November 2019, Week 4

November 2019, Week 4


Life in Southeast Alaska vs. life in occupied Palestine/Israel:
Southeast: Thanksgiving Day:  Temperature in the teens outside. Woodstove toasty.  Turkey, stuffing, wine, clean water, potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce, pies. It’s a day with family, friends, dogs, and music in a home safe and warm.
Occupied Palestine: On November 28, Thanksgiving Day Israeli occupiers: demolished five Palestinian family homes, crushed a Palestinian car with an armored bulldozer killing a father and injuring his son, uprooted a farmer’s olive trees, demolished his retaining walls and water wells, abducted ten Palestinians in the night raids, vandalized dozens of cars in an Arab village by slashing tires and spray painting racist graffiti on them, vowed to build 11,000 more housing units on Palestinian lands.  Stories below on 11.28.2019.

11.22.2019 Russian outs Israel and Jordan in Syrian-Iraq border strike Haaretz [Misleading title as far as Jordan goes.] The Russian Foreign Ministry says Israel violated Jordanian airspace by flying over Jordan to bomb Syria. This is Israel’s fourth attack in a week. Israeli terrorist planes fired 40 missiles into Damascus suburbs Tuesday night. Moscow noted Israel, killed and wounded Syrian civilians ten days ago in the center of Damascus, and destroyed buildings and property in the same attacks. The Russians pointed out that Israel has, “ratcheted up tension and conflict potential.” and warned, “These events are causing serious concern and resentment in Moscow.”

From Wafa
11.22.2019 +120 U.S. Congressmen warn Pompeo’s declaration could lead to a deadlier conflict. Letter lays out for Pompeo that what he has done makes the world less safe and stable for everyone, especially Americans and Israelis. “The State Department blatantly disregards article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which affirms that any occupying power shall not deport or transfer parts of its won civilian population into the territory it occupies.” Letter ends with: “If the U.S. unilaterally abandons international and human rights law, we can only expect a more chaotic and brutal twenty-first century for Americans and our allies, including the Israeli people.”

11.22.2019 Man succumbs to wounds sustained by Israeli airstrike in Gaza 40-year-old Mohammad Sawarka has died from injuries caused by Jewish state terrorists in three days of bombing attacks last week.

11.22.2019 Indonesia firmly rejects U.S. declaration on Israeli colonial settlements.

11.22.2019 Settlers torch vehicles, scrawl hate graffiti in three Nablus district villages. Israeli colonists continue terrorizing the countryside with complete impunity.

11.22.2019 Palestine’s ambassador to UK hails Labour’s vow to end arms sales to Israel. Jeremy Corbyn may be the next PM of the UK. If so, his party has committed a platform which includes immediately stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

11.22.2019 US Congresswoman “Israeli system of military detention of children s immoral.” Dear Brave Betty McCollum (DFL-MN) says, “not a single dollar of U.S. tax payer funds should be allowed to support what’s an explicit violation of international humanitarian law.”

McCollum introduced HR 2407 in April which now has 22 co-sponsors.

Article mentions several Christian faith leaders, including National Council of Churches’ associate general secretariat for action and advocacy, Rev. Aundreia Alexander, supports the bill. Alexander called the intimidation and terrorizing of children immoral and unconscionable, and the suffering of Palestinian children must be taken out of the background. Further, she said, ”Children are being used as pawns to pressure their parents, and those fighting for the liberation of the Palestinian people. And it’s also a means of conditioning these children to believe that they are not worthy of respect, that they are not entitled to basic human rights.

11.22.2019 Army attacks non-violent protesters in Surif. Gas loving Israelis attack villagers with gas bombs, concussion grenades. Then beat them with clubs. Villagers were protesting Israeli plans to steal more of their lands.

11.22.2019 West Bank vehicles vandalized in new settler attack.

11.22.2019 From champagne to headlines// all the Netanyahu corruption cases explained Haaretz. by Allison Kapalan Sommer. Case 1000: fraud and breach of trust. Charges Netanyahu took gifts for political favors. Case 2000: fraud and breach of trust. Charges Netanyahu made a deal with news publisher Arnon Mozes that N would pass legislation that would damage Mozes’ competitor Sheldon Adelson’s [who has been Netanyahu’s patron for years] newspaper in return for good publicity. Case 4000: Charges that in return for favorable publicity, Netanyahu benefited from Shaul Elovitch’s media site.
[These three are cases Netanyahu has been indicted for. Case 3000: which is the multimillion dollar corruption scandal, is not listed.]

11.22.2019 Maritime Union of Australia-Sydney branch, endorses Boycott HP. BDS Campaign website. Aussie members, who stood against South African apartheid, pledge not to buy HP.

from IMEMC
11.23.2019 UN Security Council rebukes U.S. reversal on settlements.

11.23.2019 Holy See rejects United States’ policy change on Israeli settlements in West Bank. Rome Reports [a private and independent TV news agency based in Rome, Italy specializing in covering the Pope and the Vatican.] Remember that headline from three days ago where all the news outlets reported “Vatican expresses concern after U.S. decision on Israel”? What the Holy See actually stated about Pompeo’s reversal of American policy on illegal colonies was that it: “risks undermining further the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the already fragile regional stability.”

11.23.2019 Kairos Palestine denounces Pompeo’s illegitimate legalization of settlements. Kairos Palestine is the collective voice of Christian leadership in the holy land.

11.23.2019 After two months of hunger strike, two prisoners reported in feeble health condition. Moving towards death in protest of being held indefinitely with no charges or trial.

11.24.2019 Video shows Israeli soldiers abducting 13-year-old boy in Hebron. Video from the 11.03.2019 abduction has surfaced. Shows 5 Jewish occupation troopers who had seized the boy half a mile away, driven around his neighborhood in a jeep so his neighbors could see him. Then they drove him about half a mile, got out in another neighborhood, paraded the little boy through the streets using him for a human shield as they strut around, one of them grinning, throwing concussion grenades randomly into people’s homes.

11.24.2019 Illegal colonists invade Hebron, toddler among injured IMEMC. Hundreds of fanatic Israeli colonists, protected by Jewish occupation troops, attacked local people in Hebron again. Rampaging Jewish thugs threw rocks, bottles, a and pepper sprayed shop keepers, passers-by, and especially targeted children. The toddler was in his own home when he was hit in the head with a rock.

from IMEMC
11.25.2019 Soldiers injure several school children in Hebron. In America the teacher says, “Billy, where’s your homework?” Billy says, “My dog ate it.” In Palestine the teachers says, “Ahmed, where’s your homework?” Ahmed says, “I dropped it when the Israeli occupation troops gassed us on the way to school and started beating me up.”

11.25.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct nine Palestinians in al-Isawiya. Night and fog raids.

11.25.2019 Likud MK “Israelis will soon be able to open projects in Arab Gulf states.” Sounds like more from Israel’s Ministry of Wishful Thinking. Mentions UAE, Bharian, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, all of which came out against Israel’s annexation of the West Bank this month.

From Wafa
11.25.2019 Arab Foreign Ministers reject U.S. position on Israeli settlements Meeting in Cairo Arab League headquarters, the Foreign Ministers called Pompeo’s flip-flop on Jewish colonies in the occupied territories null and void, has no legal effect and is a clear violation of UN Charter and resolutions including Security Council resolution 2334 of 2016.

11.25.2019 Ten Palestinians wounded as tens of thousands of Jews descend on Hebron Haaretz. by Hagar Shezaf. Jewish terrorists allowed to run amok by the occupation army. This was part of the rampage where rock throwing Jewish fanatics hit a toddler in the head with a rock as the little boy sat inside his house.

11.25.2019 Israel now sees a rare opportunity for long term quiet in Gaza Haaretz. by Amos Harel. Another ‘war is peace’ propaganda effort after Israel bombed Gaza last week killing 36, including a family of eight, and wounding over 100.

11.26.2019 Israeli forces detain nine Palestinians, many former prisoners Night and fog raids. Jewish occupation troops dragging people from their beds, ransacking homes, letting Palestinians know they’re not safe in their beds.

11.27.2019 Soldiers shoot a Palestinian with a live round, injure several others, near Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops shot up a group of people who were voicing their disapproval of Pompeo’s rubber stamping Israeli take over of the West Bank. Gas loving Israelis gassed the people, shot them with rubber coated steel bullets, and live ammunition.

11.27.2019 Army injures many Palestinians near Nablus.

11.27.2019 Soldiers injure two Palestinians, abduct two teens, in Bethlehem. “Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie. Above thy deep and dreamless sleep, the silent stars go by.” Residents were protesting Jewish brutality. Jewish occupation troops gassed them, shot them with concussion grenades, and rubber coated steel bullets. Two young people injured by the rubber coated steel bullets.


from IMEMC
11.28.2019 Israeli soldiers demolish four homes in Hebron. Beit Kahil town. As collective punishment—which is banned under international law—the Jewish state demolished four family homes belonging to Palestinians who are related to four men Israel accuses [but has not tried, proven, convicted—one of them is on life support from being tortured almost to death by the Israeli secret police] of planting a bomb that killed a Jewish colonist teenager last August. Neighbors turned out to protest the demolitions. Jewish occupation troops gassed them, shot concussion grenades, live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets at them.

On leaving the village they killed a Palestinian father with the bulldozer. see below.

11.28.2019 Israeli armored bulldozer crashes Palestinian car, killing father and injuring son. Jewish occupation troops returning from the pogrom in Beit Kahil (above), rammed a father and son with an armored bulldozer [they weigh about 60 tons]. The Palestinians were on their way to work. 56-year-old Mohammad al-Nawajaa died in the wreckage. His son survived with injuries.

11.28.2019 Israeli soldiers uproot Palestinian lands near Bethlehem Hasan village: Israel out making the desert bloom again, Jewish occupation troops brought in bulldozers and other heavy earth moving equipment to destroy a few more acres of a Palestinian farmer’s lands.

11.28.2019 Soldiers uproot 30 trees, demolish 150 walls and wells in Salfit. Jewish occupation troops showed up for Thanksgiving unannounced, destroyed a farmer’s olive trees, retaining walls, and water wells. The farm family of Abdul Yassion was rehabilitating the land.

11.28.2019 Israel to expand illegal settlements by 11,000 housing units.

11.28.2019 Palestinian artists use their skills to raise consciousness about Palestine. About 20 % of Europe’s 100,000 Palestinians live in London. Israel won’t let exiled Palestinians return to their ancestral home, so the artists among them are raising awareness of the occupation through art.

from Wafa
11.28.2019 Soldiers demolish a Palestinian home in Nablus Aseera ash-Shamaliya village. Palestinian home being built on the owner’s land. Israel destroyed it claiming the owner didn’t have Israeli permission to build. Israel gives permits to Jewish colonists but almost never to Palestinians.

11.28.2019 Soldiers abduct five Palestinians in Jenin and Hebron. Night and fog raids.

11.28.2019 Jordan demands Israel release corpse of detainee who died in prison. A 37-year-old prisoner, whose family lives in Jordan, died in prison. His family is asking the Jordanian government to have him sent back so they can give him a decent burial.

11.28.2019 Israel bans entry of PA Minister to Jerusalem. The only democracy in the Middle East stopped the Palestinian Culture Minister at one of Israel’s hundreds of checkpoints and arbitrarily told the man he wasn’t allowed in occupied East Jerusalem.

11.28.2019 Ten Palestinians detained from West Bank Night and fog raids.

11.28.2019 Japan funds construction of classrooms near Nablus Awartz Village. Article says Japanese Ambassador for Palestinian Affairs Masayuki Magoshi, ‘…emphasized Japan’s firm commitment of supporting Palestinian people…”

11.28.2019 Dozens of cars vandalized in Arab-Israeli town in suspected hate crime Haaretz by Jack Khoury. Jaljulia village. Here’s Haaretz again calling Zionist thugs attacking Palestinians a ‘suspected’ hate crime. Maybe a spray painted Star of David and racist graffiti in Hebrew could be indicators. [Maybe the Israelis could try something novel and arrest those responsible and have a trial.]

11.28.2019 Opinion: It may not know it, but the US is acceleration the end of Israel’s apartheid regime. Middle East Monitor. by Asa Winstanley. Where Barak Obama supported Israel to the hilt just as Donald Trump does, Obama did it quietly, pretending he believed in a two-state solution. Trump does it with a megaphone and a brass band. After moving the US embassy to Jerusalem on behalf of Israel, recognizing Israel’s illegal seizure of Syria’s Golan Heights, and stealing most of the West Bank, there’s no room for a Palestinian state. So, it’s going to be a single state of one person/one vote, or a state so obviously apartheid that it can’t be ignored