Top Black Racists of 2020-The WAZ Awards-Winner #1 Monica Cannon-Grant

Black Racists of 2020 The WAZ Awards

Winner number one is Monica Cannon-Grant, a black ‘community activist,’ organizer in political campaigns for Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Joseph Kennedy III, and other famous names in Massachusetts politics.
Our WAZ researcher who drew the short straw for Monica was Sven Johansson. Occupation: Commercial fisherman, long liner, crabber. Sven’s qualifications: Grew up in the Southeast Alaska Norwegian fishing community of Petersburg in a home where English was a second language. Razor thin, blue eyed, hawk nosed, Sven is the whitest guy you’ll ever meet. Even his hair turned white by the time he was twelve, Sven has been known, when he’s on the fish, to work on deck fifty hours straight on nothing but snoose and black coffee. Has a hard to decipher Norwegian accent. If you don’t know what that sounds like, chew fermented herring and read something swapping words that start with j’s to starting with y’s.

Roy Sequoia, based on his excellent demeanor and his equally excellent beard,  having been designated chairman, rapped a carpenter’s mallet on the table. “Order friends!” he said. “Time to get down business here. We’ve got for you tonight a man of the sea, a fisherman’s fisherman, a highliner, a man of few words with rakfisk overtones. Who better then to cast his nets into the polluted waters of Massachusetts politics and bring to us that delicate Mayflower of the Bay State, Monica Cannon-Grant. Let’s hear it for Sven Johannsson.”
There was a burst of applause and foot stomping followed by calls of. “Fish on!”

Sven waited for it to die down then began : “Yah, got a woman here with a mouth like Ole’s skivvies after a black cod trip.”
No one believed that was possible.
“Oh, yah.” he says. “Yah, she got a big stained t-shirt and what I tink is suppose to be music in back, an she’s swearing like hell about a black woman Republican.”
“A black woman swearing about a black woman?”
“Well by golly you be quiet and listen, I’ll yust read it like she said it.”
Editor’s note. I had to go back and listen to it later on the computer because everybody was laughing so hard listening to Sven read it with Scandinavian tenacity that I didn’t get it all down. Here then is Monica Cannon Grant, as close to exactly as she said it as I could get, on black Congressional candidate Rayla Campbell.

“…and then this heifer running against Ayanna Pressley, this one here wit the white husband, at some point we gonna have to have a conversation wit black folks who get in a relationship wit white folks and then forget that they black. We’re gonna have to have that conversation. and I know it’s gonna fuck with ya’ll nerves and it’s gonna be uncomfortable but we gonna have that conversation because, if white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom—and this ain’t your part of the show—and you don’t get to talk right now.
And so you practice some self-love, know your history, and realize where the fuck you came from. This ain’t your part of the show. We need you to sit in the back. I need all the people that understand what it is to wake up black, regardless of how may educated gang symbols you have at the end of your name, regardless of how close in proximity you are to white supremacy, regardless of how many white penises you ride—and I ain’t mad at you sisters—if you riding that mother fucker for a credit score, get you that house, go get your 40 acres [there’s a break in the rant here, other clips finish this line as, “…and a mule. Just don’t forget you a nigga.” then she continues]
“…Haitian black man, but I get it, he lives in Utah, he gettin pink, uncooked vagina. I get it! I get it! What I need you to do though, is keep your mouth shut on black shit if you ain’t ready to be black. That’s what I need you to do. I need you to shut the fuck up!” [another break in clip, then she goes on].
“…continues and be disrespectful, and I’ll be damned if I let this, ‘melanin adjacent’ woman whose proximity to white supremacy is so disgusting, right? Um, be disrespectful to our congresswoman because white folks have convinced her, that, they, she been drinking the water. I don’t know, I just, white folks have convinced her that she was better? I don’t know. She was, she was one of those um, she’s an exceptional negro? Is that what it is? Ah… [break in the clip, then.]
“…cross county lines to disrespect a white woman. Malcom X would have blown somebody’s fuckin head off.”

Nice, eh?

So, yah, like Sven said. Mouth like Ole’s skivvies after a black cod trip. Rayla Campbell, was running for Congress against Monica’s candidate, black Congressional incumbent Ayanna Pressley. Campbell is married to a white man which is clearly an anathema to Monica. Parts of this rant are still on the internet but those clips seem to disappear after a while so see them while you can. To get the true sense of how ugly it is you’ve got to dial it up and feel the vibe.

We asked Sven if she got tricked into talking on a hidden camera. “No! Hell no!” he says, “She put it out herself. And she got plenty more where dat came from. Swearing at the Mayor, swearing at the police chief, (he’s a black guy you know), swearing at the cops. I never seen anything like it.”


Incredibly, Monica Cannon Grant: for now continues to get gushing support from the media, including selection by the Boston Globe in December as one of 2020’s Bostonians of the Year. She remained a community organizer for Ayanna Pressley and Joseph Kennedy III in the campaign season. Later in the year, with backing from various donors including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Monica has opened a 4,200 square foot ‘social impact center’ replete with eight offices, a recording studio, conference rooms, ‘other amenities,’ plus ‘at least six salaried positions.’ In another of her videos Monica holds forth about buying her son, who is an ‘aspiring rapper’, a car so he can be safe and doesn’t have to ride public transportation. There’s a video where Cannon-Grant says “Fuck the PO lice! Fuck the PO lice!” over and over and vows, “I’ll organize 45,000 motherfuckers to be on yall’s front lawn.” Now she claims people are out to kill her as they killed Malcom X and Martin Luther King. She apparently called 911 to file complaints with the PO lice, then complained that the PO lice released the fact that she called them. In yet another selfie video she boasts that she gets more grants and donations when people attack her.
Monica’s political wave has probably crested and may soon hit the beach over where she gets her funding and where it goes.

Rayla Campbell: moved out of her home fearing for the safety of her family. She received considerable support from the greater community, compassionate op-ed pieces in the press, and an endorsement from Senate candidate Kevin O’Connor after Cannon-Grant’s attack. Also, Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins and Boston Councilwoman Lydia Edwards, who are both black and who Cannon-Grant tried to align with in her rant against Campbell, both immediately took the high road, disavowed Cannon-Grant tirade and contacted Campbell to see if she was all right. (Rollins dad, by the way, is a second generation Irish white guy so Cannon-Grant’s invective must have been particularly offensive to her). Pressley and Kennedy took the low road.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley: Rayla Campbell called her out in the press for not disavowing Cannon-Grant as Rollins and Edwards had. With rioting going on all around the country, as other politicians were calling for calm, Pressley called for ‘unrest’ in the streets. She still won her election but lost respect. Expect it will come back to haunt her in the next election.

And Kennedy? On election day Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey beat Joseph Kennedy III like a red-headed step child. There are a lot of reasons why, but one that’s not mentioned is Kennedy’s continued attempts to lift his campaign with a lead balloon named Monica Cannon-Grant. On August 17, 2020, weeks after her rant, Kennedy III appeared at City Hall Plaza with Cannon-Grant standing behind him in support. Rayla Campbell was in the crowd and she called them out. Literally yelling. It was a lose-lose for Kennedy and Monica, who just stood there with nothing to say and everyone watched while white policemen removed black Rayla Campbell from the scene.

Michael Graham wrote in The Herald,
“In the Massachusetts of 2020 there’s more risk to a Republican saying, “I don’t support the policies of “Black Lives Matter” in private than there is to a progressive screaming racist and sexist slurs in public. Now that’s privilege.”