July 2019, Week 4

July 2019, week 4

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. Life in occupied Palestine
Southeast: State of Alaska and Juneau Tourism entities doing all they can to pack those tourists in and squeeze every nickel out of them.
Occupied Palestine:  At the world famous Sebastia antiquities site, where Palestinians are working to encourage tourism around Hellenistic and Roman temples, amphitheater, tombs, etc. Jewish crack-pot colonists and occupation troops pull down road signs, turn back tour buses, destroy homes, tourist infrastructure, restaurants, steal antiquities and generally try to erase anything that doesn’t fit the Zionist narrative. Story on July 28.

07.22.2019 The US restricting satellite imagery of Palestine-Israel IMEMC. In 1997 the US congress passed the Kyl-Bingaman Amendment (KBA) one of those only-Israel in the world laws, which prohibits American satellite operators from publishing clear images of Palestine/Israel. Article notes “the KBA is censorship, preventing researchers from assessing environmental changes, Palestinian house demolitions, Israeli encroachments on Palestinian lands, etc.” The law is out of date because other countries are providing clear images of the same territory US companies aren’t allowed to publish.

07.22.2019 Hundreds lose shelter as Israeli forces destroy dozens of housing units in Sorir Baher in occupied East Jerusalem IMEMC. Hundreds of Jewish occupation marauders continued ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem today. The occupiers violently forced people from their homes, not even letting them get their belongings out before Israel destroyed the buildings.

07.23.2019 Video: Palestinians and British ISMer’s hospitalized in sadistic and brutal displays of violence in East Jerusalem. IMEMC. Video footage is emerging that shows some of the hundreds of Jewish occupation troops who rampaged through apartments and homes, attacking, gassing, beating the shit out of unarmed people who were protesting the destruction of their homes. Articles about today’s crimes, which took place as the American congress passed a resolution against BDS, describe the cowardly occupiers throwing concussion grenades multiple times into bathrooms where people had gone to hide, kicking people, including women, in the face, stomach,  body, and other classic Nazi behaviors. All of it against people who aren’t fighting back. In addition to Palestinians, Jewish state troops enjoyed themselves attacking ISM (International Solidarity Movement) volunteers from Spain, Britain, and Austria who provided some of the documentation.

07.23.2019 House condemns Israel boycott over liberal objections Politico by Heather Cagle. America’s House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. proves yet again that Capitol Hill is the westernmost illegal Israeli settlement. Vote was 398-17 with 5 lawmakers voting present (meaning they refused to take sides). Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez voted ‘No,’ Black congresswoman Ayanna Pressley voted against American’s constitutional right to boycott and ‘Yes’ in support of apartheid Israel.
In a bit of slanted journalism, photo cover of the piece is Zionist congressperson Ted Deutch (D-Fl) [who is in the top twenty recipients of Israel Lobby money–$599,591—just about 6,000 Benjamins), trotting out in the worn-out shoes that the goal of BDS is to delegitimize and destroy Israel.

07.23.2019 Israel-born treasury official is at the center of US policies on Iran If Americans Knew Blog by Alison Weir. Sigal Manelker is the US treasury official “with her hand on the lever” of Trump’s strategy to destroy Iran economically.
Article says Manelker is:
1) Jewish—born in Israel.
2) maybe/probably still an Israeli citizen. The US Treasury won’t answer questions about it.
3) Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (read that again. Who in the world came up with that?)
4) Her curiously-titled position at the Treasury is “a position created at the behest of Israel partisans.”

07.23.2019 Israelis are Trump’s biggest fans Al Monitor by Akiva Eldar. Israelis rank highest in the world for Trump-love. There’s a disturbing lead photo of a throng of Israelis in Tel Aviv rallying under a ‘TRUMP Make America Great Again” banner.

07.23.2019 Gaza revived: How an Irishman is giving hope to Palestinian amputees IMEMC by Muhammad Hussein. Irishman Simon Baker, who lost his own leg in a construction accident in 2004, but got his life back by becoming active in sports, has given himself a mission to help young people in Gaza where so many are amputees because of Israel bombing and shooting them. Baker is out to create a self-sustaining, internationally competitive sports program.

07.23.2019 Gaza’s desalination plant completed, says official IMEMC. Gaza City experimental desalination plant to produce 10,000 cubic meters per day was funded by the Kuwaiti Fund through the Islamic development bank. It was built despite the Israeli siege holding up supplies. Anyone want to start a betting pool on the exact date and time Israel will destroy this tiny plant?

07.24.2019 Israel struck Syrian Army bases in the country’s south: report says. Haaretz by Jack Khoury and Reuters. Israel bombed Syria again last night. Article notes that at the beginning of this month, the Jewish state blew up sixteen people in Syria including a baby and two other children.

07.24.2019 Jerusalem Chief Rabbi calls homosexuality ‘a wild lust that needs to be overcome’ Haaretz/JTA Ten days after Israel’s Education Minister rabbi endorsed gay conversion therapy, the Chief Sephardic rabbi of Jerusalem said in a sermon that “It would be better if (gay people) cast off their kippahs and Shabbat and show their true faces.” The good news friends, is the ancient rabbi says homosexuality can be overcome.

07.24..2019 U.S. passes bills against BDS and Hamas MEMO. Bill was put out by Brian Mast (R. Fl). [who Open Secrets. org. says has taken $202,843 from the Israel Lobby.]

07.24.2019 Minister cheers US vote against Israel boycott movement Times of Israel by Eric Croteslesssa. Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of Strategic Affairs, which oversees Israel’s failing efforts to stop BDS from mobilizing the American public, is crowing to Israeli media that the House vote against BDS yesterday shows how great support bi-partisan support for Israel is.

07.24.2019 Israeli forces demolish home in Ar’ana.
07.24.2019 Twelve Palestinians abducted in overnight raids.

07.25.2019 Olmert cancels trip to Switzerland fearing arrest over war crimes. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Omert was going to Switzerland until the Swiss told the Israeli Justice Ministry that when Olmert landed they, the Swiss, intended to question him about Israel’s ‘Cast Lead’ massacre of Gazans in 2008. Olmert cancelled his trip.

07.25.2019 Alaa Basheer detained by Israeli intelligence. The Palestinian Authority—long criticized for acting as a tool for Israel, held Palestinian Quaranic teacher, Alaa Basheer, for 40 days on accusations of ‘incitement.’ They let her go only to have the Israelis arrest her for interrogation within 48 hours.

07.25.2019 PCHR weekly report on Israeli human rights violations (July 18-24).

07.25.2019 MADA calls for photojournalist’s release from Israeli prison MADA is an NGO, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms, formed in 2006 to support freedom of journalistic expression. In this case they’re asking the international community for help in getting Palestinian photojournalist Mustafa al-Karauf released from prison where Israel has kept him for six months, and who Israel is trying to deport.

07.25.2019 Video of Wadi Hummas Sur Bahar village demolition Jewish Voice for Peace by Israeli activist Yuval Abraham and photographer Rachel Shor. Short film footage of hundreds of Jewish occupation troops going full-Nazi during attack on Palestinian community and demolition of 72 homes as part of ethnic cleansing in occupied West Bank. Film focuses on a man named Ismail Abadiyeh who had put everything he owned into his home. He is grieving and struggling manfully to maintain his composure the night before the Nazis come. Then they do.
In pre-dawn darkness explosions sound all around the neighborhood as machine-gun wielding terror troops in body armor beat people, shout threats at them, as they break down doors. Families are losing everything, women are screaming, men who can’t protect their families are yelling fruitlessly. Note that the houses were perfectly legal, built on Palestinian land. The Jewish state claims the houses were too close to its segregation wall.

07.25.2019 US blocks attempt to condemn demolition of Palestinian houses at UN. Once again—Israel does not defend itself. Israel relies on the United States to defend it. This time it was the US blocking another UN Security Council condemnation of Israeli terror troops beating people up and destroying their homes in Sur Baher.

07.25.2019 Israeli soldiers demolish structures in Salfit. Occupation troops with guns and bulldozers destroyed a carpenter’s shop, car wash, and a newly laid foundation.

07.25.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot one Palestinian, abduct six in Jenin. As the Jewish state was gassing neighborhoods, one of the terrorists shot a Palestinian man in the face with a gas bomb. The man is in the hospital. Six other Palestinians black bagged.

07.25.2019 Israeli forces destroy trees, water wells in south Hebron village. Not content with destroying a children’s playground, nine water wells, and a large number of olive trees in the Bedouin village of Khirbet Umm al Khair, near Hebron. Jewish occupation troops came back and killed dozens more olive trees, destroyed four more wells, and wrecked the village irrigation system.

07.25.2019 PCHR calls for investigation into death circumstances of prisoner in Gaza Palestinian was serving a three year sentence in a Palestinian prison. He died at the age of 43, supposedly from a heart attack and high blood pressure. Palestinian Commission for Human Rights is calling for an investigation into his death.

07.26.2019 Palestinian president suspends agreements with Israel following demolition of 70 Palestinian homes. West Bank president Mahmoud Abbas may be growing some backbone at the age of 83. After hundreds of Israeli terrorists attacked Palestinians homes this week in Sur Basheer, which is supposed to be totally under Palestinian Authority under agreements Israel signed, Abbas has said, enough is enough, and that this coming Friday, the PA’s cooperation with Israel will end.

07.26.2019 A life redefined by a tear gas canister Defense for Children/IMEMC. In January of this year, Jewish terrorists, firing from the safety of military embankments, shot 13-year-old Samar S. with a gas canister, splintering the boy’s upper right arm and shoulder bones, and severing a nerve. At the time, the kid was 300 meters (3 football fields) away from the terrorists. He’s had multiple surgeries and should have more but between lack of medical equipment because of the Israeli siege, and his family’s dire financial circumstances, he’s not able to get what he needs, even pain killers are beyond reach.

07.26.2019 Army abducts seven Palestinians in Jerusalem. Israeli terror raids.

07.26.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct and injure many Palestinians near Jericho Terror raids, home invasions, ransacked rooms, beatings, gas, concussion grenades.

07.26.2019 Army abducts two Palestinians near Tulkarem Two young men black-bagged at Zionist road block in West Bank.

07.26.2019 First batch of Gaza pilgrims leaves for Mecca. 2,900 are being allowed to leave Gaza via Egypt to go to Mecca.

07.26.2019 Al-Araqib demolished for the 148th time. Jewish state terrorists came with machine guns and bulldozers again to destroy tents of Bedouin village. The terrorists kidnapped the village leader this time.

07.26.2019 Nazareth: Afula’s public park will be open to all visitors—including non-residents—following Adalah’s petition Adalah—the legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel, sued the city of Afula after the city closed the park to non-residents, a move to reserve the park for Jews and keep nearby Arab villagers out. An Israeli court heard the case and recommended the park be open to all.

07.26.2019 BTS testimonial “around every such settlement there’s a circle, a radius of one kilometer.” BTS is Breaking The Silence: an NGO that takes testimony from former Israeli occupation troops about crimes they committed or observed while they were in Israel’s military. In this report, a former First Sergeant describes how Israelis draw in imaginary line around their illegal settlements with a radius of one kilometer. They keep the Arabs outside that line. He says the colonies have a Civilian Security Coordinator (CSC) who is employed by the Israeli military. If the CSC sees an Arab he calls the army and they chase the Arab away at gunpoint. The First Sergeant says even if the Arab is 500 meters outside the kilometer radius, if the CSC calls the army comes out and drives the Arab further away. These Jewish ‘buffer zones’ were formerly cultivated by Palestinian farmers who are no longer allowed there.

07.27.2019 Army injures 71 Palestinians, including 30 children, 3 women, medic, in Gaza Israeli terrorist snipers, firing from the comfort and safety of military embankments, injured 71 more Gazans this week–31 of them with live ammunition. One of them has life-threatening injuries.

07.27.2019 Palestinian dies from serious wounds suffered Friday 22-year-old Ahmad al-Qarra, the badly injured young man mentioned above, who was shot in the abdomen with live ammunition by a Jewish terrorist, has died at the hospital. Article notes that Israel is using Palestinians as practice targets for a new type of sniper rifle.

07.27.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a teen in Hebron Occupation troopers beat the kid up and took him away.

07.27.2019 Friday protest in Kafr Qaddaurm attacked by Israeli soldiers Jewish terror troops gassed non-violent marchers who were protesting Israeli racism, brutality, and land theft. The occupiers shot gas, concussion grenades and rubber coated steel bullets.

07.27.2019 Israel blacklisted by UN among top child killers in 2018 Woot! Woot! The Jewish state makes the United Nations list of top child killing regimes for the third year in a row. Israel killed 59 kids last year, 56 of them with live ammunition. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemned attacks on hospitals, schools, and other civilian targets in populated areas.

07.28.2019 Israel says Arrow 3 missile shield pass US trials, warns Iran Reuters. by Dan Williams. [one of the great things about living in Alaska is that it’s on the other side of the earth from Israel. Now Israel is making Kodiak a Superfund site, and trying to drag Alaska into its attempts to start a war with Iran, and perhaps start World War III.]Arrow 3 is a incredibly expensive missile system being bought for Israel by long-suffering American tax payer. ($253 million in 2018 alone). Netanyahu (who is also Israel’s Defense Minister as of November, 2018) and all the Israeli media are crowing that Arrow 3 tests shot out of Alaska were a success.

07.28.2019 Israeli settlers destroy olive trees in northern West Bank. Colonist thugs killed 80 more Palestinian olive trees not long before the farmers were due to harvest the fruit.


07.28.2019 Huzaifa Bader: fighting for justice, fighting for his life The Zionist entity has imprisoned 27-year-old Bader for 13 months with no charges or trial. He has a six month old daughter he has never seen. In addition the Zionists deny him medical treatment he needs for burns he suffered as a child. He began a hunger strike 25 days ago to call attention to his plight or die. He is now in a Jewish state prison hospital as his health deteriorates.

07.28.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct eight Palestinians in al-Isawiya, three in al Ram, in Jerusalem.

07.28..2019 Israeli forces abduct 2 youth at Gaza border.

07.28.2019 Army abducts three Palestinians in Bethlehem.

07.28.2019 WAFA article about the 14 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli terror troops last night notes that one of them was a twelve-year old kid.

07.28.2019 Israel orders five Palestinians to stay away for Jerusalem.

07.28.2019 Israeli forces destroy tourist project in Nablus Jordan News Agency. Palestinians were restoring the courtyard of Baidar Square near an archaeological site in Sebastia township. Jewish occupation troops destroyed the work in multiple attacks over a 24-hour period. Many Christians believe Sebastia is where the remains of John the Baptist were buried. [A New China article on April 04, 2018 describes world-famous Hellenistic and Roman antiquities in Sebastia including Roman churches, an amphitheater, temples, tombs. As part of Israel’s relentless attempts to erase the region’s history, and create a faux Jewish history to shore up its claim of ownership, the town suffers constant attacks from Jewish colonists and occupation troops who pull down road signs, turn back tour buses, destroy homes, tourist infrastructure, restaurants, steal antiquities and generally try to erase anything that doesn’t fit the Jewish narrative.]