June 2019, Week 4

PC-12 at Juneau Airport that makes the trip to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, three times a week in summer.

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. Life in Occupied Palestine:
Southeast: This week I hopped on a small plane and flew up to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to pick up a puppy. 55-minute flight each way. We were back at the house in 3 hours. The puppy is very sweet. On the same day people flew in and out of Southeast Alaska towns on commercial airlines, float planes, private planes, and tourists chartered planes to fly over the ice-fields and glaciers. There’s also a medivac-jet if someone needs it.
Palestine: None of the 2 million Palestinians in Gaza, and none of the 2 1/2 million Palestinians in the West Bank flew anywhere this week because the Israelis destroyed all their airports in 2000 and don’t let them rebuild.

June 2019, Week 4
06.22.2019 Army injures many Palestinians in Kufur Qaddum Israeli gas attack on civilians again during the weekly protests. Occupiers also shot rubber coated steel bullets and concussion grenades.
06.22.2019 Israeli soldiers injure several protesters in Nilin Jewish occupation troops gassed unarmed civilian marchers again, and fired concussion grenades at them.

06.22.2019 Israelis cutting back on vegetables and fruit as prices soar Haaretz by Adi Dovrat-Meseritz. Fresh fruit still high. 80 percent of households have cut back.

06.23.2019 Five days after demolition; picking up the pieces IMEMC The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) visits one of the four homes Israel demolished on June 17. Not content with destroying that family’s home, Jewish occupation troops stole their solar panels.

06.24.2019 Soldiers abduct two Palestinians in Shufat refugee camp “Many army vehicles” invaded occupied East Jerusalem refugee camp where they harassed people, closed shops, ransacked homes, gassed neighborhoods, fired concussion grenades, kidnapped two young people, and left.

06.24.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct nine Palestinians, illegal colonists puncture tires. Night and fog raids to terrorize West Bank residents. At the same time, Israel gave free reign to Jewish colonists to puncture tires of ten Palestinian vehicles and scribble racist graffiti in Hebrew on Palestinian homes. Article notes that one of those black bagged is a mother of two, and that Israel killed two of her brothers.

06.24.2019 British Society for Middle Eastern Students endorses Palestinian call to boycott complicit Israeli academic institutions. by Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

06.24.2019 Germany: BDS activist banned from pro-Palestinian events MEMO (Middle East Monitor). German police detained a Palestinian activist and banned him, and his wife, “from taking part in any political or cultural events” on pain of a year’s imprisonment and a fine.

06.25.2019 How Israeli spies are flooding facebook and twitter Electronic Intifada by Asa Winstanley. More documentation of Israel’s troll army whose mission it is to “insert ourselves” in online discussions.
Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs works with the Israeli secret police, Israel’s spy agency Mossad, Israel’s military cyber spy detachment Unit 8200, as well as hundreds of paid (including military conscripts) trolls, and perhaps several times that many unpaid trolls to “flood the internet” with pro-Israel propaganda.
ACT.IL is run by former Israeli spies who have developed ‘monitoring software.’ Their founder Yarden Ben Yosef, says” controlling media discussion became our top priority.” In a Hebrew-only Forbes interview last year, Ben Yosef said, “We work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Ministry of Strategic Affairs.” with who ACT.IL does, “joint projects.”

06.25.2019 Jenin area school raided by Israeli forces Jewish occupation troops stole construction materials, equipment, and a tractor from villagers who were upgrading Thahr-al-Maleh village school and health care units.

06.25.2019 Army injures four Palestinians in Hebron. Jewish occupation troops began beating up two young Palestinians while inspecting their Israel-required identity papers. The beatings inspired local anger/protests. Occupation troops attacked the crowd with rubber coated steel bullets, injuring two more young men. Local people took them and the two beaten men to hospital.

06.25.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian in Al-Isawiya Jewish occupation troops kidnapped Wadea Oleyyan as he was walking in East Jerusalem.

06.25.2019 Berri: Lebanon will not be lured into settling Palestinians. Lebanese lawmaker Nabih Berri makes clear that Lebanon, like Jordan, does not buy into Trump/Kushner/Israel’s ‘Deal of the Century’.

06.25.2019 General Strike against Manama conference. In Manama, the capital of Bahrain this week, [After spending who knows how much American tax dollars that won’t be counted as part of what Israel costs America], Donald’s Trump’s pro-Zionist son-in-law Jared Kushner revealed details of his ‘Deal of the Century’ [most of which have been leaked in advance, anyway] which would make Arab states collaborators with Israel against Palestinian Christians and Muslims. Palestinians call strike to express their sentiments.

06.25.2019 Over One Million settlers living in 503 West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements.

06.26.2019 Israeli navy injures a Palestinian fisherman, abducts three. Israeli terrorists in naval gunboats attacked unarmed Palestinian fishing boats again last night-in the dark-off Raffah. The terrorists rammed one boat injuring local fisherman Mohammad Nahhal. Nearby fishers were able to pick him up out of the water and get him to hospital. The terrorists then shot up shot up another boat with live ammunition to destroy its outboard motor. They kidnapped the two fishermen aboard, and kidnapped another man fishing alone in his little boat.

06.26.2019 Army rams one Palestinian, abducts six, near Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops went on a rampage through al-Amairi refugee camp in Central West Bank again today. They fired a barrage of choking gas at the refugees, shot six people with rubber coated steel bullets, firing indiscriminately at people protesting the attack. The Israelis ransacked homes, blew open a shop door with explosives, and also broke into a carpentry workshop where they smashed the carpenter’s tools and equipment.

06.26.2019 Army abducts four children in Hebron. Jewish occupation troops black bagged four kids, gassed neighbors who tried to help the kids. Shot rubber coated steel bullets at the neighbors.

06.26.2019 Israeli soldiers confiscate crane, service vehicle near Hebron. Jewish occupation troops in the West Bank accosted a group of Palestinians working on power lines with a crane and truck belonging to the Beit Ummar City Council. The occupiers stole the crane and truck.

06.26.2019 Soldiers demolish an under construction gas station near Jerusalem. Zionist bulldozers destroy another Palestinian project being built by Palestinians on Palestinian land.

06.26.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct fifteen Palestinians in West Bank. The Jewish state’s bag limit for last night.

06.26.2019 Israel rebukes Chilean ambassador over Pinera’s visit to Temple Mount with Palestinians. Haaretz by Jonathan Gorodischer. Israel’s hypersensitive Foreign Ministry has its panties in a twist again because Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and his wife visited al Aqsa Mosqe compound accompanied by Palestinians but didn’t invite the Israelis. The Zionists apparently view this as President Pinera telling them to, ‘besame el culo’.
The Israelis, who violate mosque protocols all the time by gassing and beating up men, women, and children, escorting Jewish colonists through the compound, threatening the Muslims who are at prayers, soldiers walking in the mosque with boots on, etc. accuse President Pinera of violating Israeli protocols by not inviting them. Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz said, “one must separate between complete religious freedom, which Israel insists upon upholding, and the maintenance of our sovereignty over the Temple Mount.” [Actually, Al Aqsa is the third holiest site for Muslims and, under international agreements, is supposed to be overseen by the Kingdom of Jordan. Israelis are trying to take it over, and call the place ‘Temple Mount’ even though there’s been no Jewish temple has been on it since the Romans knocked it down over 2,000 years ago.]
Article notes that Chile is home to more Palestinians than any country outside the Middle East. Last November Chile’s parliament approved a resolution calling on the government to boycott Israeli colonies and make sure Chile’s agreements with Israel pertain only to the Jewish state that’s inside the Green Line, and recognizes a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

06.26.2019 Israel hit by mysteriously recurring GPS disruptions in its airspace Haaretz. The International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) says “many pilots have lost GPS signal around Ben Gurion airport. Israel says there’s no risk.

06.26.2019 Contradicting Trump, top Putin advisor says U.S. drone downed in Iranian airspace Haaretz by Noa Landau. In a meeting between US, Israeli, and Russian security officials in Jerusalem, the Secretary of Russia’s security council said Russia has documentation that the US drone Iran recently shot down was in Iranian airspace. He called US attempts to show the drone in international airspace, “poor quality and unprofessional.”

06.27.2019 [full program] Not Backing Down: Israel, free speech, & the battle for Palestinian rights. Here it is! The May 04, 2019 panel discussion at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst that the Israel Lobby tried—and failed spectacularly—to prevent. Panel includes: Roger Waters, Linda Sarsour, Mark Lamont Hill, and David Zirin. The Zionists gave the forum tremendous pre-show publicity resulting in a packed house and international interest. A sample headline from the run-up was: “Israel supporters try to shut down UMass forum about efforts by Israel supporters to shut down debate.”
Show starts with clips of Zionist bigots making ad hominum attacks on members of the panel. Zionist, and Trump for President advisor, Jeff Ballabon says about Linda Sarsour, “The problem is that her beliefs are deeply rooted in hatred and anti-Semitism. She is a hater. I’m gonna say it. She is filth!” the Fox news interviewer says, “Jeff, that is a very strong word that you used.” Ballabon doubles down, “Yes! She is a filthy, disgusting, hater!”
Another clip shows Zionist Alan Dershowitz saying of Mark Lamont Hill, “He’s a terrible, terrible human being.”

06.27.2019 Army abducts four Palestinians, injures many, in Jenin IMEMC

06.27.2019 Soldiers take measurements of 16 apartment buildings in preparations for demolishing them IMEMC. In occupied Jerusalem.

06.27.2019 Do all Jewish people keep kosher? The Spruce Eats by Gloria Shimoni. [I’m including this article because Zionists sometimes raise an argument that Jews won’t have enough to eat if BDS keeps food from Jewish colonies in the occupied territories from getting to markets in the west]. Do all Jewish people keep kosher? Short answer: ‘No.’ Article cites a 2013 Pew study ‘A portrait of Jews in America’ which found 22% of American Jews keep kosher in their homes (emphasis added). [Since most American Jews live in big cities like New York where people go out to eat all the time it’s likely that a substantial percentage of Jews who keep kosher at home don’t keep kosher outside the home.] Among Reform Jews, the largest Jewish demographic in the US, just 7% keep kosher in the home. The next largest Jewish demographic claims no particular affiliation, of those, 10% keep kosher in the home. Among Orthodox and modern Orthodox 98% and 83% respectively keep kosher in the home.

06.28.2019 British Society for Middle Eastern Studies endorses Palestinian call to boycott complicit Israeli academic institutions.

06.28.2019 Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure many, in Jerusalem. Jewish occupation trooper wearing body armor, shot unarmed 21-year-old Mohammad Samit Obeid multiple times at point blank range with live ammunition, including a bullet through his heart. Zionist troops gassed the al-Isawiya neighborhood, shot four other people, fired concussion grenades. Article notes Obeid had spent over four years (a fifth) of his young life, in Jewish state prisons.

06.28.2019 Army abducts seven Palestinians in Jerusalem and Jenin. Night and fog raids.

06.28.2019 Bedouin village of Um Al-Kheir fights against new demolition threats. In the past 8 years almost every family in the village has lost a home to colonial bulldozers, along with animal barns, and a communal bread oven. The village is being surrounded by the illegal colony of Carmel.