May 2019, Week 4

May 2019, Week 4
05.22.2019 Israeli settlers torch fields in Burin and Asirah al Qibiyah, May 17, 2019. B’Tslem (Israeli human rights organization) YouTube posted 05.22.2019. Video of machine gun toting Israeli terrorists lighting Palestinian fields on fire in West Bank. They throw stones at Palestinian houses, and one shoots in the air. All while being protected by Israeli occupation troops who prevent the Palestinians from putting out the fires or stopping the Jews from lighting more.

05.22.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot and abduct a child near Bethlehem IMEC Jewish occupation troops drove jeeps through al Khader village in Bethlehem district firing gas bombs, live ammunition, and rubber coated steel bullets. The shot 16-yar-old Mahmoud Amro in his legs then black-bagged him, and took him away.

05.22.2019 Army abducts three, injures two in Deheishe IMEC Jewish occupation troops invaded Deheishe refugee camp in occupied Bethlehem district. The gassed the people, shot a young man in the knee and shot another in his thigh with live ammunition

05.22.2019 Palestinian foreign minister condemns Germany for calling BDS ‘anti-Semitic’ IMEC As you’d expect the foreign minister to do. Article mentions Israeli journalist Gideon Levy’s December, 2018 article which points out that accusations of anti-Semitism are “the automatic response of the Israeli propaganda against any criticism of Israel, not just BDS.”

05.22.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct two Palestinians in Hebron IMEC Night and fog raids.

05.22.2019 Army abducts three Palestinians in Ramallah and Jerusalem IMEC Jewish occupation troops gassed neighborhoods, fired concussion grenades, trashed houses, and roughed people up.

05.22.2019 Eurovision turns out to be a big hit for Palestine IMEC by Yvonne Ridley. Palestinian flags appeared on stage—notably from Iceland’s entrant, Hatari, embarrassing the Israelis who introduced a bill in the Knesset last year to ban Palestinian flags in Israel under threat of up to 10 years in prison.

05.22.2019 Shhh! Don’t tell evangelical supporters of Israel, but abortion there is legal—and often it’s free Haaretz by Allison Kaplan Sommer. In Israel abortion is free to all women between the ages of 20-33. Since 1977 a woman can get a free or heavily subsidized abortion in Israel if:
a) under 18 years old.
b) not married.
c) result of rape, incest, or adultery.
d) fetus is considered defective.
e) if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother.
There’s a pregnancy termination committee that almost always approves an abortion. If a woman doesn’t want to go to the committee, she can pay a few hundred dollars to have the procedure.

05.22.2019 Major Christian broadcasting studio in Jerusalem destroyed in arson attack by Adam Berkowitz. Studio was in Arab neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem.

05.23.2019 Me and my aunt vs. cancer IMEMC by Hareen Elnaby. Another sad story about deliberate cruelty towards civilians caused the Israeli siege of Gaza as Israel prevents a 55-year-old cancer patient from getting the treatment she needs. Gaza hospitals don’t have the equipment or supplies to treat her because Israel won’t let them in. The woman can’t travel to a West Bank hospital because Israel won’t let her out.

05.23.2019 Army stops construction of a Palestinian home near Nablus IMEC Israel raided a construction site where a man was building a house on his own land, demanded he stop working on it, and stole his construction materials. The pretext was that the house was less than 150 meters (1½ football fields) from a bypass road built on Palestinian land, that Israel plans to pave for the use of an illegal Jewish colony in the area.

05.23.2019 Detainee suspends hunger strike IMEC Palestinian being held indefinitely with no charges against him and no trial has been on a hunger strike for 50 days to protest his predicament. Odah al-Hroub has been in prison since December, 2018. Because his hunger strike has gained international attention, his Jewish jailers have said they’ll release him three months from now on August, 29.

05.23.2019 Child suffers a fracture after Israeli soldiers assaulted him in Hebron IMEC Jewish occupation troops were out again on night and fog raids in Hebron, trashing homes and beating people up. The Israelis were beating up 13-year-old Emad Da’na and broke his arm.

05.23.2019 Soldiers demolish under construction home near Bethlehem IMEC

05.23.2019 Updated: “Army abducts eleven Palestinians injures one, in northern West Bank IMEC

05.23.2019 Palestine’s first solar station preparing to produce IMEC 20,000 panel Noor Jericho Solar Park will initially produce 7.5 megawatts and is part of a larger project that will ultimately produce 200 megawatts which is 17% of Palestine’s power needs. At the same time, it will reduce both the cost of power and Palestine’s dependence on Israeli electricity. [does anyone want to bet on the date Israel will take this project away from the Palestinians? I’m going to go with February 05, 2020. Pinhas Rutenberg’s birthday.]

05.23.2019 Revealed: Israel’s illegal rules of engagement in Gaza lets snipers shoot “key instigators” even when they move away from protest (video) IMEMC The Zionist regime, unable to stem rising international condemnation of its snipers shooting unarmed demonstrators with live ammunition, when the demonstrators clearly pose no threat to the siege troops, has retroactively initiated a directive allowing Israeli Jewish snipers to shoot people who are no threat as long as the Israelis label them, ‘key instigators.’

05.23.2019 GOP Congressman tried to amend tax code to report BDS supporters to IRS-and 12 dems voted for it Mondoweiss by Michael Arria.
1) Just before the vote on a non-controversial tax code update: HR 1994 “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage retirement savings, and for other purposes.”
2) North Carolina congressman Patrick ‘I take the Benjamins from the Israel Lobby’ McHenry.
3) tried to slip in “a new section at the end of Title IV entitled, “Reports by taxpayers engaged in boycotts etc. affecting Israel.” see: House Floor Activities Legislative Day of May 23, 2019 (11:07: 25 A.M.)
Foundation for Middle East Peace President Lara Friedman called McHenry’s attempt on behalf of Israel, “a brazen violation of Americans right to free speech.” and “a McCarthyistic tactic of required self-reporting designed to enable-and legitimize-the U.S. government in building a list of Americans tracking their political views/activities.” McHenry’s trick failed by just 20 votes.

05.24.2019 Gaza exit permits: Aisha’s lone journey for cancer treatment IMEMC Little 5-year-old Aisha Lulu had just been diagnosed with brain cancer. She needed treatment not available in Gaza hospitals because Israeli occupiers will not let that sort of equipment and medicines into Gaza. To make it worse, Israel wouldn’t let either of the girl’s parents, nor any relative she knows, travel with her for treatment. Israel dragged it out as she got sicker.
When the story came to light, the Jewish regime claimed in a statement that the parents did not want to travel with their child. Run that shameful claim by any parent in the world. Israel’s MO in such cases is to hand Palestinians a form in Hebrew that they can’t read and say signing it is the only way they’ll get help. Eventually as condemnation grew, Israel let an elderly, non-family member travel with the little girl for her surgery. By then her health was so frail, she had her surgery, then her doctors felt it would be best to let her go home to spend her last days with her parents. Aisa died on May 15, 2019.

05.24.2019 Soldiers abduct, injure several Palestinians trying to reach al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem IMEMC Jewish occupation troops gas Palestinians trying to get past the segregation wall to al Aqsa after their permit requests were rejected. The Israelis beat several of the young men before dragging them off to prison.

05.24.2019 At least four Palestinians injured in tunnel collapse in Gaza IMEMC Smuggling tunnel cave-in. One of those hurt has life-threatening injuries.

05.24.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a child near Jennin IMEMC Jewish occupation troops pepper sprayed a 15-year-old kid and beat him up. Palestinian medics took the boy to the hospital where doctors treated him for extensive cuts and bruises.

05.24.2019 Army injures many Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum IMEMC Jewish occupation troops gassed unarmed protesters, shot concussion grenades and rubber coated steel bullets at them, and occupied rooftops to use as shooting galleries at the people. Local kids responded by burning tires and throwing rocks.

05.25.2019 Another company withdraws from Israeli light rail project IMEMC French company Alstom just became the latest transport business to pull out of Israel’s annexation railroad. The reasons given were, potentially harmful human rights violations and conflict with French (human rights) law.

05.25.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct ten Palestinians in the West Bank IMEMC

05.25.2019 Army injures 16 Palestinians in Gaza IMEMC Jewish siege troops, firing from the safety of military emplacements on the Israeli side, gassed and shot Palestinian protesters on the Gaza side. Again.

05.25.2019 Illegal colonists injure a Palestinian shepherd, soldiers abduct one IMEMC Jewish colonists attacked, beat up a shepherd. Occupation troops at the scene beat up and arrested another shepherd.

05.26.2019 Israeli police extracted after settlers attack them Haaretz by Yotam Berger. Dozens of masked Jewish thugs from Yitzhar colony in the occupied West Bank attacked 2 Israeli police vans, throwing rocks and other things, slashed their tires with knives, and did, “quite a lot of damage” to the vehicles. The Israeli Jewish occupation police called for help from the Israeli Jewish occupation army to save them from Israeli Jewish colonist thugs.

05.26.2019 Israeli top dancer accused of supporting BDS, drawing culture minister’s ire Haaretz by Gili Izikovich. Famous Israeli dancer and choreographer Ohad Naharin said he sympathized with BDS against the occupation, giving Miri Regev something new to be upset about in the press.

05.26.2019 Alabama, Iran, or Saudi Arabia? We checked where abortion laws are better for women Haaretz by Noga Malkin. Thanks to female governor Kay Ivey, Alabama (state motto, ‘We dare defend our rights’), is now on par with the most restrictive Muslim countries in the Middle Eastern when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. Sweet home Alabama is more restrictive than—Saudi Arabia.

05.27.2019 Israeli army blamed Palestinians for West Bank arson, but settler soldier is behind it Haaretz by Yotam Berger. Initially Israel made the preposterous claim that Palestinian farmers had set their own fields and groves on fire during the dry season. Then B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights NGO, released footage clearly showing Jewish colonists torching the fields.
Israel then changed its story that the arsonists were Israelis. Now, one of the colonists has been identified as a Jewish occupation trooper in civilian clothes.
Article mentions other Jewish terror attacks in recent days including Jewish colonists filmed attacking a Palestinian home with rocks. Israeli thugs, protected by Israeli occupation troops, throwing rocks at Palestinians. And—get this— dozens of masked Jewish colonists attacking two Israeli police vehicles that had gotten between the colonists and the Palestinians they were attacking. In the second case, the Israeli police called the Israeli occupation army to rescue them from their Israeli attackers.

05.27.2019 The rise in hate speech targeting Palestinians in Israeli social media Al Shabaka by Nadim Nashif. Israelis, who are always crying that people are making anti-Semitic, racist comments about Jews, are targeting Palestinians on social media trying to control the narrative.

05.27.2019 Israeli settlers again storm al Aqsa mosque. IMEMC Israelis shit stirring at the mosque again.

05.27.2019 UNRWA rejects U.S. demands to dismantle IMEMC UNRWA, the UN Relief Works Agency in Palestine, supports over 5 million Palestinians in the occupied territories, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan who’ve been pauperized by the Zionists. On Wednesday one of Donald Trump’s Zionist representatives in the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt disparaged UNWRA, telling the U.N. Security Council that UNRWA had run its course and is no longer needed. He further claimed, unbelievably, that “the UNRWA model has failed the Palestinian people.”
UNWRA Commissioner General Pierre Krahenbuhl rejected Greenblatt’s assertions “unreservedly.” and called Greenblatt out for trying to pass the humanitarian disaster off on a relief agency.

05.27.2019 Detainees in Etzion suffering deplorable conditions IMEMC Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan. The Jewish state is serving them stuff like overcooked rotten eggs at the time they’d ordinarily break their fast. So they’re going hungry for days at a time.

05.27.2019 Settlers attack home in Qalquila, assault shepherd in Tubas. IMEMC Jewish thugs broke into a Palestinian home and put an Israeli flag on top. Other Jewish thugs beat up a shepherd.

052.28.2019 Video: Ramadan in Gaza tainted with destruction Electronic Intifada Jewish state air force bombed civilian neighborhoods at the start of Holy Month.

05.28.2019 Soldiers abduct eight Palestinians near Jerusalem IMEMC In the nacht und nebel raids last night Jewish occupation troops attacked Hizma [a small village of 1,100 that Israel is taking over piecemeal] ransacking homes, rousting people from their beds, and arresting eight people including a 15-year-old boy that the Jewish state shot a few weeks ago on April, 16.

05.28.2019 Off duty Israeli soldier caught on video torching Palestinian farms. IMEMC Another story about the Jewish occupation trooper setting Palestinian farms on fire as other Jewish occupation troops looked on. Article says both the Israeli army and the Israeli police have confirmed the identity of the arsonist. The army says the police are in charge of investigation. The police say the army is in charge of the investigation. The arsonist has not been arrested.

05.28.2019 Palestinian prisoner on 56th day of hunger strike is in critical condition IMEMC Hasan Ewaiwi, a 35-year-old father of three is one of many Palestinians being held prisoner indefinitely with no charges and no trial. He is starving himself to call attention to his plight.

05.28.2019 Israeli army abducts twenty Palestinians in West Bank IMEMC Night and fog raids.

05.28.2019 Military imposes more restrictions on Palestinian family behind the wall IMEMC The Jewish state has imprisoned a family in its own home by walling the house off from the village it is part of. Israelis are taking the land. The Israelis put an iron gate in the wall and occasionally lets the family out.

05.28.2019 Baby clothes store destroyed by Israel. Electronic Intifada by Sarah Algherbawi. Stories of a shopping building Israel bombed and destroyed on May 04, 2019. T he occupiers called people on a phone and told them to evacuate the building within 60 seconds. Then the Jewish Air force fired missiles and bombs at it. Among other things, the building house a Turkish Charity that takes care of orphans, and a shop that sold baby clothes. The baby shop employed 5 people. They’re out of work today and the owner is destitute because he lost his entire inventory.
A man who managed a shoe store in the building ran for his life during the attack but, when he saw that his livelihood was gone, he said he wished he’d stayed and been blown us as now he has nothing.
The Israelis also blew up the al Khuzundar building in Gaza City. It boasted shops and offices. Israel destroyed 10 of the shops and damaged 37.
The same day Israel bombed Capital Mall destroying 90% of the businesses there. The next day, Zionists bombed a hair salon and other businesses.