October 2019, Week 3

32 years after the Israelis declared 18 Palestinian dairy cows to be a national security threat, Israel still trying to stop Palestinian agricultural self-sufficiency. Story on October 18.

October 2019, Week 3

10.15.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian two weeks after demolishing his home In Beit Ummar near Hebron.

10.15.2019 Soldiers abduct 3 Palestinians in Jenin and Ramallah One kidnapped in the night and fog raids. Two, including a teenager, abducted at a random checkpoint the Israelis set up. Articles note that Israel also set up two road blocks to keep Palestinians away from al-Aqsa mosque.

10.15.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian, summons two for interrogation, in Jerusalem. Night and fog raid. Ransacked home in the Old City.

10.15.2019 Five injured, one critical, in wild Chol Hamoed weather in Israel. Hamodia: the daily newspaper of Torah Jewery. by Dror Halartg. A lot of websites writing about this storm. This one gives some insight into the genesis of it. It was brought about by a ‘thermal event’ where the temperature, which was 100 F. dropped twenty degrees in an hour, spawning high winds, and big thunder and lightning strikes. A family was hit by lighting killing a young man. Heavy rain in places, and a concrete traffic bridge collapsed causing traffic jams.

10.16.2019 Army shoots Palestinian teen near Tulkarem. Jewish occupation troops shot a 17-year-old. Another Palestinian body bears the scars of Israeli occupation. The boy is the fifth Palestinian Israel has shot in the same area in the past few days.
Meanwhile, article notes that Jewish troops attacked a home east of Tulkarem, broke down the doors, ransacked the place, found the family’s savings of 10,000 shekels (about $2,800), stole the money, then left.

10.16.2019 Settlers accused of beating rabbi, 80, who was aiding Palestinian olive harvest. Times of Israel. Jewish terrorists beat the shit out of an 80-year-old rabbi with crowbars. The terrorists were attacking international volunteers who were helping Palestinians gather olives, and who hoped to deter such thugs by being witnesses to them. All told, the terrorists injured five volunteers before setting the olive grove on fire and burning hundreds of trees. An Israeli army jeep was headed toward the conflict when the cowards in it was what was going on, turned around, and sped away.

10.16.2019 Updated: “Israeli intelligence officers abduct the Khatib of al-Aqsa mosque, in Jerusalem. A ‘khatib’ is the person who gives the sermons. This is a serious incitement by Israel.

10.16.2019 Army forces Palestinian to demolish sections of his home in Jerusalem.

10.16.2019 Soldiers abduct a Palestinian near Qadquila Israel sets up random roadblock. Searches cars and people. Kidnaps someone. Leaves.

10.16.2019 Illegal colonist settlers install a stage, tents in the Ibrahimi mosque courtyard. More Zionist incitements under protection of the occupation army.

10.16.2019 Army abducts six Palestinians in Hebron. Night and fog raids. Home invasions. Ransacked buildings. People dragged from their beds. Six kidnapped.

10.16.2019 Soldiers abduct three Palestinians in al-Isawiya and abu-Dis, in Jerusalem. Night and fog raids.

10.16.2019 Illegal colonists attack Palestinians picking their olive trees near Bethlehem. Israeli squatters, not competent enough to grow their own olives, attack Palestinian who can.

10.16.2019 Illegal colonists injure Palestinians, solidarity activists, in olive orchards near Nablus. Jewish squatters broke bones of one Israeli peace activist, others got cuts and bruises. The squatters attacked under protection of the Israeli army. The Jews set olive trees on fire before they left.

10.16.2019 Israeli soldiers invade, bulldoze, Palestinian lands in northern Gaza. Jewish siege troops crossed into Gaza again, shot live ammunition at farmers to drive them away. They bulldozed more Palestinian farmland. Scurried back to Israel.

10.16.2019 Illegal colonists puncture tires, write racist graffiti, near Ramallah. Jewish colonists slashed tires on 15 Palestinian vehicles, spray painted Star of David and other racist graffiti in Dier Ammar village.

10.16.2019 Update on health status of tortured detainee Smaer al-Arbeed. Aldameer-Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. Smaer al-Arbeed is the guy Israeli secret police tortured almost to death with a permit from Israeli courts.
He’s still in ICU. Regained consciousness. He’s on dialysis because his kidneys are so damaged they’re shut down. He has 11 broken ribs. Pain and swelling throughout his body, especially his lower extremities.
Despite his condition, Israeli secret police continue to interrogate him in intensive care room. Israel still denies him legal counsel and has extended his ‘administrative detention’ for another eight days. He’s been in hospital since September 27th when his torturers brought him there near death after days of torture

10.16.2019 Pandering to Israel, time to cut the tie that binds.Unz review.by Philip Giraldi. “Israel should be judged by how it behaves, not by how well it buys favor among morally challenged politicians and media shills.”

10.17.2019 Hundreds of ultra-orthodox teens attack Palestinians in Jerusalem Haaretz by Nir Hasson. The drunken chosen celebrate Sukkot with a rampage around town attacking innocent Palestinian passers by. Many in the comments compare what the Jewish rioters did to Palestinians today with what Nazis did to Jews in the 1930’s.

10.17.2019 Women made to watch public events on screens as Israeli city doubles down on gender segregation. Haaretz by Or Kashti. In Beit Shamesh, population 118,678, the state of Israel funds public events where women have to sit in separate places. Sometimes there is fence or curtain between men and women. Sometimes the women have to go someplace away from the event and watch it on television.
[The Ultra Orthodox Jews in Beit Shamesh have a reputation for segregating women, spitting/cursing at girls going to school, and the same at women who don’t conform to the Ultra’s modesty standards. There are segregated busses where men ride in front, women in back of the bus.]

From Wafa
10.17.2019 Israeli forces shoot two workers near Jenin. Occupation troops shot two young men in the legs as they were crossing into Israel to work.

10.17.2019 Palestinians injured as Israeli forces quell peaceful protest near Ramallah. Israeli gas attacks and rubber coated steel bullets against unarmed civilians who were protesting annexation of their lands.

10.17.2019 Navy attacks Palestinian fishermen in Gaza. Jewish terrorists in gunboats shot at Palestinian fishermen and swamped some of their small boats with water cannons. Boats damaged. Some of the fishermen had to swim to the coast.

10.17.2019 Update 2: Army injures 51 Palestinians, including four infants, in Nablus. Again the gas loving Jewish state shot gas bombs indiscriminately around a neighborhood, turning homes into gas chambers and injuring dozens of Arabs including four babies. Occupation troops also fired live ammunition, and shot 14 people with rubber coated steel bullets.

10.18.2019 Palestinian killed at Israeli checkpoint near Tulkarem. Jewish occupation troops shot a twenty-something, Ra’ad al Bahri at a checkpoint. As is standard, they left him to bleed to death in the street. Kept Red Crescent ambulance crew—at gunpoint—from providing life-saving first aid.

10.18.2019 73 Palestinians wounded as Israeli forces attack Gaza protests. 79th weekly ‘Great March of Return’. Jewish snipers firing from the comfort and safety of military emplacements on the Israeli side, shot at least 31 unarmed civilians with live ammunition. The Jewish state turned the border into a gas chamber again by firing barrages of gas bombs, further injuring Palestinians. Israelis also shot unarmed people with rubber coated steel bullets.

10.18.2019 Israeli soldiers attack a wedding celebration near Jerusalem. [This is rotten even for the Israelis] Video of jack booted thugs with machine guns and combat gear beating the shit out of unarmed people at a wedding reception with clubs, fists, and boots.

10.18.2019 Illegal colonists, soldiers attack Palestinian farmers. Again, Lazy colonist thugs who can’t grow their own crops attack Palestinian farmers who can. Today’s attacks were in Burqa and Beitin villages. Jewish colonists attacked under protection of Israeli occupation troops who gassed the farmers.

10.18.2019 Hunger striking detainee slapped with a new administrative order. 20-year-old Mo’ab al-Hindi, being held indefinitely in Israeli prisons with no charges or trail, has been on a hunger strike for 24 days. Israel’s occupation government just hit him with more prison time. Still no charges or trial.

10.18.2019 Israeli troops abduct journalist & civilian from Jenin. Night and fog raids.

10.18.2019 Israeli forces close main West Bank traffic artery for settler’s marathon. Wafa. As Palestinians are trying to harvest olives, Israel blocked the main road through Salfit (population 76,000) so a few dozen Jewish colonists could run a marathon. The is the main highway between Ramallah-Nablus. For Palestinians, big traffic jams and long delays.

10.18.2019 Palestinian meat boycott leaves Israeli farmers in the red. Haaretz.by Sami Peretz. According to the article, Israel trying to force Palestinians to buy 120,000 calves.
1) Two companies; Dabah Salah & Sons and Tnuva, have a sweetheart deal, a ‘duopoly’ where they control Israel’s meat industry.
2) These two companies, “rely entirely on imported meat.”
3) This means Israeli farmers depend on selling cattle to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. [The Palestinians are literally a captive market.]
4) The Palestinian Authority’s new Prime Minister—an economist—advocates Palestinians diversify themselves away from the occupation economy controlled by Israel. So…
5) Last month the Palestinian Authority announced it would source its supply of calves elsewhere. They’ll still buy other agricultural products from Israel. Just not calves.
6) Israeli cattle farmers are hyperventilating because now they don’t have a market-and they still have to feed and water their stock, which is cutting into their profit margin. They’re demanding the government ‘do something.’
7) Israel’s military governor in the occupied territories, Major General Kamil Abu Rokon, made a statement revealing Israel’s imperious worldview in all its dysfunctional glory, “Israel will not allow boycotts of any kind against Israeli products.” He threatens collective punishment against Palestinian farmers.

10.18.2019 The calves’ rebellion Haaretz by Amira Haas. Dear Amira Hass beefs up the discussion about Israel threatening ‘collective revenge’ on Palestinians for not buying Israeli cows. Points out that Israel, under the pretext of security, takes Palestinian water then sells it back to them for top dollar. Points out that Israel, restricts Palestinian movement, hamstrings Palestinian farmers by not letting them get to their fields while stealing Palestinian land outright, restricts Palestinian imports and exports, [which keeps Palestinians dependent on Israeli goods] to name a few things.*

10.18.2019 The country needs to rethink its policy regarding Gaza The Jerusalem Post by Yossi Melman. Islamic Jihad publicly humiliated Netanyahu [aka. the Meshuga Mussolini] who is not only Prime Minister but also Defense Minister, [and sometimes Foreign Minister, Communications Minister, and/or Commerce Minister] a few weeks ago. Netanyahu held a campaign rally in Ashdod a few miles from the Gaza border, Islamic Jihad lobbed a few of their tiny rockets over the segregation fence in that direction. Not being Churchill, Netanyahu allowed his handlers to rush him off stage to a bomb shelter. Bibi was so upset he ordered his security chiefs to attack Gaza. His Chief of Staff and the head of Israel’s secret police warned against it. Israel’s Attorney General told Netanyahu he couldn’t just order an attack by himself without asking Parliament. Netanyahu tried to push it through by a conference call. When that didn’t fly, he backed off.
Article talks about five fronts ‘threatening’ Israel. West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq [I know, that’s six fronts. But that’s in the article.] Article adds a dash of Israeli racism with this nugget possibly intended as sarcasm, “Israel’s rivals on all fronts…have signaled that despite their losses and inferiority, they are not going to cave in to the mighty Israeli military machine.”

Article doesn’t present much in the way of solutions. But points out that what’s going on now doesn’t

From Wafa
10.19.2019 UN: Israeli settler violence, closures disrupt olive harvest season in occupied West Bank. Israel has closed down gates in Tulkarem and Jenin for Jewish holidays until October 23, plus gangs of armed Jewish thugs, backed by the Zionist army, are attacking farmers all over the occupied West Bank.

And in related news, also from Wafa:

10.19.2019 Three farmers injured in attack by settlers near Nablus. Village of Burin. Gang of armed Jewish thugs attack Palestinian farmers as they try to bring in the crop. Three farmers taken to hospital. One of the thugs shot at villagers who turned out to help the farmers.

10.19.2019 Settlers attack farmers harvesting olive crops near Bethlehem. Village of al Jaba. Rock throwing Jewish thugs attacked villagers who were harvesting olives. Israeli occupation troops showed up and arrested some of the international supporters, then let them go. [The international supporters go to Palestine during the harvest to act as human shields and remind Israel the world is watching.]

10.19.2019 Israeli soldiers injure Palestinian farmer while working his land in Gaza. Jewish snipers on the Israeli side of the segregation fence, shot a Palestinian farmer who was working his land on the Gaza side. No reason for the cowardly attack was given.

10.19.2019 Palestinian artist Faraj Suliman wins the Bronze Award in Carthage Music Days. And a little good news. Suliman is a composer/pianist. He was awarded the prize by a seven judge panel of artists during the week long festival.

10.19.2019 Ex-envoy Dave Sharma: Leifer case damaging ties with Israel Jerusalem Post. by Herb Keinon. Another story about Israel, with its long history of harboring Jewish criminals wanted by foreign nations. In this case, they won’t extradite an alleged pedophile, wanted on 74 counts including rape and sexual abuse back to Australia. She [yes, she] is an Israeli and the former principal of an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish girl’s school. She returned to Israel in 2008 when the charges surfaced. With the help of the Jewish state, a slick lawyer, claims that she’s insane, and an influential rabbi, she’s managed to dodge extradition since then. Author of this article is a member of Australian parliament and former Australian Ambassador to Israel. He told Israelis flat-out, “At all levels this is an important case for Australia.” and that it is having an impact on bilateral relations and how Israel is being seen in the country. He said the case, “is one that we will not let rest until we see Ms. Leifer is extradited to face justice in Australia.”


10.20.2019 Israeli soldier wounded by West Bank settlers throwing stones, military says Haaretz. by Yaniv Kubovich. Chickens coming home to roost in the Jewish state. Not content with attacking Palestinians and burning their olive trees, 30 Jewish fanatics actually attacked the Israeli occupation troops who protect them. Threw stones, slashed tires on their vehicles. One occupation trooper injured by a rock. Instead of shooting the rock throwers, as they shoot Palestinians, the Israeli army rolled over and peed on itself.

From Wafa

10.20.2019 400 settlers break into al-Aqsa mosque. Jewish fanatics, escorted and enabled by Jewish occupation troops, break into the mosque to celebrate Jewish holidays. Extreme provocation.

10.20.2019 Presidency condemns storming of al-Aqsa mosque by Israeli settlers, attack on worshipers, warns of consequences.

10.20.2019 Israeli soldiers evict farmers from their land near Nablus. For the third day in a row occupiers kick farm families off their groves on their own land where they’re trying to get in the olive harvest. The occupiers claim the farmers need an Israeli permit to harvest olives.

10.20.2019 Mother and son among nine Palestinians detained in West Bank, Jerusalem. Five of the nine black-bagged in night and fog raids. Mother and son were grabbed in Silwan, occupied East Jerusalem. One man shot in the foot on his way to work. One arrested at a checkpoint.


10.21.2019 Day after incident, settlers attack Israeli security forces at West Bank settlement Haaretz. by Hagar Shezaf. Jewish fanatic colonists threw rocks at occupation troops again. Instead of shooting the attackers the Pampers army rolled over and peed on itself again. [There are many testimonies from former soldiers that the army is afraid of the colonists and the soldiers forbidden to defend themselves adequately against colonists.]

From Wafa

10.21.2019 Israel closes northern, western entrances to Qalquila-area town. Israel shut down main entrances with random checkpoint. Closed it to Palestinians, that is. Jews and foreigners still free to pass. Part of Israel harassing the Palestinians in every aspect of their lives.

10.21.2019 Settlers attack people’s properties near Nablus. Jewish fanatics break window in house by throwing rocks. The villagers ran them off.

10.21.2019 Cabinet holds Israeli government fully responsible for escalations at al-Aqsa. The Jewish state is clearly trying to provoke a bloody uprising with multiple, a and increasing violations of agreements it signed regarding the holy site.

10.21.2019 Newspapers review: Palestinians outraged at rise in intrusions at al-Aqsa by Jewish fanatics.

10.21.2019 Child among seven Palestinians detained by Israel. 14-year-old boy black-bagged at Israeli checkpoint. Six others grabbed around the occupied territories.

10.21.2019 Foreign ministry says by lessening Area B, Israel is systematically destroying agreements. Jewish colonists, abetted by Israel, plan to steal another 700 dunhams (173 acres) to expand their illegal colony. The land grab is a blatant annexation that would link large tracts of land the Israelis have already stolen. Article notes that Israel is able to do this only through American protection/support. In 1993 the Oslo Agreement was supposed to last five years then everything in the occupied territories would revert to Palestinians. Oslo divided the West Bank into three parts: A, B, C. C is the largest, about 66 percent. Israel controls all of that. Areas A and B are not contiguous, they’re many islands in the lake of area C. B is supposed to be under shared control. A is supposed to be under complete Palestinian control. In reality, Israel runs every thing. Goes wherever it wants, attacks whoever it want, whenever it wants. The Jewish state is adding Area B to its holdings in Area C by stealing Palestinian land.

10.21.2019 ‘Hate-filled’ graffiti discovered at Washington Hebrew Congregation DC List. by Rachel Kurzius. Temple ‘in close contact with metropolitan police, the anti-Defamation League, and more about the vandalism.

So…what was this vandalism? Someone wrote on the back door with a magic marker. Drew “child-like drawings of male and female genitalia.” some swear words, and ‘numerous anti-Semitic statements.’ No mention of what the statements were.

Article says a security guard found the writing a week after it was done [crummy security guard]. There’s video footage of the perpetrator, and police are working with the synagogue to identify the vandal.

[Note: this is the same synagogue that is being sued by eight parents whose young children were sexually abused by a pedophile working at the synagogue pre-school.]