Top Black Racists of 2020-The WAZ Awards-Winner #2. Black Lives Matter

Black Racists of 2020 The WAZ Awards

Winner Number 2. Black Lives Matter
*Note to all four people who might stumble across this page and start to read it.
The WAZ committee, at the risk of being called condescending old white men, has voted to endorse a few simple, modest, cheap, reasonable ideas for police/community reforms. We thought it might be a good idea to put them at the top due to the likelihood you’ll leave early. They don’t involve defunding police and giving the money to ‘activists.’ Also, we’ve got a suggestion, just one, for average, everyday black people at the end.

from the WAZ Committee for police reform
1. Any police officer involved in a shooting shall be drug tested for illegal drugs, including steroids, within six hours,.
2. Training of American police/sheriffs/Homeland Security/FBI/ICE and other law enforcement personnel by any foreign regime with demonstrated records of human rights abuses stops right now. Specifics of that training: militarized tactics, weapons, surveillance protocols, will be made public, evaluated in open meeting by representatives of the community and police, and banned if they’re deemed unconstitutional.
3. Discussion about police reform shall, at the same time, include discussion about reforming how communities treat their police. It’s easy to point fingers if you’re not the one who has to go pick up dead kids in violent neighborhoods where people attack you, physically and verbally, all the time.
4. We start a vigorous public discussion what a disaster the drug war has been to America’s relationship with police.
5. More police training for deescalating people in mental health crisis.
6. More police training in hand-to-hand fighting, and accuracy with firearms, with the intention of reducing reliance on overkill response. (see suggestion 2.)
7. Police have to collect race of perpetrators and victims of all violent crimes. Provide that information to the Department of Justice within one month of the crime, and DOJ and make it public within six months of the close of the calendar year in all cases.
8. When the conversation’s about policing, stay on message.

That’s it.

Our WAZ researcher for Black Lives Matter was your friend and ours, Anthony Columbo. Tony’s one of those seen-it-all New York Eyetalians. Occupation: Tony’s Taku Tuscany Restaurant, which he opened and runs because “I couldn’t get a decent lasagna in this town.” Also, because young people from his family from back east come up and spend the summer with him and his wife working at the restaurant (or working for his friends who he keeps in pasta and fine wine).
“Your family, your friends, that’s all that matters.” Tony says. “When you’re laying in bed looking down at your toes at the end of your life, that’s what’s gonna count.” Qualifications: Tony knows somebody everywhere. Bali to Boston’s North End, Chicago to Sumatra, Cape Town to Katmandu… If you’re going on a trip, you go to Tony’s first. He comes over to the table, greets you like you’re his long-lost cousin, hears you want to go to Cuba. “Cuba! I love Cuba. I got a friend in Kingston, Jamaica who’ll get you a duplicate passport so they don’t stamp Cuba on your passport you’ll bring back to the states. You should go to Santiago. I got a friend plays blues guitar in a band there. I’ll tell him you’re coming. His wife just had a baby, great people.” So, Tony’s got a world view.

Tony Columbo on Black Lives Matter

Chairman Roy looked around the room with a grin and called the week 3 meeting to order. “Welcome, you melanin jeopardizing white penis, educated gang symbols, with good credit scores. Welcome one and all to tonight’s topic, Black Lives Matter. Thanks for putting this together Tony. I know it was a lot. And thanks for bringing wine.”
A call went up, “To Tony!” “Tony Spumoni!” “Leave Tony Aloni”
Tony raised his glass, “Cin Cin Alla Vostra.” and began,

“Black Lives Matter.” he said. “You’re going to tell me that name’s not racist? All you got to do is flip the modifier. White Lives Matter, you think anybody would notice? ”
Uncle Tim said, “The police kill more black people than whites Tony.”
“No my friend, they don’t. The police kill about twice as many more white people a year as blacks.”
Roy said, “I think Tim means per capita, Tony.”
“Then Tim should say per capita, Roy. And if anybody wants to say white people should shut up and let the minority with the higher killing rate per capita talk. Then Black Lives Matter should shut up and let Native Americans talk because they get killed by police at a higher rate than anybody.”
There was a general nodding of heads, since we all know that case where they shot the young Juneau Native guy up north 23 times. Hit him 23 times, that is. They shot more than 40 rounds, some hit houses 200 yards away. And a black state trooper was lead officer.

Tony went on, “I just came back from the city. They’re the Eloi back there. Waiting to be eaten. Even my own people, the Italians, what’s left of them. There’s still enough muscle to keep the riff raff out of the neighborhood but every time I go back it’s a little more gone. It’s mostly older people now. Even for them, they can walk down the block and take a right, it’s okay. They take a left, it’s dangerous.
“Just this week, a woman from my old neighborhood I went to high school with was driving her mother to her doctor’s appointment. A Black Lives Matter mob yelling against immigration policy came marching the wrong way down a one-way street and attacked her car. She panics, steps on the gas, Black Lives Matter goes flying all over the sidewalk, and she’s the bad guy. What the hell?”
“Immigration Tony? I thought Black Lives Matter was about police violence against black people.”
“Not anymore. Police violence is a fat kid on the playground buried under a pig pile of looting, vandalism, greed, morons, agents and a hundred different agendas.”
“Agents.” Tony said, “Whose agents? You tell me. I look at the footage and I see the exact same shit-stirrers doing the exact same things at Black Lives Matter rallies as they do in white supremacy rallies. Antifa, Proud Boys, QAnon…I think they’re the same guys! The same! Just a couple of them. They incite the crowd then you see them walking out of the frame. Same guys. From early this summer there’s a couple clips of Black Lives Matter chasing those guys down and turning them over to police. “He’s not one of us.” Now I don’t see that. I see Antifa. What the hell is Antifa? Anybody know? Why would Black Lives Matter let them come within a mile of a Black Lives Matter rally? How about because they’re owned.
And the media coverage! The media could make us in this room look like an army. Or they can make a thousand looters look like a girl scout troop selling cookies. They show footage of whole blocks smashed and looted and say ‘the mostly peaceful protests.’ And it’s the same shots, same perspective, everywhere you go. This week I get a paper at La Guardia to read on the plane home, get another paper in Chicago when I change planes, it’s got exactly the same story with the same pictures. I get to SeaTac, get off the plane and there’s the same pictures looking at me again. Get to Juneau, the same. You telling me that’s a coincidence?”

“When are ya coming back?” they ask me. “When are ya coming back?” Back to what? I ask them. When I was a kid we had room to run around. We were in and out of each other’s houses all the time. People didn’t lock their doors. They didn’t have to. Back in the day we got into fights but with our fists, maybe a knife or chain, or car radio antenna. Remember those? Now there’s these gangs moved in shooting up neighborhoods with automatic pistols. Beating up old ladies. People afraid to go out at night. Afraid to go out in the daytime.

Chairman Roy said, “That’s random attacks, Tony. Sonny’s going to talk about them in a couple weeks.”

“Hey, how about I just talk for me, okay? How about attacks by hundreds of shitheads smashing cars and windows, burning buildings. I watched them attack white people all over this country. A white guy they dragged out of his truck and beat almost to death in Portland, a white kid going to work at the grocery store at seven in the morning, almost beaten to death in Seattle. Rand Paul, a Senator, thought they were going to kill him and his wife in Washington D.C. In Minneapolis they attacked a white woman in a wheelchair. A wheelchair! Smacked her around and a piece of shit shot a whole fire extinguisher off in her face. A Black Lives Matter hero punched an 80-year-old woman at a Trump rally, another black hero screamed at group of old Trump supporters and shot out the car window at them. How about the old man when they broke his jaw because he was trying to keep them from looting his store. It’s all over the country. And the news never mentions race of the people they attack. Black Lives Matter. What the hell?”
Tim said, “Well, when have black people ever made any gains without violence?”
“Gains!” Tony said, “That’s gains like my brother-in-law. He’s a gambler. Lives at the track. Always bragging about how much he makes. ‘Tony! he says, I made half a million last year.’ Dumbass! I tell him. You lost 600 thousand, and your house. And your wife, my sister, cries every night.’ That’s his gains, Tim. That’s his gains. Some guy from Black Lives Matter says, “We’re going to burn it down and rebuild it ourselves. And all these bobble heads in the media just nod. “Oh, yeah, you’re going to burn it down and rebuild it.” They never ask the guy, How? With what? You got no money. You ever built anything? They never ask him that. And they never ask, ‘Are there more black jobs per capita, or less, now than there were 60 years ago? Is there more gun violence or less in black neighborhoods now than 60 years ago? Gains, he says. You remember the Watts riots? Or the Rodney King riots in South Los Angeles?. No, you’re too young. Look ‘em up on the internet. They burned down the black business districts including the grocery stores. Fifty years later—the grocery stores never came back. Those places are food deserts now. Is that a gain?

Look at the black neighborhoods they bulldozed in Chicago for highways and strip malls. Look at Cabrini-Green, the Robert Taylor Homes, all gone now. No gain.
Look at New York. It’s a sarcophagus with surveillance cameras. Kids getting shot every day. That’s not what I call gains my friend. Not what I call gains.
Those rioters who took over Capital Hill where the hospital district is in Seattle? Defund the police! Four blacks shot there by their fellow rioters. Two of them died. What did the mob do? Called 911. Help! Help! Help, police! And now! Now one of the dead guys’ fathers is suing the city for millions like it was their fault his son was there and got killed. Who’s gaining?
“Seattle! They marched through white neighborhoods chanting ‘Give us your houses! Open your wallets give us your money!’ Really? Like Tony Columbo, if I lived down there, would say, ‘Oh here black people, let me get you the key to my house that I busted my ass twenty-five years to pay off. And here’s my wallet, and take my bank account, while you’re at it.
“Looters attacked people all over Chicago, Atlanta, New York. Middle of the pandemic they’re all running around nuts to butts with no mask on. Black Lives Matter. Jesus. Restaurants in my old neighborhood put tens of thousands into setting up outside tables, doing take-out. They’re hanging on by a thread. Black Looters Matter shut them down. Who wants to sit outside with some asshole coming up and sitting down at your table yelling ‘Put your fist up for Black Lives Matter?’”

Tony took a sip of wine, looked around, looked at Tim.

He went on in quieter mode, [Tony does that Italian thing. His voice goes up and down like an accordion. It’s fun to watch.] “Who’s cooking in those restaurants? Who’s bringing food to the kitchen? Who’s waiting tables? I started in the business bussing tables. I was broke. I was glad to have a job. Look how many black people Black Lives Matter put out of work this year. Is that a gain? Easy to say when you don’t have hungry kids at home. How many small black businesses are gone now because of Black Lives Matter? You should watch the videos of those looters going into a black woman’s little boutique like a swarm of locusts. One minute flat the place that woman worked years to build is gone. Everything gone but some empty racks. Black Locusts Matter says it don’t matter, those companies got insurance. They don’t! Big corporations do. They aren’t going anywhere, but the mom and pops, the shop a young couple built, they got no insurance, or not enough, or can’t wait six months for a settlement, or can’t get new inventory because of Covid anyway. These rioters this year cost insurance companies more than any other riots in this country’s history. You think insurance companies will eat that? Hell no. They pass it on to guys like me, and you, and you, and you, and to those black business owners, and cities, and everybody who owns a house, or a business down south. And when those business owners down in America start over, if they do, you think they’re going back to the same place they got looted out of? Hell no. In Fifty years, those places will be urban deserts like Watts.”

Black Lives Matter is full of stupid people
“Next thing,” Tony said, “Black Lives Matter is full of stupid people.”
“Oh come on, Tony.” Tim said. “You can’t call black people stupid.”
Tony pointed to his leg, “You remember when I fell on the dock in Pelican last summer?”
“I should,” Tim said. “Sonny and I had to carry your ass all the way down the boardwalk to the float dock in the rain so the plane could take you to town.”
“The break was bad enough they sent me to Seattle. My orthopedist was Ben Fellows. You’ve met him. He comes up every year to go fishing. Stays at my cabin in Pelican. Uses my boat. What color is he? Lot darker than you, Tim. Do I give a shit? This leg is better than new. I can work the kitchen. I can ski. I can skate. I can dance. I can kick ass. Thanks to that guy. Are you telling me I’m calling that guy stupid?”
“Well, no.”
“Well, good.” Tony said. “I said Black Lives Matter people are stupid. Why don’t you ask me what I mean instead of trying to put words in my mouth?”
“What do you mean, Tony?”
“What I mean is Black Lives Matter is stupid. Not just the black ones. What was that you said about stupid, Sonny?”
Sonny’s a six foot-five Texan just a cheeseburger shy of 260 pounds. He said, “Stupid with two o’s.”
“Yeah! Stupid with two o’s. Which includes the white girl with the blue hair and the nose ring. The black guy who stands there while they pull a confederate statue over on top of him. The vandals who smashed so many train windows in New York the city had to cut back on train service because they ran out of replacement windows. Who rides the trains? Black people! And that guy who said, “We’re gonna burn down the system.” Stupid.”
“You think New York City’s gonna just roll over and let him burn it all down?
“Probably not.”
“I’ll say it, again. Look at the crowd he’s talking to. If jerking off could rebuild a city, that bunch could rebuild the Roman Empire. Look at ‘em! The whole rally couldn’t build a bird house, and they’re going to rebuild a city?”
“The big thing—big thing—I got against Black Lives Matter is it wants to destroy the American family and replace it with Marxists raising children. It takes a village shit. They want to do that, let ‘em. But nobody tells Tony Columbo how to raise his kids. Nobody!”
Chairman Roy said, “Except Mrs. Colombo.”
Tony shrugged, “That goes without saying.”
Roy, “Did they actually say they want to destroy the family Tony?”
“Oh yeah. On their website. I wrote it down, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another.”
“Well, I’ve never heard of such a thing in America.” Roy said.
“It’s not on their website anymore. End of summer they took it down after support for them tanked because of the looters. But, there’s plenty more where that came from. Here, this guy demands black sovereignty. Now, what’s that mean?”
“Sovereignty.” Gene said, “Noun: Supreme power, especially over a body politic. Freedom from external control.”
“Oh, I see,” Roy said. “Like that black guy who cut off his white landlord’s head and told the police he was a ‘sovereign citizen’ so the law didn’t apply to him. Or maybe he means like Grand Master Jay who demands the U.S. gives his faction a sovereign black state. You know about him, Sonny? He said, “We’ll take Texas.”
Sonny, let go a laugh as big Pecos County. “I seen that guy! Him and his crew couldn’t take over a Dallas titty bar.”

Show me the money
“Far as the WAZ criteria Tony,” Roy said. “does Black Lives Matter have money and power?”
“Money? Millions. Maybe billions. Depends on who’s talking.”
“Billion? with a B? Thousands of millions?”
“Yeah. For Black Lives Matter related causes.”
“What does ‘related causes’ mean exactly?”
“How the hell should I know? I run a restaurant. I’m lucky to figure out payroll and how much ricotta we need next week. Any way you slice it, it’s raining money on black activists. Not the ones who need it. The ones who’ll control the herd. I think it’s like Lyndon Johnson said about black riots back in the ‘60’s. ‘They’re getting uppity. We’re going to have to give them something.’ So, they’re giving them something. A guy in Atlanta raised half a million supposedly for Black Lives Matter. Bought himself a house, bought the lot next to it, bought nice suits, maybe cufflinks. Another guy says he’s raised tens of millions. Lot of questions about where the money went. They got fundraisers for groups that sound like Black Lives Matter that ain’t even them. One raised four and a half million dollars in a few weeks.”
“Whoa! A guy could retire on less than that.”
Cosmo shook his head. “That’s how they destroy you, man. They aim the money artillery at you and blow your good time away. Next thing you know, everybody in the movement’s rolling on the ground punching each other in the eye for tens and twenties.”
Tony nodded, “Yeah, that’s already happening. Black Lives Matter’s got all this infighting going on. Local chapters splintering off, dragging each other through the mud in the press. People asking where the money’s going. People mad because they don’t get theirs.”
“What about power, Tony?”
“Power? How about they get you fired if you don’t kiss their ass? Black Lives Matter is another good reason to be your own boss.  Nobody’s gonna fire Tony from Tony’s.”
“Who’s been fired?’
“Working people! You got to have a job to get fired from. Who’s been fired? Police, high school teachers, University professors, theologians, firefighter/EMT’s, a guy who spent twenty years building an organization that’s kept thousands of young people out of gangs, computer geeks, nurses—nurses in the middle of pandemic! At least three I know of. You’re mother’s on a ventilator? Call Black Lives Matter when she needs the bed pan.”
“What they’re really after,” Tony said, “is power. Now they’re talking political action committees. They got corporate partners.”
“Ewww! Yuck!”
“That’s the end.”
“Not to mention,” Tony pointed out, “They smashed billions of dollars worth of property this summer. Beat people up, took over buildings… and most of ‘em got away with it. Who has the power like that, Roy? Anybody here? They’re always the victims in the media. That’s power. The whole country’s mesmerized. That’s power.”
“But is it really racist?”
“Well,” Tony said, “The founder of Toronto Black Lives Matter said white people are melanin deficient genetic mutations who could be easily wiped out. Does that count?”
That cracked everybody up.
“Mutations! I knew it! We’re a buncha mutes.”
“Mutate on this, baby!”
“To be fair.” Roy said, “We do have Sonny and Cosmo.”
“And Ira!”
“And Tim!”
“And Roy!”
“And Tony! My God! He’s The MuTony.”
Tony said, “She tweeted Allah for help to ‘not kill these men and white folks out here today.’
“Tweeted Allah!”
“Ahhh, stop it! You’re killin’ us here.”
“She’s Canadian.”
“Ahhh.” Ira said. “They’re supposed to be nice, eh?”
“Eh?” all around the room.“Eh?”“Eh?””Eh?”

Black violence
Chairman Roy called for order. “Okay mutants, back to business. Hit it Tony.”
Tony ramped up his Italian body language, “Wasn’t just white people who got hurt by Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots this year. Black people got beat-up, shot, murdered, traumatized, by rioters, too. One that sticks in my mind is that retired black police captain that black looters murdered while he’s pulling all-night shifts as a security guard. The guy was 77-years-old. 77! My old man was 77 when he died and this guy was still out working.
“But whites and blacks together who got hurt in those riots are a drop in the bucket compared to all the blacks who got killed by other black people in gang shootings and drug crimes this year while the police were out dodging bricks and bottles from rioters, and couldn’t respond to emergencies in black neighborhoods. Oh hey, that reminds me.”
Tony reached into his kit bag and pulled out a newspaper. “Here ya go. I got this when I changed planes at O’Hare. Look at the headline.” Which we did. There was a collective gasp in the room.

3-year-old boy killed on West Side among more than 100 people shot this weekend

“Holy Shit. A hundred people.”
“Three-years-old. Poor little buddy.”
“Oh yeah. Notice anything about this?” Tony passed the paper around the room.
We looked at it. “They killed a thirteen-year-old girl that weekend, too.”
“Killed eleven all together.”
“What else?”
“Well, they’re black kids.”
“How do you know?”
“There’s a picture of them.”
“Right. A picture of them. Because they’re kids. Human interest. Here’s the thing; your racist media doesn’t say most, or maybe all, of the over 100 people shot are black. They don’t say most, or maybe all, of the people who pulled the triggers were black. You know what? When somebody white gets murdered, they don’t mention race either but you go looking around the internet and somewhere you can find a picture of that person. Somewhere you can find a picture of the murderer. On the other hand, when someone black gets murdered, they’re just one out of a hundred people who got shot. Happens all the time. Keep moving, nothing to see here. Look at this one, ‘Seven people shot at funeral’—they don’t say, “S even black people shot at funeral by other black people’.”
“How do you know it was other black people if they don’t mention race, Tony?”
“Call it a hunch, Tim. You read the stories. If they quote someone named Tyrone Washington, I figure they’re not Italians, capiche? Besides, if it was black people shot by white people, it would be on every news channel 24/7. That 13-year-old black girl was sitting in her own house, for Christ’ssake. It’s mayhem down there, my friends. Mayhem. The Eloi. It’s gangs and drug deals that are only deals because of the drug war. If police had killed those kids Black Lives Matter would be on the rampage. But what does Black Lives Matter and Antifa and their supporters say about blacks killing blacks? That white guys like me are racist for bringing it up.”

Uncle Tim said, “Most white murders are by other whites, 83% I think it is. Most black murders are by other blacks, 92%. So most murders are by people from the same race. So what?

“Thank-you for proving my point,” Tony said. “Blacks make up 13.4% of the population and commit 52% of the murders. See? Black people are six times more likely to get murdered per capita than white people. Offender rates for black murderers are almost eight times higher than white murderers.”

Tony gave him the finger purse, “You get that? Young black men are doing to the black community what Black Lives Matter accuses the police of doing, only a hundred times more. Those same young black men are going to have more confrontations with police who want to arrest them for killing black people. That’s why we pay police. Anybody brings that up, Black Lives Matter calls them racist. Black pundits call them racist, too—but they say it from where it’s safe.”
“What does that mean, safe?”
“They’ll say it in an article, or on a podcast, or a panel. They ain’t got the balls to say it to a black mother whose three year old just got shot in the head in a drive-by shooting. Ain’t got the balls to say it to a black family whose teenage kid’s funeral got shot up by gang members. Ain’t got the balls to say it to black civil rights lawyers. Ain’t got the balls to say it to the older men in Evanston neighborhood. Did you see that? When those big men stopped Black Lives Matter on a street corner and threw them out. I watched the videos. You know what I saw? Black Lives Matter, half of them skinny white college kids with their eyes on the ground, as the older men yelled at them with bull horns, “Get the fuck out! You aren’t from the neighborhood. You never come around when we’re picking up our kids shot by gangs. You come around and make the police mad at us, then you leave us with angry police.” You think anyone from Black Lives Matter tried shoving those men around? Ha! Hell, no.”

The Last Straw
Roy gave his trick shoulder a tug causing a pop you could hear in the back of the room, “Ah, that’s better. Well now, we got a few more minutes, Tony. Tell us how you really feel.”
“For me,” Tony said, “the last straw for Black Lives Matter was Monday, August 10, 2020. That’s the night they attacked the Ronald McDonald house in Chicago. Thirty families with sick children, sick, scared little bambinos inside with bald heads from chemo and radiation trying to make it to their next birthday.
What does that goddam mob do? They smashed the doors and windows with hammers trying to get inside. Dirty, rotten, sons of bitches. My people in Chicago got a saying for pricks like that. “Put ‘em in the trunk!” And before you say I can’t blame the movement, Tim, I thought maybe Black Lives Matter would denounce the bastards that looted that night. But no. A Black Lives Matter organizer came out in support of the looters.”
“You’re shitting us.”
“I shit you not. Here, I wrote some of it down:

“The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway, because criminality is punishing people for things that they have needed to do to survive or just the way that society has affected them with white supremacist BS.”

“I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci’s or a Macy’s or a Nike because that makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes. That’s a reparation. Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.”

When Jesse Jackson disavowed the looters the Black Lives Matter organizer said, “Jesse Jackson has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter.” “Jesse Jackson can keep his opinions to himself.”

“Whoa!” Roy said, “Take that, Jesse Jackson. Maybe it’s like Monica Cannon-Grant said, “We need you to sit in the back.” ”

“There you have it.” Tony said, “In the dictionary of Black Lives Matter, looting’s not stealing, it’s ‘reparation.’ Criminality’s not from criminals. It’s from white supremacy. Nothing racist about that? Aside from insurance damages, their riots took hundreds of millions in taxes out of city economies. People who can get out are leaving. They want to cut police funding? They’re going to get it. Cities are going to have to cut police funding, because they’re broke. And where’s the most violent, drug ridden, gang infested part of the city? The black neighborhoods. You think the Black Lives Matter leadership’s going to stick around for that? I don’t. I’m saying, Black Lives Matter should get the WAZ.”

“Well allrighta. We’ve got a motion.” Roy said. “Can I get a witness? All in favor say Aye.”
“Thank-you, Tim. Motion carried with one abstention.”

And so, from us here, congratulations Black Lives Matter. Congratulations for all the damage, lost jobs, fired people, people who got sick and died from Covid infections passed around at your marches, for those kids at Ronald McDonald house, and especially for all those black people shot up by other black people that you don’t want to talk about, we at the WAZ salute you.

As Promised, our WAZ Committee’s single recommendation to average black people.
Worldwide famine is coming. If you guys believe black lives matter, start with your own. Start prepping. It’s the same advice we give to anyone who’ll listen. The only difference between black preppers and us is, black preppers generally believe that what’s coming will hit the black community hardest. They’re probably right, at least per capita. Unless you think Black Lives Matter, or the government, or anybody is going to feed you and yours for months, you’re on your own.
The media, by the way, treats black preppers as an anomaly, like science just discovered a new species of mastodon in Baltimore. “Oh, look! Black preppers! How bizarre. How funny.” In reality, black preppers are among millions of families learning how to put up at least a six month food supply. Food’s never going to be as cheap as it is right now. Join them while you can. Good luck.