March 2019, Week 1

March 2019, Week 1

Gallup Poll shows American support for Israel continues to go down. Since last year, Republican support down 13%, Democrat support down 6%.  See March 06.


March/April 2019 Ten U.S. Churches now sanction Israel to some degree, and with caveats Washington Report on Middle East Affairs by Steven Sellers Lapham.
1) Alliance of Baptists 65,000 people. (2017)
2) Church of the United Brethren in Christ 23,000 (2006)
3) Quakers aka the Religious Society of Friends 76,000
4) Mennonite Church 75,000 (passed with 98% of the vote-[and it was a Mennonite teacher who fought the loyalty to Israel oath in Kansas in court and won.]
5) Presbyterians 1.5 million.
6) Catholic Conference of Major Superiors of Men voted in 2016 to ‘join the boycott of settlement products and companies profiting from settlements.” They’re  part of the Roman Catholic Church
7) Unitarians 155,000.
8) United Church of Christ 850,000
9) The United Methodists 7 million.
10) The World Communion of Reform Churches.

03.01.2019 Palestine in pictures: February, 2019. Electronic Intifada. Photo essay of life under occupation and siege.

03.01.2019 Ashrawi: ‘Israel’s administrative detention an assault on human rights Maan News. As PLO lawmaker Hannan Ashwarwi welcomed Palestinian politician Khalida Jarrar back into society after Jarrar’s latest 20-month incarceration in Jewish state prisons with no charges or trial, she took the moment to call out Israel for its rampant arrests and open-ended detentions of Palestinians.

03.01.2019 Rep. Ilhan Omar comment was ‘vile anti-Semitic slur,’ top foreign affairs Dem. says Fox News. by Amy Lieu. Busby’s and Poets, a Washington D.C. restaurant, held a public meeting called, ‘Progressive Issues Town Hall.’ Congresspeople Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Pramila Jayapal, and Marc Pocan took part. Omar said, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country. I want to ask why it is OK for me to talk about the influence of the NRA, of fossil fuel industries, or big pharma, and not talk about powerful lobbying movement that is influencing policy.”
Omar is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The Chairman of that Committee, Eliot Engle, who is Jewish, and who says has taken $1,071,971 from the Israel Lobby, lost no time in calling  Omar’s statement, “a vile, anti-Semitic slur.”
Engle claimed, “I welcome debate in Congress based on merits of policy.” but he did not address merits of policy brought up by Omar, and he did not announce a schedule for debate before the public on merits of policy regarding Israel. Instead he limited himself to personal attacks against Omar’s words calling her statement vile, outrageous, and anti-Semitic.
Restaurant owner and moderator for Progressive Issues Town Hall, Andy Shallal supported Omar’s statements saying “…it’s used often times to quiet people, to disparage people, to isolate people.”

03.01.2019 In video-Palestinians banned from Al-Aqsa perform prayers at Lion’s Gate Maan News. Occupation continues incitements at the Mosque. Local Palestinians continue prayers.

03.01.2019 Ilhan Omar: Influential Americans ‘push for allegiance to foreign country’ The Forward. Congresswoman says what everyone knows. Gasp.

03.01.2019 How pro-Israel foundations in Washington are pushing a U.S. war with Iran Mint Press. by Philip Giraldi: former CIA analyst, now Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.
Article lays out what most people following the issues suspected. Pretext for US/Israel war on Iran may be claims that Al-Qada is linked to Iran. Giraldi points out that al-Qada’s only recent major attack was the February 13th suicide bombing that killed 27 Iranian Revolutionary guards. So, connection between the terrorist group and Iran is false narrative but it may be enough for the neo-const to start a war.

03.02.2019 Khalida Jarrar leaves Israeli jail with messages of freedom Electronic Intifada by Tamara Nassar. Article contains an interview with the great woman herself as she emerges unbroken from another 20 months in Jewish state prisons with no charges brought against her and no trial. She was arrested in a pre-dawn night and fog raid on her family home on July 02, 2017 and has been locked up in bad conditions ever since. Israel promised they’d deliver her to her family at a certain checkpoint at noon. In an attempt to undermine a popular public reception for her, Israel dropped her off at six in the morning miles away and left her to walk alone. Nice interview and you will notice by the photo, Jarrar still has that lovely smile.

03.02.2019 Israeli settlers assault, injure Palestinian in Jerusalem Maan News.

03.02.2019 Palestinian forced to demolish own home in Jerusalem Maan News. By order of the occupation.

03.02.2019 Silwan playground collapses due to Israeli excavations Maan News. Residents say ground collapsed from under the children’s playground because of incessant Israeli tunneling towards Al Aqsa Mosque. Article says that Israel has a history of tunneling under Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem then kicking the residents out when their homes become structurally unsound due to Israeli tunneling.

03.02.2019 Paramedics, journalist among injuries during weekly Gaza protest Maan News. 17 injured today. Of those 9 shot with live ammunition, 2 paramedics and a journalist shot with tear gas canisters. Israel gassed the others.

03.02.2019 Palestinian injured during clashes with Israeli forces in Nablus Maan News. 27-year-old shot with rubber coated steel bullet.

03.02.2019 Sign falsely linking Muslim congresswoman to 9/11 sparks outrage in West Virginia NPR by Sasha Ingber. Yesterday was West Virginia GOP Day. The House of Delegates featured a table on which some woman put a split/photo poster with a picture of the burning world trade center captioned: “Never forget…you said.” below that was a photo of Congresswoman Omar captioned, “I am proof-you have forgotten.”
Sign was condemned by the West Virginia State Republican chairwoman and the West Virginia State Senate President, who is also a Republican. You can’t blame the GOP for this but the democrats did. One democrat said he’d heard the Sergeant at Arms, Anne Lieberman, call all Muslims terrorists. Lieberman denied she’d said that, and promptly resigned that day.
The West Virginia democratic party posted a video of a woman wearing an ACT t-shirt standing with the poster. ACT is listed as an anti-Muslim hate group. The woman says she put up the poster, refused to discuss it, the offered the Hebrew toast, ‘l’chaim.”

03.02.2019 Vandals destroy monument to French synagogue destroyed by Nazis Haaretz/DPA daily dose of nazi. Someone pushed over a marble stone which appears undamaged in the photo.

03.03.2019 Israel issues 87 administrative detention orders Maan News. 50 of today’s detention orders are roll-overs, where the Jewish state holding Palestinian prisoners without charges or trial, rolls expired detentions-which can be up to six-months long, into the next detention, still without charges or trail. The other 37 detention orders new ones.

03.03.2019 In video-Israeli forces physically assault, detain Palestinian Maan News. Half a dozen scared Israeli soldiers with machine guns shove around one unarmed, Palestinian who is unimpressed by them, then they shove him into a van.

03.03.2019 Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian carwash Maan News.

03.03.2019 Israel delivers demolition notice to Palestinian home near Bethlehem Maan News. Ten family members live in a 1,000 square foot space. Machine gun wielding Jewish occupation troops invaded the home today with a notice that Israel is going to destroy it.

03.03.2019 After 26-years, DNA used to indict man for murdering Israeli woman Haaretz by Aaron Rabanowitz. A Jewish immigrant sodomized and killed a young Jewish woman in Tel Aviv. If he’s found guilty, will the Jewish state measure his family home for demolition, as it did to an Arab who raped and murdered an Israeli woman last month?

03.03.2019 ‘Antithesis to American values’: pro-Israel democratic senators slam Netanyahu’s deal with Kahanists Haaretz by Amr Tibon. After cozying up to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s violently racist regime for years, [and, I might add, after being called out as Israeli tools], some U.S. politicians are swimming from the bilges of Netanyahu’s sinking ship of state. Senators Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez, notorious for pushing unconstitutional legislation that bans Americans from boycotting Israel, are among them.

03.03.2019 Corbyn calls for UK to freeze arms sales to Israel after report Maan News. Following the U.N.’s Independent Commission of Inquiry report on Israeli snipers killing and wounding massive numbers of unarmed Palestinians including children, women, journalists, medics, and other civilians who posed no threat to the snipers, Jeremy Corbyn, the head of Britain’s Labour Party, has called on the British government to halt arms sales to Israel and to condemn Israeli atrocities which the Commission says may constitute war crimes.

03.04.2019 Ilhan Omar’s criticism raises the question: Is AIPAC too powerful? New York Times by Sheryl Stolberg. Article opens with AIPAC activist Stephen Fisk, “working the phones to Capitol Hill” to complain about Ilhan Omar. Article describes how AIPAC uses innocuous sounding (anodyne) names, to cover the groups’ reason for being, which is to support Israel by backing pro-Israel candidates. AIPAC assigns members to, “cultivate each senator and house member.”
In an 02.14.2019 article for The Nation, MJ Rosenberg who used to work for AIPAC said, “AIPAC’s political operation is used precisely as Representative Omar suggested, “including during policy conferences, when members gather “inside rooms, nominally independent to the main event, “to raise money and decide which candidate will get what.”
In 2006, Minnesota democrat Betty McCollum advocated for humanitarian relief for Palestinian refugees, AIPAC’s represtative told her Chief of Staff that “support for terrorists will not be tolerated.” That backfired. McCollum banned AIPAC from her office and told them not to come back until they apologized. AIPAC members stopped donating to her.
AIPAC’s Stephen Fisk made a threatening prediction in the article targeting the three young congresswomen who have criticized Israel’s influence in American politics: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. Fisk is quoted saying, “They are three people who, in my opinion, will not be around in several years.”

03.04.2019 Israeli navy opens heavy fire at fishermen in Gaza Maan News. Israeli gunboats blasted away at Gaza fishermen again to drive them into shore without their catch.

03.04.2019 Israeli forces shoot kill 2 Palestinians, injure another, in Ramallah Maan News. Details contested. What’s known is the killings were at 3 a.m. 3 young Palestinans in a car smashed into Israeli occupation troops whose vehicle was in the road. The road was wet. Immediately after the crash, occupation troopers machine gunned the Palestinians as they sat injured in their car.
Locals say the Palestinians were on their way to work when they ran into the car by accident. Israelis say their troops had broken down and the Palestinians were terrorists who tried to ram the Jewish troops.
Series of pictures shows with the article shows the Israelis were hit at the bottom of a long hill just after a hairpin turn near the bottom. The turn was a blind corner. The Israelis were just a few feet past that corner. Front end of Palestinian car is totaled and the windows all shot out.
Clearly the Palestinians were traveling at high speed or they wouldn’t have totaled the front end. The Palestinian driver wouldn’t have been able to see where the Israelis were until he turned the corner which makes a terrorist attack unfeasible.

03.04.2019 FM urges ICC to speed up investigations after killing of 2 Palestinians Maan News. Palestinian Foreign Minister is asking the International Criminal Court to speed up investigations of Israeli crimes against Palestinians after occupation troops killed two more young Palestinians this morning.

03.04.2019 Israel demolishes several structures in Salfit Maan News. In addition to the carwash, Israeli bulldozers smashed yesterday, they wrecked two steel structures and a vendor’s cart.

03.04.2019 Israeli forces detain 25 Palestinians in West Bank Maan News. Night and Fog raids in the occupied West Bank.

03.04.2019 Endless trip to hell: Israel jails hundreds of Palestinian boys a year Haaretz by Netta Ahitus. Byline: “They’re seized in the dead of night, blindfolded and cuffed, abused and manipulated to confess to crimes they did not commit. Every year Israel arrests almost 1,000 Palestinian youngsters, some of them not yet 13.”

03.04.2019 Israeli warplanes fire missiles across eastern Gaza Maan News. No one injured. Israel says it was shooting at Hamas. Articles says no Hamas sites were where the vicinity where the 4 missiles landed.

03.04.2019 3 Palestinians shot, injured in Gaza’s night protests Maan News. Jewish snipers shot into groups of protesters on the Gaza side of Israel’s segregation fence. 3 injured by live ammunition.

03.04.2019 In first, U.S. deploys THAAD missile defense system in Israel in joint drill Haaretz by Amos Haarel. Well, Americans, say goodbye to another billion of your tax dollars for Israel. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) batteries cost $800 million a pop, not counting development, delivery, or spare parts and missiles.

03.04.2019 Sackler name is everywhere at Tel Aviv U. but not the opioid controversy plaguing the family. Haaretz by Dina Kraft. Opioid drug kingpin Sackler made billions by addicting Americans.

03.04.2019 House dems will take floor action to confront Omar’s latest Israel comments Politico. by Sarah Ferris et al. Senior Jewish lawmakers like Eliot Engle attacked Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israel’s singular power over American politics. Nancy Pelosi and the democrats are joining republicans as both parties fall all over themselves for Israel and in so doing, prove Omar is absolutely right.

03.04.2019 “It is disturbing that Rep. Omar continues to perpetuate hurtful anti-Semitic stereotypes that misrepresent our Jewish community. Additionally, questioning support for the U.S. Israel relationship is unacceptable.” Actual quote from American congressman Rep. Juan Vargas (D. Ca.)

03.04.2019 Comedian Bill Burr visits Israel for the first time as part of his new world tour: 50 Time Out. Bill Burr, who as part of his act wants to bring shame back to American society, is violating the boycott and going to Israel to do stand-up a few miles from cemeteries, hospitals, and prisons full of Palestinians who aren’t allowed past the apartheid wall to see him. Shame, Bill. Shame! Shame!

03.05.2019 In photos—Israeli settlers seize Palestinian home in East Jerusalem Maan News. An elderly Palestinian couple went out shopping for groceries. While they were gone, Jewish colonists broke into their home, which is in a Palestinian owned building, and took it over. When neighbors went to remove the squatters they were attacked by Israeli occupation troopers who gassed and arrested the neighbors.

03.05.2019 In video—Israeli forces teargas Palestinian students in Shufat Maan News Jewish occupation troops invaded Shufat refugee camp and gassed children on their way to school again. The apparent objective was to terrorize the children and prevent them from going to school. [Here in Alaska the kids have snow days where they can’t get to school. In the Occupied Territories, kids have gas days where they can’t get to school.]

03.05.2019 Israeli authorities demand ownership of Palestinian land in Silwan Maan News. The Mauraghou family has been living in the building for over 100 years. Israel is trying to seize it by claiming Yemini Jews owned the building in 1881.

03.05.2019 Palestinian families left homeless after Israeli demolition near Haifa Maan News Israeli troops invaded al-Kabiyeh village near Haifa in Northern Israel in order to bulldoze two Palestinian homes.

03.05.2019 Woman among 12 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids across West Bank again last night.

03.05.2019 Israeli forces open heavy fire at Palestinian protesters in Gaza Maan News. Jewish siege troops fired live ammunition and gas at protesters again. No injuries reported.

03.05.2019 Belgian carnival float features puppets of grinning Jews, a rat, and money bags Haaretz/JTA. Float was created by giant puppet makers, Vismooil group, for the annual Aalst street carnival.

03.05.2019 Sound familiar? Netanyahu tells Likudniks their greatest enemy is the media Haaretz by Chemi Shalev. Bibi asserts his victimhood, he’s an innocent being attacked by Arab supporting leftists.

04.05.2019 South Africa embassy to Israel begins down grading relations Middle East Monitor. South Africa downgraded its embassy in Tel Aviv into a limited diplomatic mission with no trade/political/or development cooperation mandate.

03.05.2019 Ocasio-Cortez balks at Dem leadership’s rebuke of Omar Politico. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls out hypocrisy of Democratic leadership for publicly attacking Omar, pointing out that there have been no such resolutions against statements by congresspeople like a member saying he’d ‘send Obama back to Kenya’ or Jason Smith of Missouri yelling at Rep. Tony Cardenas to ‘go back to Puerto Rico.’ She pointed out that if all congress members were treated like Omar for racist, sexist, homophobic comments, “a good chunk of congress would be gone.”

03.05.2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, citing Ilhan Omar controversy, calls out colleagues for double standards JTA by Ron Kampeas.

03.05.2019 Ilhan Omar has a point Slate by Jordan Weissman.

03.06.2019 American support for Israel in Israeli-Palestinian conflict falls to ten-year low, Gallup finds Haaretz. Israelis like to say they don’t need us but headlines like this keep them up at night. Gallup’s annual World Affairs Survey found that American support for Israel has fallen to 59%, down 5% from last year at this time (!) while American support of Palestinians rose to 21%. Democrat support for the Zionist regime dropped 6% from 49% to 43% and Republican support dropped 13%. *Couple updates: 1. Gallup Polls have consistently been much more favorable towards Israel (even into double digits) than Pew polls. 2. April 17, 2019 article by Grant Smith in titled; “Gallup Quietly Admits ‘Israeli vs. Palestinian’ Sympathy Polls are Misleading”, throws shade on Gallup methodologies. 3. This Gallup Poll was taken before Rep. Ilhan Omar spoke out about Israel Lobby money buying support for Israel, which may have changed the poll results.

03.06.2019 Concerned about attacking Ilhan Omar, democrats pivot on anti-Semitism resolution Roll call (DC political newspaper) by Lindsey McPherson. Author points out that the non-binding resolution is a waste of time, a distraction, and holds comments by one congressional colleague (Omar) to a singular standard not exercised against others in congress. When questioned about why they’re doing this and what they expect to gain by it, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is quoted as saying, “It doesn’t mean anything at all, except what it means for now.”

03.06.2019 FBI investigating threat against Rep. Omar scrawled on gas station bathroom wall Roll Call by Griffin Connolly.

03.06.2019 Israel cuts off water supply for 2600 Palestinians in Jordan Valley Maan News. Israel claims that the water sources—wells inside the village, inside Palestinian lands, belong to Israel. The Israelis dig wells for Jewish colonists that suck up the water Palestinians aren’t allowed to use.

03.06.2019 Israel to demolish family home of Palestinian prisoner Maan News. Israel has made the unsupported claim that a Palestinian man who raped and murdered a young Jewish colonist, committed his crimes for nationalist reasons. Therefore he’s a terrorist, and Israel will destroy his parent’s home as collective punishment. [Worth noting that Israelis have never demolished the family homes of Jewish terrorists or criminals.]

03.06.2019 Two Palestinian children killed in blaze after Israel blocks fire brigade Middle East Monitor video shows Jewish occupation troops at a gate with the fire truck trying to pass and people pleading with the Jews to open the gate for the sake of the children. They didn’t. There were three small children in the burning building, tow of them died, one is in intensive care with serious burns.

03.06.2019 UN delays publication of report on firms linked to Israeli settlements Maan News. UN High Commission for Human Rights has produced—but once again delayed publication—of a report with a database naming companies that profit from illegal settlements in the occupied territories. Israel and its supporters are cheering censorship of the document while human rights groups are disgusted. Article notes that 14,454 new Israeli Jewish units have been approved for the occupied territories in the past 1 ½ years.

03.06.2019 New wrinkle in alleged abusers extradition case The New York Jewish Week by Nathan Jeffay. Former headmistress of Australian girl’s school, Malka Leifer, fled to Israel to avoid prosecution for 74 counts of child sexual abuse of girls in her care. Israel won’t extradite her, claiming she’s mentally unfit for trial. Now police are investigating Netanyahu’s deputy health minister, Yakov Litzman, to determine if he was involved in influencing medial authorities to falsely claim she’s mentally unfit.

03.07.2019 15-year-old Palestinian succumbs to wounds in Gaza Maan News. Jewish siege sniper shot unarmed Saif Abu-Zayd in the head as the boy took part in the Great March of Return protests on the Gaza side of the segregation fence. The youngster died of his injuries this morning. There’s another article about his funeral in Gaza. Rest in Peace.

03.07.2019 Infant injured as Israeli forces detain 13 Palestinians in West Bank Maan News. During night and fog raids occupation troops gassed refugee camp in Bethlehem while shooting live ammunition at the community. 40-day-old baby taken to hospital with trouble breathing.

03.07.2019 Israel demolishes housing structures in Masafer Maan News More Palestinians out in the cold as machine gun wielding Jewish occupation troops destroy housing in south Hebron community. They even stole the people’s tents so they would have nothing.

03.07.2019 Israel to demolish 4 greenhouses near Bethlehem Maan News.

032.07.2019 Israeli Arab slate, far-left candidate banned from election hours after Kahanist leader allowed to run Haaretz by Jonathan Lis. Democracy in Israel means the most racist Jewish faction in history can run for office but not the Arab candidate who calls them out.

03.07.2019 Gillibrand becomes first democratic presidential candidate to criticize Omar’s ‘anti-Semitic tropes. Haaretz/AP Kirstin Gillibrand, criticized Congress woman Omar for saying that Israel lobby money impacts American politics. [this might be a good time to note that Kirsten Gillibrand has bellied up to the Israel-Lobby trough to the tune of $367,000]

03.07.2019 Keep it up, Ilhan Omar Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Israel’s great humanitarian calls Congresswoman Omar, “The most promising U.S. Congresswoman today” and says, “Maybe for the first time in history, someone will dare to tell the truth to the American people, absorbing scathing accusations of anti-Semitism, without bowing her head. The chances of this happening aren’t great; the savage engine of the Jewish lobby and of Israel’s “friends” is already doing everything it can to trample her.”
“When will Americans and Europeans stop running scared every time someone screams “anti-Semitism?…When will the world dare to distinguish between legitimate criticism of an illegitimate reality and anti-Semitism?…Maybe it’s important that she knows there are people crossing their fingers for her?”
“Her success and that of her congressional colleagues, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, could be the first swallows that herald the coming of spring. This is the spring of freely expressing opinions about Israel in America.”
“What after all, has Omar said? That pro-Israel activists demand, “allegiance to a foreign country,” that “U.S. politicians support Israel because of money they receive from the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC,” and that “Israel hypnotized the world.” What is incorrect in these statements? Why is describing reality considered anti-Semitic?”
To Israel Levy says, “blind support” by the American Jewish establishment “raises legitimate questions regarding dual loyalty….Omar dared to speak about this.” Levy says quashing of any criticism or questioning of Israel is “ not right and it’s not good for the Jews.”

03.07.2019 Anti-Zionist orthodox Jews express solidarity with Rep. Ilhan Omar Daily Sabah. Rabbi Dovid Feldman led a Jewish delegation to Representative Omar’s office in Washington D.C. to give support for her. He issued a statement saying in part , “No one should be attacked for criticizing AIPAC, certainly not the esteemed Congresswoman Omar. She should be lauded for differentiating between Jews and Zionists. Judaism is a religion which teaches service to the Almighty, while Zionism attempts to transform Judaism into Nationalism.”

03.07.2019 House votes to condemn all hate as anti-Semitism debate overshadows congress New York Times by Sheryl Stolberg. Trying to censor Ilhan Omar for speaking publicly about influence Israel Lobby money plays in pro-Israel bias endemic in Congress, the democrats found their ranks divided, younger Congress people who aren’t on the take, speaking up, and mainstream Americans are actively listening to a conversation that has not been aired before.
Moreover, the republicans were threatening to draft their own resolution against Omar, then the democrats would have had to choose between supporting their own member in congress or supporting Israel.
Attempting to put brakes on the whole thing, the democrats floated a draft resolution condemning anti-Semitism, and implicitly Omar, without mentioning her name. Many people said, ‘What about hate against Muslims or other groups?’ In the end democrats cobbled together a pointless resolution condemning hate against: Asians, Blacks, Hindus, Jews, Latinos, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Sikhs, other people of color, and LGBTQ’s. [In short, congress condemned hate against everything but White Christians and the kitchen sink.]

03.07.2019 Dem lawmaker: Why can’t resolution ‘singularly condemn’ anti-Semitism The Hill by Julie Brufke. Jewish Congressman Ted Deutch (D-Fl) is upset that hate towards non-Jews is included in the anti-hate resolution. Deutch wanted a Jews-only anti-hate bill. He accused Ilhan Omar of spreading “anti-Semitic lies three times.” [I looked Ted up on ‘’ Apparently, pro-Israel money rained $599,591 down on Outraged Ted between 2009 and 2018.

03.07.2019 Schumer denounced for ‘Absolutely disgusting’ AIPAC speech Common Dreams by Jake Johnson. New York Democrat Chuck Schumer told AIPAC the reason there’s no peace in between Israelis and Palestinians is that Palestinians don’t read the Torah, which Schumer feels gives the land to Jews. [Worth noting, Schumer has taken over $1.18 million from the Israel lobby—11,800 Benjamins—and who once told a NY interviewer that Hashem (God) gave him his name to be a protector of Israel.]