March 2019, Week 5

03.29.2019 Israeli forces suppress land day march in Kafr Qaddam Maan News. Israel gassed the people and shot at them with rubber bullets. No serious injuries reported.

03.29.2019 Israeli navy opens heavy fire at Gazan fishermen Maan News. Little boats driven ashore without their catch again.

03.29.2019 Electricity cuts off, leaving thousands without heating in Gaza Maan News. Gaza City, Khan Younis, Raffah and other cities cut off electricity after the second generator broke down. Article notes power outages are common and often last for long periods because of limited fuel and degraded infrastructure, both of which are related to the Israeli seige.

03.29.2019 ‘Shoot to maim’: how Israel created a generation on crutches in Gaza. Middle East Eye. by Dania Akkad. An analysis of thousands of gunshot wounds on people in Gaza leaves no doubt that Israel deliberately maimed those young people. As one Palestinian surgeon put it, “When you have such a huge number of almost identical injuries, where many of the patients were 150 meters away, not in direct contact with the Israeli soldiers, you realize that this is an intentional policy rather than collateral damage.” At least 136 people have had limbs amputated. Article gives a breakdown of body parts where the injuries are most common. 90% are on the lower extremities.

Article also notes that Gaza’s grinding poverty caused by Israel’s occupation, including power outages 12 to 16 hours a day, make it especially hard on families taking care of wounded loved ones.

03.29.2019 Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and other prominent activists to visit UMass for panel on backlash against pro-Palestinian voices Not Backing Down, Israel, free speech, and the battle for Palestinian rights, posted by Sut Jhally. Panel includes Waters, Linda Sarsour, Marc Lamont Hill, Patrisse Cullors, David Zirin, Vinjay Prashad. Event will be at UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center on May 04, 2019.

03.30.2019 Update: Million person mach sets off in Gaza on Land day Maan News. Two killed by snipers so far, 207 injured.

03.30.2019 Palestinian succumbs to wounds sustained in Gaza night protests Maan News. Jewish snipers shot 20-year-old Muhammad Saad in the head. Rest in Peace.

03.30.2019 Israeli artillery shells site in central Gaza Maan News. Friday night. No injuries reported.

03.30.2019 Palestinian family demolishes own home near Jerusalem Maan News. Because if they don’t Israel will demolish their place, fine them, and charge them for it.

03.30.2019 In leaked recording, Cory Booker says he and AIPAC president “Test messages back and forth like teenagers” The Intercept by Alex Emmons. In an AIPAC conference meeting not open to the public Cory “all about the Benjamins” Booker once again groveled to the Israel lobby. Article is about someone recording 35 minutes of Booker boasting how he sponsored an amendment to ‘get a united senate vote against BDS. And, how he ‘worked with AIPAC to try to stop Democrats from boycotting Netanyahu’s speech to congress (which was engineered by the GOP without informing then-president Obama.) Booker is the only democratic candidate to co-sponsor the unconstitutional legislation requiring Americans to sign a loyalty oath to Israel that they won’t boycott it.

03.31.2019 Great March of Return: 4 Palestinians killed. Over 200 injured Maan News. 17-year-old Balal abu Jamous, 17-year-old Tamar abu Kheir, 17-year-old Adham amara, 20-year-old Muhammod Saad, all shot to death by Jewish siege snipers using live ammunition. 207 injured including 33 children and 9 women. 24 shot in the neck as hundreds of thousands faced the Israelis waving flags and chanting slogans.
Article notes that Israel hs killed 266 Palestinians in Gaza, including 50 minors, 6 women one elder, and injured 30,398 in the one year between March 30, 2018 and today.

03.31.2019 7 Palestinian journalists among injured in Gaza protests Maan News. The journalists, including a woman, complied with all safety standards set by the Israelis and the Israelis targeted them anyway. Two shot with rubber coated steel bullets, 5 injured by gas canisters.

03.31.2019 Israeli forces detain 3 Palestinians in West Bank Maan News.

03.31.2019 Gaza rockets land across southern Israel Maan News. Israeli army on Israeli media reports 5 rockets came at Israel from Gaza. As usual, all landed harmlessly in open fields with no injuries or damage. Israel used the to justify shelling Gaza again.

03.31.2019 Israeli artillery shells multiple Hamas sites in Gaza Maan News.

03.31.2019 Michael Steinhardt sexually harrassed me. Rich donors like him buy the Jewish communities silence Haaretz by Rachael Sabath. Another of many articles on this.

*In March the Israeli news service Haaretz published a minimum of 56 articles on Ilhan Omar.