. Jewish state prisons continue mass putative measures trying to break down prisoner morale.

07.04.2019 Senior Israeli rabbi says whirlwind of politics is “not for women” Haaretz. by Yotam Berger. Fanatic Zionist rabbi Schlomo Aviner back in the news. He’s the rabbi who said a few months ago that the fire at Notre Dame cathedral was God’s punishment for Frenchmen burning Jewish texts in 1242.

07.05.2019 Burying the Nakba: How Israel systematically hides evidence of 1948 expulsion of Arabs Haaretz by Hagar Shezaf. For decades an Israeli Defense Ministry unit called ‘Malmab’, has been quietly, efficiently scouring archives for historic documents and removing the ones revealing war crimes, mass executions, rapes—including young girls, poisoned wells, looting, destroying livestock, demolitions of homes, buildings and entire villages. Yehiel Horev, Malmab director for two decades until 2007, defends covering up Jewish atrocities in 1948 “because uncovering them could generate unrest among the country’s Arab population.” Horev admits that a primary objective of hiding the documents is to undermine the credibility of researchers studying the refugee problem. One document written by an officer puts blame for Arabs fleeing solidly on Israelis attacking Arabs, even an orphanage. The military and ruthless gangs collaborated in an organized ethnic cleansing campaign.
Among crimes outlined in the article: Bedouins of the Mohila area asked a Jewsish official to break bread with them. He declined. A few days later the Israeli Army shot hundreds of the Bedouin’s camels and threw hand grenades into their sheep flocks. They killed a Bedouin who protested. The other Bedouin fled.
One censored document is a general’s order for his troops to stop rape and looting. One soldier reported that “a young girl of about 16 approached us. She had a necklace of brass snakes. We tore the necklace and each of us took a bead for a souvenir.”
In another document a former soldier describes how Jewish terrorists entered the sleeping little Palestinian village of Sasa, planted explosives on all twenty houses, and blew up the families inside.
Malmab is so adept at shoving documents down the memory hole that Historian Benny Morris found a footnote to a sealed document that he himself had published 15 years earlier.
*Article notes that the IDF controls the largest archive in Israel and 99 percent of it is ‘hermetically sealed’ so, it’s unavailable.

07.05.2019 Guards commander says Iran should seize UK oil tanker if Iranian vessel not released MEMO. After the UK seized an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar yesterday the Iranians let it be known they’re not going to take it lying down.

07.05.2019 Israeli soldiers injure four Palestinians in Kufur Qaddum IMEMC. Israel blockaded the town’s main road 16 years ago for the convenience of Jewish colonists squatting nearby. Every Friday for the past eight years the villagers have marched in protest of the closure. Jewish occupation troops put down the marches by firing gas bombs and shooting people with rubber coated steel bullets.

07.05.2019 Army abducts five in Jenin IMEMC. In the small Jenin area town of Burqin Jewish occupation troops ransacked homes, gassed the people, fired concussion grenades, abducted people to interrogation rooms in military prisons.

07.05.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a mother to pressure her child to turn himself in IMEMC. Silwanic reports that the Israeli military kidnapped a mother, took her to prison, and has told the family they won’t let her go until her son, Mahmoud, turns himself in for interrogation. The Israelis also abducted three young men, interrogated them for several hours, then let them go.

07.06.2019 95 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces in Gaza. As thousands of unarmed civilians at the Segregation Fence Jewish snipers and occupation troops, firing from the safety of military embankments and vehicles, injured 95 of them including 33 children, four women (one of whom was a medic) and a journalist. Article notes attacking civilians is illegal under the Geneva Convention, and Article 11 of UN Resolution 194 says Gazans have the right to return to the lands they were forced off in 1948.

07.06.2019 Army injures several Palestinians in Nilin Unarmed villager’s weekly protest against Annexation Wall attacked by Jewish occupation troops again. The Israeli gassed the villagers and fired concussion grenades at them.

07.06.2019 Israeli colonists assault a Palestinian child in Hebron 10-year-old boy was carrying items from his father’s pottery shop to the family home when Jewish colonists beat him up and broke the pottery. Jewish occupation troops looked on and did not help the boy.

07.06.2019 Israel’s election campaign calls for expulsion of Palestinians Zionism on the march again as Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party campaigns on plans to get Palestinians out of Israel.

07.06.2019 Jordanian delegation leaves OSCE Conference because of Israel Remember when Netanyahu boasted about how good Israel’s relationships were with other countries in the region? A the annual Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) being held in Luxembourg, the Jordanian council was dismayed that they’d been seated at a table with Israel. When the organizers wouldn’t reseat them, the Jordanians, who are furious at Israeli transgressions at Al-Aqsa and other mosques, departed rather than sit with, “The Zionist entity that has usurped our holy places.”

07.06.2019 Settlers paint racist graffiti in Tel Aviv Anti Palestinian colonists spray painted Star of David and other racist graffiti on an Arab dorm.

07.06.2019 Global BDS week of action against HP HP sells Israel the servers and computing technology running the occupation and colonization of Palestine. Over 30 American churches that have divested, as well as the Dublin City Council, Trade Unions, around Europe and the UK, etc.

07.07.2019 Jewish protesters disrupt Christians United for Israel The Jewish News of Northern California. by Max Cherney. The Jewish group, ‘If not now’ lets a Stockton, California church that hosted a CUFI rally know that CUFI’s Zionist agenda doesn’t speak for all Jews.

07.07.2019 Netanyahu trades barbs with Barak over Epstein sex trafficking scandal Haaretz by Allison Kaplan Sommer. Wealthy, ardent Zionist, trafficker in young girls Jeffery Epstein has been arrested again for trafficking dozens of underage girls. [Represented by ardent Zionist Alan Dershowitz the last time he was arrested, Epstein was given a slap on the wrist for what would have been a life in prison sentence for most people. In return for registering as a sex offender the creep was given 13 months in his own wing of a country club prison in Florida, where he had his own security detail and was allowed to ‘go to work’ for 16 hours a day.] Epstein is good friends with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak who is running against Netanyahu in the next election. Netanyahu and his son put up tweets and twits linking Barak to Epstein. Barak had a pretty good comeback: “It’s painful to find out hat people in my acquaintance are involved in criminal activity. First Netanyahu, now Epstein. I hope that in both cases the truth will ultimately emerge.”

07.07.2019 Bahrain was a workshop of betrayal. By D. Amira Abo el-Fetouh. Compact, powerful writing that excoriates Arab Quislings who just sold out the Palestinians for cash. el-Fetouh writes, “They sat as obedient slaves, listening as their master, Kushner, gave them a lecture.” She outlines the Trump/Kushner/Zionist strategy of cutting off UNRWA funding as a preliminary to squeeze Palestinians until they’re forced to give up their right of return to homes their grandparents were driven out of by Israel.

07.07.2019 Photo essay: Settler tour exemplifies the difficult reality of occupation in Old City Hebron Every Saturday Jewish occupation troops with machine guns and body armor walk Jewish colonists through Hebron’s Old City’s busiest Arab market place. Occupation troops model intimidation tactics for the Jewish kids and their parents. With snipers on roof tops they show how to scowl at Arabs, point guns at them, check their ID cards, and try to look tough in uniforms that look like they came from Wal-Mart. The occupiers recite a narrative that the place always belonged to the Jews. It’s all there in the photos.

07.07.2019 Update: three hunger strikers moved to solitary confinement Men behind the wire are hunger striking to protest being imprisoned indefinitely with no charges or trial. Israel has moved them to solitary confinement trying to break them down.

07.07.2019 Israeli soldiers bulldoze Palestinian lands to pave segregated colonist road Jewish occupation troops smash more Palestinian farmland in Northern West Bank Plains. This time for a ‘Jews only’ road.

07.07.2019 Soldiers abduct a father and son allegedly for ramming soldiers with car. The father and son ran into a late-night Israeli road block. Israel is calling it a deliberate attack. Palestinians are calling it an accident. Two of the occupiers have moderate injuries. Three had slight injuries. Details unfolding. Apparently the son in the car ran off fearing the Israelis would murder him [as they did on March 04 of this year when three young Palestinians ran into a road block the Israelis had set up on a blind corner, in the middle of a rainy night. Five minutes after that crash, the Israelis executed the two injured Palestinians in the front seat. The one in back was spared because he was unconscious and the Israelis didn’t see him.

07.07.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists puncture tires, write racist graffiti near Nablus. Spray painted Star of David and other racist graffiti on a kindergarten, a school, homes and cars. Plus the punctured tires.

07.07.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian near Jenin Military road block stops man returning to his village. Occupation troops take him away.

07.07.2019 Soldiers abduct the brother of a slain young man in Ialandia. Three months ago, on April, 02, occupation troops shot Mohammad Ali Aduay ten times during a Zionist terror raid on Qalandia refugee camp. They dragged his body into a military jeep and kept Palestinian paramedics away until he bled to death. Today, the Israelis black bagged Mohammad’s brother and father.