May 2019, Week 2

May 2019, Week 2
05.08.2019 Israeli forces prevent Palestinian Muslims from evening prayers. Maan News. Occupation troops sealed off part of East Jerusalem to prevent Muslims from returning home to break their Ramadan fasts.

05.08.2019 Minor among 3 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids.

This week, in multiple articles daily, Israeli media is beating the drums for war between America and Iran.

05.08.2019 How the war between America and Iran will start Haaretz by Warren Getler. Creepy article with this writer presenting the ‘war’ as a foregone conclusion. “The regional chessboard is now very much U.S. v Iran, and the first major moves in that square-off are already in motion.” Mentions Israel seven times in this short article.
Uses incitement rhetoric, and name calling like, “radical Iranian leadership” and tries, without evidence, to link Iran to the pantheon of Israel’s bogeymen; Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon.

05.08.2019 Australian, Canadian firms pull out of Israeli settler railway Electronic Intifada by Ali Abunimah Canadian engineering firm Bombardier, and Australian company Macquarie, and Siemens of Germany have all withdrawn from bids to build the apartheid light rail that would link Jewish colonies to each other and Israel by crossing seized Palestinian lands.

05.08.2019 The Democratic counterrevolution has a self-appointed leader: Josh Gottheimer The Intercept. Gottheimer is strongly tied to Israeli and Saudi money. He’s ostensibly a Democrat who tried to derail House progressive’s push of rending U.S. support for the Saudi war on Yemen. Gottheimer is a protégé of pollster Mark Penn who served as CEO of PR firm Burson-Marsteller that works to whitewash the “worst of the worst” be they countries or corporate criminals.
Burson-Marsteller has changed its name to BCW. “Gottheimer was among the top recipients from (Saudi lobby) firms. “one of the top 20 biggest recipients of Saudi agent cash in either party.” He’s active in AIPAC, and another Israel lobby tentacle, NorPAC. Norpac donors were his largest campaign finance source in the last cycle.

05.09.2019 Israeli forces detain 9 Palestinians in West Bank Maan News. Night and fog raids.

05.09.2019 Right wing Israelis storm Solomon’s pools near Bethlehem Maan News. Jewish occupation troops sealed off the three 100 meter cisterns from locals in the occupied West Bank so Jewish colonists could hold religious services there.

05.09.2019 U.S., EU complicit in whitewash of war crimes against Palestinian civilians Maan News. Action Aid International statement: In 2 days this week Israel killed 27 Palestinians including two pregnant women, two babies, and injured another 154 people. Israel also totally destroyed 130 homes, damaged another 700. Israel also damaged a mosque, four medical buildings, 5 media centers [including Turkey’s] and ten public buildings.


05.10.2019 In video—over 180,000 worshipers pray at Al AqsaMaan News. First Friday of Ramadan brought the faithful from as far away as Indonesia to pray at the mosque.

This amazing photo was taken by Mahmoud Moutan.

5.10.2019 One Gazan killed by Israeli live fire in border protests, health ministry reports Haaretz. Jewish snipers, firing from the safety of military emplacements, shot and killed another young Palestinian today. He was 24-years-old and unarmed. Israel injured another 30 people including four minors.

05.10.2019 Israel expands Gaza’s fishing zone after week long closure Maan News.

05.10.2019 Israeli forces moderately injure Palestinian farmer in Gaza Maan News. A Jewish sniper on the Israeli side of the segregation fence, shot an unarmed Palestinian farmer in his foot as the man worked in his field.

05.10.2019 Lebanon to not ‘survive’ if Palestinian, Syrian refugees remain Maan News. President Michel Auon told the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) that Lebanon can’t continue to support 1.5 million Syrian and the half million Palestinian refugees who were driven from their homes by Israeli ethnic cleansing. The Israelis will not let them back. The UN says the Palestinian communities in Lebanon are among the most crowded places in the world.

5.10.2019 Take action: Tell your congress to demand Israel allow medicines into Gaza to prevent 100’s of amputations. If Americans Knew Blog. UN reports over 120 people in Gaza have had arms or legs amputated because Israel shot them with live ammunition during the past year’s ‘Great March of Return’ demonstrations. Hundreds more wounded by Israeli snipers are at risk for amputation for lack of medicine the Israelis won’t let into Gaza.

05.10.2019 Watch Greedy Jews, occupation, and ‘lovely bitches’” Israel’s Eurovision video pushes limits and draws fire Haaretz by Allison Sommer. KAN, the Israeli government broadcasting network has come out with a 4 minute: 20 second commercial to promote Eurovision in Tel Aviv to Europeans. It’s worth a watch as it is arguably the creepiest, most clueless commercial ever made. It will weird you out, as it has pretty much everyone who see it regardless of political, ethnic, and moral persuasion. Most astute comments in Haaretz, “Video vomit.” and “The producers forgot that the target audience of the video is not like they are.”

05.10.2019 New Zealand pledges $2 million to support UNRWA’s vital programs Maan News. Every little bit helps. The New Zealand representative to the UN Craig Hawke reaffirmed New Zealand’s “longstanding commitment to UNRWA and to Palestinian refugees.”

05.10.2019 Israel probes Golan Heights mass vulture poisoning BBC. More species loss in the Jewish stata.Before Zionism occupied the Golan Heights Griffin vultures were common. Now, the population has crashed on the Israeli portion of the Golan Heights. They were down to twenty birds. Ten of those have been poisoned. Eight of them died, two are still alive.

05.10.2019 Israel’s poverty & child welfare charities supporting the next generation Haaretz As of 2018 1.8 million [of 8 million] live below the poverty line. Of those, 850,000 are children.

05.10.2019 Israel probes Golan Heights mass vulture poisoning BBC. Before Zionism occupied the Golan Heights Griffin vultures were common. Now, the population has crashed on the Israeli portion of the Golan Heights. They were down to twenty birds. Ten of those have been poisoned. Eight of them died, two are still alive.

05.11.2019 Trump’s Palestinian ‘deal’ dead before launch Middle East Monitor by Asa Winstanley. The details were supposedly leaked to Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s news media Israel Hayon. Adelson is the richest patron of both Trump and Netanyahu. There is nothing new in the ‘deal.’ Palestine would remain fully occupied by Israel which would control all aspects of the people’s movement, housing, and lives in general. As well, Israel would continue to colonize on Palestinian lands, control resources, water, airspace, and borders. Palestinians would continue to exist, or not, if Israel decides they can.

05.11.2019 40 U.S. states sue Teva, other drug makers for ‘multi-billion dollar fraud on the American people” Haaretz by Yoram Gabison. Over a dozen senior executives of Israeli pharmaceutical corporation, Teva are named in a lawsuit accusing Teva, and other pharmaceutical companies of gouging sick Americans through price fixing.

05.12.2019 24-year-old Palestinian laid to rest in Gaza Maan News. A Jewish sniper shot young Abdulla al-Al in the pelvis Friday and killed him. Israel shot 30 others along the border that day.

05.13.2019 Child among 5 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News.

05.12.2019 Israel releases three Palestinian fishermen Maan News. The Jewish state navy arrested 3 brothers fishing off the coast in their little boat. No reason given. Now Israel has let them go but has kept their boat so they can’t fish.

05.12.2019 America must not back down against Iran Haaretz by Emily Landau. War mongering in Haaretz. War mongering.

05.12.2019 Israeli forces force out dozens for Muslim worshipers from Al Aqsa Maan News. Jewish occupation troops stormed the mosque to kick out about 50 worshipers who were winding up prayer services. Israel and Jordan (which is supposed to have control of the mosque) signed a deal decades ago as to which religion can be in the compound at given times and holidays. The Israelis enforce the rules against Muslims at gunpoint but regularly violate the rules in favor of Jewish worshipers.

05.13.2019 Two Palestinian prisoners endure hunger strike for 41 days Maan News. Two West Bank men, who are being held by Israel as administrative detention prisoners eg: indefinitely with no trial or charges, went on a hunger strike 6 weeks ago. Odeh Haroub and Hasan Acwawi are both fathers with families to support.

05.13.2019 Egyptian Navy detains 4 Palestinian fishermen Maan News. Egypt’s government [which receives over $1.5 billion from the U.S. annually] upholds Israel’s siege of Gaza at the behest of the US and Israel. Today the Egyptians captured 4 fishermen along with their boat and took them to an unknown location.

05.13.2019 Over one million Palestinians in Gaza to not have enough food by June Maan News. Note that it’s middle of May, now. The UN Relief Works Agency says in 2000 less than 80,000 Gazans received UNRWA social assistance. Now over a million need emergency food help daily. 620,000 are abject poor living on $1.6 per day. 390,000 are absolute poor living on $3.5 per day due to Israel’s 12-year’s and counting blockade.
For years the UN has said Gaza will be unlivable by 2020.

05.13.2019 Iran and U.S. perched on warpath and Israel will not go unscathed Haaretz by Amos Harel. War mongering article.

05.13.2019 Israel: Amnesty International engages in legal action to stop NSO Group’s web of surveillance Amnesty International News Release. An Israeli spyware firm, which is enabled by the Israeli government’s Ministry of Defense, has created a world wide surveillance network by supplying brutal, repressive regimes with spyware called Pegasus which countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Mexico use to identify and track dissidents. Dozens of human rights defenders and journalists have been targeted including Jamal Khashoggi, who the Saudis murdered at their embassy in Turkey.
Amnesty International itself was targeted. In August, 2018 they received a message supposedly about a demonstration in support of women’s rights outside the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. If the worker had clicked on the attached link, it would have installed Pegasus, giving the sender control of the phone with an ability to search history, shut down applications, etc.

05.13.2019 Israel okays major West Bank settlement roads, seizing large tracts of Palestinian land. Haaretz by Yotam Berger. Israelis call their military government in the occupied territories the ‘Civil Administration.’ In the latest land grab the civil administration extends Israel’s tentacles further into the occupied territories at Palestinian owners expense.

05.13.2019 Colonial settlers kill dozens of almond trees near Nablus International Middle East Monitor. Jewish colonists chopped down another Palestinian orchard as Jewish occupation troops kept farmers away at gunpoint.

05.13.2019 Palestinian organizations denounce Israeli court decision on 2015 murder case International Middle East Media Center. In an attack that even shocked some Israelis, Jewish terrorists burned a young Palestinian family alive. The Dawabsha family, father, mother, and 18-month old toddler perished. The couple’s five-year-old survived with burns over 85 percent of his body. Three Israelis were eventually arraigned. In July 2018 the planner of the attack was released to house arrest. Today Israel exonerated the terrorist on the grounds that he was a minor at the time and did not actually throw the firebomb.

05.13.2019 Nashrallah reveals new details about ambush, killing of 12 Israeli commandos Haaretz by Amos Harel. Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nashrallah discloses what happened to an Israeli terrorist squat sent to plant bombs along Lebanon’s coast road between Tyre and Sideon in September, 1997.

The 16 terrorists were part of the Israeli military’s Shayetet 13 unit. Israel sent drones to photograph the landing site. Hezbollah intercepted and deciphered signals from the drone, figured out what was about to happen, and laid in wait for the terrorists. Because farmers were in their fields all day, Hezbollah couldn’t leave booby traps in place so, night after night, they would set up explosives after dark and remove them just before dawn. The Israelis made several practice landings during that time which Hezbollah watched without interfering. They were waiting for the main assault group. When the landing came there was a huge explosion that killed 11 of the Israeli terrorists. What was left of the group came under fire from Lebanese gunners. An Israeli doctor was killed during efforts to extract the dead and wounded.

05.13.2019 Fox News contributor calls for destruction of Palestine Maan News. Fox News contributor Janie Johnson tweeted “Can we flatten Palestine already? Who would miss it?

05.14.2019 The best Eurovision parties in Tel Aviv: from gay clubs to beachside raves Haaretz. Between shooting unarmed men, women, and kids, taking over lands, demolishing homes, throwing people in prison, and promoting war between Iran and America, Israelis find time to party at gay bars, the beach, and Eurovision.

05.14.2019 Israeli forces detain 14 Palestinians across West Bank Maan News.

05.14.2019 Israeli bulldozers raze lands in southern Gaza Maan News. Sixty ton D-9 armored bulldozers, made in America for the Jewish state, smash more farmlands on the Gaza side of the segregation fence.

05.14.2019 Since 2009 Netanyahu built 19,346 settlement units in West Bank Maan News. Israeli Group Peace Now issued its: ‘Annual Settlement Report 2018—a glace at 10 years under Netanyahu.’ Graphic of the West Bank in the report shows the West Bank with red dots where the illegal settlements are. Looks like the occupied territory has a bad case of the measles.

05.14.2019 Trump White House reviews military plans against Iran, report says Haaretz. War mongering in Haaretz.

05.14.2019 Iran is choosing the time and place to confront America Haaretz by Anshel Pfeffer. More Haaretz syndrome. Supposedly liberal media promoting war as U.S. chicken hawks escalate tensions in middle east by sending aircraft carrier, bomber group, and other warplanes to the Persian Gulf.

05.14.2019 U.S. rejects PLO Ashrawis visa request, no reason given Maan News. 70-year-old grandmother, human rights activist, Palestinian, who has met with every U.S. Secretary of State since Shultz and every President since H.W. Bush, is now not allowed in the U.S.