June 2019, Week 1

Every Friday in Gaza. Photo is a screen grab from the (Malaysia) Star Online.

June 2019, Week 1
06.01.2019 Seven Palestinians, including a child, shot in Gaza IMEMC From the safety of military emplacements on the Israeli side, Jewish snipers gassed civilian protesters on the Gaza side, and shot them with live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets. Those hit with live ammunition were treated at field hospitals or taken to Gaza hospital. Article notes Israel has killed over 250 people along the Gaza border since the Great March or Return protests began on March 30, 2018.

06.01.2019 Soldiers abduct father of slain Palestinian IMEMC Jewish occupation troops attacked the family home of 18-year-old Yousef Wajeeh Sohweil, who Israel killed yesterday for allegedly attacking two Israelis with a knife. The soldiers ransacked the Sohweil home, arrested the father, and are apparently going to demolish it as collective punishment, which is illegal under international law but Israeli state policy in the occupied territories.

06.01.2019 Israel’s brain drain is the flight of the left Haaretz by Roger Alpher. New study from Professor Dan Ben David shows that ‘the most educated Israelis with the most vital skills for the success of the economy are moving abroad at an increasing rate.’
Around 130,000 in Israel are doctors, researchers, or high tech workers. Ben David says, ‘The fragile size of the group means that emigration by a critical mass of the total—even if only numbering several tens of thousands—could generate catastrophic consequences for the entire country.’ He also said Israel is, “falling further and further behind leading developed countries.”
Alpher makes the points that this demographic comprises the highest earners and in Israel the highest earners tends to vote left. Those on the left are tired of being treated badly, paying for the occupation colonies, paying for the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews who don’t work), and tired of, “the Haredi-fascist-messianic agenda that views [the left] as enemies and seeks to eliminate them.”

06.02.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 50 Palestinians in 24 hours IMEMC Most of the people were trying to get to Al Aqsa mosque for prayers.

06.02.2019 Netanyahu fires Bennett, Shaked from government ahead of election Haaretz by Noa Landau. Since the April 09, 2019 elections, which he called, Busy Bibi Netanyahu has failed to form a new coalition, and because of that, he’s dissolved the Knesset, called for new elections on September 17, 2019, and has just canned Education Minister, Naftali [I’ve killed a lot of Arabs and there’s no problem with that] Bennett, and Justice Minister, Ayelet [we should kill Palestinian mothers so they can’t produce little snakes] Shaked, since their political factions did not pass Israel’s election threshold in the April 09, 2019 elections. Article notes, “…48 hours after Netanyahu’s announcement, he will assume the roles of acting Justice Minister and Education Minister.”

06.02.2019 EU slams Israeli regime over seizing and pawning off West Bank humanitarian aid. IMEMC The EU donated two school structures, two tents, and three metal sheds to Bedouin communities in the occupied West Bank. The Jewish state military government stole the structures and has put them up for sale.

06.12.2019 Mossad involved in anti-boycott activity, Israeli minister’s datebooks reveal. Haaretz by Noa Landau. Israel set up a Ministry to fight the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement. Ministry head is Gilad Erdan.
By a Freedom of Information request Haaretz got copies of his meeting schedule which shows him meeting with the head of Israeli’s National Security Council and the head of NSC intelligence wing, The American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, and many others. Erdan spent much of 2018 forming a government funded propaganda campaign ($36 million with another $36 million from private donors). Israel calls the campaign by the innocuous sounding name of ‘Concert’.

06.03.2019 Israeli soldiers assault a Palestinian woman, abduct two others in Jerusalem IMEMC Jewish occupation troops roughed up a woman and arrested two other people at al Aqsa mosque, again.

06.03.2019 Israel strikes Iranian base in Syria and kills two, state media reports Haaretz. Israel bombed Syria again last night. Second time in two days. Israel claims the Syrians fired rockets towards the Golan Heights. [Worth noting that the Golan Heights belongs to Syria under international law.]

06.03.2019 Collapsing environmental state of Gaza poses threat to Israel’s national security Haaretz by Zafrir Rinat. Classic Israeli headline—Gaza is dying and ‘Oh poor us.’ as Rinat once again tries to explain to Israelis that environmental collapse doesn’t stop for borders. Israel is trashing its own environment by trashing the Palestinian’s environment.
This article discusses a report by researchers from Ben Gurion and Tel Aviv Universities produced for EcoPeace Middle East [an Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian environmental NGO]. Report says that by next year none of Gaza’s ground water will be fit for human consumption, half Gaza’s beaches are unswimmable, 70% of Gaza’s sewage goes straight into the sea [prevailing current is south to north and carries the sewage to Israeli desalination plants, sewage is running into the sea because Israel blows up the sewage treatment plant every few years, doesn’t allow the Palestinians materials to fix the plants, and Israel routinely cuts off fuel and/or power to the plants]. There are looming threats of disease, infections, plague.

06.04.2019 Israel denies arming Myanmar. But its officials are still visiting a Tel Aviv arms expo Haaretz by Noa Landau. Israel has long been a primary source of weapons to some of the world’s most brutal and repressive regimes, often selling the weapons through a convoluted series of intermediaries and fronts to avoid detection/criticism.
After the international community documented mass executions, mass rapes, and burning of villages by the Myanmar military in what the UN called “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing” against the Rohingya people, most of the world stopped selling Myanmar weapons.
Weapons sales are a huge part of the Jewish state economy. They’ve been supplying Myanmar with weapons for years but claim they no longer do. When a Haaretz reporter asked Israeli weapons vendors at this year’s Tel Aviv weapons expo why they were showing Myanmar military buyers weapons, the Israeli vendors claimed they didn’t know Israel wasn’t selling weapons to Myanmar. At the Israeli government request, Israel’s Supreme Court has put a gag order on Israel’s ruling to ban weapons sales to Myanmar.
[in 2017 an Israeli diplomat in New York claimed the Rohingya—who are Muslim farmers—started the conflict by attacking the Myanmar military.]

06.04.2019 Army invades agricultural lands in Southern Gaza IMEMC Jewish siege troops smashed more agricultural lands on the Gaza side of the segregation fence with massive armored bulldozers. [These machines crush the soil, changing soil structure below the surface.]

06.04.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct two Palestinians in Jerusalem and Qalquila IMEMC In night and fog raids Jewish occupation troops kidnapped the son of Palestinian Fatah party in Jerusalem and another man in the northern West Bank city of Qalquila.

06.04.2019 Army abducts a woman at Al Karama border crossing IMEMC Occupation troops kidnapped a woman who was returning from visiting family in Jordan.

06.04.2019 Scientists protest holding international physics Olympiad in Israel over its denial of Palestinian right to education IMEMC 20 distinguished math/physics professors, including research directors and a Nobel laureate, from Europe, the U.S. and Jerusalem, call on students and mentors to boycott the next physics Olympiad, which is slated to be held in Israel, in support of Palestinian students and mentors who are denied educational opportunities by the occupying regime. The accompanying photo is of Palestinian primary school children in Hebron receiving lessons under a tarp after the Jewish state demolished their school.

06.04.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a Palestinian near Jenin IMEMC 22-year-old black-bagged at his home and taken away.

06.04.2019 Alleged strike shows Israel chasing Iranians deep into Syrian desert Haaretz by Amos Harel. Israel bombed Syria for third time this week. Blames Iran.

06.04.2019 Jewish groups set to protest reading of children’s book ‘P is for Palestine’ at New Jersey Library Haaretz by Danille Zirie. Zionists are again trying to use American Constitutional freedoms to shut down American Constitutional freedoms. At the same time, they’re selling thousands of books for the author, Dr. Goldbarg Bashi. She called efforts to cancel her reading harassment by “bullying Zionist vigilantes.” “They are just a loud, self-entitled, racist minority who think they can actually ban book readings at a U.S. library in 2019 and get away with it.”

06.05.2019 Ivanka Trump tweeted ‘En Route to the Hague’ and twitter had a field day Haaretz. People posted their approval that she was turning herself in.

06.05.2019 Video shows settlers throwing stones at Palestinian home in West Bank Haaretz by Yotam Berger. 15 masked Jewish colonist thugs throwing rocks at a Palestinian home.

06.05.2019 Illegal colonists burn Palestinian farmlands near Nablus IMEMC Jewish arsonists torched more Palestinian olive groves and fields in the bone-dry, occupied West Bank.

06.05.2019 Soldiers abduct one Palestinian, injure many in Beit Ummar IMEMC Night and fog raids. Occupation troops ransacked homes, gassed neighborhoods, black-bagged a 19-year-old college student.

06.05.2019 Army injures one Palestinian in al-‘Arroub refugee camp north of Hebron IMEMC Jewish occupation troops gassed the people, fired live ammunition, and rubber coated steel bullets.

06.05.2019 Israeli colonists invade the archaeological site near Nablus IMEMC Jewish occupation troops surrounded the place then drove out Palestinians who had gone there to have the post-Ramadan feast of al-Fitr. Jewish colonists were then given exclusive use of the area.

06.05.2019 Scoop: Israel works to stop Senate resolution on two-state solution Axios by Barak Ravid. [This is the American Senate they’re talking about.] Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer has been lobbying senators Lindsey Graham, and Chris van Hollen to remove the words “two state solution” from the text of a resolution they are drafting.

06.06.2019 Army claims abducting a Palestinian who injured a colonist IMEMC  The occupation army black-bagged former political prisoner, Ahmad Nashrallah of Bethlehem district, and took him away claiming Nashrallah threw a hammer at a Jewish colonist’s car, lightly injuring the colonist.

06.06.2019 Israel reduces Gaza’s fishing zone IMEMC Continuing the world’s worst fisheries management model, Israel squeezed the accordion again today. After opening the zone to 15 nautical miles offshore yesterday, today the Jewish state gunboats reduced the zone to 10 nautical miles offshore. Israel constantly squeezes and expands the zone from 9 miles, to 6, to 3, to 6, to nothing, to 3. Article notes that under the 1993 Oslo accords which Israel signed, the occupiers are supposed to allow a 20 mile offshore fishing zone. That doesn’t happen.
[I would add this has nothing at all to do with protecting fish stocks. Gaza used to have a productive  fishing fleet that provided income for hundreds of families and food for many thousands of people. Gaza’s once lucrative fisheries have collapsed because of Israel. Fish are small and scarce because of too much effort concentrated into too small an area. The constant zone changes are about pauperizing Gazans, making them dependent on Israeli food, and giving Jewish gunboats license to shoot at fishermen—which happens a few times per month, to steal their little boats, or sink them with water cannons.]

06.06.2019 Army abducts one Palestinian from Jenin. Prevents farmers from entering their lands in Hebron IMEMC Jewish occupation troops black-bagged 33-year-old Ahmed Wishahi at a military roadblock near Jenin. Meanwhile, other Jewish occupation troopers blocked Palestinian farmers from harvesting their crops near Hebron.

06.06.2019 Illegal colonists occupy private Palestinian lands near Bethlehem IMEMC Jewish colonists showed up on Palestinian land and set up barbed wire fences around an acre, into which the are dragging mobile homes and other infrastructure.

06.06.2019 Hunger striking detainee moved to hospital IMEMC A 35-year-old political prisoner being held indefinitely without charges or trial is dying of starvation. Father of three, Hasan al-Oweisi has spent years in Jewish state prisons. He’s on a hunger strike to protest his predicament. In his latest imprisonment, he was black-bagged on January 15th, 2019. He stopped eating in April.

06.06.2019 D.C. dyke march bans Israeli and Jewish symbols Haaretz by Danielle Zari. The LGBTQ crowd is tired of Israel supporters trying to pink-wash the occupation by waving Israeli flags at their events. Jewish press is now all aflutter that the dyke march told them Israeli flags, and Star of David on gay pride flags, aren’t welcome on the march. Similar thing has happened at other marches.

06.06.2019 High fruit prices in Israel: Gov’t looks out for farmers, not shoppers Haaretz. by Adi Dovrat-Meseritz. Even as Israel boasts its agricultural technology will save the world, Israel protects its farms by blocking types of produce from elsewhere, and putting high import tariffs on others, promoting a spike in cost of fruit and vegetables grown in Israel.

06.06.2019 YouTube updates hate speech guidelines to prohibit videos KJCT 8 San Francisco. YouTube is removing thousands of channels and banning videos “alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination, segregation, or exclusion.” Article specifically mentions Nazi supporters and (Jewish) holocaust deniers, and specifically does not mention Israel supporters and Nakba deniers.

06.06.2019 High fruit prices in Israel: Gov’t looks out for farmers, not shoppers Haaretz. by Adi Dovrat-Meseritz. Spike in cost of fruit upsets shoppers.

06.06.2019 Thanks McDonald’s for reminding Israel there is a green line, and even a red line Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Israelis are trying to start a boycott of McDonald’s because it doesn’t want to open a franchise in the occupied West Bank. Levy makes the case that company’s don’t open branches in crime zones.

06.07.2019 Sanders, Warren introduce resolution against Israel annexing West Bank The Forward by Rod Kampeas. Non-binding, meaningless posturing from American politicians who vote lock-step for funding Israel no matter what it does or how bad it is for America.

06.07.2019 Drama on the tarmac: U.S. judge foils secret deportation to Israel Electronic Intifada by Ali Abunimah. Wild story! The U.S. government has been holding sixty-something Palestinian business professor, Abdelhaleem Ashqar, prisoner under trumped up charges for years. They were about to be forced to let him go, since there’s no legitimate reason to hold him. Rather than have the embarrassment, government customs and ICE agents asked him to go to a customs office; lied to him, his family, his lawyer, and everyone else about why they wanted to talk to him, then they put him-bound with handcuffs and shackles, on chartered jet to—wait for it—Israel.
The family was able to contact a Federal judge who, in a series of through-the-night phone meetings, blocked the extradition. He was told the plane was already in the air. He asked for it to be stopped in Vienna where it was to refuel. That didn’t happen. So, when the plane landed in Tel Aviv, someone from the U.S. embassy met it and told the ICE agents that Ashqar was still in U.S. custody and he was to stay that way. That is, he was not to be released to the Israelis. Ashqar spent the day in the plane on the tarmac. Then, after more legal wrangling, the plane took off and carried the prisoner back to the United States. He’s now in a holding pen somewhere in Virginia.
[Constitutional violations and human rights issues aside…how much does it cost to charter a jet, pay the pilots, pay Federal agents (with overtime), buy fuel and food, pay the judge, lawyers…?]

06.07.2019 Israeli soldiers assault two young men, abduct a child, in Hebron IMEMC Jewish occupation troops beat-up two men in different parts of Hebron today. Both men were taken to hospital. Earlier, during the night and fog raids, Jewish troops ransacked homes in south Hebron and black-bagged a 15-year-old boy named Hussein Rajabi.

06.07.2019 Army injures many non-violent protesters in Bilin IMEMC Jewish occupation army gassed villagers again today during the weekly, non-violent Bilin protest against Israel’s annexation of their lands. In addition to gas, the occupiers fired concussion grenades at the villagers and set their olive orchards on fire. Article notes that Israeli and international human rights activists were among the villagers in support and these were also attacked by the Israeli army.

06.07.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian in Kafur Qaddoum IMEMC East o Qalquila: Jewish occupation troops attacked unarmed protesters at the weekly march against the occupation. Israel gassed the villagers, fired live ammunition at them, rubber coated steel bullets, and concussion grenades. One young Palestinian man shot in the leg.

06.07.2019 Army installs roadblocks in Jenin IMEMC It just got harder to get from here to there in the occupied West Bank as Jewish state army has added still more road blocks, is stopping cars, and harassing local people.