October 2019, Week 5

October  2019  Week 5

pumpkin vandalized by trick or treat kids.

Life in Southeast Alaska vs live in occupied Palestine/Israel.
Southeast: people decorating pumpkins and passing out candy to kids for Halloween.
Occupied Palestine/Israel: On Halloween night in Palestine Israel lined up tanks and fired artillery barrages into Gaza neighborhoods.


Palestinian community vandalized by Israeli colonists. Over the past two weeks, just in Nablus area of occupied West Bank, there have been 62 attacks by Jewish colonists. IMEMC photo.

From Wafa
10.29.2019 Israel demolishes house in Jerusalem, al-Suwwana neighborhood. The Jewish state bulldozed another Palestinian’s small home. The also forced a different home’s owner to demolish his own house on pain of Israel making him pay for Israelis to demolish it plus heavy fines.

10.29.2019 Jerusalem governor summoned for interrogation for second time.

10.29.2019 Lawyer among 11 detained from West Bank. Night and fog raids. Jewish occupation troops black-bagged 11 last night.

10.29.2019 Israel demolishes shack, razes land, in Jerusalem. Issawiyah neighborhood.

10.30.2019 Israeli soldiers seriously injure a Palestinian woman in Hebron. Jewish occupation troops –in combat gear, carrying machine guns, claim they shot a woman down because she threatened them with a knife, “…before she was neutralized.” The cowardly Israelis prevented Palestinian medics from rendering first aid to the woman. They didn’t help her either. Instead, they let her bleed on the street. Since she didn’t die quickly, the occupiers eventually took her to an Israeli hospital. Update: The woman is 38-year-old Soheir Islamiyah. Her condition is described as very critical. None of the Israelis was injured in the event.

10.30.2019 Minor among 18 detained from West Bank. Night and fog raids. Occupiers dragged many families from their beds. one of those black bagged was a 14-year-old kid.

10.30.2019 Al-Quds University reaches Hult Prize semi-finals at Ashridge House in London. Nice story about an undergrad team who designed a fabric that be sterilized with electricity as a means of reducing infections in hospitals and clinics.

The Hult Prize was established by successful Palestinian businessman, Ahmed Ashqar, who was a student at Hult as a young man.

10.30.2019 Virtual reality app gives users access to every day life in Palestine. Developed by the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy. Another way Palestinians are reaching out to the world with stories Israel doesn’t want the world to see. Palestinians as normal human beings stuck behind apartheid walls, subject to home demolitions, business districts emptied.

10.30.2019 Norway’s capital, Oslo, is banning Israeli settlement goods and services. BDS Movement.org. Wow! The Vikings stand up. Oslo is the capital and by far the largest city in the country. Israel and Norway’s Israel lobby tried and failed to repress the measure. Oslo is the sixth Norwegian city to embrace BDS. [The other five cities are Trondheim, Tromso, Vaksdal, Hamar, Lillehammer. Remember back in January the Jerusalem Post ran an article about the Norwegian govt. wanting closer ties with Israel, and condemning BDS?]

From Wafa
10.30.2019 Prime Minister: government is proceeding with economic disengagement from Israel. Since political droppings from Israel are nothing and nowhere but down for Palestinians, the people should exercise their options to get out from under Israel’s economic stranglehold.
More than that, the Prime Minister is looking at options to use other currencies to phase out the Israeli shekel. He also said new elections will happen soon.

10.30.2019 As Palestinians build schools in Area C of West Bank, Israel issues demolition orders against them. The European Union donated 750,000 Euros ($826,515 USD) for a new mixed elementary school. Even as EU and Palestinian officials celebrated opening the building, the Jewish state announces it will destroy Simia mixed elementary school south of Hebron.

10.30.2019 Palestine’s ambassador to Norway presents credentials to Iceland Wafa. Speaking of Norway, Palestinian ambassador to Norway, Marie Antoinette Sedim presented her credentials to the President of Iceland this week. [Diplomatic protocol is that when a country recognizes a diplomat from a country with whom they’ll be working, the diplomats bring a letter of credence from their head of state to his/her counterpart in the other country.] Article notes she thanked the King for his country recognizing Palestine along 1967 borders.

10.30.2019 Israeli settlers attack olive harvesters in Nablus, three farmers injured. Al-Naqqar area. Rock throwing Jewish thugs attacked farmers again. Destroyed trees. Article notes that other thugs stole farmer’s olives in Ras Hazem.

10.30.2019 For Jews only: New West Bank Film Fund in Israel causes uproar Haaretz by Nirit Anerman. From the only democracy in the Middle East, you can get an artist grant—but only if you’re Jewish.

10.31.2019 Israeli soldier who killed Palestinian child sentenced to one month of community service. There’s a video of the boy’s murder on July 19, 2018. Israel just now getting around to this severe punishment. A Jewish sniper shot the boy through the chest with live ammunition, the slug came out his back. Article says the cowardly sniper is not to be identified, but he’s with the Givati brigade.

10.31.2019 To push aliyah, the Absorption Ministry is making up fake immigrants. Times of Israel. by Judah Ari Gross. Hilarious story (true) about the Israeli Absorption Ministry. [I just learned that Israel has a Diaspora Ministry, now it seems they have an Absorption Ministry]. With the best and brightest leaving Israel in droves, the Jewish state is trying to lure Jews to move there by—making up people who immigrated to Israel and have great lives there.
The Absorption Ministry tried to do this on the cheap. They used people in stock photos from the internet, made up fake names and stories about them. When people who were in those stock photos saw their own pictures being used this way they put it out on social media. For example, a made up person who moved to Israel from Australia, actually lives in Massachusetts and has a great life in the Bay State.
The only person on the Ministry’s website in this advertising campaign who actually is an Israeli, was born there, as opposed to the story the ministry made up about him moving to Israel. The Ministry blames a sub-contractor for the dishonesty.

From Wafa
10.31.2019 Commission warns of deteriorating health of administrative detainee Hiba Farbadi. The young woman from Jordan is 38 days into a hunger strike after Israeli occupation troops kidnapped her while she was traveling to a family wedding. Article notes that despite her condition, her Jewish captors keep her hands and feet tied to the hospital bed.

10.31.2019 Israel to bury withheld bodies of Palestinian alleged attackers in cemetery of numbers. Israel still holding bodies of two men it claims it killed after they attacked Jewish occupation troops, one man died in 2016, the other in 2017. Contrary to international norms and agreements, Israel won’t release bodies to families for proper burial.

10.31.2019 Israel prepares to demolish homes of two alleged attackers. One of the homes belongs to the family of Samir Arabeed, who Jewish secret police tortured nearly to death, and he’s on life support six weeks after being dragged to the hospital. Israel suspects him of planting the bomb that killed a 17-year-old Israeli colonist teenager, and wounded her brother and father. The other home belongs to the family of a suspect in the same bombing.

in a related story:

10.31.2019 Amnesty International: Legally sanctioned torture of Palestinian detainee left him in critical condition. Samir Arbeed torture victim of Israeli secret police. Amnesty’s Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director Salah Higazi said, “It is utterly outrageous that the use of torture during interrogations continues to be sanctioned by the Israeli authorities from the Shin Bet (secret police), through the executive branch, and all the way to the Supreme Court.”

“This case exposes Israel’s claims that its judiciary upholds human rights as a complete sham.”

Arbeed has been on life support in critical condition since his Jewish torturers brought him to a hospital on September 27, 2019.

10.31.2019 Wall resistance commission thwarts Israeli attempt to seize land in Salfit. The occupation was set to steal another 37 dunhams (9.1 acres) of Palestinian land based on falsified documents provided by the Israelis. A Palestinian legal team challenged the theft at court and, for now, has won.

10.31.2019 Israel to confiscate 409 dunhams of Jenin land for separation wall. In Yabad southwest of Jenin.

10.31.2019 Israeli forces detain 11 Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

10.31.2019 Israel seizes thousands of dunhams south of Hebron. The Jewish state posted notices that it pans to steal another 3,000 dunhams, (741 acres) of Palestinian lands.