May 2019, Week 3

May 15th is commemoration day of the Nakba (Catastrophe) in 1948 when 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their lands by Israeli Zionists.

May 2019, Week 3
05.15.2019 Palestinians injured during 71st Nakba Day protests in Gaza Maan News. Jewish snipers, shooting across the segregation fences from the safety of military emplacements on the Israeli side, injured at least 47 unarmed protesters on the Gaza side as Palestinians participated in the Nakba Day commemoration of Israel driving them 750,000 Arabs off their lands in 1948.

05.15.2019 MOH: 305 Palestinians killed, over 17,000 injured in 410 days Maan News. Gaza Ministry of Health statistics on Palestinians Israel shot during Great March of Return demonstrations that began March 30, 2018. Among the dead: 59 children, 10 women, one elderly person, 3 medics. Injured: 3,565 children, 1,168 women, 104 elderly, 680 from medical crews. Of the injured: 564 are critical, 7,345 moderate, 9,426 minor. Article notes 1,685 were shot in the head or neck.

05.15.2019 Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian fisherman in Gaza Maan News. A Jewish navy gunboat shot another young guy in his little skiff. 22-year-old Mourad al-Hasi’s condition is unknown after Israel injured him with a rubber coated steel bullet.

05.153.2019 Israel to demolish 13 Palestinian owned buildings in Issawiya Maan News. Israel’s military government in the occupied territories raided numerous residences to measure them for demolition.

05.15.2019 Rohani vs Revolutionary Guards: Inside Iran’s turbulent debate on war with America Haaretz by Ariane Tabatabai. Pro-war propaganda from supposedly liberal Haaretz.

05.15.2019 Watch// Bernie Sanders warns war with Iran would be ‘many times’ worse than Iraq war Haaretz and AP.

05.15.2019 Tanker attacks near UAE expose weaknesses in Gulf Arab security Reuters/Haaretz More pro-war propaganda, pointing the finger at Iran without proof.

05.15.2019 Iran vows to defeat ‘American-Zionist Alliance’ as Putin warns against U.S. pressure Haaretz/Reuters/Associated Press. Pro-war propaganda.

05.15.2019 Iran threatens the Saudi-US Axis without taking direct responsibility Haaretz by Amos Harel. Haaretz Syndrome of a supposedly liberal media pushing war.

05.15.2019 No Eurovision boost for Tel Aviv restaurants and bars Haaretz by Gabriela Weisberg. Restaurant and bar owners who stocked up expecting huge Eurovision crowds are left holding the bag as business is down 10 percent compared with last year at this time. Not only was Israel unable to sell Eurovision to Europeans, tourists who might have gone to Israel stayed away because they didn’t want to fight huge crowds that the Israelis were expecting to show up.

05.16.2019 A trip advisor to the real Israel Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Israel has gone to great lengths to promote itself as a fun destination for the Eurovision song contest. Levy writes, “Forget Trip Advisor for the moment, let me be your personal trip advisor for another type of visit. ” He takes us on a tour of Israel that Israeli government Eurovision promoters have worked hard to keep out of the world view.
He takes us to the security building where the government, “…instructed female soldiers to conduct a rectal and vaginal search of a Palestinian woman in her home.” and to abandoned Palestinian graves behind the security building parking lot. During ethnic cleansing, Israel demolished the village but left the graves.
He takes us to Gaza—just an hour from the exuberant Expo—“the world’s largest cage.” that Israel only allows entry to journalists who have been cleared and issued a pass by the Israeli government press office.
He takes us to the West Bank, “This is apartheid. This is what it looks like. This is how it behaves.”
He takes us to the H2 section of occupied Hebron—“a ghost town.” “There are roads there for Jews only. Imagine that.” North to the Palestinian refugee camps—“third world situation.”
And then, “Here we are back at the Eurovision compound where it’s all partying and fun.”

05.16.2019 Israel reduces Gaza’s permitted fishing zone, attacks fishermen Maan News. Last week the siege expanded the fishing area to 12 miles off-shore.[Not the 20 miles promised under Oslo but better than 3 miles or less the Israelis often give Gaza fishermen.] This week Jewish gunboats cut the fishermen back to 5 miles off-shore and shot heavy gunfire at a fisherman who was near the five mile line.

05.16.2019 In video–incendiary balloons spark fires in southern Israel. Maan News. Palestinians attack the Jewish state with toy balloons again. Started some brush fires. No injuries on the Israeli side.

05.16.2019 Minors among 7 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids again last night. The minor was 15-year-old Muhammad Abassi.

05.16.2019 Saudi Arabian state media urges U.S. to ‘Hit Rian Hard’ with punitive air strikes Forbes by Zak Dovvman. The Saudis and Israel, [who are vying with Iran for Middle East oil markets, and Iran has better quality oil] want the United States of America to get Iran out of the way for them.

05.16.2019 US House speaker: Trump does not have congressional approval for war against Iran Haaretz/Reuters. War mongering

05.16.2019 Facebook busts Israeli campaign to disrupt elections in African, Asian, and Latin American countries Haaretz/AP. Facebook purged 65 accounts, 161 pages, and dozens of groups and four instagram accounts for running disinformation campaigns.

05.16.2019 ‘Hugely embarrassing:’ emails to RTE show pushback against calls for Eurovision boycott The Journal [in Ireland] by Conal Thomas. Following calls from the Iris public for the country’s national television to boycott Eurovision in support of Palestinian BDS, RTE received emails from 22 locations around the world—each with the exact same language—urging RTE to air Eurovision.

05.16.2019 Israeli TV talking about thousands of unsold tickets “We’re talking about tremendous financial losses.” “One half of Tuesday’s tickets are still on sale!” Each of the semi-finals has 4,000 tickets for sale. The first semi-final has 2,500 unsold tickets. The second semi-final has 1,461 unsold tickets, according to official box office Le’an. KAN [Israeli government media], the event’s producer, lost at least 2 million shekels.

05.17.2019 Syria says air defenses intercept projectiles coming from Israel. Haaretz, Reuters. Israel doesn’t let Eurovision get in the way of provocations against other Middle Eastern Countries. The Syrians shot most of the missiles down.

05.17.2019 Why you should switch off the Eurovision tonight The Irish Times Eamonn Meahan. Ireland Palestine Alliance Board member writes to his countrymen about Israeli efforts to artwash the brutal occupation through Eurovision.

05.17.2019 Israeli forces attack, injure Palestinian youths in Jerusalem Maan News. Jewish occupation troops beat up two more Palestinians last night, then released them to Red Crescent medics for treatment. No reason given for the attack.

05.17.2019 Arming dictators, equipping pariahs: Alarming picture of Israel’s arms sales Haaretz by Amos Harel. Another report on Israeli arms sales to brutal, repressive governments; this one from Amnesty International.
As a primary dealer in the world’s small (and not so small) arms trade Israel skirts scrutiny by selling weapons through a series of fronts in efforts to make the Israeli government’s role less obvious.
Article notes Israel signed, but did not ratify the 2014 Arms Trade Treaty of Arms Trade Standards. Israel sells weapons to countries engaging in crimes against humanity including: mass executions, torture, ethnic cleansing, genocide, using rape of women, men, and girls, as a weapon of war. Some of the countries Israel arms are South Sudan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates. Article notes Israel supplied arms to South Africa during the apartheid years, and to Chile during the bloody Pinochet regime.
Regarding petitions to release information about Israel’s role in weaponizing some of the world’s most notorious regimes, Israel’s high court has agreed with the state that Israel will allow, “,,,only one side present—the state, and that [the court’s] rulings would remain classified.”]
Author writes, ‘Even if it happens through a twisted chain of sub-contractors, the state can’t play innocent.”
The whole article is about Israeli weapons sales enabling brutal regimes. It winds down with five paragraphs from an unnamed ‘senior defense official’ justifying/denying Israel’s weapons sales and making the ridiculous claim that, “The fact is that enlightened states respect the laws we have and are interested in the ways we conduct our monitoring.”

Saturday 05.18.2019 No, Madonna, your Eurovision performance will do nothing to heal the wounds wrought by Israeli apartheid The Independent by Ohal Grietzer. Israeli composer and mixed media performer Ohal Grietzer, gives a short history of modern Palestine via his family. A relative was in NILI, a Jewish espionage unit that operated against the Ottomans to bring the British to Palestine. After the British got rid of the Turks Grietzer’s grandfather was in covert operations to get rid of the British so Zionists could have it. That grandfather loved music, including Madonna’s music. But he realized that people aren’t really free unless those around them were free, and he campaigned against the Zionist treatment of Palestinians.

05.18.2019 The Israeli army trains in Bedouin’s backyard, even during holy month of Ramadan Haaretz by Amira Haas. Jewish occupation troops are burning Palestinian farmlands again in the north Jordan Valley. Haas points out you don’t see those fires on the news. She is talking about ‘Firing Zone 903 B’ a 20,000 acre parcel. It’s one of the areas where for decades Israel has expanded into the occupied territories by labeling Palestinian land as Military Fire Zones then letting Jews have the vacated land.
This month, for much or the next four weeks, Israel’s military government kicked the Bedouin shepherds who live in the area out of their homes on short notice—right before harvest—right as their sheep are lambing—right as the holy month of Ramadan begins—and when temperatures are topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit. What this means is, right now, Bedouin men, women, children, and babies are forced from the tents they live in at gunpoint. They sleep in the open with a few blankets. The farmers are harvesting their crops before they’re ready because they know from experience that Israelis set them on fire with live ammunition war exercises. During the day, the people have no shelter from the sun. The children (and lambs) are afraid at night of all the gunfire and explosions from Israelis shooting up the farmland. During times Israel lets the farmers back to their lands the farmers water the lambs and harvest what they can, at the risk of being blown up by unexploded ordinance.
At the same time Israel doesn’t inconvenience Jewish colonists who have settled on the land.
Haas notes that occupation troops assaulted seven Palestinian journalists and human rights workers who went to one of the Bedouin camps to document the hardships Israel is causing there. Occupation troops arrested them and erased the video footage and pictures they had taken.