September 2019, Week 5

September 2019, Week 5

Life in Southeast Alaska vs. life in occupied Palestine/Israel.
Southeast: Lots of people out hunting deer.
Occupied Palestine: Wild animals long since wiped out. Hunting banned in Israel except shooting Palestinians which is legal and encouraged. This week Israel shot hundreds of live rounds at civilians possessing no more firepower than a deer.  At the same time, Israel fired gas bombs, concussion grenades, rubber coated steel bullets. So, a usual week in the occupied territories. Details below.

09.28.2019 On 76th Friday Great March of Return: Palestinian civilian killed and 86 civilians injured, including 22 children, 4 female paramedics, and 5 male paramedics. Today’s murder was by one of the Israeli snipers, who were firing from safe and comfortable positions in their military embankments. One of them shot 20-year-old Saher Othman in the chest with live ammunition. No Israeli snipers injured.

09.28.2019 Army injures many Palestinians in Kufur Qadoum. Weekly march against Israeli annexation. Weekly toxic gas attacks by Israel.

09.28.2019 Israeli soldiers injure several Palestinians north of Hebron Friday night gassing and shooting rubber coated steel bullets at Palestinians protesting their village being invaded by Israeli occupation troops. No Israelis injured.

09.28.2019 Soldiers injure dozens of Palestinians near Jerusalem. Over a hundred Palestinians held Friday noon prayers on their own lands. Prayers done, they held a non-violent gathering there in response to an illegal Israeli outpost on their property. Israeli occupation troops attacked them with toxic gas.

09.28.2019 Saudi Arabia donates $50 million to UNRWA UNRWA provides education and vital services to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees.

09.28.2019 Soldiers abduct eight Palestinians in Hebron Dawn raids. There’s a video with the article that shows a man standing by himself on the sidewalk. Three thugs attack him, knock him down, hand cuff him, and drag him into a van which drives away. No Israelis injured.

09.29.2019 Documents prove “Creative Community for Peace” is front for right-wing Israel Lobby Group “Stand With Us” by Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. (PACBI)  Here are interesting bedfellows. CCFP and SWU work out of the same LA office. Tax documents show both groups are registered with the IRS as a single non-profit calling itself ‘Israel Emergency Alliance.”. Their founders and board leaders—David and Esther Renzer—are married(!)
Stand With Us is “a long established right-wing, anti-Palestinian, pro-Israel settler lobby group with long-time ties to Israel’s far-right government.”
Creative Community for Peace “claims to be an entertainment industry organization advocating for artistic freedom and building bridges”—they try to get artists to cross the boycott line and play in Israel.
Article says CCFP and SWU collaborate on pro-colonist propaganda with Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and they have received a grant from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

09.29.2019 Israel imposes siege on West Bank and Gaza to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. The occupiers celebrate Jewish New Year by shutting down Palestine from Saturday night at midnight to Tuesday night at midnight. For the unfortunate Christian and Muslim Arabs, all border crossings closed to Palestinians, extra road blocks around the West Bank. Palestinians denied access to al Aqsa mosque (including those with Israeli citizenship. At the same time, Jewish colonists and other Israelis allowed access to the mosque.

09.29.2019 Israeli navy attacks fishing boats in northern Gaza. Again last night, Jewish terrorists in gunboats shot live ammunition at commercial fishermen to drive them ashore without their catch. No Israelis injured.

09.29.2019 Olive harvest stolen by settlers in Nablus. Armed and abetted by Israel, Jewish fanatics who can’t grow their own crops attack Palestinian farmers, drive them away, steal their olives.

09.29.2019 Army injures several Palestinians in Abu Dis Night and fog raids. Gas bombs and concussion grenades. Palestinians injured. No Israelis injured.

09.29.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct seventeen Palestinians in West Bank.

09.29.2019 Israel alleges arresting Palestinians involved in killing an Israeli teen. Israeli occupation troops have arrested four Palestinians on suspicion of setting the bomb that killed a 17-year-old Jewish girl in August, and injured her father and brother. One of the four is in critical condition at an Israeli hospital after being tortured by Israel’s secret police.

09.29.2019 Brutal torture used to interrogate Palestinian detainee. Apparently Shin Bet—the secret police—got a permit from Israeli court to torture Samir Arbeed who is in the hospital on life support now.

09.30.2019 Malaysian PM to United Nations, “Israel is the origin of modern terrorism. Dr. Mahathir [world’s oldest head of state at 94] called Israel’s colonialism the root cause of terrorism. Points out that Israel violates international law all the time without criticism from the West but Muslim countries are labeled terrorist when they do nothing wrong at all.

09.30.2019 Israeli soldiers abduct seven Palestinians in West Bank. Night and fog raids.

09.30.2019 Army abducts young man, issues order forcing two women away from al Aqsa The young man was black-bagged in an alley. The women are ordered to stay away from the mosque for six months.