September 2019, Week 3

September 2019, Week 3


09.15.2019 Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia condemn Israeli plans to annex Jordan Valley Netanyahu’s pre-election announcement that Israel will officially, permanently, take over the Jordan Valley not going over well with Arab countries in Middle East. The Arab Foreign Ministers met in Cairo to discuss it. Jordan’s FM called it dangerous escalation, undermining the right of people in this region to live in peace.

09.15.2019 Qatar FM: “Palestinian issue is at the core of all Arab issues.”

09.15.2019 Updated: Oman rejects Israeli plan as Netanyahu moves to annex 77 percent of Area C.

09.15.2019 Including children, army injures 46 Palestinians near Jerusalem Jewish occupation troops turned al-Ezariyya community into a gas chamber Saturday. Among other crimes, the occupiers shot a little girl in the head with a gas bomb. She is in the hospital.

09.15.2019 Illegal Israeli colonists attack home sin Hebron.

09.15.2019 Army abducts four Palestinians, including one woman, in West Bank. Jewish occupation troops attacked a number of homes in night and fog raids. Ransacked homes, roughed up owners. Black bagged four.

09.15.2019 Israeli soldiers invade Palestinian lands near Rafah Bulldoze lands in West Bank. Meanwhile in Gaza Israel gassed shepherds and their flocks.

09.15.2019 Soldiers assault a child and abduct him, in al-‘Isawiya. Jewish victim troops beat up a 12-year-old and kidnapped him. They claim he threw stones at them. They also attacked the boy’s father who said the 12-year-old was merely walking to a shop.

09.15.2019 New settler outpost near Jerusalem Under protection of the occupation army, more Jewish colonists drive in at 4 in the morning and set up house trailers on Palestinian land.

09.15.2019 “Mutual defense” treaty discussed by Trump and Netanyahu. In which Donald Trump allows the office of the President of the United States to be used as a campaign prop for Netanyahu three days before the Israeli election. Trump says he’s looking forward to talking about it when they meet at the UN after the election. [Which pre-supposes: Netanyahu will win, and that Israel would sign such a treaty, which they won’t because they’d be required to declare borders so everyone would know where America would step in to fight on Israel’s behalf. Israel won’t declare borders because they aren’t done taking Arab lands.]



09.16.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron Dozens of Jewish colonist, protected by Jewish victim troops, throw stones and Molotov cocktails at Palestinian homes late at night.

09.16.2019 Greek Orthodox Archbishop says Hebron real estate under threat Arch Bishop of Sebastian said ancient Orthodox properties near Hebron Gate are in danger of being taken over by extremist colonists.

09.16.2019 OIC: Israeli government fully responsible for consequences of colonial policies. OIC is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which has 57 member states representing 1.8 BILLION people. The OIC condemns Netanyahu’s plan to annex the West Bank.

09.16.2019 Turkey’s FM calls Israel’s annexation plan despicable.

09.16.2019 Israeli high court of justice upholds Israel’s policy of withholding the bodies of Palestinians killed. Al-Haq. In 2017 the Israeli high court ruled that Israel does not have legal right to withhold bodies of Palestinians it kills in order to use them for bargaining chips. So—in 2018 the Knesset passed a law that Israel can withhold victim’s bodies in order to coerce families, and to prevent autopsies [which have refuted the Israeli narrative of how the person was killed on multiple occasions]. Article notes that International Humanitarian Law (IHL) prohibits occupiers from preventing proper burial.

09.16.2019 Another German court rules in favor supporters of BDS Movement European Legal Support Center-Press Release. The city of Bonn was refusing to admit the German-Palestinian Women’s Association from the annual Bonn Culture and Encounter Festival because the group supports BDS.

Bonn City Council adopted a pro-Zionist motion named, “No place for the anti-Semitic BDS movement in Bonn.” That called for “all municipal institutions in Bonn to deny facilities to BDS groups and to refrain from supporting events of the BDS campaign, or of groups pursuing BDS goals.”

The court ruled that Bonn City Council’s motion was a resolution not a legislative act, the same as the German Bundestag’s May 19, 2019 resolution along similar lines and, as such, “can not justify, form any legal perspective, the restriction of an existing legal right.”

Further, the court ruled that the women being banned from the festival constituted “unequal treatment: that violated several German laws and was “not even remotely justified.”

Berlin attorney Ahmed Abed filed and urgent complaint to the court on behalf of the women. The case was aided by the European Legal Support Center (ELSC) and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL).

The German-Palestinian Society and the Palestinian Community of Bonn were also barred from the festival this year though all three associations had participated in the past. The festival is put on to showcase Bonn’s cultural diversity with music, dance, food. etc.


09.17.2019 US diplomats pressure Europe law makers to oppose BDS. Middle East Monitor. Our ‘Israel first’ politicians and diplomats are leaning on Ireland to stop the Emerald Isle from becoming the first country in Europe to ban goods from Israeli colonies in the occupied territories. The Zionist effort is also targeting Germany.


09.17.2019 Six Palestinian detainees still on hunger strike against administrative detention. The six are protesting the Jewish state holding them indefinitely without trial or charges. Five of the six are in a hospital clinic. They are listed below:

name age days on hunger strike

Ahmad Ghannam 42 65 days

Sultan Khalloruf 38 61 days

Ismael Ali 30 55 days

Tariq Qa’dan 46 48 days

Nassar al Jada 31 41 days

Thaer Hamdan 30 36 days

09.17.2019 Army injures many Palestinians near Jenin. Jewish victim troops turn Palestinian village of Taybeh into a gas chamber, again.

09.17.2019 Army injures many Palestinians near Nablus. Jewish extremist colonists attacked Palestinian homes at night. The Palestinians turned out to fight them off. The Jewish state army attacked the neighbors to protect the colonists. Among the injured are two shot Palestinians.

09.17.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a Palestinian in Bethlehem.

09.17.2019 Elderly Palestinian assaulted near Ramallah Jewish victim troops stopped 52-year-old driver Saleh Tamimi, dragged him out of his car, beat him unconscious. No reason. No motive. He’s in the hospital.


09.18.2019 Israel’s election results show Netanyahu in serious trouble. Vox. by Zack Beauchamp. With 90 % of the vote in Netanyahu has 31 Knesset seats, his opponent, Benny Gantz has 32 seats. Neither has a majority needed to form a government in Israel’s 120 seat Knesset. Both are courting Israel’s extremist third largest party Yisrael Beiteinu, which is headed by Avigador ‘lets behead Arab terrorists’ Lieberman.


09.18.2019 Updated: Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian woman near Qalandia terminal. Four Jewish victim troopers, wearing body armor and wielding machine guns, shown in a video gunning down a young Palestinian woman who was about thirty feet away from them. They claim 28-year-old Ala Nefeth Wahdan had a knife. She is seen standing still, presenting no danger at all. After shooting her, as she’s laying on the pavement bleeding to death, one of the sons of bitches walks over and kicks her. (that’s at 15 seconds into the 43 second video).

09.18.2019 Israeli navy attacks Palestinian fishing boats in Gaza. Jewish terrorists in gunboats shoot at Palestinian fishermen to drive them ashore again.

09.18.2019 Two Palestinian youths shot by Israeli forces, one critical. A joint attack by Jewish colonists and the Jewish state army on al-Mazra al-Gharbieh village north of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank left two Palestinians shot, including a child whose wounds are described as ‘very critical. Others treated for gas injuries.

09.18.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct two Palestinians near Ramallah. Daytime abduction near Bonin Spring.

09.18.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct four Palestinians in Jerusalem. Night and fog raids. Jewish occupation troops kidnapped two children—a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old from Silwan neighborhood in occupied West Bank. And kidnapped two more during multiple home invasions.

09.18.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct a merchant at Eretz Terminal.

09.18.2019 EU: settlements a “serious breach of international law” Another weak-kneed pointless palaver from Europe asking Israelis to stop colonizing.

09.18.2019 Israeli soldiers bulldoze Palestinian lands near Qalquila and Salfit Jewish occupation troops demolished another 145 dunhams (about 36 acres). Most of the land was growing olive trees and is owned by five Palestinian families.

09.18.2019 Army abducts a Palestinian child in al-Isawiya. Jewish victim troops kidnapped a 16-year-old boy as he was walking home from school.

09.18.2019 Malta condemns Netanyahu’s annexation statements.

09.19.2019 Kumah Shamsies’s book award withdrawn over her part in Israel boycott The Guardian. by Alison Flood. (In the Zionists never learn department, this is just like Angela Davis earlier this year, where, instead of a few hundred people knowing she got the prize, now millions know the Zionists yanked her prize.)
[Background: the Nelly Sachs Prize is awarded every two years by the German City of Dortmund. An eight member jury selected British-Pakistani author Kamila Shamsie saying her work, “builds bridges between societies.” promoting tolerance and cooperation.
Author Shamsie says she won’t allow her work to be published in Israel because, “there is no Israeli publisher who is completely unentangled from the state.” The prize jury refused to publish Shamsies’s response to their revocation. Part of her response is published in the article.

09.19.2019 If Egypt won’t buy Israel’s gas, maybe consumers will Haaretz. by Ora Cohen. Israel is extracting gas from huge gas field off Gaza and Israel. The Israelis planned to sell a lot of it to Egypt, which is having second thoughts.

And so, Israel is putting tens of millions into a national natural gas pipeline to shunt gas around to Israeli cities. The program targets new, large housing projects but the article points out that Israelis raising new buildings would rather use new, sustainable technology like solar power. Compared to gas, photovoltaic cells run with lower costs and don’t do the environmental damage that petroleum does. In addition, Israelis don’t want to be forced to buy new appliances required by gas power.

09.19.23019 Seven Palestinians injured in southern Gaza A home-made rocket fired from Gaza didn’t even make it across the segregation fence. It landed in Gaza and injured seven people. Their condition, and who fired the projectile, is unknown.

09.19.2019 Army issues orders halting construction of school near Hebron. Jewish victim troops, on behalf of Israel’s military government, delivered orders for Palestinians to halt work on an elementary school expansion. The little school is serving 30 students.

09.19.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct 22 Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids. No one safe in their homes. The occupiers raided homes, searched people, set up road blocks, abducted 22 people including three 14-year-olds.

09.19.2019 Netanyahu trip to UN cancelled following electoral results Bad news for Bibi. Having failed to achieve a majority ruling party in the Tuesday election he’s in an electoral deadlock with his rival. After the nutty things he’s said and done at the UN, they won’t miss him. And that meeting with him Trump talked about a few days ago…ain’t happening.

09.19.2019 Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians near Hebron IMEMC. Joint attack on the community by heavily armed Jewish colonists and Israeli troops. They gassed the local residents, shot people with rubber coated steel bullets, and invaded the local mosque.

09.19.2019 Agricultural lands attacked in Salfit and Jordan Valley. Jewish occupation troops making the desert bloom again. This time by killing over 100 anti-Semitic olive trees in Burquin village. Elsewhere in the Jordan Valley Israelis demolished two farm out-buildings in Atouf, and at Ras al-Ahmar they stole a farmer’s tractor.

09.19.2019 Israeli soldiers injure many Palestinians near Hebron. Joint raid by Jewish occupation troops and Jewish colonists against the community Halhout. Gassed the village, shot Palestinians with rubber coated steel bullets.



09.20.2019 Amnesty: Israeli killing of woman underscores need for international justice (video). 43 second video shows four Jewish victim army troops in body armor and wielding machine guns. About 30 feet away from them is a 26-year-old Palestinian woman. They say she had a knife but that’s unclear in the video. What is clear is that she’s standing perfectly still and is no threat to them or anybody. They shoot her. At 15 seconds while she is lying on the ground bleeding to death one of the sons of bitches walks over and kicks her.

09.20.2019 Israeli army cuts off water supply to Jordan Valley village. Today, Jewish occupation troops raided Bardala village, a farming community in north Jordan Valley. They closed down the village water supply when there hasn’t been rain for months. No warning. No reason. Unless cruelty is a reason. Article notes that illegal Jewish colonists seized a number of the village wells to prevent Palestinian shepherds from watering their flocks.

09.20.2019 PCHR Weekly report on Israeli Human rights violations in the occupied territory (12-18 September, 2019)

9.20.2019 Russian air force blocks Israeli airstrikes in Syria: Media AMN (Syrian online news). Russia scrambled jet fighters last night to shoot down an Israeli drone in Syrian airspace that was headed for Damascus. Article notes that Putin threatened Netanyahu in a personal meeting that Russia will ‘take measures’ if Tel Aviv continues to strike Syria.


09.21.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct three Palestinians near Hebron. Local village leaders black-bagged.

09.21.2019 Army abducts five Palestinians, confiscates a car, in Beit Ummar.

09.21.2019 Israel transfers corpses of two slain Palestinians to their families. 14-year-old Nassim Abu Rami and 20-year-old Omar Yanis. Israel alleges they made stabbing attempts.

09.21.2019 Israel’s war of attrition on a Christian Palestinian town Haaretz. by Amira Hass.

09.21.2019 Arrest a Palestinian for two days and release him. This is how the Israeli army does it. Haaretz. by Amira Hass. Describes Jewish state night and fog raid on a Palestinian photographer whose crime was filming the weekly demonstrations against land seizures. Masked occupation troopers. 2 a.m. raid on the family home. The Israelis threaten to burn down the house if parents won’t open smart phones. They refuse so the only democracy in the Middle East takes the father to prison for interrogation. Israeli thugs stole father’s cell phones, laptop, camera, journalist’s helmet, and ID card.

The photographer was bound and taken away. A Jewish soldier threatened to shoot him. From the top of the stairs, the photographer’s brother filmed the occupiers taking him away. At his interrogations the interrogator shouted at him, tried to get him to sign something in Hebrew that he couldn’t read. He refused. Was held two days. Then the occupiers let him go without explanation of why they attacked his home and arrested him.