State prosecutors admit losing original video of anti-Arab ‘hate wedding’

Times of Israel by Stuart Winer.

Famous video of Zionist fanatics at a wedding reception in the Occupied West Bank celebrating Zionists burning an 18-month-old Palestinian child (that’d him in the black and white photo), and his parents, alive. Tape shows over a hundred of the fanatics dancing and singing with automatic weapons, knives, and Molotov cocktails, stabbing at pictures of baby Ali, who was murdered.
There was a lot of condemnation, even from American Jews over this video. Because it was caught on tape Israel felt it had to do something. At the sham trial, the state claims it lost the original footage. Looks like there will be a mistrial. Writer of the article tries unsuccessfully to be shocked that the prosecutors lost the footage. He regurgitates stuff like, “the stunning revelation.”
Video of the hate wedding is included in the article but with the faces blurred out. There’s a copy on YouTube with over 637,000 views.