November 2019, Week 1

Khalida Jarrar, who scares the bejeezus out of Israel. Photo Middle East Monitor.

November 2019, Week 1



11.01.2019 Israel re-arrests prominent Palestinian legislature Khaleda Jarrer. The heroic Khalida Jarrer is a strong, righteous woman. Israel is terrified of her. She is researching international law to bring Israel before the ICC for its crimes against Palestinians.  In a night and fog raid, at three o’clock in the morning, more than 70 Jewish occupation troops dragged the 56-year-old Palestinian lawmaker from her bed [as they often have done before] and took her to interrogation then prison. After spending years in Israeli prisons with no trial or charges, she is unbroken.

Most recently the Zionists held her for more than 20 months on an indefinite sentence that kept getting rolled over in five month increments. No trial or charge. She was released in February. Now she’s back behind the wire. As a prisoner Jarrar mentors girls at the prison to help them pass their high school exams. She’s a staunch supporter of her people and a staunch foe of Zionist apartheid.

Article notes the Jewish state is presently holding no less than 13 Palestinian lawmakers with no trial or charges.

11.01.2019 Illegal colonists steal a donkey near Salfit. Yasuf village: Jewish thugs stalking Palestinian olive growers again. Overnight they stole farmer’s olive harvesting tools. And a donkey.

11.01.2019 Army fires artillery shells at Gaza. Jewish siege troops bombarded Gaza with artillery Thursday night. No particular reason. Just because they can.

From Wafa

11.01.2019 Israeli forces injure 88 Palestinians at Gaza border. Jewish siege troops firing from the safety of military emplacements shot 57 civilians with live ammunition today and shot another 31 with rubber coated steel bullets. As happens every Friday, the gas-loving Jewish state fired hundreds of gas bombs at the Palestinians. The gas injured dozens more. Israel has killed hundreds of Palestinians and wounded more than 18,000 since the Great March of Return demonstrations began on March 30, 2018.

11.01.2019 Under cover Israeli force kidnaps teen from Ramallah Night and fog raid. Jewish state spies posing as Palestinians carried out a home invasion in Beit Liqya village. The spies ransacked a home and kidnapped a 17-year-old boy.

11.01.2019 Former prisoner detained from Ramallah-district refugee camp. Night and fog raids. in al-Halazoun refugee camp. Multiple homes attacked and ransacked. They black-bagged a man they released last month after holding him without trial or charges.

11.01.2019 After Israeli plea, US cutting $105 million in military aid to Lebanon—report Times of Israel. Translation of title: Israel tells American government to cut funding to Lebanon. American Government cuts funding to Lebanon.

11.01.2019 Arrest of govt. critic and journalist Max Blumenthal signals escalation in war on Alternative media. Unz Review. by Alan MacLeod. Journalist, and long-time Israel critic, Max Blumenthal was black-bagged from his home in a SWAT team type home invasion. He was accused of kicking a woman during recent protests at Venezuela embassy. Charges he says are entirely groundless. Zero coverage from mainstream press.


From Wafa

11.02.2019 Palestinian injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza dies of wounds. Jewish terrorists in jet planes bombed civilians in Gaza again last night, killing a 27-year-old man, wounding others, causing considerable property damage. As always, the Jewish state blames the Palestinians. Says they started it by firing rockets. As usual, the ‘rockets’ landed in fields causing little damage and no injuries.

11.02.2019 UN experts express grave concerns over detention of Hibra Labdi, call for her release. The young woman was traveling with her family from Jordan where they live, to a wedding in the occupied West Bank. The Israelis kidnapped her, put her in solitary confinement, interrogated her 20 hours a day for 30 days, tied her to a chair for hours and forced her to remain in painful positions. She was not allowed to see a lawyer or to have family check on her condition. UN Human rights experts say her treatment could amount to torture.

She was arrested on August 20, 2019. On September 24, 2019 Israel condemned her to five months in prison on Administrative Detention, eg. with no trial, charges or reason given. At that point, she went on hunger strike. She has held fast since then. On October 27th she was taken to a hospital in deteriorating condition.

Article notes that Jewish state often uses administrative detention against people for whom it don’t have evidence against.

11.02.2019 Watch//Israeli police officer shoots unarmed Palestinian in the back with sponge tipped bullet Haaretz. by Josh Brenier. Video from a year ago that just surfaced shows another Israeli woman out to dispel our species’ myth of the warm and nurturing female. Holding a lethal weapon, and backed up by machine gun wielding Israeli occupation troops, she ordered a Palestinian man to walk away with his hands up. Confronted with a gang of armed thugs, he complied.

As he reaches about thirty feet away she shoots him in the back with a black-tip ‘sponge bullet.’ The man cries out as he falls to the ground.

Sponge is a misnomer. These things are not made of car sponges at all. They’re huge rounds, made of hard foam. They’re more deadly than formerly used blue-foam tips. They’re the size and shape of the business end of cheap dildos. Israeli occupation troops have used them to kill, blind, break bones and otherwise maim Palestinians, including children. [You can read about them in 06.29.2019 Israel’s ‘non-lethal’ sponge tipped bullets cause serious harm to Palestinians. NWorld.]


11.02.2019 Israel Israeli soldiers attack school, abduct a child and injure many in Jenin. Al Issawiya town. Jewish occupation troops turned the boy’s secondary school into a gas chamber by lobbing choking gas rounds inside the building. They black-bagged one of the kids and took him away.

*Article notes that in another area occupation troops stopped a newlywed bride and groom at a checkpoint. Kept them there for an hour. Then let them go. No reason for it, unless meanness is a reason.

11.02.2019 Palestinian resistance fires several projectiles after Palestinian killed on Friday Slight damage to one house on the Israeli side.

11.02.2019 Soldiers force Palestinians out of their olive orchards in Nablus. Between Burin and Humm towns. Jewish occupation troops not only drove families out of their harvest at gunpoint, they told the families that if they didn’t leave they (the occupation troops) would call nearby Jewish colonists to attack them.

11.02.2019 Israeli air strike kills one Palestinian, injures 3, in Gaza. 27-year-old Ahmad Shahri murdered in airstrike by Israelis flying jets paid for by American tax payers.

11.02.2019 One-day sports event in Palestine calls for girls and boys to celebrate equality through sports. UN Women’s “Generation equality: Realizing women’s rights for an equal future.” Hundreds of girls and boys participated, a famous Palestinian woman soccer player-Ayat Saafeen, was keynote speaker. Sponsored by Unicef, and PACES Charity, which runs after-school sports programs for about 4,000 Palestinian children: girls and boys equally,

11.02.2019 Al-Quds University, Britain’s King’s College, agree to cooperated in MA programs. This is a nice story about cooperative effort between International School for Government at King’s College Development, and Institution Building at Al-Quds University, promoting joint graduate studies options. The Executive Chair of King’s International School for Government is Alexander Downer, Former High Commissioner to the UK, and Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister. Base in Jerusalem, Palestine offers more than 120 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


11.03.2019 PCHR: 81st Great March of Return: IOF shot and injured 144 Palestinian civilians IMEMC Including 53 children, 3 women, 2 paramedics, and a journalist. Israel shot 73 of the wounded with live ammunition—four of those are in critical condition. Israel doused the people with toxic gas and shot dozens with rubber coated steel bullets.

From Wafa:

11.03.2019 Israeli army steals/levels Palestinian land near Hebron. Occupation troops flattened another hundred acres of Palestinian farm land that was planted with grapes and almonds. Israel did that to build a Jews—only road between colonies built on stolen land. No Palestinians allowed.

11.03.2019 Including PA Minister, Israeli forces detain eight Palestinians. Night and fog raids.

11.03.2019 Israeli forces attack students with tear gas in Hebron. The toxic gas loving Jewish state gas bombed a school complex in Hebron, injuring dozens of students. No Israeli occupation troops injured while attacking the children.

11.03.2019 Of 39 women detained in Israeli jails, 16 are mothers.


11.04.2019 The coming Middle East conflagration The Atlantic. by Michael Oren.

American born, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren apparently using the Atlantic to let Americans know Israel is planning a major bombing attack against Iran and get a feel for if we will put our young people on the front line as cannon fodder to bail Israel out of the war that will result.

He begins by presenting a cascading scenario he says is being taken seriously by the Israeli cabinet: Israel starts a war with Iran by bombing an Iranian target. Israeli officials rub it in by boasting about the attack. Iran retaliates. Everyone in the neighborhood that Israel has been attacking for decades becomes involved. Israel becomes a smoldering mess. Electricity, sanitation, all normal aspects of life gone, hospitals and the population going underground, for the people—nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, in other words, Israel will become just what Israel has done to Gaza.

Oren says: “And over all (of Israel’s doomsday scenarios) looms a pressing question: How will the United States respond?”

Unbelievably, he tries to form our answer by guilt tripping us. After accepting hundreds of billions from America, after America has blocked dozens of UN resolutions against Israel’s brutality and war crimes against Palestinians, after all the times the United States of America has bailed Israel out, Oren blames Obama, blames Trump, blames America for the for the fallout of Israel’s misdeeds going back decades.

In his conclusion, he even blames America for Egypt and Syria invading Israel in 1973. [Old persons like myself (and Oren) should remember that Israel started that fiasco by trying to hold the Sinai that it captured in 1967 when the U.S. was telling it to give the Sinai back. Egypt invaded and handed Israel its ass. The United States saved Israel in 1973 with a massive infusion of weapons called Operation Nickelgrass—an airlift bigger than the Berlin Airlift all at the expense of the American tax payer. As reprisal, the Arabs punished America with the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973/74 which cost America $1.3 trillion in today’s dollars. Israel not only never paid us back, they blame us for their folly.]

11.04.2019 P is for Palestine: fear and loathing at the children’s library Middle East Eye. Pro-Israel loudmouths still going out of their way to increase sales for the children’s spelling book set in Palestine. The library was surrounded by security guards, and the author whisked in by the back door to the children’s library where she was to read from her book.

Article notes that the loudmouths previously intimidated an independent New York bookstore into not carrying the book and issue an apology for carrying it in the first place.

The bookstore said the last time they had such threats was when Salman Rushdie’s Statanic Verses came out in 1988. No word on if the bookstore caved in back then, stopped carrying the book and issued an apology. They carry the Satanic Verses now, though. So, perhaps in a few years no one will think twice about an illustrated children’s alphabet book.

11.04.2019 Ramallah joins UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in music.

From Wafa

11.04.2019 Fourteen Palestinians detained from West Bank. Night and fog raids. Ransacked homes, people dragged from their beds and taken to who knows where.

11.04.2019 Settlers steal olive harvest in Nablus district town. Village of Qaryout. Jewish state sponsored mayhem continues as colonist extremists steal the villagers olive harvest and put barriers up so farmers can’t access their own lands.

11.04.2019 Israel seizes 2500 dunhams of Palestinian land in West Bank. Multiple farmers going out to pick their olives found notices that the Jewish state is stealing another 494 acres of their lands and giving it to Jewish colonists.

11.05.2019 We are all Palestinians Unz Review. by Philip Giraldi. In this article PG lays out how the bought and paid for Beltway in Washington, D.C. is beginning to show some cracks in the pro-Israel carapace.

11.05.2019 Soldiers shoot and injure Palestinian in north of West Bank. Man shot in the leg at a checkpoint as he was going to work in Israel.

11.05.2019 France condemns Israel’s approval of 2,342 settlement housing units in West bank. [Not that it matters to Israel.]

11.05.2019 EU: All Israeli settlement activity is illegal under international law. Not that it matters to Israel but the EU stand bolsters the case for BDS.

Twelve Palestinians detained in West Bank, including teenagers. Four of the twelve were in the 16-18 years-old range.

11.05.2019 Settlers steal olive harvest in West Bank village. Village of al-Lubban al-Shareiya attacked again.

11.05.2019 Israeli municipality demolishes Palestinian house in East Jerusalem.

11.05.2019 Israeli Supreme Court upholds deportation order against Human Rights Watch Director. HRW Director Omar Sakir has 20 days to leave the occupied West Bank. Omar notes that Israel joins North Korea, Egypt, Iran in blocking HRW officials.

11.05.2019 Mine clearance operations in Northern West Bank field completed The Palestinian Mine Action Center has finished de-mining a field that’s been fallow 50 years because of land mines.



11.06.2019 South African Trade Unions say No Israeli takeover on Clover Statement by GIWUSA and FAWU trade unions regarding their opposition of an Israeli-led company buying South Africa’s largest dairy company.

11.06.2019 Blight on the landscape. racist Israeli cable car set to wreck Jerusalem’s skyline Middle East Eye. by Mustafa Abu Sneinth. Israeli planners prove once again they have no real grasp or connection to the Holy City by rubbing the occupation with commercial bad taste.


11.07.2019 Gaza leadership slams twitter and Facebook for yielding to Israel’s demands. Gist of article: social media blocks what Israel doesn’t want the public to see.

11.07.2019 Israeli navy abducts two fishermen in Rafa. Jewish terrorists in gunboats attacked fishermen in the dark again. They shot live rounds and tried to swamp the small fishing boats with water cannons. The siege troopers kidnapped two of the men and took them away.

11.07.2019 Facebook sues Israeli cyber security co. NSO over WhatsApp surveillance. The Real News. Graduates of Israeli army’s cyberspy unit 8200 formed an ostensibly civilian group called NSO that spies on people (including human rights advocates) for hire (including by brutal governments). Facebook accounts have been closed, hacked and otherwise compromised by NSO. NSO has hacked at least 1,400 Facebook accounts including those of human rights workers around the world, some of whom have disappeared.

Shir Hever discusses Facebook’s scandal and posits that NSO operatives should be arrested instead of being slapped on the wrist by a corporation like Facebook. An NSO software called Pegasus is implicated in the Saudis tracking Jamil Kashoggi and eventually luring him to the Saudi embassy in Istanbul where the Saudis murdered Kashoggi and cut up his body.

11.07.2019 Israeli soldiers attacked a Palestinian dad with his son. Watch it and cry Haaretz by Rogel Alper. Jewish occupation troops shown shoving and shouting at a young father (who could clearly kick their asses if they weren’t holding machine guns on him) as he’s walking with his pre-schooler. The Israelis are shouting that the boy attacked Jewish soldiers with stones. Ultimately one of the Jews cocks his machine gun and, finger on the trigger, shoves it in the man’s face. They shove him a few more times then let him go.