WAZ Awards Top Black Racists of 2020 Citations

WAZ Citations
Winner #1. Monica Cannon Grant
07.18.2020 Monica Cannon-Grant’s rant against Rayla Campbell was posted and re-posted on the net by various sources. A twitter thread reposted by Elijah Schaffer has 564.4 thousand views as of December 19, 2020.
07.18.2020 Monica Cannon-Grant, Racist BLM leader from Boston. Ayanna Pressley Campaign Organizer goes off!!! YouTube posted by JS.
07.22.2020 Black Republican whose interracial marriage was slammed by Ayanna Pressley supporter says she seeks apology, gets none. Boston Herald.com by Sean Philip Cotter.
07.23.2020 Progressives get a pass when vile speech targets republicans. The Boston Herald. by Michael Graham.
07.29.2020 Rollins, Edwards denounce video, but no comment from Pressley Charlestown Patriot-Bridge. by Seth Daniels.
08.16.2020 Rep. Pressley calls for ‘unrest in the streets’ over Trump backing GOP members. NY Post. by Brie Stimson.
08.18.2020 Joe Kennedy III appears with activist who launched racist diatribe against GOP candidate. The Sun by Erin Tierney.
09.02.2020 Why Joe Kennedy’s senate campaign flopped Politico by Stephanie Murray.
09.03.2020 ‘This is what happens after the march’: Monica Cannon-Grant is opening a social impact center in Hyde Park. Boston.com by Dialynn Dwyer.
12.10.2020 2020 Bostonians of the Year: The Front Line Globe Magazine by Jenee’ Osterheldt.
‘Turtleboy’s social media website by Aidan Kearney: has abundant videos as part of an
ongoing mud-slinging match between Turtleboy and Monica with lots of racist invective and race baiting from both directions. Plus Turtleboy features sketchy girls in their underwear, rants against perverts, political correctness, social justice warriors, and pushes every button including ones that aren’t hooked up to anything. Pick your team. Somewhere between campy and crazy.

Winner #2. Black Lives Matter
05.28.2020 Woman in wheelchair is sprayed with fire extinguisher by looters who accuse her of ‘getting out of her wheelchair and STABBING them while trying to stop ransacking Target in George Floyd riots in Minneapolis, Daily Mail. by Tim Stichings. Footage of older woman (white, heavy) getting beat up, hit in the head by black looters. Then some asshole empties a large fire extinguisher in her face from at least 10 feet away as she sits in her wheelchair the whole time. Some woman in the crowd starts yelling, “She stabbing people!” (she didn’t stab anyone). Black looters seen throwing stuff at the woman in the wheelchair. Some others heard shouting ‘Leave her alone.’ What’s good about this article is there are two videos that show her being attacked. She’s sitting in her wheelchair in both of them. One shows clearly that she’s holding her glasses in her hand. She sitting passively in her chair. She says the looters robbed her and stole her keys. Black Lives Matter apologists claim the woman in the wheelchair attacked the looters. They are the victims.
06.08.2020. St. Louis police release surveillance video from David Dorn murder. KSDK News. Seven young, rioters (all black) looting pawnshop. They left 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn (black) murdered outside the store. Dorn was working there as a security guard. Many comments on there being little to no coverage on national media. e.g. ‘Where’s Al Sharpton?’ ‘Black lives only matter when white cops take them.’
06.08.2020 Woman defends looting, selling stolen goods on Facebook CBS Chicago. Tara Molina.
07.06.2020 ‘You killed a child’: Armed protesters in Georgia fire into car, striking 8-year-old girl WJCL ABC. Little Secoria Turner died in her mother’s arms after armed agitators shot up their car. The unfortunate mother and child had come off the interstate, tried to turn around in the parking lot of a Wendy’s that the agitators had blockaded. Mayor Keisha Bottoms (who is black) called out the thugs. “You can’t blame this on a police officer. You can’t say this was about criminal justice reform.”
07.30.2020 Why Black Lives Don’t Matter to ‘Black Lives Matter’ Opinion. Newsweek. by Leo Terrell. Author, Commentator, Civil Rights Attorney.
08.11.2020 Black Lives Matter calls Chicago looting ‘reparation. NY Post by Jorge Fitz-Gibbon.
08.13.2020 Chicago looters smash Ronald McDonald House with terrified kids inside. NY Post. by Les Brown. More than 30 families, including some the children being treated as Lurie Children’s Hospital, when scumbags smashed windows with hammers and terrified the children.
08.17.2020 Portland protesters assault driver of crashed truck downtown ABC News. by Sara Cline Associated Press/Report for America. [ABC’s byline: Protesters punched and kicked a man to the ground in Portland, Oregon, after the man crashed his truck onto the sidewalk Sunday night near otherwise peaceful protests.] Wow, breath taking media manipulation of a racial hate crime. No mention of race at all. No mention of (black) mob causing the (white) man to crash. A mob of ‘otherwise peaceful’ protesters was beating and robbing a trans-woman. A white man in a truck stopped to help the victim. The mob went after the man. He got back in his truck trying to get away. The mob chased him and, faced with crashing or running some of them down, he crashed the truck. The mob dragged him out of the cab and beat him unconscious. There’s a video of a black man kicking him in the head as he’s on the ground.
On the same day as this article the NY Post did one of the only honest headlines on this story.
08.17.2020 BLM mob beats white man unconscious after making him crash truck NY Post. by Lee Brown.
08.18.2020 Portland: Man left with serious injuries after being kicked in head by protesters The Independent. by Andrew Naughtie. [Fabulously manipulative media byline portrays the mob as victims and if you are repulsed by the attack, you’re aligned with white supremacists. Here ‘tis: Footage from the incident in small hours has been seized up by right-wing activists to condemn Black Lives Matter Protesters.] Again, no mention of race. Article promotes a thought worm that the white driver is a white supremacist who deliberately drove into the crowd. About the only new thing in the article is that it says as the white man lay bleeding and unconscious, the mob ransacked his truck looking for stuff to steal.
08.11.2020 Black Lives Matter calls Chicago looting ‘reparation. NY Post by Jorge Fitz-Gibbon. Black Lives Matter lead organizer, Ariel Atkins, “I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci’s or a Macy’s or a Nike, because that makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes. That’s a reparation. Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance.”
08.13.2020 ‘Get the f**k out! Watch Chicago residents confront BLM protesters in tense standoff. RT Angry older black men shout down BLM demonstrators who showed up in Englewood neighborhood. The men, using bull horns, told the demonstrators, lots of whom were young white people, that the neighbors watched their kids getting their brains blown out every day and the demonstrators—who don’t live in the neighborhood—never show up for that. “Where are you when a baby’s shot?
 They only show up when violence involves cops. They antagonize the cops, then leave the neighbors to deal with angry cops in riot gear. BLM crowd did not want any part of tangling with these big older guys. They stand there quiet, seemingly surprised. Staring at the ground.
08.15.2020 Column: the political utility of violence: BLM and what happened at Ronald McDonald House in Chicago. Chicago Tribune. by John Kass.
09.16.2020 Support for Black Lives Matter has decreased since June but remains strong among Black Americans Pew Research Center. by Deja Thomas and Juliana Menasde Horowitz.
09.16.2020 Exclusive: $1 billion-plus riot damage is most expensive in insurance history Axios. by Jennifer Kingson. *notes that wildfires and hurricanes cause more insurance claims
09.24.2020 BLM site removes page on ‘nuclear family’ structure amid NFL vet’s criticism. New York Post.
09.26.2020 Shocking moment BLM organizer plows her car into crowd of Trump supporters in California and injures two—before she is arrested and charged with attempted murder. Daily Mail. Tatiana Turner (black) drove a car into a Trump rally where white people were waving flags pro-Trump signs. Not clear from article what, if anything, else she did to antagonize the crowd. Footage shows her car surrounded by people filming her and the mood of the crowd is not pleasant but not ugly until she steps on the gas and hits several people. Crowd goes apeshit and a guy smashes out her back windshield as she drives away. Police arrested her a few blocks away.
Article notes that on Thursday night marchers in a 300 plus BLM demonstrators were going down Sunset Blvd. towards a police station. A pickup truck trying to get around the protesters hit one of them.
Article fails to note that the driver of the truck was white. BLM vandals had attacked him. He managed to go around most of the crowd. The black woman he hit jumped in front of his truck. He stopped immediately. Went around her, got away, turned himself over to police.
Article also fails to mention that the Sunset BLM mob attacked a second white driver who was trying to maneuver around them a few minutes later. That driver escaped without hitting anybody. Multiple vehicles from BLM side chased him, cut him off, stopped and attacked his car. He managed to out maneuver them a second time and got away.
12.16.2020 Black Lives Matter “hero” who was honored by the Red Sox arrested for punching 80-year-old woman Law Enforcement Today by Chris Elliott.

Black Lives Matter Show Me The Money
06.10.2020 Black Lives Matter: Corporate America has pledged $1.678 billion so far. Black Enterprise. by William Michael Cunningham. This is a shaky headline for a lot of reasons—like lack of details about exactly who gets what. Even if it were correct, pledging and delivering are very different acts.
06.15.2020 “The Black Lives Matter Foundation” raised millions. It’s not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Buzzfeed. by Ryan Mac, Brianna Sacks.
Black Lives Matter Foundation in Santa Clara, California, raised an estimated $4.5 million in the first weeks of June. It has one paid employee and its address is a UPS store. The stated purpose of the foundation is to improve relations between police and the black community. The Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department, which provides law enforcement for Santa Clara, has never heard of the Black Lives Matter Foundation.
07.16.2020 Someone named Lou Dobbs apparently reported that the Bank of America and other corporations had pledged vast money to Black Lives Matter. They did not. Dobbs apologized.
07.23.2020 No, Bank of America didn’t pledge to donate $1 billion to Black Lives Matter. Politifact. by Samantha Putterman. [The bank committed $1 billion over four years to assist people and communities of color affected by covid. This could mean anything.]
09.26.2020 Atlanta-based activist faces Federal fraud charges over BLM funds Atlanta Journal-Constitution. by Shaddi Abusaid. The Feds have busted Sir Maejor Page, aka Tyree Conyers-Page. (black-albino) for lining his pockets with his ‘Black Lives Matter –Atlanta’ scheme. He’s accused of collecting over $470,000 and spending hundreds of thousands of it on himself for tailored suits, hotels, guns, a house with adjacent lots…
12.10.2020 Black Lives Matter power grab sets off internal revolt Politico. by Mayaou King. Political action committees, corporate partners. National leadership is now known as Black Lives Matter Global Network. Two of three founding members are gone but not forgotten. Lots of infighting about money, lack of transparency over money, and direction the organization is going. Local groups splintering off. .
12.12.2020 Six months after mass protests began, what is the future of BLM? The Economist. Several bloggers cite this article as the source of the $10.6 billion figure for Black Lives Matter related causes. That figure is almost certainly nonsense.

(just a couple of the) White People fired for not supporting Black Lives Matter
06.05.2020 Nurse loses job over racist comments on Facebook. News 3 by Mike Surianit. RN Monie Brown in Mississippi called Black Lives Matter rioters ‘thugs’ and ‘wild animals’ on social media.
06.11.2020 If you don’t support Black Lives Matter, you’re fired. The Federalist. by John Daniel Davidson.
07.03.2020 We can’t have ‘National Dialogues’ if people get fired for talking honestly The Federalist. by John Loftus.
07.16.2020 Why Black Lives Matter are so dangerous. The Critic by Nick Buckley. Fine article by the UK man who spent 20 years on an organization he founded that has kept thousands of young people out of gangs. He was attacked and fired for posting a blog article describing Black Lives Matter as neo-Marxists who wanted to destroy the Western family structure (which they said themselves on their website). 400 people signed a petition to get him fired. He was fired. He decided to fight back. Did. 15,000 people signed a petition in his favor, including offers of money and employment.
06.30.2020 Nurse ‘Karen’ fired after calling Black Lives Matter a ‘political trick’ meant to terrorize. Newsone. by Newsone staff. RN. , Midwife, and family nurse practitioner fired after posting her view on social media.
07.17.2020 A ‘handful’ of Cisco employees were fired after posting offensive comments objecting to the company’s support of Black Lives Matter Insider. by Katie Canales.

Black on black violence
11.27.2014 Fact Check: Do black Americans commit more crime? Channel 4 News (UK) by Patrick Worral. Between 1980 and 2008 black offenders committed 52% of murders Whites committed 45.3% of the murders. Notes that
[From the 2019 U.S. Census black Americans are about 13.4% of the population. White Americans are about 60.1% of the population.]
See also, 11.2011 Homicide trends in the United States 1980-2008, Annual Rates fir 2009-2010. U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, page 3. table 1.
12.04.14 Leonard Pitts Jr: Let’s talk about black-on-black violence Miami Herald by Leonard Pitts. Calls out white pundits who say ‘What about black violence against blacks?: Rudi Guliani, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, “reeked of paternalistic white supremacy” instead of calling out black families of dead children, black lawyers, and black pundits who say the same thing.
06.21.2020 3-year-old boy killed on West Side among more than 100 people shot this weekend. Block Club of Chicago. by Block Club of Chicago Staff. 3-year-old Mekhi James (black) murdered in car he was riding in. Another car came up behind and opened fire, hitting the driver and killing little Mekhi. He and 13-year-old Amira Jones (black) were among 11 murdered in Chicago this weekend. Amira was killed while she sat inside her home on the West Side of Chicago.
06.14.2020 Police release video of suspects wanted in shooting of Chicago firefighter’s 12-year-old son. Chicago Sun Times Gang (apparently black) shot the 12-year-old boy as he played in a park. [race not mentioned].
08.16.2020 NYPD releases video of bandana-wearing suspect in Grand Central shooting. NY Post. By Lee Brown. Black shooting suspect. No mention of race, either his or his victim.
08.20.2020 At least 13 shot as NYC gun violence surge continues NY Post. by Amanda Woods. No mention of race of either shooters or victims. No photos of victims.
08.21.2020 Charges filed against alleged attacker in stabbing of 4 sleeping homeless men. Sun Times Wire. 28-year-old Bryant McCalip (black) charged with murdering 58-year-old Aaron Curry (black) and three other homeless men.
08.21.2020 No bail for rapper accused of killing bystander while aiming at fellow gang members Chicago Sun Times. by Emanuel Camarillo.
08.23.2020 “He told me he would be right back and he never came back:” Heartbroken Brooklyn mom tried to keep son safe from gun violence. Daily Mail. by Brittany Kriegstein. 20-year-old Fabian Abney (black) shot dead in front of his home in Coney Island in ongoing NY violence.
08.24.2020 Queens dad fatally shot at basketball tournament was trying to break up fight, family says. Daily News by Catherina Ginogioino. Black dad stopped by his old neighborhood to watch a basketball game. When he went to help break up a fight, a thug shot him in the head and killed him.
08.28.2020 Family calls for justice after 1-month old and her mother shot in Virginia. CBS17 by Regina Mobley. Opening lines:
‘When George Floyd was killed by police officers, thousands poured into the streets across the country—and even in other countries—to demand justice.
Days after 1-month old Honesty Brehon was shot and left critically injured, only a handful of people have come forward to say this very young Black life matters.’
Honesty’s mother was holding her when someone walked by and opened fire, shooting the baby, her mother, and three others outside their Norfolk home. The bastard’s shot mutilated the baby’s pelvis, both femurs, and her reproductive system.
Human rights activist (and former drug king pin) Stacy Robinson called the violence, “self-inflicted genocide” that the Black Lives Matter movement has failed to address.’ Robinson pointed out, “Nobody is being outraged by the killing of Black people by Black people.”
09.18.2020 Man critically injured after beating, slashing outside Bronx deli. NY Post. by Amanda Woods. Surveillance cameral footage. Two young (black) guys ambush a young (black) guy. Brutal attack. Injured man in hospital, near death, unable to talk or identify his attackers yet. [race not mentioned].
09.30.2020 Seven people shot at Serenity Funeral Home in Milwaukee; police searching for assailant. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. by Meg Jones. This is the sort of coverage you get at mass shootings of black people by other black people. Race not mentioned at all. With Milwaukee shootings up about 70% over last year, a car pulled up to a crowd of around a hundred mourners and opened fire, shooting 3 women and four men. The funeral was for 26-year-old Braxton Taylor (black, I think but when I look for a picture of him, can’t find one, will keep looking. This mass shooting was serious enough that there will be major effort to catch the shooter) who was murdered on September, 17, 2020.

Former riot zones
04.27.2017 The destructive force of Rebuild LA: How the nonprofit created after the 1992 ‘riots’ failed the community it was supposed to help Curbed LA. by Melissa Chadburn.
08.10.2020 55 years after riots, Watts section of LA still bears scars AP. by Brian Melley.
10.28.2020 How Covid exploited the food deserts in South L.A. Los Angeles Times. by Jessica Chen.

First Nations Shootings
10.02.2018 State won’t charge officers in fatal shooting of Fairbanks 20-year-old. Anchorage Daily News. by Michelle Theriault Boots.
12.28.2019 Wrongful death? Family of the man gunned down by police files lawsuit Juneau Empire by Michael S. Lockett.
06.30.2020 Native Americans ‘Disproportional’ Victims of fatal police shootings The Crime Report. Center on Media Crime and Justice at John Jay College. by Michael Gelb.
09.04.2020 A Tale of Two Police shootings: A Black victim sparked protests, a dead Native man was ignored. Last Real Indians. by Jeni Monet. Ode for Brandon Laducer, “I love you auntie, you are one of the best people I know.” On August 23, 2020 a white police officer in Kenosha shot Jacob Blake seven times and paralyzed him. Riots erupted all over. The same day police from four agencies, including some Native officers from the reservation, swarmed Brandon Laducer home on the Turtle Mountain reservation, shot him five times. Brandon was suicidal. His mother had called police to help him. They killed him.
10.31.2016 Police Killings Against Native Americans Are Off the Charts and Off the Radar. Equal Justice Initiative.

Winner #3 Shaun King
08.28.1963 Martin Luther King, Jr’s I Have a Dream speech.
11.13.2015 An open letter from former directors of Justice Together. Signed by 30 former directors of Justice Together laying out why they feel King is unqualified to lead such an organization.
2015/2016 The Daily Bruchard A weird one-trick-pony blog that ran a few posts between 2015-2016. Dedicated almost entirely to picking apart Shaun King’s claims about his race and early life, it is dense with citations, photos, copies of court documents and reports. Someone went to a lot of work, but take it with a grain of salt because whoever put it together doesn’t identify him/herself.
01.06.2016 Shaun King’s days as a pastor mirrored his later successes—and failures—as an activist. BuzzFeed News by Darren Sands.
01.16.2019 Where did all the money Shaun King raised for Black Live go? Daily Beast. by Goldie Taylor.
01.08.2019 Family of man wrongfully accused by activist Shaun King in Jazmine Barne’s shooting speaks out. ABC. Eyewitness News, by Jessica Willey.
01.18.2019 Shaun King threatens to sue activists who accused him on twitter of mishandling fund raisers.
09.12.2019 On Shaun King DeRay Mckesson.
DeRay McKesson on Shaun King, Says Shaun did not raise millions-he took credit for other people’s work. Says King takes credit for 100 percent of all funds raised for any fund raiser whose link he has ever posted, retweeted, or email blasted. He claims to have raid $34 million for starters $20 million from a fund raiser started by Charlotte and Dave Willner. Shaun blamed his failure of follow-through with the Northstar on white supremacists hacking it. DeRay says that’s not true.
Shaun calls people who disagree with him white supremacists or trolls. DeRay says there’s a formula King employs when people ask questions, or highlight contradictions: issue an unconditional denial, attack the character of the person asking questions, argue that white supremacists are attacking him or his family, respond only to the least salient of all points raised, issue a statement akin to an apology.
He doesn’t often answer questions or offer resolutions to conflicts raised. Instead, he deflects. He often bullies and intimidates those who ask questions at all especially at black women.
07.21.2015 Leading Ferguson Activist’s hate crime claim disputed by police report, detective Daily Caller. by Chuck Ross.
04.06.2020 Activist Shaun King accused of ‘fraud’ again over his Corona virus fund raiser. Black America web. NY Magee.
05.05.2020 Online activists raised $60K for Tamir Rice’s family-so where did all that money go? Washington Post. by Wesley Lowery. “… thousands of dollars were pouring into a fund for the Rice family, but [the family’s lawyer] had never heard of King –one of the fund’s primary organizers, and Rice’s mother, told him that she was unaware of the fundraiser. The family’s lawyer asked authorities to seize money that had been collected to be given to Rice’s mother. King maintains his plan had been to give mom the money.
05.26.2020 Shaun King keeps raising money, and questions about where it goes. The Daily Beast. by Kail Holloway.
06.22.2020 Shaun King: Statues of Jesus Christ are ‘form of white supremacy,’ should be torn down. Fox News Channel. by Bradford Betz.
06.23.2020 ‘Tear them down’” BLM activist Shaun King calls for destruction of Jesus Christ statues, Churches: ‘White supremacy,’ ‘oppression’ ‘racist propaganda.’ GV Wire the Daily Wire
08.30.2020 Activist Shaun King Accused of using Chadwick Boseman’s death to boost book sales The Source by Dylan Kemp.

Winner #4 Oprah Winfrey
11.2000 Oprah talks to Elie Wiesel Oprah Magazine.
08.2001 Oprah talks to the Dalai Lama. O, The Oprah Magazine.
05.22.07 Oprah coming to Israel for solidarity visit YNet News. by Itamar Eichner.
06.2009 On the front lines of dieting O the Oprah Magazine. by Dina Kraft.
04.24.10 Oprah Winfrey makes Israeli company’s stock leap by 63.3 % Ynet News. by Gil Dalian
05.24.2006 Oprah visits Auschwitz with Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor ElieWeisel. Also aired 09.11.2012. 01.29.2015,
10.24.2012 The starvation diet of Gaza shows the blockade will fall. The National (Abi Dhabi Media English language paper), by Jonathan Cook.
08.05.2013 “We are having a Racist Moment”” Oprah discusses new incident in NY/Larry King Now/Ora.TV YouTube. 1,093,548 views
08.12.2013 Oprah Winfrey Racism Story is Untrue, Says Sales Clerk at Center of Media Storm. Hollywood Reporter by Paul Bond.
08.13.2013 Now Oprah says sorry: Chat show queen says she regrets ever mentioning the racist handbag incident and insists it got blown up after Swiss sales assistant brands her a liar. Daily Mail. by Allan Hall in Berlin.
06.17.2014 Desmond Tutu: U.S. Christians Must Recognize Israel as Apartheid State Haaretz.
07.02.2015 Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses. Mondoweiss. by Annie Robbins. After Winfrey publishes anniversary issue of her magazine, with herself on the cover wearing diamonds made by company owned by Israeli billionaire condemned for human rights violations in Angola and Palestine, 9 human rights organizations from South Africa, U.S., Palestine, Israel sign letter asking her cut that out, noting UNICEF, Oxfam, British and Norwegian governments, and New Zealand ‘s pension fund, already have.
08.22.2015 Denying the Israel bashers—Kudos to Oprah and other principled stars New York Post. by Post Editorial Staff.
01.26.2017 Oprah Winfrey will sell line of refrigerated meals with Kraft-Heinz. Consumerist . by Mary Beth Quirk.
01.27.2017 A star studded ‘night’ to honor Elie Wiesel in New York. Museum of Jewish Heritage. Oprah made Zionist front man for Israel Eli Wiesel’s book ‘Night’ “an instant best seller.”
11.28.2017 Mandela’s grandson on visit: ‘Israel is the worst apartheid regime.’ The Jerusalem Post. by Ilanit Chernick.
04.03.2019 I fought South African apartheid. I see the same brutal policies in Israel. The Guardian. by Ronnie Kasrils.
07.07.2019 Nelson Mandela’s grandson says Trump wants to ‘fortify apartheid Israel’ Middle East Eye. by MEE staff.
01.09.2018 Why Oprah Winfrey would be a pro-Israel president Haaretz/JTA by Ben Sales.

Winner #5 Random
06.18.2020 Woman punched in head in Brooklyn subway station Eyewitness News ABC7 NY. Video shows young black attacker go through a door and sucker punch a 66-year-old white woman in the back of her head, knocking her to the ground.

06.16.2020 Pictured: the NYC man with 100 arrests held for punching woman, 92, in the face and sending her crashing into a fire hydrant Daily Mail. by Leah Simpson. Video of 31-year-old Rasihd Brimmage (black) sucker punches a 92-year-old white lady who was walking down the sidewalk minding her own business. She asked not to be identified but showed some of her injuries to an interviewer. Article notes that Brimmage has 103 prior arrests including three this year for assault and he’s a convicted repeat sex offender. The old lady hit her head on a fire hydrant. No articles I saw mention race or hade crime. Called a ‘random attack.’ `

06.26.2020 Man charged in Flint township attack on Macy’s employee Detroit News. by Mike Martindale. 18-year-old (black) Damire Palmer attacked 50-year-old store manager with sucker punch in the head from behind. Unsupported narrative on social media that the manager called Palmer a nigger. The store says the manager didn’t answer the attacker’s question about a shirt size.
No hate crime charges.

07.08.2020 Woman attacked from behind with own cane in NYC Eyewitness News ABC7NY Unidentified, young (black) woman attacks 70-year-old Elba Fuentes (Hispanic), from behind. Starts lashing the old woman’s face with a belt and hitting her with her own cane. Some elderly passers-by distract the woman, she attacks them, then goes back to hitting Fuentes, and tries to steal her shoes. Finally, a young man (white) who was driving by comes running at the woman from off camera. He nails her with a shoulder which sends her flying to the curb. (that part was cut out of the original TV news). One of the oldsters (white) who she had hit multiple times kicks her once as she sits on the curb. Attacker gets up and tries to limp off, holding the small of her back as people yell for her to be stopped and arrested.

07.08.2020 Douche bag sought after sucker punching 12-year-old boy I heart radio. Story was covered widely I just like this title. Video shows 12-year-old Ethan Hagler (white) dancing in a street performance about 11:30 p.m. 27-year-old racist douche bag Cedric Moore (black) a convicted felon who was already on five years probation for felony domestic violence, gets out of a car, runs up behind Ethan, and sucker punches him from behind. Hagler has a concussion, bloody nose.

07.22.2020 Man tries to shoot woman in seemingly random NYC attack abc 7 NY. Young black seen on security camera seen trying multiple times to shoot a woman (race unknown, sounds Hispanic?) as she stands on her steps. Fortunately for her, his pistol is jammed and he’s incompetent to operate it. Comments after video universally declare this is no random event, that is, viewers believe, and I think they’re right, she was targeted as a paid hit by someone.

07.27.2020 Man punches elderly woman, 78, in the head in random attack in Brooklyn—and then acts like HE is the victim. Daily Mail. by Keith Griffin. Black man shown on video sucker punching an old white lady. Then, probably aware he may be on camera, he raises his hands like, ‘Oh, what are you looking at me for?” The scumbag is still at large for the attack that happened June 10. No mention of race. Once again called a random attack.

07.27.2020 Actress Spencer Grammer slashed outside NYC restaurant while trying to stop “altercation from escalating. CBS News. Grammer (white) and a friend were eating at an outside table as the restaurant was closing. Black man began harassing diners, who were mostly women. He slashed Grammer and stabbed her friend in the back. No mention of race.

08.01.2020 A man who allegedly decapitated his landlord with a sword over a rent dispute has been charged with murder. Buzzfeed. by Ellie Hall. 42-year-old Jerry Thomson (black) cut off 64-year-old Victor King’s (white) head in Connecticut.
CNN article on this said Thomson wrote a note claiming he is a ‘sovereign citizen’ eg, one who believes he’s not subject to laws and can interpret laws as he chooses. No mention of race in any of the articles.

08.05.2020 Woman sought for punching 6-year-old stranger in the back of the head in Brooklyn Walgreens. Daily News. by Thomas Tracy. Large (black) woman, so far unidentified, sucker punched a little boy in front of his mother then ran off. Mother and boy’s race not identified.

08.06.2020 Woman attacks a Staples customer who asked her to wear a mask properly CNN. by Sonia Moghe. 25-year-old Terri Thomas who is heavy and black, attacked a small elderly white woman who had just had a liver transplant. The old lady was at a copier. Thompson walked up to her. The old lady asked her to adjust her face mask because of Covid. Thompson threatened the old lady who held up her cane between them. Thompson attacked the old lady, knocked her down breaking the old doll’s leg. No mention of race.

08.06.2020. Feisty Queens grandpa, 84, fights off mugger with hot coffee. Daily News. by Gabriella Dolphin. Young (black) mugger jumped 84-year-old Oliver Nolan from behind as the oldster was walking to church. Nolan threw his cup of coffee backwards at the thug then wrestled him on the ground until the thug ran away. No mention of race in the article except they called the mugger, ‘light skinned’. There’s a security picture of him in the article, showing hair and skin that doesn’t look white .

08.06.2020 Suspect arrested for punching disabled elderly man at Las Vegas grocery store. CBS News 3 Las Vegas by Cody Miller. once again, described as a ‘random assault” 32-year-old Alex Solomon (black) has been arrested for punching 77-year-old man (white) in the head as he (Solomon) walked by the old man.

08.07.2020Woman stabbed while buying metro card in random attack at Manhattan subway station. Channel 4 NY by Ray Veiled. Video of black man waling through turnstile, and raising a knife to stab 40-year-old Bonny Marwaha-Bahl (Asian?) in the back as she waited in line to buy a metro ticket. A good Samaritan jumped to her aid and took care of her until help arrived. Race of attacker not mentioned.

08.11.2020 Mom of 5-year-old boy allegedly killed by neighbor says suspect will ‘rot in hell’ NY Post by Natalie Musmeci. On Sunday, little 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant (white) was riding his bicycle outside his home, with his 7- and 8- year-old sisters, when 25-year-old Darius Sessions (black) walked up to him and shot Cannon in the head at point black range. Article doesn’t mention race. [Story was minimized or ignored entirely for several days by mainstream news until YouTubers called out the media. The media covered it briefly after that. None mentioned race.] Article notes Sessions has multiple felony drug violations, multiple felony probation violations, and stolen firearms charges on his record.

08.13.2020 Massachusetts dad allegedly killed by homeless man at Florida hotel. NY Post. by Natalie O’Neill. 59-year-old Charles Morgan (white) stopped at a Roadway Inn on his way to visit relatives. Stabbed and stomped to death. Kill suspect 59-year-old Alphonso Washington (black) a convicted murderer who killed a young woman in 1985. Washington had been living for free at the Roadway Inn in Dania Beach for months through Corona virus funded charity from another city. Race not mentioned at all. Pictures show the men’s races.

08.26.2020 Man repeatedly stabbed during fight in West Village parking garage: Video NY Post. by Amanda Woods. Attacker (black, gender ‘unclear’) shown chasing then stabbing 52-year-old victim (white) in the head several times. Of note: a heroic man (black) who is very quick on his feet, jumped in and shoved the attacker aside, distracting the attacker and no doubt saving the victim’s life.

08.27.2020 See it: crook snatches necklace worth about $2,000 off 86-year-old woman in apartment lobby. NY Daily News. Video shows tall, young (black) man rough up 86-year-old (white) lady as he tears off her necklace. No mention of race at all.

08.27.2020 South Carolina college student, step-father fatally shot in head on front lawn over fender bender. Fox News. by Danielle Wallace. 23-year-old Ty Shem Walters III (black) executed 21-year-old Laura Ashley Anderson (white) and her step-father Charles Nicholas Wall (white) by shooting them in the head after he rear-ended them in front of Anderson’s new home. Ty Shem also shot a third person who survived. No mention of race in the article whatsoever. Races obvious by pictures of the victims and by the murder’s mug shot.

09.13.2020 Florida man beats, spits on elderly man who asked to socially distance: cops. NY Post/Fox News. by Stephen Soras. Rovester Ingram (black) attacked a 70-year-old (white) man who asked him to social distance at a gas station because Ingram wasn’t wearing a mask. Ingram attacked the older man outside the store. Man tried to go back in the store to get away. Ingram followed him, punching him in the face, knocked him down, dragged him out by his hair, hitting him, spitting on him, kicking him in the head as he was on the ground. The old man is in hospital with broken bones. [No word from Oprah on his white privilege]. Ingram faces charges of aggravated battery on a person over 65. Worth noting, another young, large black man in the store just watches then walks by as the old man is being pummeled on the ground outside.

09.17.2020 Man Arrested after allegedly attacking Aliso Viejo Trump Rally KCal 9 CBS, Los Angeles. by CBS LA Staff. [Read that headline again. It’s a bullshit headline.] Real story is that 33-year-old Alvin Shaw (black) attacked a group of old ladies who were holding pro-Trump signs. Shaw, who is tall, sucker punched 84-year-old Donna Snow (white) in the face so hard he broke her earrings off. He knocked down two other women, aged 55 and 74. Brave Shaw then pulled out a knife cursing the women. At that point, a retired policeman drew his pistol and subdued Shaw until police arrived and took Shaw away. There is no mention of race whatsoever in this story.

09.22.2020 It’s basically a lawless free-for-all: New York man, 33 who stepped in to protect a young family from suspect exposing himself is angered after he was release the next day. Daily Mail. by Francis Mault. 34-year-old alleged pervert Justin Merrit (black) took out his penis and started masturbating in front of young mother and her daughters. 33-year-old Denis Goncharov (white) chased Merrit away and followed him, recording with his cell phone, even after Merrit picked up a brick and began to threaten. Merrit was picked up by police that day, released by court next day. No mention of race in article.

09.23.2020 Woman attacked by subway thief when she tried to warn sleeping victim: police Pix II. by Mark Sundstrom. Thief (black) tried to steal book bag from sleeping passenger, then attacked 53-year-old woman (race unknown) who spoke up. The punk punched and kicked the woman in her face and body. No mention of race in article. Surveillance camera shows thief is black.

10.02.2020 Rick Moranis punched in head in random Upper West Side attack. NY Post. by Larry Celona. ‘Random’ out attacking white people again. Video of 67-year-old actor Rick Moranis (white) walking down sidewalk. Random (large, black) sucker-punches Moranis and keeps walking. No mention of race.

10.23.2020 Man accused of shoving woman onto Times Square subway tracks busted in the Bronx. NY Post. by Larry Celona and Ben Feuerherd. Black man arrested for pushing young white woman onto subway tracks when a train was coming. She was able to climb to safety before being killed by the train. Pictures of victim and attacker. No mention of race.

Winner #6 Ibrahm X. Kendi ‘Anti-Racist’
12.29.2014 Average BU full professor compensated $210,700 The Daily Free Press, Independent Student Newspaper at Boston University *This is the average as of 2014.
2019 Pass an Anti-Racist Constitutional Amendment Politico. by Ibram X. Kendi.
07.01.2020 Ibram X. Kendi Awarded BU’s Andrew W. Mellon Professorship in the Humanities BU Today. by Sarah Rimer.
08.20.2020 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donates $10 million to Ibram X. Kendi’s center on anti racism at Boston University Business Insider. Marguerite Ward.
09.24.2020 Fairfax Public Schools pay $20,000 to Ibrahm X. Kendi for one hour talk. The Republican Standard by Shawn Kenny. 45 minute talk. 15 minute Q&A [virtual event!]
09.30.2020 Dr. Ibram Kendi, Amy Coney Barrett and Evangelical Adoption The Exchange. by Sitara Roden.
09.30.2020 Ibram X Kendi: when wokes and white supremacists agree Spiked. by Fraser Myers.
10.15.2020 How not to think Pittsburg Post Gazette. PPG Editorial Board.
(as of 12.29.2020) What is the Cost of Attendance? Probably less than you think Boston University Admissions web page.
12.30.2020 Leader of BLM inspired group calls for creation of ‘race offender’s registry NY Post. by Lia Eustachewich.

Winner #7 Robin DiAngelo and other white people leaning into the frame
April, 1976 Robert McNamara’s comments about marginal men were cited by Nobel Prize winning biochemist and anti-war activist George Wald in his essay ‘Arise Ye Prisoners of Extinction’ published in Intellect Magazine.
11.28.1978 ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ Ian Dury and the Blockheads-(Official HD  version.) Put up on YouTube 12.18.2009. It has over 6 million views. [*International Fetish Day is the third Friday in January. Mark your calendar.]
06.07.2020 Robin DiAngelo: How white fragility supports racism and how whites can stop it CNN. by Sandee LaMotte.
06.24.2020 Statement from Lincoln County Leadership “We are shocked and appalled at the volume of horrifically racist commentary we have received regarding this policy exception.”
[Lincoln County leadership doubles down after they set up the whole fiasco. The (white) leadership passed a blatantly racist directive and blames people who complain about it. Should be noted that black people did not ask for or support the exemption. In fact, they didn’t want to be singled out.
06.25.2020 People of color exempt from Oregon County’s mandatory mask order. CBS. by Victoria Albert. Says, “according to census data Lincoln Count is more than 80 percent white. When you click on the census link in the article, it says Lincoln County is 89.6% white. Which, if you’re going to round it, should be 90%.
06.25.2020 An Oregon county drops its exemption for people of color after racist response. CNN. by Scottie Andrew. [‘beam me up, Scottie’]. Don’t you love that headline? Oregon passed a law that in seven counties that people must wear masks when they’re inside public spaces.
One of those counties, Lincoln County, has 50,000 people. 90 percent are white. Less than 1 percent are black. Lincoln Country amended the law to read that white people have to wear masks but black people are exempted.
Article mentions that black people are getting the disease more than other races (though it doesn’t mention that the data are from eastern states not Oregon, or that it would seem that black people would be most inclined to wear masks].
Article calls white people who were vocal in their displeasure at the amendment, “horrifically racist.” “People of color who have heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment due to wearing face coverings in public.”
07.15.2020 The Dehumanizing condescension of white fragility The Atlantic. by John McWhorter.
07.30.2020 $12 K a day: How White Liberals profit from pushing “white privilege”. the Daily Signal by Jake Kima & Peter Hasson. “White liberal academics can earn more in a day lecturing about their own ‘white privilege’ than the medial black household makes in three months,…” “Di Angelo charged University of Kentucky $12,000, not counting travel expenses, housing accommodations, and meals, for a two-hour “racial justice keynote and breakout session.” “If phone calls are deemed necessary, they will be charged at a rate of $320 per hour.” “Di Angelo’s fee for the event was more than a quarter of the annual median income for black families, which is just over $40,000 according to U.S. Census data.
08.12.2020 Georgia shop blasted for ‘racist’ promotion that waived fee for people of color. New York Post. by Joshua Rhett Miller. A second-hand clothes store in Savannah called ‘Civvies on Broughton’ panders to black demonstrators by charging white people $20 to come in and look at used clothes but they don’t charge black people. ‘Civvies’ manager claims charging people based on race is not racist. {All I can say is, People in Georgia pay money to look at old, worn clothing? Ha Ha Ha Ha.]
08.14.2020 UC will pay White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo $20,000 to train school Administrators Reason by Robby Soave. This is for a 3 day retreat. “DiAangelo and other diversity lecturers often charge in the $10,000 to $15,000 range for a few hours work.” She even charges $320 per hour for a phone call.
08.14.2020 Seattle beer company defends anti-cop acronym on cans. New York Post by Joshua Rhett-Miller. Mirage beer panders to Antifa and Black Lives Matter by putting acronym for a phrase those groups use, ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), on its beer cans.
08.27.2020 Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility,’ ignores the differences within whiteness. The Conversation. by Rauluca Bejan. Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia.

Winner #8. Nikole Hannah-Jones & the 1619 Project
12.01.2010 Lincoln to slaves: Go somewhere else National Archives Pieces of History. by Hillary Parkinson. Lincoln wanted to move freed slaves out of the US. he explored moving them to Panama, Belize, Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone. He proposed moving “the whole colored race of the slave states to Texas.”
Four days before he was assassinated, speaking to General Butler, Lincoln still expressed that deportation was the only peaceable solution to America’s race problem. “I can hardly believe that the north and south can live in peace, unless we can get rid of the negros…I believe it would be better to export them all to some fertile country….”
05.03.2017 Remember that time Abraham Lincoln tried to get the slaves to leave America? Pacific Standard. by Aaron Gordon. Interview with Dr. Phillip Magness. More about Lincoln trying to solve the race problem by exporting the blacks. Apparently some of the black leadership thought going elsewhere would be a good idea, and they’d be like the Irish who could assimilate into white America after a few generations. As the would-be colonists died from malaria and incompetence of people responsible for moving them, blacks became increasingly skeptical of Lincoln’s schemes.
11.09.2018 School Segregation persists in U.S., journalist says Arkansas Democrat Gazette by Jamie Adame. Nikole Hannah-Jones at UArkansas, Fayetteville. $10,000 speaker fee.
11.27.2018 Schools are segregated because white people want them that way Vox by Sean Illing. Interview with Nikole Hannah-Jones. Sean starts off by congratulating her on being awarded a no strings $625,000 grant. Hannah-Jones contends that “most white Americans do not wish to enroll their children in schools with large numbers of black kids.”
12.16.2019 The ‘1619 project gets schooled WSS Opinion by Elliot Kaufman. Nikole Hannah Jones’ ‘1619 Project’ is being turned into school curricula.
03.2020 Two Centuries of US Military Operations in Liberia. Air University Press. by Niels Hahn. Talks about early history of US forming Liberia as a base of African Operations under the guise of repatriating black slaves from the US back to Africa, and ending the slave trade. The former slaves who formed Liberia’s initial government promptly built a 4-tier caste system: 1. lighter skinned mulattos at the top, 2. middle class merchants and farmers who’d been American slaves, 3. Congos-who the US navy had seized from illegal slave ships and they would just drop them off in Liberia, and 4. the indigenous Africans whose land the Americans had colonized.
The former American slaves worked to seize more territory, rule trade along the coast, exploit the local population at gun point. They were backed by the US Navy.
02.04.2020 I’m Neandertal, I’m proud, I’m a victim, and I want reparations. The Aspen Beat. by Glenn Beaton.
06.24.2020 What is owed New York Times Magazine by Nikole Hannah-Jones. A dog’s breakfast of black victimhood trying to make a case for reparations with statements like: “White Americans are not the ones who would pay for [reparations]…it is the federal government who pays.”
“The technical details, frankly, are the easier part.”
“Wealth, not income, is the means to security in America.”
She shines off the hundreds of thousands of white men who died in the civil war to free her ancestors with, “Most white Americans felt that black Americans should be grateful for their freedom, that the bloody Civil War had absolved any debt.”
Article quotes Keri Leigh Merit, “blacks became the only race in the U.S. ever to start out as an entire people, with close to zero capital.”
Cites William Darity’s book about reparations: “Reparations would go to any person who has documentation that he or she identifies as a black person for at least 10 years before the beginning of any reparations process and can trace at least one ancestor back to American slavery.”
Cites authors of Duke study who promote black helplessness by writing, “There are no actions that black Americans can take unilaterally that will have much of an effect on reducing the wealth gap.”
02.11.2020 Nikole Hannah-Jones is the Donald Trump of the New York Times National Review. by Dan McLaughlin. Mostly, I liked the title. Gist of article is that Hannah-Jones, like Trump, has tapped into a segment of society that is unwilling to address unacceptable behavior and which instead goes after people with the courage and integrity to do so. Those people leave themselves open to attack and potentially being fired.
06.08.2020 Woman defends looting, selling stolen goods on Facebook CBS Chicago. Tara Molina. [when is stealing not stealing? When you call what you steal reparations]
06.22.2020 Black Lives Matter founders to be paid $10,000 each to speak The Independent Florida Alligator. by Nicole Rodriguez. Black Lives Matter Founders Patrice Cullors, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi each paid $10 grand to speak at a virtual event.
07.18.2020 My Nigerian great grandfather sold slaves BBC Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani.
Over 1.5 million Igbo slaves sold between 15th and 19th centuries. White slave traders would wait at the coast while black slave traders went inland as much as 300 miles to capture slaves. The author says of her great grandfather, “Nauaubaniogogo lived at a time when the fittest survived and the bravest excelled. The concept of “all men are created equal” was completely alien to traditional religion and laws in his society.”
10% to 15% of captured slaves died on the way to the coast where they were to be sold as slaves. [10% to 15% is the same percentage assigned to slaves going across the ocean on the middle passage. (No one will ever know how many died coming from the interior, but the 10-15 % estimate means two things. First, at least as many people died en route to the coast as died crossing the ocean to the Americas. and Second, a lot of the people sold to white slavers on the coast were already half dead when they got there.]
07.20.2020 The 1619 Project curriculum taught in over 4,500 schools-Frederick County Public Schools has the option The Frederick News-Post. by Hannah Farrow Medill News Service. More than 4,500 schools nationwide are teaching versions of The 1619 Project curriculum, the tenants of which, when surveyed by a Heritage Foundation poll, most Americans didn’t agree with. That is, the parents want to keep 1776 as the country’s birthday, and don’t want their kids taught the woke agenda that the US was found on, built by, and remains based on slavery.
07.26.2020 Viewpoint from Sudan-where black people are called slaves BBC News Africa. by Zeinab Mohammed Salih. Brutal article. In the 1800’s Sudan was one of Africa’s primary slave trading regions. An estimated two thirds of Khartoum’s population were slaves. Arab and Nubian slavers from the north ruled. Women were commonly raped and sold around the Mediterranean. Men were used as slaves or  conscripted into the army. Flagrant racism, and slave raids, continue to this day with slavers raiding villages at night, killing the men and raping the women. Some women and children have been taken  north never seen or heard from again.

Winner #9. Colorism: Black Racism towards Black People
06.01.2005 (released) A Girl Like Me mediathatmatters by Kiri Davis.867,938 views. Excellent look at how black girls view themselves through the lens of colorist.
01.01.2013 Africa: Where Black is not really beautiful. BBC Johannesburg. by Pumza Fihlani. Recent University of Capetown study says one woman in three bleaches her skin. Article mentions a raft of lethal illnesses that lightening creams can cause. One woman compares it with getting breast implants or other cosmetic surgery.

12.04.2020 Girl Like Me Black Eyed Peas-Shakina 3:53 min. 294,047,843 views. This is here because it is the exact opposite of Kiri Davis’ documentary and validates the prejudice the young women in that video describe. In this music video you have dark-skinned men rapping as very light skinned objectified women with long straight hair dance around in butt-floss outfits they wear in wear in those things. The message couldn’t be more stark.
01.23.2012 Dark Girls: New Documentary from producer Bill Duke. Tackles colorist in the black community Washington Watch. with Roland Martin. (the film was made in 2011) Bill Duke-Producer and Director D. Channsin Berry Producer (who overheard people in his own family whispering about how dark he was. That caused in him a lack of self-esteem which led to bad choices. He says self-esteem issues are worse for darker women.
Colorism is the term used in talking about the black community views darker skinned people. Expands on Kiri Davis’ concept of how black women view themselves. Duke took heat from the black community about exploring this topic.
07.22.2016 The very real racism The Atlantic by Chris Budenner.
Fine piece on black racism against other blacks, particularly black women. by African American writer, Allene,
“There is another, rarely examined aspect of what it means to be black in America. Modern-day black activists (hell, a whole lot of black folks in general), require other black people to be BLACK first—that is, to tote around on their bent backs and black shoulders the eons of tortured black history as if that history is a current-day reality while denying who they are as individuals.”
“For the life of me, I cannot understand how black people are so quick to recognize racism as directed towards them form whites, Latinos, Asians, et al, and miss the very real racism within our race from one another?
“Black students in high school and college are expected by other black students to only support black student organizations.”
“I’ve been called house negro, oreo cookie, Uncle Tom.”
“What many blacks do not accept about white America is that there are millions of poor white folks in this country without opportunities, just like legions of poor blacks. The reality for all these people, both black and white, is that poor is poor, and being poor isn’t easier just because your skin is white.”
“As a black American, I cannot return to Africa. In Africa, I am also considered to be untrustworthy, a bastardized offshoot of a people long ago sold into slavery by people with skin the same color as mine.”
05.06.2019 Bill Duke never had children because of his discrimination for being dark skinned VLADTV.part 7. youtube interview. [Actually this is a misleading title. Duke’s first answer to the question about why he didn’t have children was ‘selfishness’ in that he was dedicated to his career, which early on didn’t lend itself to starting a family. Secondly, he said his parents would have killed him if he’d brought a child into the world that he couldn’t take care of.]
In this segment Duke alludes to reparations, and racial disparity of wealth in America, by saying “What we were promised by Lincoln was, after slavery we were gonna get forty acres and a mule. And, it’s 2019 and I don’t have a mule or my forty acres. So that has not changed. I still want what I was promised, my forty acres, and a mule.”
01.19.2015 Light Girls Oprah Winfrey Network. by Bill Duke. Follow-up on Duke’s 2012 documentary Dark Girls. Examines prejudice light skinned black women face from the black community if their skin is too light, hair too fine, and so on.
08.09.2019 Skin lightening is fraught with risk, but it still thrives in the ‘Asian Beauty Market Vogue. by Audry Nobel.
World Health Organization “half the population in Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines uses some kind of skin lightening treatment. and it’s even higher in India (60%) and African countries such as Nigeria. (77%)
By 2027, the skin whitening industry is projected to be worth over 24 billion dollars (uncertain statistic). Skin whitening products are banned in Ghana, Japan, Australia, Rwanda. Products are often unhealthy and unregulated.
06.05.2020 Bollywood actors called out for protesting racism while promoting skin whitening creams. CBS News by Sakshi Venkatraman. At the same time they’re protesting about George Floyd in the U.S., Bollywood stars like Disha Patani and Priyanka Chopra are promoting skin whitening creams as beauty standards for women in their own country. As one commenter put it, ‘selective outrage.’
06.23.2020 Dark Girls 2 Oprah Winfrey Network By D. Channison Berry. Follow up on the original 2012 Dark Girls documentary D. Channison Berry made with Bill Duke.

Winner #10. San Diego Unified School District & Woke Schools
01.09.2020 Nearly half of California students can’t read at grade level. Here’s what we must do about it. Cal Matters. by Bill Lucia. President CEO, of EdVoice, former Executive Director of California State board of Education, etc, etc.
07.01.2020 San Diego Unified School District has $45 million to reopen—to some degree PB Monthly by Kristen Taketa. $1.5 billion includes $45 million to reopen campuses following covid closures.
08.09.2020 Woke teachers vs. Parents The American Conservative. by Rod Dreher. Article showcases series of social media posts (since deleted) by ‘anti-racist educator’ Matthew R. Kay (black) who wrote: “So, this fall, virtual class discussions will have many potential spectators—parents, siblings, etc—in the same room. We’ll never be quite sure who is overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work…While conversations about race are in my wheelhouse, and remain a concern in this no walls environment—I am most intrigued by the damage that “helicopter/snowplow” parents can do in honest conversations about gender/sexuality and while “conservative” parents are my chief concern—I know that the damage can come from the left too. If we are engaged in the messy work of destabilizing a kids racism or homophobia or transphobia—how much do we want their classmates’ parents piling on?” Article author Rod D. points out that teachers like Kay destroy trust so badly needed between parents, teachers, schools.
09.21.2020 La Jolla parents are opting out of San Diego Unified Voice of San Diego. by Will Huntsbury. LaJolla Elementary is down 20%. Parents reacting to schools dithering over covid protocols. Articles says that nationwide affluent families are more likely to have kids back in school sooner than poor families which will likely increase educational gaps.
So far San Diego Unified School District has lost around 3% of students (2,474) which will mean tens of millions in lost revenue. A district spokeswoman refused to provide enrollment data for the entire district.
Richard Barrera, Vice President of the SDU Board, said the drop is most prevalent at both ends, rich and poor, of the spectrum.
If families stay with the new options SD will eventually lose funding for those students.
11.25.2020 In the name of anti-racism, San Diego schools will teach Blacks and Hispanic kids less. The Federalist. by Tom Lindsay. Implementing what GW Bush called (in a speech to the NAACP in 2000) ‘the soft bigotry of low expectations’ the San Diego Unified School District school board has voted unanimously to change district grading protocols to raise lousy test scores.
SDUSD has embarrassingly low scores for “Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander high school students…” to raise scores of the former groups, San Diego USD voted unanimously to change the grading standards.
Henceforth, “America’s Finest City” [honest, look it up] middle and high“ schools students will not be docked for turning in late work. Late work is now a “non-academic factor. Moreover, students who don’t do well on quizzes and exams can take them again. Students caught cheating will not be docked academically. Supposedly, this is all in the name of anti-racism.
Says author Lindsay, “Expecting less of someone based on his or her race used to be called racism or bigotry;;; and condescension towards blacks hardly qualifies as “anti-racism,” but rather, its antithesis.”
“Wokeness is but a sleep walk through the moral minefield of low expectations.”
“Worse, once subjected to these lower standards, how can children, any children, of any race—not help but internalize this negative view of their aptitude and carry this psychological dagger in their souls into adulthood.”
12.03.2020 Mandatory “white privilege” training for San Diego teachers. Christopher R. Rufo. com. by Christopher Rufo. Journalist, film maker, policy researcher Rufo got hold of the 35 slide “white privilege” power point San Diego teachers are being forced to sit through, in which they are told, “you are racist” “You are upholding racist ideas, structures, and policies,” and they’re supposed to admit to it and take their “anti-racist” training into their classrooms to inculcate the children with it.
San Diego: motto: America’s Finest City.
Second largest school district in California.
“only 47% of San Diego Unified School District students reach proficiency in reading and math.”
San Diego Unified School District students who do not meet or exceed state standards in reading 43%. in math 57%
Source: California Department of Education.
12.17.2020 Breaking: The Dalton School is in a Full Meltdown The Naked Dollar. by Scott Johnston. Over 100 faculty have issued “a lengthy set of racially-based demands that are breathtaking in their wokeness.” Someone leaked them to The Naked Dollar. There are eight pages of demands including: hiring 12 full-time diversity officers, pay off student debt of incoming black faculty, public anti-racism statements required from all employees, required courses on “Black liberation,” overhaul of entire curriculum to reflect diversity narrative, eliminating AP courses if black students don’t score as high as white students, give half of all donations to NYC public schools….
Article notes these changes would cost millions of dollars, render school graduates ineligible from college admissions due to lack of AP classes, which would ultimately destroy the school Piquant quote from the article: “What you may not know is that Dalton has long been one of the most progressive schools in the country. They have actively encouraged the sort of thinking that is now biting them in the ass.”
12.20.2020 Parents at Manhattan’s $54K-a-year Dalton School pull their kids after it imposes anti-racism manifesto that focuses on ‘challenges to white supremacy’ – weeks after Megyn Kelly removed her children from another ‘woke’ school NYC prep school Daily Mail. by Keith Griffith.
01.30.2021 Dalton parents fight ‘anti-racism’ agenda in scathing open letter New York Post. by Diana Kennedy.