Top Black Racists of 2020-The WAZ Awards- Winner #10 The San Diego Unified School District: Woke Poster Child

San Diego: motto America’s Finest City

San Diego Unified School District is the second largest school district in California .

Jake Paresky was our WAZ researcher for number ten. Occupation: High school biology teacher. Qualifications: Began his career in Southern California in a school where half the kids started his classes years behind grade level in math, some were functionally illiterate, and a lot of them could hardly speak English. As a first-year teacher, he got the students whose parents weren’t dialed in to the system. His kids came with files full of comments like, “Behavior is Walter’s strongest asset.” Jake hung on three years until he had something to put on his resume, then was out of there. Still has PTSD from that time.

Chairman Roy waved his arms to quiet the multitude. “Friends and neighbors, your attention, please. It’s an auspicious night for us here at Woodshed Nation because tonight! is the last night of the Woodshed Autonomous Zone’s Black Racist Awards for 2020!”
This drew extended cheers, foot stomping, and cries of ‘Thank God!’ from the assembly.
“That’s right melanin jeopardizing, white-skinned no matter, white penis, incorrect Jesus worshipping, prop-adopting, frailty denying, reparations rejecting, mutants, it’s the last detail, and finishing up our eccentric exedra here in the bunker, we have tonight a renaissance man, a teacher, nay, more than that, an American Aristotle! Here, lend an ear, that we will hear a message of hope, a message of destiny, by a man with his finger on the pulse of our country’s future, give it up one and all, for Jake Paresky!”
Again with cheers, foot stomping, whistles. A chant began,
“Jake!” “Jake!” “Jake the Snake!”
Jake looked around the room. Flicked the bell with his finger.


The room went quiet, everyone leaned forward to hear.
“We’re in trouble.” Jake said.
He flicked the bell again to signal he was done.


and sat back.

Were you’ve ever in a room full of adults where no one said anything for more than a minute? Then you know how weird it feels. We all looked at Jake, looked at each other, looked at Roy who was looking at Jake with a smile.

The Soft Racism of Low Expectations

“Well that was pure eloquence, Jake. Did you forget do your homework? Did the dog eat it?”
Jake shook his head. “Nah. I just didn’t do it. Pretend I’m a minority kid in San Diego. The schools say I don’t have to.”
Ira said, “What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about the school board of San Diego Unified School District, voting unanimously to change grading protocols for minority kids, Ira. Meditate on it. In California where almost half the kids are below grade level in reading. Fourth graders, it’s 32%.”
“How about San Diego?”
“Less than half of students there reach proficiency in reading and math. Less than half. Their academic scores are in the toilet. What’s the solution from Dystopia? Lower standards for “Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander high school students…” That means if a student doesn’t turn assignments in on time, they’re not docked for it. They bomb a test or quiz, they can take it again. If they’re caught cheating, they don’t get penalized.”
“Well, how would a high school teacher with over a hundred kids a day be able to keep up with that?”
“Bingo. Or the kids either. Imagine yourselves as kids in a school like that. Would you study for the quiz or do your homework?”

Sonny said, “I’d study ‘cause I know I’d get a whuppin’ if I came home with that ‘F’.”

“But you don’t get an ‘F.’” Jake said. “Those things are considered non-academic. If you’re a minority kid.”
Sonny said, “Well, damn.”
Jake pulled out a paper, “Actually, I did do a little homework. Let me share a piece with you from a guy named Tom Lindsey writing in The Federalist, he writes that what San Diego Unified School District has done is what G.W. Bush, in a speech to the NAACP called, ‘the soft racism of low expectations.’
Lindsey wrote, “Expecting less of someone based on his or her race used to be called racism or bigotry; and condescension towards blacks hardly qualifies as “anti-racism,” but rather, its antithesis…
“Wokeness is but a sleep walk through the moral minefield of low expectations.”
“Worse, once subjected to these lower standards, how can children, any children, of any race—not help but internalize this negative view of their aptitude and carry this psychological dagger in their souls into adulthood.”

Tony rubbed his thumb and two fingers together, “These guys, how much money have they got?”
“Glad you asked, last June the San Diego Unified School Board passed a budget of $1.5 billion.”
“Billion? With a B?”
“Yes, one thousand-five hundred-million dollars.”
“Well, why don’t they hire better teachers with all that money?”
“Oh for God’s sake, it’s not the teachers. Look, lets say we hire Sonny to dig up this bunker. We give him a tablespoon. Here you go. Sonny takes the job. Gives it all he has. Meanwhile everybody’s throwing shovel full’s of dirt on him as he’s digging in the hole. People bitch and complain because the job’s not getting done when really, they know it can’t be done like that. We know it can’t be done like that. Sonny knows it can’t be done like that. So the San Diego School Unified School District takes away his table spoon, gives him a tea spoon, and says dig faster. There you have it.”

Woke Schools

Chairman Roy said, “Okay, guess I’ll ask the obvious question, then. If that many kids can’t read or do math, and they got all that money, what are they doing with the money?”

“Woke schools, Roy.”

Woke schools? We drew a blank on that one. Jake looked around at us. “Are you guys telling me you’ve never heard of woke schools?”
Tim said, “I have. Woke schools are educational environments where teachers have been trained by professions as anti-racists, and they bring that knowledge into their classrooms.”

Jake nodded, “Yes, as Tim says, anti-white racists are taking over schools all over the country.”
Tim, “I didn’t say that.”
“But that’s what it is. It’s a fish swimming in a cloudy stream, like Mao’s revolutionaries, uncounted, therefore unquantifiable as a threat. Most parents don’t know it’s there. If you don’t believe this is real, ask teachers in the San Diego Unified School District who are required to attend “white privilege” training where white teachers are told, “You are racist,” “You are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies” They’re supposed to admit to it and take their “anti-racist” training into their classrooms to inculcate the children with it.”
All eyes were on Tim. Tony asked him, “You knew about this?”
“Well, not this specifically. There has to be some context to go with it.”
“Oh, there’s context, Tim,” Jake said. “Mandatory indoctrination with a 35 slide power point presentation on black victimhood and the evils of white people. Someone, probably a teacher, slipped a copy to a journalist, who put them up on the internet for all to see. They’re also using parts of that book by Ira’s friend, Ibram Kendi, How to be an Antiracist.”
Tony whistled, “Whoa! I wouldn’t put my kids in a classroom with a teacher who has such low self-esteem they’d sit through that.”
“You wouldn’t know.” Jake said. “No one would if somebody hadn’t smuggled those slides out. Anyway, teachers are just like you. They’ve got bills. Families at home. Student loans to pay back. They’re just putting their heads down trying to get by until they can find something better. Just like I did. Sure, they could lose their jobs on principle. Who’d notice? Where are the parents? Until parents get out there saying they send their kids to school to learn reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, science; instead of politically correct, get-you-ready for prison, social engineering, this is what you’re going to have.”

Parents look to their options

“It’s not just San Diego. It’s all over the country. Maine to Seattle, Minnesota to Key West. ”
“Not me.” Ira said. “We home school.
“Great! A lot of parents are homeschooling now, or using private schools. The ones who can afford it. San Diego Unified has lost around 2,500 students and counting. LaJolla Elementary alone is down 20%. Schools need a certain base to run effectively. Every kid pulled out of the system takes thousands of dollars away.” For San Diego Unified, which has lost 3% overall, it’s tens of millions.”

Ira shrugged, “Somebody just presented a fine case that the schools don’t run effectively. As I see it, families pay sales tax, business tax, property tax, and endless school bonds (which are effectively taxes), whether they use the schools or not. If they choose not to pay a kid tax by sending theirs to a ‘woke’ school, it’s their right.”

Jake was a little red. “You don’t just lose the money. The affluent kids tend to do better academically. They bring schools up. If you take them out what’s left?” He looked around unhappily, “I guess I already answered that, didn’t I? What’s left is woke schools. What’s left is New York City School District, the largest in America, where the Chancellor, for $363,000 a year, was shoving wokeness down everybody’s throat, trying to crush merit based schools when he sent his own kids to merit based schools.”
“What’s left is San Diego Unified School District.”
“What’s left is a teacher in Philadelphia talking on social media about how to keep parents from hearing what they’re teaching the kids online.What’s left is a teacher talking about how parents might damage his “messy work of destabilizing a kids racism or homophobia or transphobia…”
“Jesus. A teacher said that?”
“I’ve got one more year until I retire. It’s not so bad here. But it’ll come here if parent’s let it. And it’s in addition to everything else. Twenty years ago teachers were saying, ‘It’s not like it was when we were in school.’ The disrespect, the disconnected parents, kids who can’t focus, kids gorked on medications, kids looking at cell phones in class. You guys have all gotten better at what you do over the years. Me, I’m just hanging on. Just about all the teachers I know are.”
“If you’re looking for a second career,” Ira said, “We’re building two barns in Haines next summer. Hard work, low pay, lot of bugs, guaranteed.”
Sven pointed at him, “Maybe instead of them woke schools, you could start a sleepin’ school. I’d give a thousand dollars if you can stop Ole’s goddam snoring.”
“You can work at Tony’s,” Tony said. “My sister just threw out her deadbeat husband. She’s coming up here. Nice Italian girl. You’d like her.”
“Thanks, guys. That sounds really good but I plan to sit on a beach in Kauai for a few months then spend my dotage smoking a pipe and reading old science books in front of the woodstove.”

Steinbeck Where the rich go

“One more thing.” Jake said.
“Whip it on us, Jake.”
“A couple weeks ago, we freaked out because we agreed with Ted Cruz about something. Now we’re agreeing with George W. Bush. The soft racism of low expectations.” That’s brutal but it’s correct. You can say these schools are racist against white people, and they are, but white parents are leaving. So are Asians, Hispanics, and blacks, too. It’s not just San Diego Unified. Parents all over the country are pulling their kids out of woke schools. Just this week I read a six-page open letter from parents at a prep school in New York where most of the kids are white, Asian, or mixed. The parents say, “…love of learning and teaching is now being abandoned in favor of an ‘anti-racist- curriculum…Every class this year has had an obsessive focus on race and identity, ‘racist cop’ reenactments in science, ‘de-centering whiteness’ in art class, learning about white supremacy and sexuality in health class. Wildly inappropriate…” That school charges parents over $54 thousand a year, per kid. Far more than the average American worker brings home. You can say, to hell with the rich but remember your Steinbeck ‘Where the rich go, the poor will follow, or try to.’

“What I’m telling you is, education isn’t doomed in this country. Good educations aren’t going to end.  The shift is already on. Parents are moving their kids to better public schools. When those fail they’ll move to private schools, or religious schools, or home school. They’ll figure it out. That’s what smart people do.  Woke school graduates on the other hand, are going to be the green meat section of job applicants. Low-end jobs, unemployment, prison, and an early grave.

“Well, I’ll be darned,” Roy said. “It’s been an education, Jake. One I wish I didn’t have but it’s probably time we wake up about woke. And with that, men of the northern forest, drumroll please, (furious banging on tables and chairs) you’ve heard the evidence for yourselves. If education in America was a country it would have one of the highest GDP’s in the world and woke schools are carving out an increasing share of that pie. Political power, they’ve got it out the wazoo. Far as power goes, nothing we’ve looked at comes close to social engineering millions of children. Are we ready for a vote?”
“Vote!” “Vote!” “Vote!”
“All in favor say Aye!”
“All opposed say Nay!”
“Once again, the Aye’s have it with one vote against. You’re a good man, Tim. The best. Don’t ever change. And thanks to the San Diego Unified School District, from all of us in the woodshed. A WAZ to you with a gold star from Ira for being an excellent motivator for families looking into home schooling.”
Which brings us to a close of the Woodshed Autonomous Zone’s Top Black Racists of 2020. Thanks for sticking with us, everybody. To all you runners’ up and honorable mentions out there, don’t fret. The competition was keen this year and we’re sure we’ll be seeing you in the news for many years to come.