October 2019, Week 1

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. Life in Occupied Palestine/Israel: Southeast: No homes bulldozed by authorities in Southeast, Alaska this week (or year, or decade…) If you want to build something you get a permit if you need one, rent a dump truck, get a load of rock, and have at it. In Palestine, the Israelis continue to refuse building permits to Palestinians, bulldoze Palestinians homes, livestock pens, wells etc. A few more went down this week. Stories below.

October 2019, Week 1

10.01.2019 Settlers established 18 new outposts. by Madeeha Araj. Israel has seized another 375 acres of Palestinian land where people live and grow olives. Israel’s military government steals land in various ways like designating Palestinian farms as ‘military security areas,’ kicking out the Palestinians, then giving the land to Jewish colonists.

10.01.2019 Qassam fighter accidentally killed in Gaza. A young resistance fighter died due to a weapon malfunction in Khan Younis.

10.01.2019 Palestinians mark 19 years since al Aqsa Intifada 2000. The Second Intifada [uprising—literally ‘Shaking Off] was incited by Ariel Sharon invading al-Aqsa mosque with hundreds of Jewish occupation troops. The Israelis killed thousands of Palestinians (most of them civilians) and wounded many thousands more. Israel also used the violence they started to steal more Palestinian land.

10.01.2019 Army invades home of former political prisoner, confiscates his car. Occupation troops ransacked the home of 60-year-old Mohammad Aadi, who languished ten years as a political prisoner in Israel. The occupiers broke in, interrogated his family, stole his car, and left.

10.01.2019 Two detained Palestinian teens receive administrative detention orders. One of the boys, now 17, has been in prison six months without charges or trial. He was supposed to be released in two days. Now Israel just hit him with another six months—still no charges. No trial. The other boy was sentenced to four months, likewise, no charges. No trial.

10.01.2019 How Israel controls its narrative. Unz Review. by Phlilip Giraldi. Fearless Phil at it again. Israel working to stop any and all criticism of its American funded occupation of Palestine.

10.02.2019 Alleged child abuser Malka Leifer released on bail in Israel. The Guardian. by Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem. Leifer was principal of an Ultra Orthodox girls school in Australia. In 2008 allegations surfaces that she was a pedophile with extensive history of sexually abusing girls. She fled the country to Israel which doesn’t extradite Jews. She’s managed to drag the case out for years. With 74 charges including rape and other sexual abuses against her, Australia is demanding, in increasing volume, that she be returned to stand trial. Update: After a firestorm of protest Israeli courts changed their mind and locked her up again.

10.02.2019 Israeli soldiers demolish four sheep pens near Jerusalem. Protecting the chosen people from anti-Semitic sheep, occupation troops stormed 30-year-old, Palestinian owned, sheep pens and smashed them with a bulldozer. No attacks on Jewish sheep pens noted.

10.02.2019 Army confiscates agricultural machinery near Bethlehem. Making the desert bloom again, Israeli occupation troops stole Palestinian farm machinery so the villagers can’t work their land.

10.02.2019 Amnesty International: “Legally-sanctioned torture of Palestinian detainee left him in critical condition. More comes to light on Samir Arbeed’s torture by the Zionist regime’s secret police. Healthy when he was arrested, Arbeed is in critical condition after being tortured for days. Among other injuries, he has broken ribs, kidney failure, and is on a respirator. No Israeli torturers were injured.

10.02.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists assault three child siblings in Hebron. Jewish fanatics trying to force a Palestinian family from their home beat up their three children near their house. No Israeli colonists were injured as they beat up the kids.


10.03.2019 Once we permit torture, our law will forever be fiction Haaretz by Zehava Golan. Torture is a fact in Israel. Article mentions that Israeli authorities extracted a confession from Palestinian in the 2015 Niv Asraf hoax, [Asfaf perpetrated a fake kidnapping that resulted in Israel attacking/ransacking hundreds of Palestinian homes in the West Bank while looking for a soldier who staged the whole thing to impress a girl. The guy who ‘confessed’ under torture had nothing to do with it. Asraf was sentenced to xix months community service.] Also mentions the 1984 bus hijacking in which a botched bus hijacking by four novices [who claimed to have knives and a bomb] resulted in a botched rescue attempt where the Israeli military shot up the bus, killing two hijackers and a 19-year-old female Israeli, and wounding seven Israelis. On orders, Shin Bet immediately took the two surviving Arabs to a field and beat them to death with rocks and iron pipes.

10.03.2019 Israeli settler runs over Palestinian child with car. Jewish colonist hit little 10-year-old girl. Red Crescent ambulance arrived but occupation troops refused to let them treat her and take her to hospital. Instead they called an Israeli ambulance. Article notes Jewish colonists habitually speed through Arab villages on their way to colonies and they frequently hit Arab kids walking on the roads. No Israeli colonists hit by Palestinian cars today.

10.04.2019 Angry Israeli officer smacks fellow soldiers for running away from Palestinian protesters. As happens pretty much weekly, Israeli occupation troops with machine guns and full battle gear were firing concussion grenades, rubber coated steel bullets, and gassing civilians who were protesting against Israel seizing their lands. This week some Palestinian kids got close enough to pelt them with rocks. The Israeli soldiers (aka ‘The Pampers Army) can be seen running to hide behind a wall in the accompanying video.

10.04.2019 Israeli forces kill one Palestinian protester, injure 57 in Gaza Friday. Jewish state snipers, firing from the safety and comfort of military embankments murdered another unarmed civilian in Gaza today. The shot another 18 people, some of whom are in critical condition. Israel also shot rubber coated steel bullets and deployed gas warfare barrages against the civilians. No Israelis injured.

10.04.2019 Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians, abduct one, in Beit Ummar. Night and fog raids. Gas warfare from the Jewish state, plus concussion grenades and rubber coated steel bullets. One kidnapped. No Israelis injured.

*10.04.2019 (update on April 15, 2021 when I happened across this) Demi Lovato apologizes for accepting controversial trip to Israel Rolling Stone by Brittany Spanos. Demi getting some heat for gushing positive comments about her trip to Israeli occupied Jerusalem, and elsewhere in Israel for which, according to Israeli news media YNet ,she was paid $150,000 by Israel’s Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, plus more from a private donor. ( interesting note at top of article: after article came out, a lawyer unidentified by RS, representing anonymous individuals, contacted Rolling Stone to say that Demi’s trip was paid for by private individuals instead of Israel’s Culture Ministry.)

10.05.2019 Army injures twenty Palestinians, causes fire in a home, near Qalquila. The Jewish state turned the community of Azzoun into a gas chamber Saturday night. Twenty people treated for gas inhalation injuries. The fire was started by Israelis shooting gas bombs into people’s homes. One of the bombs caught furniture on fire at a doctor’s house. Israel also shot concussion grenades around the village.

10.05.2019 Soldiers injure a Palestinian near Jenin. Occupation troops invading the town shot a young person in the leg with a rubber coated steel bullet. No Israelis injured.

10.05.2019 Army attacks non-violent protesters near Ofar prison. Dozens of Birzeit University students held a march in solidarity with prisoners who are on hunger strike. Jewish troops gassed them. No Israelis injured.

10.05.2019 Soldiers abduct three Palestinians in Jerusalem. Jewish occupation troops, shooting concussion grenades and rubber coated steel bullets, gassed the community of al-Isawiya in East Jerusalem again. Kidnapped three young people from their homes. –

10.05.2015 Army closes the main entrance of Beit Ummar town. They just closed it. No reason given.

10.05.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a Palestinian in Hebron. One of several night and fog raids. Ransacked houses. A kidnapping. And the occupiers smashed the door of a mechanic’s repair shop.

10.05.2019 Medical aid sent by Miles of Smiles arrives in Gaza. Middle East Monitor. Convoy of medical supplies/equipment arrived through Rafa Crossing. Six ambulances, ten handicapped access vans, fifty wheel chairs. Fourth such convoy allowed in since May.

10.06.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian after interrogating him and his brother in Jerusalem.

10.06.20129 Israeli soldiers abduct 10 Palestinians, including a child, in the West Bank.

10.06.2019 Israel to demolish a Palestinian home near Ramallah.

10.06.2019 Fanatic settlers slash tires, spray graffiti near Salfit. Jewish colonists spray paint racist graffiti on houses and cars. Slash tires on 13 Palestinian vehicles. No one arrested for the crimes.

10.07.2019 Soldiers injure five Palestinians in Nablus. Night and fog raids.

10.07.2019 Israeli soldiers invade Augusta Victoria Hospital in occupied Jerusalem. In a rotten move even for Israel, occupation troops with attack dogs, machine guns and wearing body armor, stormed the cancer ward to terrorize patients. They tossed patient’s rooms, found nothing, and left. No Israelis injured.

10.07.2019 Soldiers abduct disabled young man in Qalqila In night and fog raid. No reason given. Occupation troops broke into a home and kidnapped a physically disabled young Palestinian.

10.07.2019 West Bank colonization measures a prelude to new settlement activity. Making the desert bloom again, Israel bulldozed another 7.5 acres of Palestinian farm land in Hebron district. Then they laid a base for road grading. Also tore out electrical poles, cutting power to Palestinian residents.

10.07.2019 Army invades a cultural center in Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops attacked Safa Cultural Center for the third time, ransacked it, stole documents, then left.

10.07.2019 Eight Israeli violations against journalists. Six of the eight were physically injured by beatings, being shot with rubber coated steel bullets, or in gas attacks. Of the other two, one was kidnapped in a night and fog raid, the eighth person was banned while traveling to visit her family.

10.07.2019 How Israeli doctors enable Shin Bet’s torture industry +972 magazine. by Ruchanma Marton. The author is a doctor and the founder of Physicians for Human Rights in Israel (PHR). He talks about a book that is banned in Israel called, “Torture: Human rights, medical ethics, and the case of Israel.”
When PHR uncovered evidence of Israeli doctors participating in Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Police) torture sessions, they approached the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) to ask for help in stopping the practice. The IMA wanted names of the doctors “so that they could be dealt with internally.” IMA refused because they wanted to change the system not target a few doctors. “Reflects the ethical, moral, and practical failure of the medical establishment in Israel vis-a’-vis torture.” Doctors attend torture sessions, do pre-torture screenings-filling out a form Israel claims doesn’t exist, falsify documents, treat prisoners during and after torture.
Despite proof going back to the 1700’s that there is no connection between torture and truth in confessions, “And yet, torture continues to take place on a large scale. Why? Because the real goal of torture and humiliation is to break the spirit and body of the prisoner. To eliminate his or her personality.”
The Shin Bet medical eligibility document allows interrogators to use sleep deprivation, extreme temperatures, beatings, tying prisoners in painful positions for hours, forcing prisoners to stand until blood vessels in their feet burst, covering heads for long periods, sexual humiliation, severing ties to family and lawyers, and isolation until prisoners go insane.
“Torture is a worldview according to which human rights have no place or value. Torture causes a spiraling destruction of our very social fabric. Not only do those who carry out this terrible kind of “work” lose the values of morality, human dignity, and democracy, but also all those who remain silent, unwilling to know. In fact, all of us.”

10.07.2019 Soldiers invade archaeological site in Sebastia, threaten to demolish rehabilitation work. IMEMC. Israelis want to capitalize on tourism to ancient ruins in Palestinian lands the Israelis have occupied. They don’t want to compete with Palestinians who have been doing the same thing.