September 2019, Week 4

September 2019, Week 4

09.22.2019 UK Labour Party Conference venue lights up with Palestine flag In a bit of guerilla marketing the UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) projected pro-Palestinian slogans and a Palestinian flag on an outside wall of the building hosting Labour’s annual conference.

09.22.2019 Euro-Med condemns stripping author of German award over pro-Palestinian positions. European Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor comes out in support of Kamila Shamsie, who won a German writing prize which was then revoked because she supports BDS.

09.22.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct eight Palestinians in Hebron, Nablus and Jenin. Night and fog raids.

09.22.2019 Soldiers invade Deir Ghassana village north of Ramallah. Jeeploads of occupation troops show up to harass the village on the main road. Includes video coverage.

09.22.2019 Israeli soldiers injure six Palestinians near Qalqila. Jewish occupation troops attacked the village of Azadun, shot Naji Radwan in the gut with live ammunition, shot two more people with rubber coated steel bullets, gassed the community causeing three suffocation injuries. No Israelis injured.

09.22.2019 Army injures fifteen Palestinians near Jerusalem. The gas-loving Jewish state bombarded homes and civilians with gas bombs. The people had turned out to protest Israel attacking them. Israel also fired rubber coated steel bullets at the people. No Israelis injured.

09.22.2019 Soldiers confiscate bulldozer, prevent Palestinian from plowing his land near Qalqila. The Jewish state drove a Palestinian farmer off Palestinian land. Stole his tractor.

09.22.2019 Soldiers interrogate a child in her home in Jerusalem. A Palestinian family was having a barbeque on the roof of their house when Jewish occupation troops raided the house and accused the little girl of filming them. She wasn’t. They left.


09.23.2019 The right to boycott: an open letter. London Review of Books. Publishes Kamila Shamsie’s statement in response to the Nelly Sachs Prize jury—who refused to publish it after they reneged on giving her the prize they’d awarded her for literature. The letter supporting her is signed by over 300 authors.


09.23.2019 Soldiers invade Sebastia town near Nablus. Once again Jewish occupiers gassed villagers and fired live ammunition at the agricultural site to drive the people (owners) away.

09.23.2019 Detainee suspends hunger strike after court set release date After 67 days Sultan Khallouf broke off his hunger strike since Israel said it will let him go 2 ½ months from now on December 15.

09.23.2019 Three Palestinian detainees continue hunger strikes. Israel is putting physical and psychological pressure on the men, trying to break them by denying them sleep, putting them in solitary confinement, moving them from prison to prison.



09.24.2019 Army injures many Palestinians in Nablus. Jewish occupation troops gassed local Palestinian people, shot at them with concussion grenades, and rubber coated steel bullets. In this latest breech of agreements, the occupation troops were escorting about 1,200 Jewish colonists who were out to incite the Palestinians. No Israelis injured.

09.24.2019 Names of Palestinian detainees in Saudi prisons revealed by witness. The Saudi regime is rounding up Palestinians from the occupied territories and Jordan, and throwing them into prison without charges or trial. Article notes the prisoners had been working there for decades and were sending money to their destitute families in Palestine and Jordan.

09.24.2019 Two paramedics injured by Israeli forces in Eizariya town. Jewish occupation troops shot a Red Crescent medic in the face with a gas bomb. The shot another medic in the foot with a rubber coated steel bullet. This happened as the Israelis were terrorizing townspeople in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood which brought out stone throwing young people. No Israelis injured.

09.24.2019 Soldiers abduct one child, injure many Palestinians in Beit Ummar. Jewish occupation troops turned Palestinian neighborhood into a gas chamber, shot rubber coated steel bullets at civilians, kidnapped a 15-year-old boy. No Israelis injured.

09.24.2019 Condemnation against Israeli army night raid into Addameer offices. Physicians for Human Rights—Israel. Human rights NGO’s protest the occupiers attack on Addaheer’s office. Addameer is Prison Support and Human Rights Association in Ramallah. The occupiers broke in and stole computers, hard drives, and other equipment.

09.24.2019 Israel plans the annexation of Palestinian lands near Nablus.

09.24.2019 Soldiers demolish stables for horses in Silwan. Responding vigorously to the threat of terrorist ponies. Jewish occupation troops attacked and destroyed four stables with bulldozers in occupied East Jerusalem. No Jewish ponies attacked by Palestinians.

09.24.2019 Hebron office of Women’s Committees raided. Jewish occupation troops ransacked the women’s offices, smashed furniture, trashed files, stole computers and cameras, and left. No Jewish Women’s groups raided by Palestinians.

09.24.2019 UK Labour: motion passed in support of Palestinian rights. Well, stand-by for a massive Zionist campaign condemning the British Labour as anti-Semites. Despite all the money, effort, and smear campaigns against Labour members and the party as a whole, in the end the Zionists could only watch as Labour delegates voted overwhelmingly to support Palestinian “collective right to self-determination and to return to their homes.” The motion also calls on Labour to stop all arms trade with Israel and to apply international law in its dealings with Israel.

09.24.2019 Mercy USA donates $300,000 to sustaining education services for visually impaired children in Gaza. Rehabilitation Center for the Visually Impaired is the only place in Gaza (population two million) offering these kinds of services to students with visual impairments. They offer screenings, vocational support, teach Braille, etc. They serve five hundred students and are run by the UN Relief and Works Agency which helps over 532,000 Palestinians. [Trump eliminated US aid to UNRWA in 2018 on behalf of Israel.]



09.25.2019 Army abducts Jerusalem affairs Minister, summons governor for interrogation. Israeli occupation troops ransacked homes of Palestinian officials in night and fog raids. Kidnapped one of them, ordered the other to show up for interrogation.

09.25.2019 Israeli soldiers remove protest tent in Sawahara town. Locals and international supporters set up a base tent for protesting another new illegal colonial outpost at the east end of town. Israel’s army stole the tent.

09.25.2019 Israeli soldiers demolish a home, assault the family, in Jerusalem. Video of the attack shows a room packed with Jewish occupation troops who are beating up the family in their own home. The occupies claim that they were attacked by the family. No Israeli homes demolished. No Israeli families beaten up. Interesting thing about the video: it plays on the IMEMC site where it’s embedded in the article, but when I try to watch it on YouTube it has the title but what plays is a video about brawls in baseball.

09.25.2019 Israel transfers five hunger striking detainees from Ramon to solitary in Tzalmon.

09.25.2019 Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians in Ramallah. Twenty vehicles surrounded an apartment building, set up sniper posts on rooftops, gassed people, fired concussion grenades, live ammunition and rubber coated steel bullets. The Israelis started a fire with the concussion grenades. No Israelis injured.

09.25.2019 Army demolishes an under construction home near Hebron. [Israel calls its military government ‘The Civil Administration].

09.25.2019 Soldiers demolish a shed, agricultural station, near Salfit. No notice. Just because.

09.25.2019 Dichter storms al-Aqsa courtyards under heavy guard. Former head of Israel’s secret police, and Jewish colonists try to provoke trouble by touring the mosque while protected by occupation troops.

09.25.2019 Police close Silwan shop for hiring Palestinian help. Israel’s military government has a permit system [just like Apartheid South Africa] that determines where ‘Arabs can go or not go. A Palestinian butcher shop in occupied East Jerusalem hired a Palestinian from a few miles away in the occupied West Bank. Israel shut his shop down for 15 days as punishment and threatens to arrest him if he opens during that time.

09.25.2019 Update: 140 Palestinian detainees on hunger strike for 14th day.



09.26.2019 Weather forecast: Clear conditions, rise in temperature. Bethlehem/Jerusalem to 30 C (86 degrees F) Dead Sea and Jordan Valley to 39 C (102 degrees F.)

09.26.2019 Premier urges World Bank, IMF to pressure Israel to release tax revenues Economist and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh met with delegations from the World Bank and the international Monetary fund to try and convince them to pressure Israel to release tax money it owes Palestinians.

09.26.2019 Palestinian woman placed under administrative detention by Israel. 24-year-old Heba Labadi, a Jordanian, was on her way to a relative’s wedding in the occupied West Bank this September, 04. The Jewish state arrested her, interrogated her, denied her visits by lawyers and family, and now has put her in prison for 5 months with no trial and no charges. Jordan is calling for her release.

09.26.2019 Israeli police detain ten Palestinians in Sefa-amr. Jewish military regime demolished three Palestinian homes in 24 hours near Haifa. That sparked protests which Israel gassed bombed and attacked with concussion grenades. Result: several injured Palestinians and ten arrested. No Israelis injured.

09.26.2019 Army abducts four Palestinians in Qalquila, Ramallah, and Hebron. Night and fog raids.

09.26.2019 Israeli forces detain 65 Palestinians in one day in West Bank, most released hours later. WAFA More night and fog raids than usual. Jewish occupation troops ransacked homes and cars, gassed the people, shot at them.


09.27.2019 Anglican Church of Southern Africa votes to join BDS. Middle East Monitor. ACSA represents 3 to 4 million in southern African countries of Nambia, Mozambique, Angola, and South Africa. They passed the motion at their Provincial Synod meeting. Quote from a statement they issued: “The situation in the Holy Land demands the attention of the Christian Church precisely because that is the place where Jesus Christ was born, nurtured, crucified, and raised.”

The Synod warned Christians not to conflate Judaism with the political ideology of Zionism, and not to conflate Biblical Israel with the current state of Israel. Further, the Synod said, “Southern Africans have a special responsibility to stand by the oppressed in the same way that others in the international community stood with us during our own oppression.”

[There are about 85 million Anglicans world-wide.]


09.27.2019 Shin Bet bans football team from travel. Lest the Palestinians have some enjoyment in this life without the Jewish state proving it can shit on them, Israel’s secret police won’t let the Gaza soccer team travel a few miles to the West Bank for play-offs.

09.27.2019 2019: over 415 human rights violations against Palestinian journalists by Israel. From January through August Israel averaged about 12 violations a week targeting journalists. Total includes 82 journalists wounded as they covered the Great March of Return on the Gaza border.

09.27.2019 PCHR weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory 19-25 September, 2019)

09.27.2019 Two Palestinians detained from Ramallah. Night and fog raids. Ransacked homes. Two kidnapped. Article notes raids take place all the time, including in areas which are supposed to be totally under Palestinian control. No search warrants. Whenever, wherever the occupiers choose.

09.27.2019 Ministry of Health warns of whitewashing attempt behind American hospital project. After all the American government has done to further Israel’s agenda in Gaza; for example cutting funding to hospitals that are already there and supporting Israel’s blockade of medicine and medical equipment, there’s an American hospital proposed for Gaza, which the Ministry of Health says has been planned in secret. Such a facility would further isolate/fragment Gaza from the West Bank and could be a Trojan Horse since it is to be built along the Israeli border in north Gaza which would allow the Israeli military to come and go freely.

09.27.2019 Israel election results: Likud’s demands in unity talks would lead to a third election cycle, Gantz’s party says. Haaretz. by Chiam Levinson. On Wednesday Israeli President Rivlin tapped Netanyahu to form a new government with Gantz’s party. The two parties held a four hour meeting. Got nowhere. Decided to meet again on Sunday.