October 2019, Week 4

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. Life in Occupied Palestine/Israel.
Southeast: If you put a Palestinian flag on your boat, pretty much no one notices.
Occupied Palestine: If  you put up a Palestinian flag on your own land that Jewish crackpots are trying to take over, the Israeli army fires stun grenades, gasses you, and arrests you. Story on October 28.


10.22.2019 Israeli settlers attack vehicles near Nablus district village. Village of al Lubbban Ash Shariqiya on the road between Nablus and Ramallah. Rock throwing Jewish thugs.

10.22.2019 Palestinian farmers driven out from their olive groves south of Nablus. Those gas-loving Israeli occupation troops fired gas bombs at unarmed farmers who were trying to pick their olives on their own lands. The occupiers drove the farmers away at gunpoint.

10.22.2019 Palestinian forced to demolish home in Jerusalem. The Jewish state made the guy tear down his tiny [538 square feet] home claiming it was too close to the American Embassy. If he didn’t the occupiers would destroy it and charge him exorbitant rates. And charge him heavy fines. Same on America for enabling this. Shame.

10.22.2019 Fourteen Palestinians detained from West Bank. 8 from Issawiya neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem where the Jewish state is ethnically cleansing Arabs.

10.23.2019 Lebanese man with hunting rifle downs Israeli drone Middle East Eye. Some guy with a hunting rifle shot down an Israeli drone that the Israeli military says was on “a routine security operation” inside Lebanon. How fun is that? [put another way, Israel admits it routinely violates another country’s airspace.] Article notes Lebanon has downed Israeli drones three months in a row. In August two Israeli drones came down in Beirut. In September, Hezbollah shot one down. Now this one.

10.23.2019 Australian PM Morrison calls for Israel to extradite accused pedophile Malka Leifer. Haaretz. by Noa Landau. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stepped up in support of the girls who were allegedly sexually abused by Principal Malka Leifer who then fled to Israel to avoid standing trial. PM Morrison is calling Israel out for not extraditing the woman. The PM says he has spoken to Netanyahu about it, will speak to him again, and declares that Australia will not let this case drop.

10.23.2019 Israeli forces demolish home of slain Palestinian’s family near Jerusalem. The Jewish state demolishes homes of Arabs it calls terrorists as collective punishment that is illegal under international law. Israel has never demolished the family home of any Jewish terrorist.

From Wafa
10.23.2019 Longest hunger striking administrative detainee ends fast after Israel sets date for his release. Ahmad Ghammam is in critical condition in a hospital. He went on hunger strike 102 days ago. [He has made an heroic effort. but he must have had some sustenance somehow-being force fed or some other means- since the longest recorded hunger strike with no food at all was 74 days. Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands died in prison after 66 days.]

10.23.2019 As the olive harvest picks up in West Bank, so are Israeli settlers attacks against farmers. Yasof village, northern West Bank In addition to physical attacks, killing trees, and stealing olives, Jewish thugs are stealing farmer’s olive picking tools, like ladders, tarps, machinery, to disrupt the harvest.

10.23.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian farmers near Ramallah. Village of Umm Safa: Jewish colonists and occupation troops drove farers off their lands at gunpoint.

10.23.2019 UN, EU conclude their 30-day walk for child rights along Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil. Celebrating 30 years since the UN passed the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) UN, EU and PA representatives, hiked the winding, 205 mile long Maser Ibrahim Al Khalil Trail. The trail starts at the northern top of the occupied West Bank and winds through 57 villages and cities.

10.23.2019 After holding it for over a year, Israel turns over corpse of a Palestinian to his family. Under international law it’s illegal to deny a decent burial with the customs of the deceased. International norms don’t count in Israel. The Jewish state Supreme Court says Israel can hold bodies in case they want to use them for bargaining chips or impose conditions on the family (like no more than a few people at the funeral). In this case, Israel is finally returning the body of 17-year-old Imad Shaheen, who crossed from Gaza to Israel, was shot, taken away, and later Israel told his family he was dead, but Israel was keeping his body.

10.23.2019 Israeli forces demolish home of slain Palestinian, near Jerusalem. Against international law bans collective punishment. Israel destroys houses of family members that Israelis designate terrorists. Odd thing about this one is that Israel killed the guy in 2011, and they’re just getting around to destroying his parents’ home in Qalandiya refugee camp.

Occupation troops surrounded the building, drove the family outside, forced people in the area to leave, stopped journalists from documenting the crime.

10.23.2019 Israeli forces shoot Palestinian man near Jerusalem. 35-year-old Abdullah Etheimar shot in ankle and thigh near the apartheid wall as he was going to work. He was taken to a Zionist checkpoint, then to hospital.

10.23.2019 Israeli settlers steal farmer’s olives. village of Deir Sharaf. Jewish thugs in the occupied territories, under protection of Zionist army, who are too lazy and incompetent to grow their own olives, steal them from Palestinians. Often they destroy trees at the same time. For Palestinians the olive harvest is both a cultural anchor and a primary source of income. It constitutes about a quarter of the occupied territory’s agricultural earnings.

10.23.2019 British forensic researchers confirm 9-year-old Palestinian child was hit by a live Israeli bullet. On July 09 of this year a Jewish occupation trooper shot 9-year-old Abd el-Rahman in the head as the little boy stood outside his friends yard. They were watching a demonstration, but not close to it, when a gunman over 100 meters [more than a football field length] shot him. The child has severe brain damage, fractured skull, and over a hundred bullet fragments in his brain. Israel claims they didn’t use live ammunition to shoot the boy. Instead they say they shot him with a rubber coated steel bullet. A team from London-based Forensic Architecture showed CT scans of the boy’s brain to U.S. forensic experts who confirmed that rubber bullets don’t fragment like that.
They said the boy’s injury is, “consistent with fragmentation seen in 5.56 mm (live) rounds.” Article notes that Israeli activists taking part in the protest against land seizures that day, said occupation troops were shooting live rounds at villagers and supporters, and that after the Israelis left, people went up the where the Israelis were shooting from and found many live bullet casings littering the ground.

10.24.2019 Israel military is becoming ‘army of God’ says Lieberman. Middle East Monitor. Title may make it seem like Israel’s wacky Lieberman was supportive of this but no, it’s the opposite. What Lieberman, who generally presents as an in-your-face secular fanatic rather than a religious one, was reacting to is a booklet comprised and issued by Israeli military rabbis, and senior civilian rabbis, which give moral conduct instructions to Jewish occupation troops.
Lieberman wants the booklet banned, claiming it is “yet another proof of the growing radicalization of religious Zionism.” and “This attempt to turn the IDF into the ‘army of Hashem (God)… is part of the same Messianic worldview that has penetrated Israeli society.”
[This just goes to show what happens if you live long enough. I never thought I’d agree with Lieberman on anything and here we are simpatico.]

10.24.2019 Home of a refugee family demolished for the second time in less than a year. Palestinian matriarch Latifa Abu Hmeid has vowed to rebuild her home after the Jewish state smashed it to rubble for the fourth time as collective punishment against a resistance family. The first time was in 1994, then again in 2004, again in 2018, and now the occupiers destroyed it again. Article notes four sons are in Israeli prisons serving life sentences. One son is being held indefinitely without trial. Israeli occupation troops killed a sixth son.

10.24.2019 Palestine stands with Egypt over Ethiopia dam issue, says Foreign Ministry. [This thing between Egypt and Ethiopia could be a game changer in the region.] Egypt threatening to attack Ethiopia if it builds a dam on the Nile rising in Ethiopia. [That would cut into water Egypt gets downstream. Egypt dammed the Nile decades ago. Palestinians probably support Egypt because there’s a non-Israeli crossing into Egypt from Gaza that the Palestinians want to keep open.] Egypt threatening to attack Ethiopia

10.24.2019 Israeli forces shoot and injure a Palestinian in north of West Bank. Younis Sada is in the hospital, in moderate condition, after occupation troops at a check point shot him as he was going to work.

10.24.2019 Israeli forces attack olive harvesters in West Bank village. Village of al-Lubban al-Sharqiya near Nablus. Jewish occupation troops beat up unarmed farmers again. Blasted them with concussion grenades. Assaulted journalists and volunteers, confiscated their cell phones to get rid of the evidence.

10.24.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian olive harvesters, steal their crops. Yasouf village, east of Salfit. Jewish thug colonists at it again. Attacked eight farm families trying to harvest their olives. The Jews made off with part of the crop.

10.24.2019 Israeli forces detain seven Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

10.24.2019 Israel releases journalist who was at risk of deportation 32-year-old photojournalist lives in occupied East Jerusalem with his wife and 18-month-old daughter. Israel arrested him on January 22, 2019. Tried to deport him. He fought the order all the way to the Supreme Court which has sided with him. For now it appears Israel will let him go.

From Wafa
10.25.2019 Episcopal Church withdraws from companies benefitting from Israeli occupation. The Episcopalians U.S. [with 1,835,931 baptized members, 1,676,349 in the United States.] have adopted a human rights investment screen that bars the church from investing in “any corporation that supports or benefits from denial of human rights in or through the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, or the Gaza Strip.” The church will sell its investments in Motorola Solutions, Caterpillar Inc, and the Israel Discount Bank.

More than that, the church took things a step further by directing its Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, “to pursue continued engagement with Facebook, Booking.com, and Trip Advisor, urging them to address human rights violations through complicity in the occupation of t he OPT…”

Article notes Israel joins other pariah investments the church has divested itself from: tobacco, fossil fuels, and certain military contractors.

10.25.2019 Malaysia to open embassy accredited to Palestine. Malaysia’s awesome 94-year-old leader announced that the country [population: 33 million.] will open a Palestinian embassy in Jordan accredited to Palestinians in the occupied territories. The reason it’s in Jordan is because Israel would attack it and shut it down if it were in the OPT. An embassy facilitates aid to a country. Addressing the Summit of Non-Aligned Movement [120 developing countries from all around the world] in Azerbaijan, the PM called out the world community for ‘doing nothing’ about, and normalizing Israeli occupation of Palestinians.

10.25.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a wheelchair bound woman ten days after abducting her sons. IMEMC. Beit Liqua village West of Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops waited for night. Attacked and kidnapped a 65-year-old woman in a wheelchair. No Israelis injured in the raid.

10.25.2019 Shtayyeh says gradual disengagement from the occupation in process. Speaking at a popular resistance rally in the occupied West Bank town of Tubas, the Prime Minister noted that imports fro countries other than Israel have increased by 16 percent in the past seven months. He said, “the [Israeli] occupation should remain uncomfortable, and it [Israel] has to pay a price for its occupation.”

Article notes the Palestinian government has stopped all medical transfers to Israel because Israel charged the Palestinian treasury $150 million in 2018.

10.25.2019 Hardcore settlers slash tires, spray racist graffiti on houses near Nablus. Kosher thugs spray paint Star of David and other racist graffiti on vehicles and homes, again. Get away with it.


10.26.2019 Netanyahu recordings reveal threats to publisher: “I’ll come after you with everything I’ve got. Haaretz. This is case 2000, one of several that could take Netanyahu down. In this case he allegedly made a deal with publisher Arnon Mozes that the government would pass legislation that would hurt Mozes’ competition. In return the publisher would support Netanyahu. In the recorded conversation, Bibi threatens the guy multiple times.

10.26.2019 How Israel is deterred by a handful of violent Jewish settlers. Haaretz. by Amos Harel. Israelis doing some hand-wringing about fanatic colonists who can attack the Israeli army with impunity. After colonists attacked members of the Israeli army, the army fired a few concussion grenades safely away from any of the colonists. They didn’t arrest anyone. This is more of a feel-good article since the violent colonists are way more than a handful. Also, it’s been going on for years. In 2014 Jewish fanatics from the same colony destroyed the army’s encampment that was there to protect them.

From Wafa

10.26.2019 Palestinians suffocate as Israeli forces attack peaceful protest in Jordan Valley. The gas-loving Jewish state fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at unarmed villagers holding a peaceful protest against Israeli annexation of their lands. The occupiers reportedly beat up an old man who was treated at hospital. No Israeli occupiers injured attacking the village.

10.26.2019 Israeli police attack rally in support of prisoners on hunger strike. That gas-loving Jewish state at it again. The demonstration was in support of people on hunger strike because they’re being held indefinitely without charges or trial. Not content with gassing the protesters, the occupiers shot them with concussion grenades and beat up a youngster. No Israelis were hurt in this heroic assault against unarmed civilians.

10.26.2019 Palestinian shot, injured along Israel-Gaza borders. Jewish sniper, firing from the safety and comfort of military emplacements on the Israeli side of the segregation fence, shot a guy driving a garbage truck on the Gaza side. The wounded man was taken to hospital, his condition unknown. No Israeli snipers injured.

10.26.2019 Al-Maki says culture of impunity has world-wide reverberations. Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riyad Al-Maki pointed out to the Summit of Non-Aligned Movement [120 countries] being held in Azerbaijan that Israel getting away with human rights violations, land seizures, ethnic cleansing, etc. gives precedence for other rogue regimes to do the same.


10.27.2019 Netanyahu appoints himself Israel’s Diaspora Minister Haaretz. by Noa Landau. I thought this headline was sarcasm, but, it turns out that ‘Diaspora Minister,’ is a real position in the Israeli government. Netanyahu has been the acting Diaspora Minister since June. Now he’s officially taken it over. That’s not all, he is also: Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Health and Labor Minister, Social Affairs Minister, and Social Services Minister. [All Hail the Meshuga Mussolini].

10.27.2019 Settlers chop 25 olive trees of Palestinian farmers IMEMC. village of Nahhalin. Jewish fanatics again. Doing their part for apartheid.

From Wafa

10.27.2019 Israeli settlers steal olive harvest near Nablus Village of Awarta southeast of Nablus. Palestinian farmers went to harvest their olives and discovered kosher had stolen their crops and cut down some of their trees.

10.27.2019 Israeli settlers attack olive harvesters in Nablus. village of Rujib east of Nablus. Kosher thugs threw rocks at a Palestinian family trying to harvest olives from their own trees on their own land.

10.27.2019 Settlers flood sewage into Palestinian groves near Nablus. Village of Deir al-Hatab, east of Nablus, occupied West Bank. Cruel Jewish colonists flushed their sewage [Jewish colonies are built on hills above Palestinian farms] into Palestinian olive groves as Jews continue all-out attempts to disrupt Palestinian olive harvest.

10.27.2019 Farmers denied entry to their own land behind Israeli apartheid wall. In the community of Salfit. The Jewish state built a segregation wall between farmers’ homes and their olive groves which are a primary source of income to the Palestinians. Now the occupiers say the Arabs have to get a permit to walk on their own lands. Farmers who were able to get the permits showed them to the occupiers who are still refusing to let them cross the gates to harvest their crops.

10.27.2019 Israeli forces detain 12 workers near Jenin. 12 construction workers who were headed into Israel to work.

10.27.2019 Finance Ministry transfers $5.5 million to Jerusalem’s Aughst Victoria hospital. In an ongoing financial crisis the Palestinian Authority is sending an emergency transfusion to Palestine’s primary cancer treatment hospital.

10.27.2019 Israeli military prepares to demolish rooms in south West Bank. Village of Maghayer al-Abeed. Young and old of four families to be driven outdoors with winter coming on.

10.28.2019 Rabbinical court takes kids from mother because she’s not observant Haaretz by Aaron Ravinowitz. Under Israeli law the rabbinical council decides who gets custody of the children in a divorce. Two children, ages 5 and 8 have been taken away from their mother by a rabbinical court, who also took away the woman’s visitation rights. Social welfare professionals determined the boys should stay with mother.

The boys want to stay with their mother and do not want to be with their father. He is a convicted violent criminal on disability, alleged to be paranoid schizophrenic. Apparently he burned all his wife’s and children’s clothing, and threatened to slaughter them.

Among the mother’s infractions that rattled the rabbis are feeding her boys non-kosher food and giving the older boy therapeutic swimming lessons-taught by a woman. The rabbis say the boy must have a male instructor. He also threatened a civil servant and others.

10.28.2019 Israeli settlers attack civilian homes in north of West Bank. village of Kifl Haris north of Salfit. Dozens of kosher thugs stole into the village during the night to throw rocks at homes. Jewish occupation troops abetted the crime by blocking the village roads to prevent villager’s movement.

10.28.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists write racist graffiti near Nablus .IMEMC. Huwwara town north of Nablus: kosher thugs spray paint Star of David and other racist graffiti on Palestinian building. This was the 62nd racist attack on Nablus-area Palestinians in the past two weeks.

10.28.2019 20 arrested as activists raise Palestinian flags in settlement. International Solidarity Movement. Non-violent peace activists raise Palestinian flags on Palestinian lands that ten Jewish crackpot colonists are trying to take over. They’re squatting on about twelve acres. The state of Israel has provided them with military protection and run utilities to their compound. When about a hundred activists showed up and raised Palestinian flags, the Israeli army fired tear gas, concussion grenades and arrested twenty.