July 2019, Week 2

July 2019, Week 2

07.08.2019 Adalah: Israeli students required to pass test promoting racist ideology IMEMC. Adalah, a legal center NGO for Palestinian minority rights in Israel, is speaking out against a mandatory test generated by the Israeli Education Ministry that has multiple choice questions like: How do Palestinian organizations use digital social networks? Correct answer—Encouraging violence. Another gem: What are origins of modern anti-Semitism? answer—Muslim organizations and BDS campaigns. Israeli students have to pass the test before they can travel overseas with their school class. A school in Nazareth cancelled a trip to Sweden rather than force the kids to take the racist test.

07.09.2019 What really happened in Israel’s botched commando op in Gaza Haaretz by Amos Harel. “Smug, greedy, well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal their sins”  as George Carlin said, “Israeli murderers are called COMMANDOS! Arab commandos are called terrorists.” Here’s a real live example where Haaretz acts as government toolbox by lionizing Israeli terrorists who shot up a densely crowded Gaza neighborhood and killed multiple innocent people last winter. On November 11, 2018 a contingent of Israeli special operatives, including women, all dressed as Palestinians, drove into Khan Younis, Gaza, in a civilian car and a van. According to Israel, they were there to plant listening devices on Hamas. Local residents found the Israelis suspicious and called security people who began to question them. If they were captured it would be a public relations nightmare for Israel.
The Israelis tried to play it off. Failed. Their fake documents didn’t fool anyone. Increasingly nervous, without warning, one of the terrorists in the van suddenly began firing wildly into people at close range. He killed three Palestinians and, in his panic, he also killed his own Lt. Colonel. The other terrorists also began shooting and killed several more people.
As had been pre-arranged if the terrorists were discovered, the Israeli air force began bombing the neighborhood as a distraction. A helicopter airlifted the Israeli squad after they blew up their vehicles.
In military terminology, this operation was “a total clusterfuck” in a civilian neighborhood. Yet the article tries to make it out to be a heroic mission and extraction from enemy territory.

07.09.2019 Intermarriage among diaspora Jews is ‘Like a second holocaust,’ Israel’s education minister says Haaretz by Shira Khadari-Ovadia. Israel’s new Minister of Education, Rafi Peretz, is a breath of fresh air in that he says what he really thinks of American Jews (and probably Gentiles) in public. Assimilation, meaning when a Jew marries a non-Jew, isn’t legal in Israel. A Jew and non-Jew who want to marry have to leave the country. Says Peretz, “assimilation is like a second holocaust.” Peretz is a member of the Union of Right Wing Parties.

07.09.2019 89-year-old woman succumbs to injury from Palestinian shell two months ago IMEMC An elderly Israeli woman, Rifqa Jamil, was running to a bomb shelter during retaliatory shelling by Hamas fighters. She fell and hurt her back. Her condition deteriorated over the past two months. The poor old woman died on Sunday.

07.09.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot and injure Palestinian at checkpoint near Jenin IMEMC. Jewish occupation troops shot a man in his 50’s claiming he threw a flaming object at them. Many Palestinian witnesses. No one collaborated the Israeli excuse.

07.09.2019 The Israeli start-up that sees a big future in little drips Haaretz by Ora Coren. Yet another “Israeli technology will feed the world” article that doesn’t mention that Israel imports most of its food because it can’t feed itself.

07.10.2019 Israel evicts Palestinian family from East Jerusalem home, handing it to settlers Haaretz Nir Hasson. Another Silwan family, the Kiehson-Siyams, is losing their home to Israel’s court system that systematically evicts Arabs. According to Israeli NGO Peace Now! a colonial NGO called Elad, “rich in resources and assets uses the best layers to file lengthy, exhaustive lawsuits against hard-up Palestinian families, families who have to spend a lot of money to try to protect their home, and who must pay lawyers and experts for expensive legal proceedings, at the end of which they are also required to pay court costs. The custodian of Absentee property is helping the settlers take control of the homes.”

07.10.2019 16 Palestinian children killed in first term of 2019. Jewish snipers killed 16 Gaza children, injured 1,233 children, abducted 17 children in the first half of this year.

07.10.2019 Settlers torch hundreds of olive trees in the West Bank. [This one even made the Israeli media]. Jewish colonists from the illegal colony of Yitzhar set fire to olive groves in the Palestinian village of Burin (south of Nablus). The occupation army protecting to colonists, stopped village fire trucks from getting to the scene to put out fires. So, more trees burned.

07.10.2019 Female Palestinian prisoner declares hunger strike in protest of her administrative detention. The Jewish state has imprisoned 24-year-old student, Frida Mohammad Daamas for the past 14 months with no charges and no trial. She has joined male Palestinian prisoners being held indefinitely, in a hunger strike.

07.10.2019 Al Mezan: Israel bans fishing in 85% of Gaza’s allocated zone. The Jewish state squeezed the accordion on Gaza’s fishing fleet again today. Article notes that, practically speaking, Gaza fishermen are being excluded at gunpoint from 85 percent of the meager fishing grounds Israel agreed to let them fish under the Oslo Accords back in 1993.

07.10.2019 237 homes to be demolished in Jerusalem. Occupation troops are measuring homes in Arab neighborhood for demolition. The Israelis have told the people to demolish their own homes by July 18, (eight days from now) of Israelis will demolish them and fine the people and charge them demolition costs (which are whatever Israel says they are.)

07.10.2019 BDS @ 14: Hope in the face of Israeli apartheid. 14th anniversary of the birth of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement. It was inspired by the successful world boycott of South African apartheid. Article lists a few of the hundreds of churches, trade unions, universities, businesses, etc that have joined BDS.

07.10.2019 “He was living in peace, like Dr. Mengle in Paraguay” Manhattan remembers Jeffrey Epstein, the monster hiding in plain sight.” Vanity Fair by Joe Pompeo. Long. Good reading about Zionist, pedophile, rich guy, Jeffery Epstein. [It’s interesting because of all the rich and powerful people Epstein flew to his various mansions on a jet called, ‘The Lolita Express.’ We’re hearing a lot about Epstein’s associates like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew. We’re not hearing so much about prominent Zionists including former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and Epstein’s attorney, and long-time Israel defender, Alan Dershowitz, who got Epstein off with a slap on the wrist in 2008.]
Article centers on 2009 when columnist George Rush sent Epstein publicist a list of questions he wanted to ask Epstein. That came about after Epstein called Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman (a former business partner of Epstein’s) and offered to do an exclusive interview, then when he got on the phone with Rush, Epstein said he could only speak off the record. The 22-minute phone interview was, according to Rush, “almost useless” conversation, in which Epstein “showed little remorse and no pity” for his young victims. Instead, Epstein was “mostly concerned with keeping Ghislaine Maxwell his alleged hench-woman, out of the story.”
A lawyer for Epstein’s accuser tried to make Rush turn over the recording of the conversation because it might have incriminating evidence. The accuser settled b3efroe the conversation became public. Rush still has the recording.
Former Vanity Fair writer Vicky Ward did a 2003 profile on Epstein. VF Editor in Chief at the time, Graydon Carter “scrubbed on-the-record allegations from three of Epstein’s accusers after Epstein visited Carter prior to Ward’s piece being published.
Turns out Epstein was part of an investment group with Mort Zuckerman, Nelson Peltz, Harvey Weinstein, and Danny Deutsch. (Zuckerman was identified by Mearsheimer and Walt as a member of the Israel Lobby media wing. In 2008 he went to Israel with GW Bush for Israel’s 60th anniversary.)

07.11.2019 Israel’s education minister just said most American Jews are dead to him Haaretz by Ashnel Pfeffer. The article examines what Israeli education minister Rafi Peretz meant when he said North American Jews assimilation (eg. marrying non-Jews, which is not allowed in Israel) is a second Holocaust. It means, according to Pfeffer, that American Jews are spiritually dead to Israel’s Education Minister. Pfeffer makes the case that Peretz wasn’t grandstanding for political gain in Israeli elections, he actually believes it.

07.11.2019 Revealed: Israel is dangerously unprepared for global food shortages Haaretz by Ruth Schuster. Long article in which Ruth describes why Israel can’t feed itself and points out that Israel’s national food reserves would only last between a few weeks to three months—max.

07.11.2019 When hunger supplants religion as the driver for Middle East conflict Haaretz by David Rosenberg. When, not if.

07.11.2019 Israel says killing of Hamas member in Gaza was due to ‘misunderstanding’ Middle East Eye. The Egyptians, as Israel well knows, are going to Gaza tomorrow as part of the effort to work out a peace plan between Hamas and Israel. To keep the peace, Hamas detailed men to keep people back from Israel’s segregation fence. Today, in an effort to derail the peace talks before they start, an Israeli sniper, firing from the safety of a military embankment, shot one of those Hamas peacekeepers in the head and killed him.

07.11.2019 Israeli soldiers remove solidarity tent in Jerusalem, injure dozens of Palestinians. Jewish occupation troops fired gas bombs and concussion grenades, started fires on farmland, and destroyed a tent being used by Palestinians who were non-violently protesting Israeli plans to demolish 230 apartments in Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

07.11.2019 Army delivers demolition orders targeting homes, agricultural structures, near Hebron.

07.11.2019 Soldiers shoot two Palestinians, abduct one, in Deheishe refugee camp. First a group terrorists snuck into the camp in civilian cars. Then a company of occupation troops in combat gear followed and attacked the community with gas, concussion grenades, live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets. Israel shot two young men with live ammunition there.

07.11.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 12 Palestinians in the West Bank night and fog raids.

07.11.2019 Palestinian journalists refuse “Failed and Desperate” meeting with U.S. Official. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate flatly rejected an offer to meet Zionist emissary Jason Greenblatt at the White House, ‘or somewhere more neutral.’ They called the offer “yet another failed and desperate attempt by the US Administration to by-pass the leadership of the Palestinian people…”
Greenblatt has zero credibility with Palestinians after his repulsive display in Silwan neighborhood last week, where Greenblatt and American/Zionist ambassador, David ‘Bang, Bang’ Friedman, promoted Israeli colonist takeover of Silwan by mugging for the cameras as reporters filmed the two breaking through a brick facade with a sledge hammer (clearly, neither has had much practice with a sledge). The photo op was arranged by Israeli colonists taking over the neighborhood.

Since the Palestinian leadership has nothing to do with him, Greenblatt tried to get Palestinian journalists to by-pass the leadership and meet elsewhere.

07.12.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists occupy Palestinian irrigation wells. Jewish colonists took over herders wells belonging to Palestinians to prevent villagers from watering their sheep. The Israelis used the water for their own cattle.

07.12.2019 Palestinian, Israeli, and International peace activists protest against Israel’s colonial activities in Silwan.

07.12.2019 Army injures several non-violent protesters in Ni’lin. Jewish state occupation troops gassed non-violent villagers again this wee at the Friday protests against the illegal annexation wall that was ruled illegal by international court 15 years ago.

07.12.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian in northern Gaza. In today’s terror attacks Jewish snipers, firing from the safety of military embankments, shot and wounded a young man in north Gaza, fired many live rounds at Gaza fishermen and fired water cannons trying to swamp his little boat, and shot at an observation post near Khan Younis.

07.12.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct four Palestinians-West Bank.

07.12.2019 Army seriously injures a Palestinian child in Kufur Qaddom. Jewish occupation troops attacked unarmed protesters in the weekly march against Israel stealing village lands. The heavily armed occupiers, wearing body armor, gassed the villagers, shot them with live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets, and concussion grenades. Among the injured was little 10-year-old Yasser Westeiwi, shot in the head with live ammunition.

07.12.2019 Under pressure form Zionists, church cancels Palestinian youth event Electronic Intifada by Nora Barrows-Friedman. “to seek justice and resist evil.” is part of Toronto’s Trinity Saint Paul’s United Church 1968 creed. Instead of living their creed, Saint Paul’s rolled over and peed on itself when the Zionist lobby complained about the Church hosting an annual Palestinian youth scholarship event that is handed out in the name of Palestinian writer Ghassan Kamafiani. Kamafiani was murdered by a terrorist car bomb planted by the Israeli Mossad in 1972.
The event was held elsewhere. Meanwhile, in trying to censor the event, the Zionists have generated far more interest in it than its promoters could have hoped for.

07.13.2019 All dogs are bad and their owners accursed, Israeli city’s rabbis rule Haaretz by Cnaan Lipshiz. [Those rascally rabbis at it again. My favorite article of the week.] In the Israeli city of Elad, population 46,000, all the Sephardic rabbis, including the chief rabbi, are apparently cat people. All of them signed an edict that says all dogs are bad, people who keep them are accursed, and anyone who purports to keep a dog for medical reasons should appear before the rabbinical court for a judgment on the matter.

07.13.2019 Israel’s education minister: Gay conversion therapy ‘possible,’ Palestinians ‘shouldn’t vote.’ Haaretz. Leader of Jewish state education, Rafi Peretz back in the news as he manages to stick both feet in his mouth in one interview. Conversion therapy is discredited in pretty much every peer-reviewed study on the topic but Israel’s new education minister not only says it’s possible, he has done it himself. (Whether he did it on himself is unclear from the article).
In addition, Peretz wants Israel to annex the West Bank but not give Palestinians the vote. When asked if that constituted apartheid, Peretz didn’t rule that out.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu disavowed Peretz’s conversion remarks but not his apartheid remarks.

07.13.2019 Israel’s ministry of strategic harm Haaretz editorial. Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs is working with Israeli spy agency Mossad as part of Israel’s attempts to shut down the BDS movement. The Israelis are attacking citizens who support BDS in other countries through a combination of economic, diplomatic, and legal means. They operate abroad through front groups, [and have been exposed at it].

07.13.2019 3,000 protest in Gaza for Great Return March as Egyptian delegation arrives. The Egyptian delegation arrived yesterday. The day before their arrival Israeli snipers murdered a Hamas peacekeeper who was assigned to keep people back from Israel’s segregation fence.

07.13.2019 Army delivers a demolition order against a home near Hebron

07.13.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct three Palestinian in Jerusalem. Heavily armed Israeli occupation troops invaded/ransacked homes. Black-bagged two men. Meanwhile, Israeli terrorists in civilian clothes beat up an unidentified man and took him away.