March 2019, Week 2

March 2019, Week 2

photos shown are screen grabs from RT YouTube video.


Friday—International Women’s Day
03.08.2019 East Jerusalem: ultra-orthodox protesters violently disrupt women’s western wall prayers YouTube. 3 minute from RT. A group of Jewish women went to pray at the Western Wall for International Women’s Day. Thousands of ultra orthodox Jews who don’t believe women should be allowed to pray there, turned out to intimidate the women, screaming, shoving, cursing, scratching, etc. Wild footage of Jewish occupation troops trying to ride herd on a mob of thousands without hurting them because they’re Jewish so they couldn’t brutalize them as they do to the Palestinians. No gas bombs, no shooting with live ammunition, no rubber coated steel bullets, no stun grenades, no skunk water or water cannons…Didn’t go so well.

03.08.2019 In video: Thousands of ultra-orthodox youths assault feminist group in Jerusalem Maan News. A bit of back-story to the previous article. A group of religious Jewish women went to the Western Wall to pray on International Women’s Day. A mob of thousands of ultra-orthodox Jews, both men and women, attacked the praying women, screaming at them, shoving them, some were knocked down and required medical attention. The assaulted women say Israeli police abandoned them to the mob. In addition, Western Wall Rabbi Shuel Rabinovitch refused to sign off on letting the women use the speaker system at the wall saying, “Women using loudspeakers is against religious law.” [I didn’t even know they had loudspeakers in the Old Testament.]

03.08.2019 40,000 worshipers pray at al-Aqsa after Israeli decision to seal gate. Maan News. After Israel re-sealed the ‘Gate of Mercy’ to Arabs, it deployed Jewish snipers to roof tops. Contrary to their usual behavior, they didn’t fire at, or try to disperse the 40,000 Arabs. [That seems curious until you realize that most of the occupation troops were a few hundred feet away trying to figure out what to do with thousands of ultra-orthodox Jews were attacking that Jewish women’s group. You may despise the occupation but what a day at work that would be for whoever had to sort out the logistics of how to handle two protest groups, with tens of thousands of people each, right next to each other. Lucky for the occupiers, the Palestinians remained peaceful while the ultra-orthodox did not.]

03.08.2019 Israeli navy detains 4 Palestinian fishermen in Gaza Maan News. As the fishermen worked off Gaza, Jewish siege troops gunboats surrounded them and began shooting machine guns near their boat. The Israelis order the fishermen to strip off their clothes, jump into the cold water, and swim to a gunboat. The Palestinians were arrested, their boat confiscated and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

03.08.2019 Dual Loyalty as racism Gilad Atzmon. Great quote from GA. “How reassuring it is that the only American who upholds the core values of liberty, patriotism, and freedom, is a black, Muslim and an immigrant .”

03.08.2019 American Trade Deficit with Israel

Deficit tally for 2018 in millions

U. S. Census Bureau. The Census Bureau keeps monthly tabs on how our trade balances are doing with other countries. The December, 2018 numbers are in, marking ten straight years over which America has lost billions every single year. Here are the totals for the past decade in MILLIONS of DOLLARS:
2018 – 8,048.2
2017 – 9,394.5
2016 – 9,019.9
2015 -10,955.6
2014 – 7,934.1
2013 – 9,039.6
2012 – 7,857.6
2011 – 9,085.0
2010 – 9,689.7
2009 – 9,185.0
Total – 90,209.2 times a million = minus $90,209,200,000 in ten years for an annual average loss of $9,020,920,000.

03.08.2019 Israel to close its embassy in South Africa Middle East Monitor. Back in December, 2017, the African National Congress voted to downgrade South Africa’s relationship with Israel. It’s been on the back burner but Israel’s rolling massacres of Palestinian protesters along the Gaza border has brought the thing to a head and they’re actually doing it. In reaction, the Jewish state is pulling its ambassador out of Pretoria.

03.08.2019 Arkansas newspaper challenges the state’s anti BDS law Vice News Interviews by Alzo Slade. 7 minutes. Allen Levritt is founder/owner/editor of the Arkansas Times which is Levritt’s life work and which survives on advertising. He discusses his refusal to sign a loyalty oath to Israel, in the form of a written vow not to boycott Israel or its occupied territories, that the Arkansas legislature has voted to require of anyone who does business with the state. He doesn’t have a stance on the Boycott but, as a taxpayer, feels the legislature has no place telling Arkansans they have to be against the boycott. So he is taking them to court.
Slade then speaks to Bart Hester, the Arkansas legislator who introduced the loyalty to Israel bill. He points out the language of the 27 state bills requiring a loyalty oath to Israel is the same almost word for word and asks Hester who is behind the bills. Hester laughs in his face. Says he likes to “check with groups like AIPAC, see what their thoughts are and if they’ve got any—what we call template legislation that seems to be working for them.”
Hester said his Christian faith ‘absolutely did’ influence his introducing the legislation and said that the federal government has the right to sanction Iran and “as a state we had the right to make a statement as well.” Slade points out, “You’re not sanctioning another country. You’re sanctioning your own citizens.” Hester agrees, “Right. That we are! We’re sending a message.”

03.09.2019 Palestinian killed, 48 others injured during weekly Gaza protests Maan News. 23-year-old Tamer Arafat shot dead by Jewish siege snipers. Snipers also injured 48 others including 4 paramedics, 2 journalists, 2 women, and 15 children. Tamer Arafat was buried today in accordance with custom.

03.09.2019 Israel returns body of slain Palestinian teen Maan News. Jewish occupation troops, with machine guns and body armor, shot little 16-year-old Samah Mubarak to death at a check-point on January 30 of this year. They claim she had a knife and attacked them with it. Today Israel returned her body to her parents outside the notorious Ofer prison. [Other article note that Israeli’s often use bodies of Palestinians they kill “to punish their families by preventing their burial in a proper manner and to use them as bargaining chips in possible prisoner exchanges in the future.

03.09.2019 Did pro-Israeli funding influence democrat’s response to Ilhan Omar? The Guardian by Tom Perkins. [English media doesn’t sugar coat it.] Article lays out some dollar figures of how much money congress-people who are speaking against Omar have taken from the Israel Lobby. Congress people who took little or no money from the lobby have been Omar’s defenders. Those who took the most money from the Lobby have attacked her or kept quiet.
Eliot Engle (D-NY) who attacked Omar has taken about $1.7 million from the Lobby—about $107,000 per election. [Engle by the way, is Jewish and he’s the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee that plays such a big role in supporting–Israel.] Corey Booker, who called Omar’s remarks, ‘disturbing’ took $445,000 from the Lobby for his senate campaign. Kirsten Gillibrand disparaged Omar saying, criticisms of Israel should be made, “without employing anti-Semitic tropes about money or influence.” The lobby has showered Ms. Gillibrand with $367,000 dollars. (that’s a lot of Benjamins, Kristin).

03.09.2019 The shameful attack that backfired Lobe Log by James Zogby. Another of many articles on attacks against Ilhan Omar.

03.09.2019 Ex Mossad agents harrass U.S. students, BDS activists Electronic Intifada by Kristian Davis Baily. Article describes underhanded tactics Israeli agents are using in their secretive, but not as secretive as they’d like, smear campaign against American college students, teachers, and others.

03.09.2019 Israeli forces seal off entrance to Ramallah-area village Maan News. Occupation troops closed off the village’s main entrance road so the people have to get to their fields by back roads.

03.09.2015 Israeli air strikes target Hamas sites across Gaza Maan News. Israel blew up some farmland, damaged some homes. No injuries reported.

03.09.2019 Watch//Temple Mount tensions continue as Israeli police officers refuse to remove shoes at disputed prayer site Haaretz by Nir Hasson. You know this is an Israeli news source because Jews call the Al-Aqsa mosque area ‘Temple Mount’. It’s where they want to tear down Islam’s famous mosque to build a Jewish temple. In today’s infraction, Jewish occupation troops trampled Arab prayer rugs with their combat boots. Video goes viral in the Arab world.

03.10.2019 ‘Israel is the Nation-state of the Jews alone’ Netanyahu responds to TV star who said Arabs are equal citizens Haaretz In upcoming elections Netanyahu is running against Benny Gantz. Netanyahu’s Sports and Culture Minister Miri Regev, told a television host that, “The public needs to watch out, because if Benny Gantz is elected he’ll need to form a government with Arabs.”
At that, Israeli actress, Rotem Sela (who has 824,000 followers on social media) said that Israel is a country of all its citizens. Prime Minister Netanyahu set her straight by tweeting: “Dear Rotem, an important correction: Israel is not a state of all its citizens. According to the Nation-State Law that we passed, Israel is t he nation-state of the Jewish people—and them alone.”

03.10.2019 Palestinian youth shot, killed by Israeli forces Maan News. Jewish occupation troops in the West Bank claim 22-year-old Sameh Kaabneh didn’t stop when they told him to so they shot him to death. Two other Palestinians were with him at the time. They ran for their lives and apparently got away.

03.10.2019 Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinian children in al-Bineh raid Maan News. Jewish occupation troops raided al-Bireh community, shooting rubber coated steel bullets and gas grenades at locals. They came across an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old in their yards, arrested and abducted them, and took them to an illegal Jewish colony nearby for interrogation.

03.11.2019 Israeli journalist facing trial for calling soldiers who beat Palestinians ‘animals. Middle East Monitor In February a squad of Jewish occupation troops handcuffed and blindfolded a father and his 15-yar-old son then beat them savagely with kicks, punches, and rifle stocks.
Israeli journalist Oshrat Kotler said on the air, “When you send your children to the [Israeli] army, they are kids. You send them to the [occupied Palestinian] territories, and the come back as human animals. This is the result of the occupation.”
Now Kotler is to stand trial for this comment. She faces charges of incitement, incrimination of suspects, failure to grant a right of reply, and other nonsense.

03.10.2019 Israeli navy detains 2 Palestinian fishermen in northern Gaza Maan News. Jewish siege gunboats abducted 2 more fishermen and confiscated their boat.

03.10.2019 Former prisoner among 6 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids, again.

03.10.2019 Israeli forces shoot, injure 18-year-old Palestinian in Gaza Maan News. Jewish siege snipers shot the unarmed teen with live ammunition as he took part in Great March of Return protests on the Gaza side of Israel’s segregation fence.

03.10.2019 MBS has a BDS problem: Kashoggi’s shadow haunts the Saudi Crown Prince Haaretz by Zvi Barel.  A year ago talent agency William Morris Endeavor’s CEO Ari Emanuel (Rham Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff’s brother) had a Hollywood party for Mohammad bin Salman that included Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Disney CEO Robert Iger. Emanuel has returned Mohammad bin Salman’s $450 million, joining other notables who are washing their hands of the Saudi despot since his horrific killing of American/Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
Richard Branson halted an investment deal in a Saudi city. 36 countries, including 28 EU members have condemned Saudi Arabia for the killing.
World famous La Scala opera has rejected its own CEO’s decision to admit the Saudi Culture Minister to La Scala’s board. Germany has suspended weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.
Article says bin Salman’s younger brother Khaid was the Saudi’s ambassador to Washington when Kashoggi was tortured and dismembered and U.S. intelligence community says Khaid advised Kashoggi to go to the Saudi consulate in Turkey where Kashoggi was murdered.

03.11.2019 Israeli settlers seal door of mosque in Jerusalem Maan News. Vandals smeared adhesive into the lock mechanism of the Old City’s Sheikh Makku mosque.

03.11.2019 Israeli forces shoot, injure 2 Palestinians in Kobar clashes Maan News. Jewish occupation troops attacked the village in Ramallah district, sparking clashes with local youths. The Israelis fired rubber coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and stun grenades at locals. Two injuries from the bullets.

03.11.2019 Palestinian succumbs to wounds sustained in Gaza protests Maan News. Two weeks ago Jewish siege troops shot 22-year-old Bassam Salfi in the head with a gas bomb. He hung on until this morning. Rest in Peace. [another article is a photo-essay of the young man’s funeral which was attended by hundreds of mourners.]

03.11.2019 Israeli forces raze debris of Palestinian school in Hebron Maan News. Palestinian Ministry of Education spent $45,000 on modular classroom school that was supposed to open last December. Two days before the opening Israeli occupation troops stole the school’s engine, drinking-water tank, and other equipment then demolished the classrooms. Today they came back with bulldozes to grind down what was left of the buildings, then they plowed dirt into the road leading to where the building had been.

03.11.2019 Israel to evacuate Palestinian family to grant ownership to settlers Maan News. Palestinians living in the house they inherited say Jewish colonial group called El Ad, forged documents that claim Jewish ownership of their home. The family has been trying to save their home from take-over for 22 years and will appeal the decision.

03.11.2019 Israeli navy detains 2 Palestinian fishermen off Gaza’s coast Maan News. The men were fishing within a mile of shore when Jewish siege troops abducted them. Their whereabouts are unknown.

03.11.2019 Prosecution drops cases against 2 Jews for Dormiton Abbey arson Jerusalem Post Jerusalem Post by Yonah Bob. Two Jews, one of whom confessed to this and other racist crimes while in prison, were let go after the court ruled that the confessions were coerced. The arsonist who confessed to torching the abbey in 2016 revealed that he and others also burned a Palestinian warehouse, a Palestinian taxi, attacked a shepherd, and slashed dozens of tires on Palestinian cars. Article notes that the abbey was also vandalized by three Jewish teenagers, ages 15-16 who wrote anti-Christian graffiti on the walls in red, “May his name be obliterated.” “Death the heathen Christians, the enemies of Israel” “Go to Hell” etc.

03.11.2019 KKL-JNF Chair: Intermarriage, anti-Semitism ‘a catastrophe’ for diaspora Jerusalem Post by Jeremy Sharon. Chairman of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund Daniel Altar was visiting New Jersey where he told Jews, “high rates of intermarriage in North America represent a severe threat to the Jewish people.” He called Jews marrying non Jews, “a catastrophe.” Article notes that a 2013 Pew Report put Jewish inter-marriage at 58%. Altar claimed “65% of Jews in the Diaspora are choosing to disconnect themselves from the Jewish people.”

03.11.2019 U.S. Senator Graham says he’ll work to get U.S. to recognize Israeli annexation of Golan Heights Haaretz by Noa Shpigel. Israel lobby senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Ted Cruz (R-Tx) back in the news working for Israel. By international agreement the Golan Heights belong to Syria. Graham and Cruz want the U.S. to give it to Israel. [note: says Graham has taken $545,315 from pro-Israel lobby, Cruz has taken $804,215].

03.11.2019 Report: Trump says he would have 98 percent support as Israeli Prime Minister candidate Haaretz by Amir Tibon. You gotta love that man! Donald Trump is courting the Israel lobby again. Journalist Jonathan Swan reported that your President, at a Republican National Committee meeting, said off the record but validated by multiple attendees, that if he could run for Prime Minister of Israel, he’d be at 98% in the polls. That might not be as far off as you’d think. Trump is more popular in Israel than he is in the U.S. Polls in the Jewish state show his approval rating at about two thirds in favor. [by the way, the President’s rating in Israel is far higher than his approval rating here in the United States. Here, he’s at 39 percent which is the lowest of any President in the past 80 years.]

03.11.2019 Iraqi pogrom victims not recognized as Nazi survivors, Israeli court rules Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

03.12.2019 Funeral procession for slain Palestinian commence in Gaza Maan News. Back in February a Jewish siege sniper shot 23-year-old Mousa Mohammad Mousa in the back. He hung with his injuries until last night when he moved to a better place. Rest in Peace.

03.12.2019 Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces for alleged stab attempt Maan News. A group of Jewish occupation troopers wielding machine guns and wearing body armor claim 22-year-old Yasser al-Shweiki approached them with a knife. So they killed him. No Israelis injured.

03.12.2019 Israeli settlers uproot dozens of olive trees in Nablus Maan News. Another attack on the earth by Jewish colonists.

03.12.2018 Israel imposes severe restrictions on Hebron’s Old City Maan News. The occupation is blocking more streets and closing checkpoints people must pass through to get home. Areas around Ibriahimi mosque particularly targeted.

03.12.2019 Analysis//how the Israeli army takes Palestinian land and hands it to settlers Haaretz by Amira Haas. byline: “45 [Jewish] settlements have been built on Palestinian land requisitioned for military purposes. A new study explains how.”

03.12.2019 Israeli court releases footage of soldiers beating detained Palestinians Haaretz. This is the January footage of a group of occupation troopers beating a Palestinian father almost to death in front of his son, who was also beaten.

03.12.2019 No, dual loyalty isn’t okay Unz review by Philip Giraldi. Calls out the attacks on Ilhan Omar that accuse her of anti-Semitism, etc, saying, “It is perpetual victimhood employed as an excuse for malfeasance on the part of Jewish groups and the Jewish state.
Quotes Jewish humanitarian Gilad Atzmon who wrote, “How reassuring it is that the only American who upholds the core values of liberty, patriotism, and freedom, is a black, Muslim and an immigrant.”
Giraldi accuses Jewish New York Times columnist Bret Stephens of defenestrating Ilhan Omar. [you probably all know what that means but it was a new word for me and it’s use here is perfect. To defenestrate means to throw someone out a window] Giraldi also points out Stephens’ own dual loyalties regarding Israel. “(He and other dual loyalists, to be generous in describing them, should be exposed for what they are, which is the epitome of the promoters of the too “passionate attachment” with a foreign state that President George Washington warned against. If the United States is not their homeland by every measure, they should perhaps consider doing Aliyah and moving to Israel. We genuine Americans would be well rid of them.”

3.12.2019 Randy Fine wants colleges treating BDS backers like the KKK Florida by Jacob Ogles. Jewish lawmaker Randy Fine from Florida back in the news with his latest attempt to criminalize criticism of Israel, this time with HB 741. The bill requires Florida public institutions to designate anti-Semitism as a hate crime—AND, GET THIS—HB 741 incorporates the International Holocaust Rememberance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, in which 7 of 11 examples of anti-Semitism involve criticism of Israel. [two years ago, when he was a freshman legislator, Florida Today reported that Fine called his own constituents Nazis and anti-Semites when they questioned his anti-BDS bill.]

03.12.2019 Palestine exchange joins ‘Ring the Bell’ initiative to promote gender equity Maan News. In recognition of International Women’s Day, Palestine joined 90 countries participating in the initiative supporting women’s rights.

03.12.2019 Update: In video—Israeli forces seal off al-Aqsa gates, assault worshipers. Maan News. Jewish occupation troops continued their provocations against Islam’s third holiest site. Videos show machine gun wielding, body armored troopers shoving unarmed people, including women, knocking them down, etc.

03.12.2019 The Holocaust’s greatest tunnel escape reaches New York Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.


04.13.2019 Poll: only 22.2% in U.S. sympathize with more with Israelis by Grant Smith. A March 06, 2019 Gallup poll, which came out right before the AIPAC conference, claimed 59% of Americans support Israel vs. 21% support Palestinians. Smiths Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, in Washington, D.C. ran “Gallup’s precisely worded question, “In the Middle East situation, are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?” through what IRMEP says are more accurate online polling platforms, and gleaned the following: No Opinion 52.5%, Israelis 22.2%, Palestinians 6.8%, Neither 10.6%, both 7.9%. (on 12.17.2018 Smith ran an article in on Gallup’s ‘massive fraud’ on no-bid contracts with the U.S. government.]

03.13.2019 Palestinian killed, 40 others injured by Israeli forces in Salfit Maan News. Try flipping the players around in this headline. Imagine reading that Hamas murdered an Israeli Jew and wounded 40 others. It would be on every news source in America. Instead, we get zip as a Jewish occupation trooper shot an unarmed, 23-year-old Muhammad Shaheen through the heart with live ammunition and killed him. The rest of today’s injuries at the village were caused by rubber coated steel bullets and suffocation gas. To hide the evidence, the Israelis stole camera surveillance equipment from area shops. There’s a follow-up photo essay of young Shaheen’s funeral. Rest in Peace.

03.13.2019 Minors, woman among 51 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids, again.

03.13.2019 Israel issues 38 administrative detention orders Maan News. Open ended prison time with charges or trail.

03.13.2019 Israel demolishes 2 Palestinian-owned homes in Jerusalem Maan News. No prior warning. Occupiers showed up with machine guns and armored bulldozers. Threw out the families and flattened their homes before their eyes.

03.13.2019 Israeli forces raid Hebron school, injure dozens of students Maan News. Jewish occupation troopers gassed little children at a Palestinian elementary school again today. The Israelis fired gas repeatedly as they raided the school where 370 students were at class. Dozens of kids taken to hospital with trouble breathing.

03.13.2019 Israeli forces detain international activist in Hebron Maan News. Young woman from Costa Rica was in the city to document Israeli crimes. Not liking that, Israel arrested her and she will probably be deported.

03.13.2019 Israel to build hundreds of new settlement units Maan News. Occupation spreads across the land as Israeli government panders to the colonist vote at the expense o Palestinians.

03.13.2019 J Street to offer competing free trip to Israel for those fed up with ‘Birthright’ Haaretz by Judy Maltz. [some background if you’re not familiar with ‘Birthright Israel.’ Support for Israel among young Jewish people has been declining for years. In 1994 Jewish billionaires, Jewish groups, individual donors and the Israeli government created Birthright Israel to send young Jews 18-32 years old, mostly from the U.S., to Israel on an all expenses paid ten-day trip with the expectation that the young people will return to America as ambassadors for Israel. As of 2011 Birthright had a budget of $660 million. Trips includes a tightly controlled narrative. There’s an armed security detail with the group at all times. No side trips to meet Arabs who might have a different point of view.

Now J-Street is working to offer competing trips that include (gasp!) talking to Palestinian Arabs.

03.13.2019 Protesting award to Robert Kraft amid prostitution scandal, Genesis Prize board member quits Haaretz by Judy Maltz. Former head of Ben Gurion University in the Negev, Israel, Rikva Carmi has resigned over the Foundation’s decision to award the Prize to Kraft while he’s implicated in a human trafficking/prostitution scandal.  To be fair to Kraft, he has not had his day in court, and he’s not been convicted of anything.

03.13.2019 In first, U.S. drops ‘occupied’ from report on West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights Haaretz by Amir Tibon. Picture of Israeli puppet Lindsey Graham (R-SC-who has taken $545,315 from the Israel lobby) groveling beside Netanyahu and U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, while Graham was visiting Golan Heights and vowing to work for U.S. recognition of Israel’s annexation of the Golan.

03.14.2019 A Palestinian farmer finds dead lambs in his well. He knows who to blame Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Jewish colonists from Havat Gilad threw 10 dead lambs and sheep into a farmer’s well to poison the water. They left behind disposable plastic gloves and the garbage bags they’d carried the sheep in. Sad picture of the old man (without gloves) trying to fish out the rotting carcasses.

04.14.2019 Young Palestinians are digitally breaking Israel’s Gaza blockade Haaretz by Amira Haas. article quotes Israeli saying, “That I hate Arabs does not make me a racist. As proof, I hate  rats, too.” Operating under the banner of ‘Summud’-steadfastness in Arabic-and not misery. A young group of Palestinians are taking their case to other young people in the world via social media. Among other things, the group reads comments that Israelis post about Arabs (like the one above about how they’re not racist because the hate rats, too). Israel supporters either through people paid by the Israeli government, bots, or just flagrant racists are trying to swamp the comments sections of videos the group puts up.
The group’s director calls attention not only to how hateful Israel supporter’s comments are, but how similar they are to one another, (which strongly indicates it is an organized campaign rather than a grassroots response of individuals.)
Famleh: in 2018 there were 15,000 posts calling for the deaths of Palestinians, 2,000 posts about burning Palestinians, 7,000 posts about raping Palestinian women and girls. And not a single individual in Israel has been held accountable for inciting violence.

03.14.2019 Ashwari: ‘U.S. report intends to whitewash Israel’s human rights violations.’ Maan News. PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashwari notes that the U.S. Annual Human Rights Report non-longer calls the occupied territories ‘occupied’ as past reports always have. [Another normalization of the occupation by the Trump administration.]

03.14.2019 Israeli soldiers hold Palestinian journalist, activist in Hebron Maan News. The arrested pair were documenting occupation troops shooting gas bombs and concussion grenades at unarmed locals. The Israelis stole the reporter’s camera and mobile phone.

03.14.2019 150 Israeli settlers raid Al-Aqsa compound Maan News. In the latest provocations at the famous mosque, Jewish colonists, escorted by heavily armed Jewish occupation troops walked all around the area in contravention of agreements.

03.14.2019 Students among 16 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. night and fog raids black-bag 6 university students and 10 other people.

03.14.2019 Japan’s new assistance to Palestinian people amount to $33 million Maan News. Aid includes support for UNRWA health programs and solar panels to help with Israeli-caused power outages.

03.14.2019 Editorial: Our endorsement of Cory Gardener was a mistake Denver Post. The Post says Gardener, “has become precisely what we said in our endorsement he would not be; “a political time-server interested only in professional security.” article is about Gardener’s backing President Trump’s assertion that building a wall along the Mexican border is a national emergency. After seeking a statement from Gardener, the Post said, “Gardener was travelling and not available for comment.”

So, where was Senator Gardener and why is this in Headlines Palestine? Well, on the same day as the Denver Post Editorial, this little nugget was published on the Jewish Link website.

03.14.2019 NORPAC hosts congressmen Eliot Engle (D-NY) and Senator Cory Gardener (R-Co) in Bergen County Jewish Link NORPAC is a political action committee that dishes out a lot of Benjamins to American politicians who support Israel’s Zionist agenda. Engle is a Jewish congressman, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and an ingenuous critic of Ilhan Omar’s comment that support for Israel is all about the Benjamins. According to, Eliot Engle has taken $1.7 million from the Israel Lobby. That ‘s 17,000 Benjamins, baby. He was hosted by the Goldschmiedt household in Teaneck. That same afternoon Colorado Senator Cory Gardener was at the Jonas’ household to discuss U.S.-Israel relations. Gardener is lead co-sponsor of the notoriously unconstitutional SB-1 bill called ‘Strengthening American Security in the Middle East Act, which punishes Americans who boycott Israel. Gardener has only sucked up $57,000 from the Israel Lobby, a mere 570 Benjamins, but with all the work he’s doing for Israel, he could become, as the Denver Post suggested, a political time-server interested only in professional security.”

03.14.2019 Democrats upset over Omar seeking primary challenger The Hill by Reid Wilson. Ilhan Omar is just two months into her first term. Two months. And yet, pro-Israel members of her own party, are looking for someone to run against her. The Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, Steve Hinegs, said the Jewish community is, “exasperated: and “appalled.”
Minnesota state legislator [and former member of the Anti-Defamation League’s Civil Rights and Education Committee] Ron Latz, who campaigned for Omar’s rival in the election she won, said Omar had, “an apparent inability to stop insulting Jews.”
The problem for her opposition is that Omar is very popular, politically savvy, and she’ll probably get the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) endorsement which will give her access to the Party mailing lists that her rival’s won’t have.

03.14.2015 Standing by Kraft, Genesis Prize Foundation resigns from #metoo coalition The New York Jewish Week by Hannah Dreyfus. Eventful week at the Genesis Prize Foundation.
Rikva Carmi, former President of Ben Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel, has resigned from the Genesis Board over the Foundation’s decision to stand by Kraft. Kraft asserts his innocence in the scandal alleging his involvement with prostitutes who are victims of international human trafficking brought to the U.S. from other countries as sex slaves.
The Genesis Foundation has announced it “stands with 2019 laureate Robert Kraft” and praised him for being at the “forefront of fighting anti-Semitism, and “a close friend and major supporter of Israel.” In addition, the Foundation resigned, taking a grant with it, from a New York coalition formed to address sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the Jewish community.

03.14.2019 Ruth Bader Ginsberg subway poster vandalized with swastika, NYPD hate crime unit investigating USA Today Someone drew obscenities and a swastika on poster promoting Bader-Ginsberg book. Story received saturation coverage in American media.

03.14.2019 76 years later, stories of Jewish soldiers killed in Nazi bombing can finally be told Haaretz daily dose of Nazi. by Ofer Aderet. This is the often told story of the Erinpura sinking in a 1943 naval battle. English troopship bombed and sank in 4 minutes with 943 lives lost, most of them Basotho South Africans. 140 were Palestinian Jews.