September 2019, Week 2

09.08.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists attack Palestinian cars and homes near Nablus. About 20 fanatic Zionists raid a West Bank village with impunity—again.

09.08.2019 Soldiers abduct a Palestinian, injure many in Sebestia. Jewish occupation troops in armored vehicles invaded the town, turned it into a gas chamber, while shooting rubber coated steel bullets at residents who responded by throwing stones at the soldiers.

09.08.2019 Two Israeli settlers injured in stabbing attack near Qalquida A 15-year-old Palestinian stabbed a 60-year-old father and his 17-year-old son in front of a Palestinian dental clinic. The Palestinian dentist tried to defend the Jews and rendered aid to the seriously wounded Jewish boy. In spite of his help, the Israelis kidnapped the dentist and took him to an interrogation unit. The 15-year-old attacker turned himself in to Palestinian authorities.

09.08.2019 Soldiers confiscate two electricity generators, abduct one Palestinian in Hebron. Israeli’s ‘confiscate’ as in, ‘stole’ the generators. Why they abducted the Palestinian is unknown.

09.08.2019 Palestinians protest “unnecessary, negligent death of prisoner. Hundreds turned out to protest jailhouse death of 47-year-old prisoner who was suffering from blood and bone cancers. He is free from the occupation now.

09.08.2019 Palestinian killed in accidental explosion in central Gaza. 42-year-old Mo’in Suleiman al-Attar, a member of the al-Quds brigade, died following an explosion. Palestinian Health Ministry called the death accidental.

09.08.2019 Army abducts three Palestinians in al-Isawiya. More night and fog raids in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood that Israel covets.

09.09.2019 Israeli soldiers shoot a child, abduct 13 Palestinians, in West Bank. Jewish occupation troops raiding Beit Rima near Ramallah, attacked locals who protested the raid. Shot a boy in the neck with a rubber coated steel bullet. Israel raided villages near Nablus, Ramallah, Jenin, and Hebron.

09.09.2019 Israeli soldiers invade Palestinian lands in Gaza. Armored bulldozers from the Jewish state smash more formerly productive land on the Gaza side of the segregation fence as drones fly overhead.

09.09.2019 Police assault mother, detain son in East Jerusalem. Jewish occupation troops pepper sprayed a woman, roughed her up, and kidnapped her son. No reason given for the attack.

09.09.2019 More West Bank land seized for settlement expansion. Another 25 acres of private Palestinian land stolen by Jewish state military order.

09.09.2019 ‘The most vegan army in the world: how Israel co-opts veganism to justify Palestinian oppression. Mondoweiss. by Sarah Doyal. An entity calling itself ‘Vibe Israel’ is part of the Israel Brand Alliance, which tries to soften Israeli brutality and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by co-opting progressive movements around the world. Israel’s attempts to co-opt the gay community in Europe and the U.S., called pink-washing, has flopped. Attempts to align itself with the environmental movement, Greenwashing, has flopped, too.
Vegans are regarded as socially and environmentally upright people, so now Israel is trying to promote its racist, brutal, apartheid army as—‘The most vegan army in the world.’ A highly suspicious claim given that Israel is one of the world’s higher consumers of animal protein.

09.10.2019 “I watched my father and brother killed by Israeli bombs. For me, the UK arms trade is deeply personal.” The Independent. by Amal Samouni. Young woman’s first person account of one of the ‘Cast Lead’ massacres. The Israelis herded her family into their home the ordered her father to the doorway and murdered him there. Then they ordered the family to stay in the home, which they did until Israel bombed it, killing many of the family members and trapping most of the others, including the author, who was ten-years-old at the time, in the rubble.

09.10.2019 Israeli drone shot down by resistance forces. Hamas shot down a military quadcopter east of Rafah, making it the second Israeli drone shot down in 24 hours after Hezbollah shot one down yesterday.

09.10.2019 Hague to discuss trial for ex-Israeli army chief. Benny Gantz was Generalissimo of Israel’s 2014 Gaza massacre, ‘Protective Edge’. Gantz is being sued by a Dutch citizen-Ismail Ziada- because during the massacre the Jewish state killed his mother, three brothers, sister-in-law, a nephew, and a friend who was visiting the home when Gantz’s men bombed it.

09.10.2019 Israeli soldiers seriously injure a young man near Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops shot up a demonstration at Birzeit University. The students were protesting the death of another Palestinian prisoner in Israeli custody. The young man is in surgery at press time. Israel also shot a journalist who was covering the protest.

09.10.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 13 Palestinians in Jenin, Qalquila and Jerusalem.

09.10.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian, searches many homes, in Hebron. Jewish occupation troops ransack homes, destroy furniture and other belongings.

08.11.2019 Army abducts two Palestinian, demolishes sheds and tents Jewish occupation troops attacked and destroyed meager belongings of people living on the edge of survival near Hebron.

09.11.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct sixteen Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

09.11.2019 UN Human Rights commissioner: 30 journalists covering protests injured by Israel. This is just in the Gaza protests. Doesn’t count those injure in the West Bank.

09.11.2019 Israeli soldiers fire missile into Gaza.

09.11.2019 Palestinian fighter killed in tunnel accident in Gaza. 25-year-old Mohammad Najjar died in the tunnels. His brother Abdullah also died in the tunnels in 2014 during an Israeli bombing attack during the Gaza massacre.


09.12.2019 In Argentina he’s known as the ‘bone breaker.’ Israel granted him citizenship. Haaretz by Hilo Glazer. This is a brutal story. A Jewish law firm in Argentina, run by father Hugo Schiber, and his son Frederico, identified desperate, destitute women in the slums of Buenos Aires—women who had small children, or other needy family members. Promising large payouts from insurance companies, Hugo and Frederico would convince the women to let thugs working for them break the women’s bones—arms, legs, maybe both. Then the lawyers would file huge insurance claims.
Hugo and son kept the money. They’d give the women a few hundred dollars, maybe. Their bones shattered with iron pipes, the women will never be the same. The thugs threatened to harm their families if the women tried to change lawyers.
Hugo was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Israel doesn’t extradite Jewish criminals to the outside world so Junior has escaped to Israel. This is an excellent piece of investigative journalism where the journalist tracked him all the way from Argentina and ran him to earth in Israel. Junior says he’s an innocent victim because 1. The women victims with broken bones are trying to set him up. 2. Argentineans are liars. and—wait for it—3. Argentineans are anti-Semitic.

09.12.2019 Please Bibi, let the annexation begin Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Levy called out Netanyahu for his campaign promise to annex the Jordan Valley. Let it happen so Israel will stop pretending [that it’s not an apartheid state], then we’ll see how the world deals with it.

09.12.2019 ‘We had a beautiful life, and it was lost.’ Gaza women widowed in the 2014 war speak out Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Heartbreaking. Five women tell their stories. One says, “Shelling started. I saw my husband thrown into the air with half my son’s body.” So much sorrow in these women. All of them were in love. Five years later all of them see their husbands and dead children in the faces of others.

09.12.2019 Two raids in Gaza early Thursday Netanyahu bombing Arabs on the campaign trail. Among many things he’s being criticized for by his competition, Netanyahu promised to destroy Hamas’ rule ten years ago in 2009. He has failed. In the run-up to the election he’s threatening another massive attack on Gaza.

09.12.2019 Hamas: Friedman’s remark explicit incitement Israel tool, and US ambassador, David ‘Bang Bang Friedman’ back in the news. This time near the Gaza border at the colony of Sderot. Friedman said in a written statement that his government does not mind attacking the Gaza strip. Unclear from the article whether Friedman is claiming America or Israel for his government.

09.12.2019 Israeli soldiers bulldoze large areas of Palestinian lands, destroy wells, near Tubas Jewish occupation troops making the desert bloom again. Today they ruined four irrigation wells, bulldozed/uprooted trees and crops, and generally wrecked hundreds of dunhams (a dunham is ¼ acre) of land.

09.12.2019 Soldiers storm DFLP office in Ramallah DFLP is the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In a night and fog raid the occupiers attacked their office and stole surveillance recordings and equipment, fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at residents protesting the attack.

09.12.2019 The Zionist Quest for Palestinian absolution is a fantasy Middle East Eye. by Joseph Massad. Cites Netanyahu claiming that the problem is Palestinians who won’t recognize Israel—looks back at Zionist founder Theodor Hertzl’s 1902 futuristic novel ‘The Old New World” in which a Palestinian character named Rechid Bey is grateful to the European Zionists for all they’ve done for Palestinians and it’s not a problem that the Zionists stole the land, water, resources. Gist of the article is that the Zionists are still waiting for that character to absolve them of their crimes and it ain’t gonna happen.

09.13.2019 Troops attack non-violent march East of Ramallah. Jewish occupation troops gassed Christian clergy, rabbis from ‘Rabbis Against the Occupation’, international solidarity activists, and local residents who were protesting a segregated road built for the convenience of Jewish colonists. In addition to gassing people, the Israelis fired concussion grenades at the demonstrators.

09.13.2019 Soldiers injure worshippers in Jerusalem mosque. Jewish occupation troops turned a mosque into a gas chamber by firing gas bombs into the building where locals were at prayer. Three treated for severe gas inhalation.

09.13.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct two Palestinians in Bethlehem Multiple home invasions, ransacked homes, two men black-bagged.

09.13.2019 120 detainees to join hunger strike as tension continues to mount. Last April Israel agreed stop violence against prisoners and to replace phone signal jamming devices with public phones. Prisoners say the jamming equipment causes them health problems.

09.13.2019 UN Chief: Israeli annexation plan would violate international law. Another gutless statement on the occupation by Antonio Guterres.

09.13.2019 PCHR weekly report on human rights violations in the occupied territories (05-11 September, 2019).

09.13.2019 Pakistan rejects Israel’s plan to annex parts of West Bank Days of Palestine.

09.14.2019 Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians in Kafur Qaddoum. Jewish occupation troops hiding behind trees, houses, and in people’s back yards, attacked the weekly peaceful march with gas, concussion grenades, and rubber coated steel bullets.

09.14.2019 Army injures many Palestinians, including children, in Jerusalem Jewish victim troopers from the ‘most moral army in the world’ gassed a little girl with special needs, causing her to fall unconscious from severe gas inhalation. No provocation. Israel covets al-Isawiya town in occupied Jerusalem. Fired gas bombs into numerous homes. There’s a heartbreaking video of medics trying to help the poor little girl as she regains consciousness.

09.14.2019 PCHR report: On 74th Friday of Great March of Return Friday the 13th was another tough day on the Gaza segregation line. 75 civilians injured, 35 of them shot with live ammunition. Two of those in “extremely critical condition.” Gas loving Israelis fired gas barrage after gas barrage. Among the injured were 34 children, one woman, and one journalist.

09.14.2019 Palestine Solidarity Campaign demands Israeli government be held accountable. PSC is an advocacy group in the UK. They’re calling for the UK government to hold Netanyahu accountable for his threats to annex the West Bank.

09.14.2019 New lands to be seized for settlement expansion in Nablus Israeli occupiers have ordered more Palestinian lands confiscated. Residents have 21 days to file an objection.

09.14.2019 Mafia enforcer turned states witness gunned down in central Israel Bar Peleg. 46-year-old hid in another country for 15 years. Went back to Israel and was shot dead while in his car. From the article, it appears there is serious mob presence in Israel [though ‘Mafia’ may be the wrong descriptor.]