November 2019, Week 3

November 2019, Week 3

Sitka black tail deer tracks. No deer bombed by Israeli air force in Southeast Alaska this week.

Life in Southeast Alaska vs , life in Occupied Palestine/Israel:
Cardinal rule of hunting: “Don’t pull the trigger unless you know what you’re shooting at.”
Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli air force jet bombers blew up a Palestinian family of eight in Gaza. Israel calls it a mistake.

11.15.2019 Israeli army admits killing eight Gaza family members: We thought the house was empty. Haaretz. by Yair Kubovick and Jack Khoury.
This cover-up attempt is impossibly lame even by Israeli hasbara standards, the Jewish state is now claiming they slaughtered the family of eight, because they thought their house was empty. At first the Zionists boasted they blew it up to kill an Islamic Jihad official [as if murdering such a person in his bed would be legitimate]. That story unraveled immediately. Next the Israel’s declared they blew it up to destroy enemy infrastructure. That story evaporated when neighbors revealed it was a shack without running water or electricity. Now, Israel’s military says it spent a bombing raid [that cost the American tax payer hundreds of thousands of shekels] to blow up an empty shack.
This is an example of why so many Americans no longer believe a word of Israeli hasbara. The dead family members are: Father and mother Rasmi abu Malhous, his wife Miriam (both 45), Mohand (12), Moad (7), Sim (13), Yoseri (39), and two toddlers. [update: another family member, 40 year-old Mohammad al Sawarka died of his injuries on November 22.]

11.15.2019 PCHR weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories (07-13 November). Israel escalated state terrorism this week with 73 targeted aerial bombings, an assassination, 33 dead Palestinians including 16 children and 6 women.

11.15.2019 Israel launches new air strikes on Gaza.

11.15.2019 Palestinian FM urges ICC to bring Israel to justice. Ryad Malki asks the international community to hold the Jewish state responsible for its crimes, like blowing up that innocent family of eight yesterday.

11.16.2019 Israeli bullet blinds Palestinian reporter in one eye Press TV. Graphic photos of journalist Mu’ath Amarneh (wearing a bullet proof vest clearly marked PRESS) shot in the eye with rubber coated steel bullet by cowardly Israeli sniper.

This is no accident. Another Palestinian deliberately shot in the face and blinded. Photo: Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.

11.16.2019 Israeli forces injure many Palestinians in West Bank protests. Gas loving Jewish state occupiers at it again, gassing Palestinians, shooting them with rubber coated steel bullets. Among those targeted was a photojournalist Israel shot in the eye permanently blinding him.

11.16.2019 ‘I did not find our house, there was only a huge hole’ Sawarkah children speak about a massacre they survived. Children who lived through Jewish state terrorist bombing their house that killed eight members of the family, including five children and two women. A twelve-year-old girl from the family had been unable to sleep because of terrorist drones flying over the house. She ran out of the house moments before Israel obliterated it. When she turned around after the explosion the house was gone. “There was only a huge hole while everything was thrown here and there, and my family was buried in the sand.” Thirteen-year-old Diaa survived the bombing after “everything turned red.” He ran to his grandmother’s house and told her they needed an ambulance, then went back, “I saw my brother Muath buried in the sand and his legs outside. I saw my cousin Nermin buried in the sand.”

11.16.2019 Illegal colonists attack Palestinians picking their olive trees near Nablus. Jaloud village. Jewish thugs doing their part for apartheid.

11.16.2019 Journalist advocates condemn Israel’s shooting of photojournalist. Jewish occupation trooper shot a Palestinian reporter in the face with rubber coated steel bullet to blind him. The guy was wearing a highly visible blue bullet proof blue vest plainly marked PRESS. The International Federation of Journalists and Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemned the cowardly attack.

11.17.2019 Israeli forces shoot PNN editor-in-chief with tear gas canister.
Two days ago the Jewish state shot out a Palestinian reporter’s eye with a rubber coated steel bullet. Moat Amameh is the man’s name. He’s blind forever now in that eye. Palestinian journalists spoke out against that terrorist crime in a non-violent protest. Israel gassed the journalists and fired concussion grenades at them. One of the Jewish terrorists shot the editor-in-chief of Palestine TV in the head with a gas bomb. There’s a video with the article of Israeli occupation troops attacking the journalists.

11.17.2019 Army shoots a Palestinian near the annexation wall gate north of Tulkarem. Shot the guy in the leg with live ammunition as he was crossing the gate on his way to work. The occupiers didn’t arrest the man. The let medics take him to hospital. Which means he didn’t commit a crime. His condition is stable.

11.17.2019 Soldiers seriously injure a Palestinian in Tulkarm. Jewish occupation troops attacked farmers in their olive groves. Shot at people with live ammunition. One of the farmers is in critical condition at hospital.

11.17.2019 Netanyahu kills Palestinians to keep opposition from forming government The Real News Network. with Mark Steiner interviewing Jeff Halper—head of Israeli committee against housing demolitions. They discuss what Israelis are talking about but is apparently taboo in American media. Netanyahu is bombing Gaza to keep himself in power and to keep himself out of prison. Halper says, “There’s nothing here that’s by chance.” He says that the Islamic Jihad leader who Israel blew up (along with his wife in their bed) was ‘scheduled’ for assassination two years ago and the timing was up to Netanyahu. According to Halper Netanyahu is on the way out and when he’s gone his successor won’t have the international connections Netanyahu has cultivated and the violent state terrorism that Israel has practiced for 50 years, and that Zionism has practiced in the region for over 125 years, will unravel.
Interesting note from Halper that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other Palestinians agreed years ago to a two-state solution—‘which is really a very pro-Israel solution.’ “They’ve tried to sue for peace and Israel always said no.

11.18.2019 Netanyahu: “government with Arab coalition partners is a serious threat to Israel” The Meshuga Mussolini, who hasn’t been able to form a coalition to stay in power, is trying to manipulate Israeli politics into having another election. To that end, he’s telling his constituents, “We do not want a new election. We also do not want a government that depends on the Arabs.” So, there you have it from the leader of ‘the only democracy in the Middle East.’ He’s talking about Arabs who live in Israel and are Israeli citizens, mind you. He called them—are you ready?—an existential threat to the Israel. An American politician calling Blacks or Hispanics an existential threat to America, it would be looking for another job.

11.18.2019 Soldiers seriously injure two Palestinian children near Ramallah. Occupation troops out gassing another Palestinian neighborhood, and firing concussion grenades, live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets, shot the kids with live ammunition. They are two boys ages 13 and 14. One was shot 3 times in the arms. The other has bullet fragments in his chest.

11.18.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct three Palestinians, including one woman, in Jerusalem. A group of young people gathered to commemorate, and express solidarity with, bleeding Gaza. Israelis black bagged three of them.

11.18.2019 PPS: Israeli soldiers abduct ten Palestinians in West Bank.” Night and fog raids. Occupiers also set up extra road blocks, searched cars, interrogated people.

11.18.2019 Israel to seize land in Salfit for settlement expansion.

11.18.2019 Israeli bulldozers level Palestinian road, sever water pipeline. In Alaska, leveling a road means the Department of Transportation graded and smoothed it. In Palestine it means the Israeli occupiers plowed it up with armored 60-ton armored bulldozers protected by Jewish occupation troops. In this case Israelis ruined about a third of a mile of agricultural road so desperately poor Bedouin farm families can’t get to their lands. The Jewish state also destroyed the community’s main water supply so they have to travel to get water.

11.19.2019 Trump administration reverses 40 years of foreign policy on Israeli settlements, ruffling international feathers Forbes. by Isabel Togoh. Ruffling feathers may be the understatement of the year. Donald Trump’s administration has followed up on moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and recognizing Israel ’s illegitimate annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights with an attempted unilateral rubber stamp of Israeli colonies. Nearly a news blackout in this country on international condemnation but there’s world wide blow-back after Zionist tool Mike Pompeo (and U.S. Secretary of State, made the preposterous proclamation that Israel’s colonial project isn’t illegal under international law. In 1978 President Jimmy Carter’s administration agreed with the international community that Israel’s colonies are illegal.

From Wafa
11.19.2019 Palestine calls for Arab League emergency meeting over U.S. position on settlements.

11.19.2019 Germany reiterates position that settlements are contrary to international law.

11.19.2019 China calls on U.S. to make constructive efforts rather than complicate the conflict. On behalf of China, [where 18.59% of the world’s population lives], Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shwang calls out U.S. for Pompeo’s support of Israeli colonies.

11.19.2019 EU: Israeli settlements are illegal. EU Foreign Policy Director Federica Mogherini replied to Pompeo’s nonsensical claim that Jewish colonies aren’t illegal under international law. She said, “The UE calls on Israel to end all settlement activity, in line with its obligations as an occupying power.”

11.19.2019 Palestinian killed on Sunday identified, family demands answers. The dead man is Fares Abu Naab: Jewish occupation troopers claim they shot him during a chase. They didn’t know someone was taking a video on a cell phone from an apartment directly above the murder scene. The video is included with the article. It shows Abu Naab after he has parked his car, opens his door, and without hurrying, starts to get out. He is unarmed. A Jewish occupation trooper in body armor runs up and shoots him point blank, multiple times from six feet away. The Israeli killer runs out of the scene in the direction he entered it.

After the execution, Jewish occupation troops surrounded the home of the young man’s grieving mother, gassed the neighbors who’d come to comfort her.

11.19.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 19 Palestinians, summon 7 for interrogation. Night and fog raids.

11.19.2019 Army releases a Palestinian fisherman who was abducted a year ago. Last December 18, Jewish terrorists in gunboats attacked fishermen who were working their little boats, in the dark off Gaza. Mohammad Saidam was out there that night. He was just 18 years old, then. A siege boat abducted him, took him to shore, where others grabbed him and took him to Israeli prison. There he has remained behind the wire until now. Today the Jewish state let him go.

11.19.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a basketball referee, scout leader, in Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops attacked George Abu Ghazalas’ home in a night and fog raid. They ransacked his house and then kidnapped him. He’s a local boy scout troop leader, basketball coach, and apparently, an existential threat to the future of Israel.

11.19.2019 Illegal colonists storm a Christian church in Hebron. Dozens of Jewish fanatics, protected by machine gun wielding Israeli occupation troops, invaded the beautiful Holy Trinity Monastery which is called Abraham’s Oak. Note that this church is located in area A, which is supposed to be entirely under Palestinian control.

11.19.2019 Soldiers demolish two homes in Hebron.

11.20.2019 Vatican expresses concern after U.S. decision on Israel
The New York Times, Washington Post, The Associated Press, ABC News, The Morning Call, The Daily Press, and others all ran this bullshit headline.

11.20.2019 UN Security Council members rebuke U.S. softened stance on Israel’s West Bank settlements. Time. by Edith M. Lederer. (Read that headline again.) Softened stance? Pompeo just did a 180 reversal of forty years of American diplomacy about Israeli colonies that pretty well every country in the world except Israel considers to be illegal. It’s serious enough that countries all over the world, including the Vatican, have called Pompeo out on it.


11.20.2019 Israel closes official Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem. Today, to celebrate the United Nation’s World Children’s Day, occupation troops from ‘the only democracy in the Middle East,’ shut down the Palestinian’s Office of the Directorate of Education—Orphan’s School in Jerusalem’s Old City, arrested the Director of the Arab Health Center, banned Palestine TV, and kidnapped the Director of Education in Jerusalem.

11.20.2019 Israeli Prime Minister approves settlement expansion in Jordan Valley following US announcement.

From Wafa

11.20.2019 Arab League: Ministerial meeting to discuss U.S. position on settlements. Yesterday Palestinian leaders called on the Arab League to hold an emergency meeting. Today the League announced it will meet in five days in Cairo.

11.20.2019 Prime Minister calls for heavily punishing those who deal with settlement products. World opinion raining down after Pompeo went full-Zionist in support of Israeli colonies in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, in Palestine, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has called an emergency meeting to craft a response.

He calls out the U.S. for corroding international law, called on the EU and Russia to revoke citizenship of colonists on the grounds that their colonies are illegal, and he will push for punishing Palestinians in the occupied territories who buy Israeli products.

11.20.2019 Soldiers abduct eight Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

11.20.2019 UN official says he regrets U.S. condoning of Israeli settlements. Another limp-wristed gargle by Nicolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

11.20.2019 Bahrain reiterates its firm rejection of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine.

11.20.2019 Saudi Arabia expresses opposition to U.S. statements on settlements.

11.20.2019 Israel detains head of Parents Committees in Jerusalem. Along with shutting down the Palestine TV office, shutting down the Education and Higher Education Directorate, shutting down the Islamic school, and shutting down the Arab Health Center, the Jewish state black-bagged the head of the Parent’s Committee.

11.20.2019 International law experts: United States has no legal capacity to legalize settlements. Immediately after European Court of Justice decided to label goods produced in Israeli colonies in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the international community renewed its commitment to the UN Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) in Palestine, US Secretary of State Mike “We lied, we cheated, we stole” Pompeo announced that the United States government had decided that Israeli colonies are legal under international law in spite of international law, which says they’re not.

11.20.2019 UAE issues stamp depicting Jerusalem as Palestinian capital. United Arab Emirates farts in Israel and Mike Pompeo’s general direction after Pompeo tried to rubber stamp Israel’s annexation of Palestine.

11.21.2019 Khazakhstan holds doctor over Israel-linked organ harvesting scheme. Times of Israel. Israel has very low organ donorship compared to western countries because Jewish scholars say the religion doesn’t support organ donations. So, some wealthy Israelis go abroad and buy organs from destitute people in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. [Israel has long been accused of harvesting organs from Palestinians it kills (and would that be the real reason they won’t return the bodies?) but it’s surprising to see the topic in an Israeli publication.]


11.21.2019 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, breach of trust Washington Post. by Steve Hendrix and Ruth English.
After three years of scrutiny Netanyahu has been indicted. Article discusses the least damning case against the PM, which is the one where he and his wife are accused of taking over $260,000 in bribes.

Netanyahu denies everything. Claims it is a coup attempt. Expectations are that Netanyahu will try to get the Israeli Parliament to grant him immunity. Article correctly notes that “political observers have marveled at Netanyahu’s ability to wield the levers of government to his own advantage.”

[Israeli-born Arnon Milchan is listed as one of Netanyahu’s benefactors. Article calls him a film producer, which he is, but omits that he’s a major international arms dealer and is believed to be instrumental in Israel acquiring nuclear weapons.]
(Author Hendrix is the Washington Post’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief. English is a former Jerusalem Post reporter and senior editor. Both are based/live in Jerusalem.)

From Wafa
11.21.2019 Evangelical Lutheran Church expresses concern over U.S. settlement declaration. Bishop Azar of the Evangelical Lutheran in Jordan and the Holy Land issued a statement that Pompeo’s claim that Israeli colonies aren’t illegal, “This reversal of a long-held commitment and understanding is in opposition to international law and consensus.” “As people of faith in a God of justice, peace, and equality, we must protect the rights and humanity of all people.”

11.21.2019 Israeli forces demolish shack in southern Hebron hills. Jewish occupation troops bulldozed the little shack where eleven members of the Dabbasa family lived. The occupiers also delivered notices that they’re about to destroy other shacks, outbuildings, and water wells.

11.21.2019 PLO official refutes Israeli claims on closure of media offices in Jerusalem The Jewish state is making the nutty claim that its closure of multiple Palestinian social, cultural, and educational institutions in East Jerusalem this week was in keeping with the 1993 Oslo accords which Israel pledged to adhere to. Saeb Erekat, PLO Secretary General, published excerpts that are in a 1993 letter from then Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to his Norwegian counterpart, in which Peres blows smoke. From the letter, “…the Palestinian institutions of East Jerusalem and the interest and well-being of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem are of great importance and will be preserved.” “Therefore, all the Palestinian institutions of East Jerusalem, including the economic, social, educations, and cultural and the holy Christian and Muslim places, are performing an essential task for the Palestinian population.” “Needless to say, we will not hamper their activity; on the contrary, the fulfillment of this important mission is to be encouraged.”

11.21.2019 Jerusalem governor among five detained from West Bank. Night and fog raids.

11.21.2019 Illegal colonists burn lands near Nablus. Burqa village. Jewish terrorists set farm fields on fire. At gunpoint, Jewish occupation troops protecting the terrorists stopped Palestinian fire fighters and residents from fighting the fire.

11.21.2019 PPS: Israeli soldiers abduct eight Palestinians, including Jerusalem governor, one woman, in West Bank. Jewish occupation troops in night and fog raids. Ransacked homes, stolen computers, laptops, phones. The young woman is 23-year-old Leen Awad, a senior at Palestine Poly Tech.

11.21.2019 UK defies U.S., urges Israel to halt settlement expansion. UK joins pretty much every other country in the world in expressing disgust at Mike Pompeo’s announcement that the Trump administration doesn’t consider Israel’s illegal colonies in the occupied territories illegal. UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office left no doubt about where the Brits stand. “The position of the UK on settlements is clear. They are illegal under international law, present an obstacle to peace, and threaten the viability of a two state solution. We urge Israel to halt its counter productive settlement expansion.”

Sitka Black tail deer some friends asked to hang in my shed for the night so the bears don’t get him before they process him and put him in the freezer.