June 2019, Week 5

June 2019, Week 5

06.29.2019 Israel’s transportation minister works for God Mondoweiss by Jonathan Offer. Bezalel Smotrich back in the news. This shameless Arab-hating, proudly homophobic Zionist represents what Israel has become. He’s the new transportation minister because he’s co-leader of the Union of Right-Wing Parties, and therefore has some political capital Netanyahu needs. Smotrich supports segregation, even in maternity wards, wants to annex the West Bank to Israel, and wants Palestinians to live under an Israeli apartheid regime or be thrown out.

06.29.2019 On 64th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli forces wound 128 Palestinian civilians, including 38 children, 3 women, 7 paramedics, and a journalist. Jewish siege troops, firing from the safety of military embankments and military vehicles, shot barrages of choking gas, rubber coated steel bullets, and live ammunition at unarmed civilians, including women and children. 41 people shot with live ammunition. 36 shot with rubber coated steel bullets, 46 hit with gas canisters. Dozens suffered breathing problems or seizures from gas. As usual: no Israelis injured.
The article tallies number of dead, wounded, amputations, and other injuries since the weekly marches to break the siege began in March of 2018.

06.29.2019 The Lie of the Century by Jafar Ramini. Analysis of Zionist and Trump son in law Jarred Kushner’s Plan for giving Palestine to Israel.

06.29.2019 Outstanding support for UNRWA by international community Representatives of states and institutions were generous with praise and support for UNRWA this week. The support includes $110 million in pledges to help UNRWA continue its health care and education efforts for millions of Palestinians.

06.29.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 19 Palestinians in al-Isawiya Night and fog raids as Jewish occupation troops continue rampaging through the community trying to smash protest over Israeli occupation troops murdering 21-year-old Mohammad Obeid the other day. The Israeli’s ransacked homes, beat people up, bound some people cruelly with tight handcuffs, etc. Some of the victims targeted are Obeid’s relatives. As usual, no Israeli injuries reported.

06.29.2019 Soldiers injure many Palestinians in Nablus. Azmout and Deir al-Hatab villagers protesting Israelis taking over their land. Occupation troops shot them with rubber coated steel bullets and gas bombs.

06.29.2019 Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians, cause fire in olive orchard, in Nilin. (West of Ramallah) Unarmed peaceful protesters marched towards the annexation wall, as the do every Friday. Jewish occupation troops gassed them and attacked them with concussion grenades. The bombs started fires in an olive grove that burned many trees.

06.30.2019 Israeli soldiers invade mourning tent in al-Isawiya, assault many Palestinians IMEMC. When a Palestinian dies it is custom for the family to put up a mourning tent where they can grieve and the community can visit to console them. Not content with killing 21-year-old Mohammad Obeid, Jewish state occupation troops attacked the family mourning tent, beat people up—including children and old people, tore up pictures of the young dead man, and stole the mourning tent! Article notes Israel stole young man’s corpse so his family can’t even give him a proper burial.

06.30.2019 Army abducts three Palestinians in Hebron IMEMC.

06.30.2019 Army injures ten Palestinians including a journalist in Kufur Qaddum.

06.30.2019 In serious ongoing escalation, Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure 95 and abduct three since Thursday IMEMC.

06.30.2019 US envoys break open tunnel running under Palestinian village in East Jerusalem Haaretz by Nir Hason. No, it’s not a Hamas tunnel, it’s an Israeli tunnel. As part of colonial efforts to get Arabs out of the neighborhood, Israeli colonists are building tunnels under the Arab neighborhood of Silwan for a project they call, “Path of the Pilgrims.” The tunnels undermine structural integrity of Arab homes a few meters above them and are cracking foundations of Arab houses.
For this photo-op, the Israelis built a thin brick facade for the old, out of shape, grinning Friedman and Greenblatt to break through with a sledge hammer for the cameras. This seen by pretty much everyone as Trump being led by Israel to support annexation of Jerusalem. Among those present for the embarrassment was billionaire patron to both Trump and Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson and his wife, American Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, and various Israeli officials.
In Israel’s latest attempt to tie itself with America, Friedman invoked the upcoming Fourth of July, Independence Day, and America’s Founding Fathers claiming that they read the bible and, “Where did the words of the bible come from?”
Article notes that two high level officials from the Israeli Antiquities Authority wrote that the archaeological work being done in the tunnels was ‘contrary to accepted practice, was “bad archaeology” and “the Authority could not be proud of this excavation.”