July 2019, Week 5

July 2019, Week 5

07.29.2019 Weather forecast: heat stress to increase WAFA. temperatures 3 degrees C above seasonal average.

07.29.2019 Israeli forces seal off Hebron-district road WAFA Jewish occupation troops bulldozed the road connecting villages of Shaab al-Butum, and Ma’in again.

07.29.2019 U.S. Senate allows arms sales to Saudi Arabia, sustaining Trump vetoes Defense News by Joe Gould. Senate needed 67 votes to over-ride Trump’s vetoes “of 3 congressional resolutions meant to block his administration from passing Congress to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.” Sales are 8.1 billion in precision guided bombs.

07.29.2019 London cyclists ride in support of Palestinian cause Hundreds of riders in the largest-ever “Big Ride for Palestine”

07.29.2019 Settlers slash tires, spray paint racist graffiti in Kafir Qasim.

07.30.2019 Jerusalem: Israel summons 4-year-old Palestinian for interrogation MEMO In efforts to let residents of Issawiya neighborhood know that none of them are safe from the Jewish state, dozens of occupation troops served a summons to 4-year-old Muhammad Rabi Elayyan and his father to appear at the occupation police station for interrogation over allegations that the 4-year-old threw rocks at Israeli occupation troops wearing body armor and carrying machine guns. There’s a video of dad and the boy at the steps of the occupation station with lots of supportive neighbors and reporters filming the whole debacle on their cell phones. Seeing all the attention, the occupiers didn’t bring the boy inside, only his father. He said later that the Israelis threatened to take his son away from him.

07.30.2019 US ambassador to Israel refuses to endorse Palestinian state, supports ‘extended autonomy’ Haaretz America’s Zionist ambassador ‘Bang, Bang’ Friedman back in the news for rejecting both the one-state and two-state solutions, claiming a Palestinian state would pose a security threat to Israel. Clearly, in Friedman’s world view, only Israel has a right to security. Palestinians, no.

07.30.2019 Israeli forces bulldoze tents, shacks in northern Jordan Valley. Jewish occupation troops bulldozed tents where a farm family lived along with their sheds. Last month the occupiers attacked the same family, destroying their tend, five livestock enclosures, and 25 water barrels. North Jordan Valley in Ras-al Ahmar.

07.30.2019 Four injured as Israeli settlers storm Joseph’s Tomb near Nablus. That’s four Palestinians injured. No Jews injured.

07.30.2019 Eight Palestinians detained from West Bank

07.30.2019 Canadian court rules West Bank wines are not a ‘product of Israel’ NPR by Sasha Inber. Canadian Justice Anne Mactavish said labeling wines from the West bank Jewish colonies as if they were from Israel is, “false, misleading, and deceptive.”

07.31.2019 The Dawafshe arson survivor marks his birthday, and tragedy at the same month WAFA. Ahmad Saad Dawabshe has turned nine. When he was four Jewish terrorists from a nearby colony burned his mother, father, and baby brother alive. He was the only survivor, and carries terrible scars today. He gets laser treatments four times a year but has to wait until he’s a teenager to have a prosthetic ear to replace the one that was burned off.

Article notes that Israel has let go all but one of the terror suspects and there is a movement in Israel to get that one released.

07.31.2019 Weather forecast: Hot to very hot conditions WAFA Temperatures 6 degrees C above seasonal norms (1 degree C = 1.8 degrees F so, 10.8 degrees above normal).

07.31.2019 Demining baptismal site, area churches completed, report presented to minister of tourism WAFA. After 1967 Israel planted thousands of mines around the area where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, thus closing the area to Christian pilgrims. Palestinians and the British HALO Trust have removed mines from the area around famous Christian sites: the Greek Orthodox monastery, Franciscan Chapel, the Ethiopian Monastery of the Trinity, the Syrian Orthodox Monastery, The Russian Chapel, the Coptic Monastery and the Roman Monastery.

07.31.2019 Israel police deny Arab reports that they questioned Palestinian 4-year-old Jerusalem Post. by Tzvi Joffre. As media field-day envelops Israel over summoning a 4-year-old for suspicion of throwing rocks at occupation troopers wearing body armor, Israel goes into damage control mode. Hasbara spokesman, the London-born Micky Rosenfeld, who speaks for Israel on terror related incidents, is calling the reports ‘fake news’—video footage of father and son at the police station, and photos of the summons notwithstanding.

07.31.2019 Israel summons father of 6-year-old Palestinian child who ‘threw carton’ at soldiers MEMO One day after denying that they summoned a 4-year-old Palestinian child, Jewish occupation troops summoned the father of a 6-year-old, Qais Fires Obaid, for interrogation claiming the child threw a carton at Jewish occupation troops who were wearing body armor and wielding machine guns. Article notes Israel has killed 16 Palestinian children so far this year.