November 2019, Week 2

Friday, 11.08.2019

11.08.2019 Soldiers shoot a woman, abduct her son, in Jerusalem. Cowardly occupation troops turned a neighborhood into a gas chamber, fired concussion grenades all around, shot a woman in the head with a rubber coated steel bullet, kidnapped her teenage son.

11.08.2019 Twenty-two cars vandalized in suspected hate crime in West Bank. Haaretz. by Jack Khoury. In Hizma village. Jewish thugs slashed tires and spray painted Star of David and other hate graffiti all around the village. No one arrested, again. [Haaretz calls this a ‘suspected’ hate crime.]

Saturday, 11.09.2019 Grandson of Holocaust survivors deported from Israel for volunteering. Austrian citizen Edmund Sichrovsky 23, a man of conscience, was detained, searched, his cell phone seized and searched for numbers, accused of helping Palestinians, interrogated for hours, then deported after 17 hours.
Article notes he was one of international observers that Jewish occupation troops beat up on July 23 when they attacked a Palestinian neighborhood, beating men, women, and children prior to Israel bulldozing their homes. On that night they kneed and Sichrovsky in the face, broke his glasses, split his lip.

11.09.2019 82nd GMR: IOF shot and injured 104 Palestinian civilians, including children, a woman, and a paramedic. Jewish snipers, firing from the safety of military emplacements, shot 41 unarmed people with live ammunition, including 2 children who are in critical condition. Israel snipers gassed the multitudes and shot dozens of them with rubber coated steel bullets.

11.09.2019 Soldiers search many homes in Hebron. Night and fogy raids to let people know they are not safe in their beds.

11.09.2019 Farmer forces off land near Nablus. Village of Burin. Jewish occupation troops interrupted a farmer from picking his olives on his own trees, on his own land. Army of Zion told him his trees are a military security area and he has to get a permit from Israel to be there. Then they pushed him out of the grove at gunpoint.

11.09.2019 MADA: 107 Violations against media freedoms in Palestine.

Sunday, 11.10.2019


11.10.2019 Hey Boston! Thanks for the guns! Fun story from Bean Town. Palestinian solidarity campaigns are Banned in Boston. Pro-Israel forces got a billboard with Razan al-Najjar’s picture (she’s that vivacious, pretty, young, Palestinian medic a Jewish state sniper killed at the Gaza border) taken down. And they got the municipality to ban posters the campaigners put up. When that was challenged the city banned all political advertising rather than let images of Palestinians as humans be seen. So, now the campaigners have gone guerrilla and are putting up signs without permission.

Being banned in Boston puts the Palestinian campaigners in a club with Walt Whitman, Sinclair Lewis, DH Lawrence, HG Wells, Ernest Hemmingway, and many more including the Everly Brothers for, ‘Wake up, Little Susie.’

11.10.2019 Illegal colonists uproot 60 olive trees near Nablus and Salfit. Attacks on farmers by Jewish state thugs continue.

11.10.2019 Palestinian farmer’s land flooded with sewage. Sebastia village northwest of Nablus.

11.10.2019 U.S. Jewish groups warn Israel against West Bank annexation. 13 Jewish groups signed letter to Netanyahu emphasizing that annexation support from the White House may disappear when Trump leaves office.

11.10.2019 Illegal colonists invade village near Bethlehem. Jaba village attacked by about a dozen Jewish thug squatters who assaulted villagers and shot fireworks at them.

11.10.2019 soldiers abduct tow former political prisoners near Hebron. Night and fog raids. Ransacked homes.

11.10.2019 Soldiers injure dozens of Palestinians in Jerusalem. Al-Isawiya neighborhood. Those gas-loving Israelis at it again. Turned the neighborhood into a gas chamber and fired concussion grenades at the people while beating them with clubs and dousing them with pepper spray. There’s a video of gangs of occupation troops in combat gear beating up unarmed people.



11.11.2019 Two residential structures demolished in occupied Jerusalem.

11.11.2019 Israeli troops abduct 9 Palestinians, demolish two homes in pre-dawn raids Monday. Night and fog raids.

11.11.2019 Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians in Hebron. Jewish occupation troops gassed villagers who were marching in commemoration of Yassir Arafat’s death. The occupiers shot one man in the thigh and another in the abdomen.

11.11.2019 Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian near Hebron. This man be the same man who was reported shot in the abdomen in the article above. A Jewish occupation trooper killed 22-yar-old Omar al-Badawi by shooting the unarmed man in the chest with live ammunition in a refugee camp north of Hebron. After shooting him, the occupiers used their guns to keep Palestinian medics from providing life saving aid to him.

11.11.2019 Palestinians suffocate as Israeli forces attack march commemorating Arafat’s death anniversary. Wafa. Gas loving Israelis shot rubber coated steel bullets and gas, gas, gassed unarmed civilians, and Palestinian homes.

11.11.2019 Germany airs message calling out Israel occupation during Berlin Wall Anniversary MEMO. During 30th commemoration of the Berlin Wall coming down, German public television airs message for Israel to tear its wall down and end the occupation. Israel’s Ambassador to German was interrupted from trying to co-opt the story by connecting the date with Nazis 81 years ago. He gave the media a petulant response after being upstaged.

11.11.2019 This olive tree in Bethlehem has stood for 5,000 years—and this man is defending it. Middle East Eye. by Shawtha Hammad. 46-year-old Salah Abu Ali is paid a small stipend to guard the tree, one of the world’s oldest trees. It is in danger from global warming and from Israeli occupation troops and Jewish colonists who have killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinian olive trees. The apartheid fence is just 60 meters from the tree. Article notes a recent UN report that says Jewish fanatics uprooted, burned, or vandalized more than 4,100 olive trees in the first six months of this year.


From Wafa

11.12.2019 Man, wife killed in Israeli strike on Gaza Strip, children injured. Bajaa al-Ata, and his wife are dead, killed in their bed, their children injured, from an Israeli bombardment. The man of the house was with Islamic Jihad, which is why Israel claims it targeted the wife and kids. The four children, and a neighbor, are in a hospital.

11.12.2019 Gaza schools, universities suspended amidst tension. As Alaskan kids get a ‘snow day’ off school during winter storms, Palestinian schools and universities get a day off when Israelis are blowing up Gaza.

11.12.2019 Israeli airstrike in Damascus kills two people. Not content with killing unarmed Gazans, the Jewish state government bombed Syria again today, killing the son of an Islamic Jihad leader and another person. The Jewish state wounded ten other people during their attack.

11.12.2019 417 Palestinians arrested in October, including 75 children.


11.13.2019 Whilst 18 Israelis are treated for anxiety, 22 Palestinians are taken to the mortuary MEMO. by Dr. Brendan Ciaran Browne. Dr. Browne puts the asymmetrical warfare going on this week—hyperventilating Israelis/Dead Palestinians into perspective.

11.13.2019 Israeli’s precision propaganda tries to justify the slaughter of innocents. MEMO. by Yvonne Ridley. Death count now up to 23, of which Israel claims 12 are “members of terror groups.” [as are all the Israeli pilots who are bombing them]. That leaves 11 innocent dead even if you believe Israeli claims about the other 12 dead. Israeli hasbara machinery is in high gear after killing almost two dozen, mostly innocent, Palestinians. Israeli terrorists posted a video of various terrorist attacks from around the world, which Palestinians had nothing to do with, and twitted, “ This morning we killed an Islamic Jihad commander in #Gaza. This is why you should care.”

11.13.2019 Israeli group opposes ‘A war to keep Netanyahu on his throne.” If Americans Knew blog. by Adam Keller “It’s not hard to see the political interests behind the timing… and , in fact, the political gain was quick to come: President Rivlin and most leaders are now backing the government and the media is quick to reprimand the few who dare to voice criticism. Netanyahu is dragging us into another dangerous war that will bring tragedy onto both peoples-only in order to stay Prime Minister.”


11.13.2019 Including a father and two sons; Israel strikes killed fifteen Palestinians. 50 Israeli airstrikes, 21 Israeli artillery attacks, murder and mayhem from the Jewish state continues.

11.13.2019 Israel orders seizure of Palestinian lands near Bethlehem. IMEMC. Standard operating procedure for Israel to seize more Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank as it distracts the world by killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

11.13.2019 Israel razes Palestinian land for settler only by-pass IMEMC. Beit Ummar in occupied West Bank. Israel building another apartheid road.

11.13.2019 Italian tourist injured from tear gas canister during clashes in Bethlehem. Wafa. Jewish occupation troopers out gassing a Bethlehem neighborhood. One pezzo di merda shot a gas bomb at an Italian tourist. The Italian was hit in the shoulder and taken to the hospital. His condition is described as moderate.

11.13.2019 Panelists voice support of Israel boycott movement amid campus criticism. Daily Hampshire Gazette. by Dusty Christiansen. Article on the BDS presentation at UMass Amherst. The story tries to downplay what it acknowledged was ‘a sold-out crowd.’ Leads with a picture of 10, mostly older (eg. probably not students at Amherst), people holding Israeli flags. Talks about the weak chancellor missive that there should have been dissenting opinions. (as if he supported dissenting opinions during the US civil rights era or the apartheid South African era). There are no pictures of the over 1,000 people in the auditorium who turned out to see the discussion.

11.13.2019 Palestinian killed in Israeli air strike in Gaza Wafa. Bodies piling up in Gaza. 24 dead Palestinians now; including a woman and 3 children. Over 70 have been wounded.

11.13.2019 House caught on fire from Israeli army tear gas grenades. Wafa. Gas loving Jewish occupation troops turned another Hebron home into a gas chamber by firing gas bombs into it, today. They bombarded the place until they caught the second story on fire. Residents were treated for inhalation injuries.

11.13.2019 Family forced to demolish its four animal barns in Jerusalem. Just as winter is coming on, the Jewish state forces family to demolish their animal sheds.

11.13.2019 The Arab League: Israeli government responsible for escalation in Gaza. [The Arab League: 22 member countries and four observer countries, in total they represent more than a third of the earth’s population, not to mention most of the oil reserves.] In a statement the Arab League laid the blame for escalating violence/atrocities squarely on the Jewish state.


From Wafa

11.14.2019 Eight, including entire family, wiped out as Israel strikes house in Gaza. A U.S. built F-16, with a Star of David painted on it, killed a family along with two other family members, and wounded at least 13 more people. Death toll for this latest round of state terrorism is now 32 dead Palestinians, 113 wounded Palestinians. No dead Jews. No wounded Jews. This is Netanyahu on the campaign trail.

11.14.2019 Weather forecast: unseasonably hot to extremely hot. Jordan Valley 37 C (98.6 F)

11.14.2019 Dr. Al-Kaila: “One third of the slain Palestinians are women and children.” Dr. al-Kaila is the Palestinian Health Minister. She said that of the 34 Palestinians Israeli terrorists killed in bombing attacks on Gaza this week, 11 are women and children (3 women, eight children). Sixty percent of the 111 wounded are women and children (46 children, 20 women). This was state murder aided and abetted by the international community. Israeli war machine damaged fifteen schools and 185 homes.

11.14.2019 Soldiers abduct three Palestinians in Bethlehem and Hebron. Night and fog raids.

11.14.2019 Israeli soldiers invade Shufat refugee camp. Occupied East Jerusalem: Jewish occupation troops gassed the people again. Shot live ammunition at them.

11.14.2019 Updated: Israeli missiles kill eight family members in Deir al-Balah, injure 13. IMEMC. Israel has now slaughtered 32 Palestinians since Monday with more in critical condition. American tax-payers provided the F-16’s that bombed the Sawaraka family. Search for bodies continues as remains of two more dead children were found in the rubble. Article notes, “only one toddler survived the Israeli attack and was found shielded by her slain brother.” Video of neighbors digging a child’s body out of the demolished building.

In south Gaza a woman who was six months pregnant miscarried as bombs fell around her home.

11.14.2019 ‘Greater satisfaction than sex’ BDSM becoming increasingly domination Israeli night life. Haaretz by Neta Hebrun. Great timing for this article as Israel is having a national orgasm from killing helpless Palestinian women and children in Gaza.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that hundreds of Israelis show up for parties featuring bondage, domination, humiliation, torture, powerlessness, pain, and “what’s called ‘sub-space,’ the high that is beyond pain. A popular trend among BDSM clubs is a game where a ‘master’ enjoys taking care of, cultivating, and protecting his little ‘boy’ or ‘girl.’

This is mostly a younger crowd [who would still be in the military]. Not hard to imagine where this leads when Israeli military personnel who leave these clubs and are given control of helpless, bound and gagged Palestinians—men, women, children, by the state of Israel.