September 2019, Week 1

September 2019, Week 1

09.01.2019 DNA testing to ‘Prove’ Jewishness is spine chilling Haaretz editorial. Those rascally rabbis are at it again. In Israel, to protect racial purity, Jews cannot legally marry non-Jews. Also, being Jewish positively affects status, prospects for housing, business, education, where you can travel-or not, etc. AND SO, the Rabbinical Courts are pushing DNA testing for the 4,000 or more Israelis (mostly from the former Soviet Union) who are required to prove their Jewishness to the rabbis each year.

Under the Nuremburg Laws the Nazis prohibited Jews from marrying Aryan Germans. As you may expect the comments section full of remarks like, “The Nazis would have loved DNA testing.” Also in the comments are questions about exactly how DNA testing is supposed to work given all the factions, converts to Judaism from other religions, different races, and so on.

[Israelis take the whole Jewish purity thing very seriously and have contentious debates about who is Jewish, or most Jewish, or not really Jewish at all. Generally speaking the two large, distinct Jewish groups in Israel are Ashkenazi Jews who come from European stock (Netanyahu’s grandfather was named Nathan Mileikowsky when he emigrated from Poland), and Mizrahi Jews who are of Middle Eastern stock.) I am guessing this whole DNA screening applies to Ashkenazi Jews only. Why? Because in 2001 The Guardian ran a story on a genetics research team who found that mitochondrial DNA from Mizrahi Jews, and mDNA from Palestinians is virtually identical. The research was published in the scientific journal Human Immunology and generated such a shit-storm among apparently influential people who were incensed at the finding that Jews were not genetically special, that they successfully pressured the journal which took the paper off its website, fired the lead researcher from its editorial board, and even took an unheard of step of asking libraries and Universities who’d received hard copies of the journal to tear out that article.]

09.01.2019 Harvard-bound Ismail Ajjawi an inspiration to fellow students. An outstanding student, this 17-year-old Palestinian refugee won a scholarship to Harvard only to have his visa revoked on landing at Logan International Airport in Boston. More to come on this one, no doubt.

09.01.2019 Israeli settlers assault farmer near Bethlehem. Extremist Jewish colonists raiding Palestinian farms attacked a Palestinian farmer who tried to stop them. He was treated for injuries to his face and eye.

09.02.2019 Lebanon crisis provides brief respite from Netanyahu’s increasingly deranged election campaign Haaretz by Chemi Shalev.

09.02.2019 Israeli forces abduct 28 Palestinians early Monday morning. Home invasions, night and fog.

09.03.2019 Palestinian student to start classes at Harvard days after being barred from US. The Guardian. That 17-year-old student who some influential people clearly did not want to attend Harvard, is in. He and his family thank all who helped him clear diplomatic hurdles.

09.03.2019 Hundreds take part in direct action against UK arms trade with Israel. Weapons trade fair allows companies like Israel’s Elbit Systems which boasts their weapons are ‘battle tested’ but the tests are mostly against unarmed civilians trapped in Gaza who can’t fight back.

09.03.2019 Army abducts twenty-four Palestinians in West Bank.

09.03.2019 Settlers bulldoze Palestinian-owned land in Bethlehem. Jewish fanatics with assault rifles and bulldozers, and under Jewish state protection, flatten an acre of land belonging to a Palestinian farmer. Last week the Israeli occupiers demolished a Palestinian home and restaurant next to the acre destroyed today.

09.03.2019 Is Pakistan preparing to recognize Israel? Haaretz. by Kunuar Shahid. The short anwer from Islamabad is, ‘No.’ In addition, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Faisel flatly rejected Netanyahu’s campaign promises to annex the West Bank as “illegal and dangerous escalation.” Faisel also reaffirmed Pakistan’s solidarity including support of Palestinian statehood as a viable, independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

09.03.2019 ICC prosecutor to reconsider decision on Mavi Marmara. In 2010 Israel attacked the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara in international waters. The Jewish terrorists killed nine peace activists and, in an act of piracy, seized the ship and forced it to sail to Israel. The ship was flagged under Comoros and that government requested an investigation in 2013. The ICC prosecutor (apparently knuckling under to pressure) decided not to investigate. Now the ICC appeals chamber has ordered the prosecutor to reconsider investigating the attack.

09.03.2019 Israeli soldiers flee in panic from military base hit by Hezbollah: report Press TV. A TV news report in which a lovely young woman reports from inside an Israeli military base on the that Israel abandoned after Hezbollah responded to Israeli aggression by shelling the base. The journal and her camera crew walk around the place documenting armored vehicles and ammunition (bought by American tax payers), plus personal items which the Zionists left behind in their hasty retreat.

09.04.2019 Army abducts two Palestinians in Jerusalem.

09.04.2019 Palestinian forced to demolish rooftop of his destroyed commercial structure. Silwan neighborhood, occupied Jerusalem.To avoid heavy fines and demolition fees the Israelis put on Palestinians, another man destroys his own building.

09.04.2019 Israel confiscates Palestinian lands to expand illegal colonies in Bethlehem.

09.04.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct ten Palestinians in West Bank. Home invasions, more people black-bagged.


09.05.2019 Trump middle east envoy Jason Greenblatt to resign Al Jazeera. With peace farther away than ever, Jason Greenblatt’s work is done. [Worth noting: The ‘plan’ was drawn up in secret. Only four people in President Trump’s circle have access to it: Greenblatt, David “Bang, Bang” Friedman, Jared Kushner, and Avi Berkowitz. All four are Orthodox Jews. All four are ardent Zionists who support Israel’s illegal colonization of the occupied territories.]

09.05.2019 Social media continues crackdown on Palestinian content Sada Social Center calls out Facebook for censoring Palestinian narrative about the occupation.


09.05.2019 6 Palestinians detained from West Bank by Israeli forces. Night and fog raids.

09.05.2019 Settlers storm Madama village. Jewish occupation troops gassed villagers as the people were being attacked by Jewish colonists who were attacking under Israeli protection. The terrorists set fire to olive groves as occupation troops stopped the farmers from saving their trees at gunpoint.

09.05.2019 US embassy to raise height of its embassy wall in Jerusalem Israelis are complaining about a wall spoiling their view. How about that? No, it’s not the hundreds of miles of annexation walls Israel has built. It’s the wall around Trump’s US embassy in Jerusalem. It’s going to be 20 feet high.

09.05.2019 Purpose of Netanyahu’s Hebron intrusion a way to gain support from the “ultra right wing” by Bilal Ghaith. With elections in a few days. Netanyahu doing what Netanyahu does on the campaign trail. He goes to a Jews-only religious ritual at the Ibraimi mosque (aka Cave of the Patriarchs) where Jewish fanatic Baruch Goldstein, firing automatic weapons, massacred 29 Palestinians at prayer, which led to more, mostly Palestinian bloodshed, and eventually protocols Israel agreed to respect but doesn’t. As in this case.

09.05.2019 Christian Palestinian group calls for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestine. Kairos Palestine is a Palestinian Christian movement that implores fellow Christians around the world to help oppressed and beleaguered Palestinian Christian communities and to help save the holy places from destruction by the Zionists.

09.05.2019 Palestinian home razed in East Jerusalem.

09.05.2019 Palestinian forced to demolish his own home in Jerusalem.

09.05.2019 6 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces.

09.05.2019 U.S. waives human rights rules to send military aid to Egypt Al-Monitor. by Jack Detsch. State Department released the entire $1.6 billion ($1,600,000,000=16 million Benjamins) welfare package to the brutal regime of President Al-Sisi. As an aside from myself here are a couple of things about that:
1) America has been paying Egypt and Jordan to not fight with Israel since the 1970’s. That money isn’t counted in the welfare package to Israel.
2) Just a few months ago, in April, an Israeli general revealed that Israel installed Al Sisi as President of Egypt. (Mint Press April 05, 2019 by Whitney Webb).

09.05.2019 Son of former Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi dies aged 25. The Guardian. Abdulla Morsi, who had accused Egypt’s dictator al-Sisi of murdering his father, supposedly had a heart attack and died. Article notes that his brother was sentenced by the al-Sisi regime to 10 years in prison for advocating his father’s return to the Presidency.

09.06.2019 Israeli forces kill two minors at Gaza border WAFA Two more unarmed young ones shot dead by Jewish state snipers firing from the safety of protected military positions. 14-yaer-old Khaled abu Bakr Rabi, and 17-year-old Ali Smai Ashgar. The Zionists also shot at least 48 other unarmed people with live ammunition, shot 33 more with rubber coated steel bullets, and gassed hundreds.

09.06. 2019 Israeli forces injure three Palestinians in Kafr Qaddum WAFA Jewish occupation troops turned the weekly march against Israeli land seizures into a gas chamber again as they shot three unarmed people with rubber coated steel bullets.

[Below is my synopsis of another long, well written, disturbing article following up on Sam Mednick’s July 19, 2019 expose on Israel selling weapons to South Sudan’s horrific war criminals.]

09.06.2019 How Israel is sowing the seeds of war in South Sudan
Middle East Monitor (MEMO) by Suraya Dabo. An expansive look at Green Horizon, ostensibly an agricultural development project, that’s being used as a front to funnel Israeli weapons into war-ravaged and starving, South Sudan. The lynchpin of the operation is a former Israeli army officer, Israel Ziv who now runs a security consulting enterprise active in several African countries as well as in Latin America, and south America.
As outlined in a 07.19.2019 article by Sam Mednick in OCCRP, Ziv had no agricultural bona fides but played up Israel’s [false] claims of being an agricultural wonder. Mednick laid out how Ziv transferred at least $140 million to South Sudan’s Central Bank for the sale of Israeli weapons to the government. Working his contacts in Israel’s Defense Ministry, South Sudan’s Military and Agricultural Ministries, and a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest commodities traders (Trafigura Group Pte Ltd.) Ziv is believed to have brought in over $140 million worth of weapons. Mostly small arms and shoulder fired rockets.
“Since South Sudan gained independence Israel has continuously sold it weapons, surveillance technology, and provided military training and homeland security.”
The Israeli government tells the UN that it wouldn’t sell weapons to South Sudan while the Israeli Defense Ministry continues to grant weapons export licenses “to Israeli weapons companies to sell weapons through Ziv and Green Horizon in violation of EU, US, and UN embargos.”
Article notes that Israel supplied apartheid South Africa with weapons when no one else would. Israel also supplied weapons to both sides in Rwanda during the world’s fastest genocide—mostly to the Hutu forces to whom Israel also provided military and paramilitary training.
[More on former General Israel Ziv: he’s filed or threatened to file lawsuits against a number of journalists claiming they’re libeling him. Ziv was outed in 2016 by Israeli television station Channel 2 (posted on Youtube by the Electronic Intifada) for trying to white wash the brutal regime of South Sudan’s president whose troops have killed massive numbers of civilians, burned villages, and used mass rape of women and girls as a tool of conquest. Ziv hired journalist Emmanuel Rosen, and former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosser, and for Israeli Consul General to New York, Alan Pinkas, among others. There’s a shocking clip on hidden camera where members of Ziv’s clique discuss strategies they should force South Sudan’s to adopt, such as appearing before the UN beside one of the rape victims and claiming that he also is a victim and it’s not his fault.]

09.07.2019 PCHR: on 73rd Friday of Great March of Return: 2 children killed, 81 civilians
injured including 39 children, 1 journalist, and 2 paramedics, by Israeli forces
Update on casualties from yesterday’s Israeli sniper attacks. The 17-year-old boy Ali Sami was murdered with a live bullet that hit him in the back of his chest that exited through the lower front side of his neck. Near Gaza City, a different Israeli coward shot 14-year-old with a live bullet in the pelvis.
The 81 other unarmed civilians were injured by a combination of gas bombs, rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition. No Israelis were injured by Palestinians.

09.07.2019 Army fires artillery shells into Palestinian lands in northern Gaza Not content with killing two children and injuring 81 civilians yesterday, the Jewish state fired multiple artillery rounds at Gaza to terrorize the population.

09.07.2019 PCHR reports on human rights violations in the occupied territories 29 August-04 September).

09.07.2019 Israeli navy opens fire on fishing boats in Gaza. Terrorist gunboats drive unarmed fishermen ashore by shooting at them.

09.07.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct three Palestinians in Jerusalem and Ramallah Jewish occupation troops ransacked homes and abducted three people, two of whom were 16-year-olds.

09.07.2019 Israeli army fires missiles into northern, central, and eastern Gaza. Once again the Jewish state claims it was retaliating for a limp shell allegedly fired from Gaza that landed in the open causing no injuries or damage.

09.07.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a University student near Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops committed a night and fog raid against a young woman’s family home before black-bagging the student and taking her away to interrogation, prison, or whatever else the occupiers want to do to her.