April 2019, Week 5


04.29.2019 UMass Amherst faces new lawsuit over event implicating Israeli-Palestinian conflict Fire by Adam Steinbaugh. On the Israel supporter’s lawsuit against UMass Amherst for allowing ‘Not backing down: Israel, free speech, and the battle for human rights’ forum on campus. Panel includes activist and Pink Floyd’s front man Roger Waters, Women’s March Leader, and Palestinian, Linda Sasour, Professor Mark Lamont Hill who CNN fired minutes after he spoke to the UN on behalf of Palestinians, and others.
The article is a legal analysis of Israel supporters’ lawsuit trying to censor the forum by using State Department’s Anti-Semitism definition. In addition to trying to get the panel discussion cancelled, Israel supporters like the Anti-Defamation League want UMass to publicly distance itself from the forum, not allow professors to participate as faculty members, and to prohibit university resources and facilities from being used.
Supposedly the lawsuit was brought, through lawyers, by three anonymous, Jewish, Amherst students, claiming among other things that the University is legally bound to prevent advocacy of a boycott against Israel on that American campus.
Author Steinbough says the lawsuit would 1) violate Constitutionally protected free speech for students, faculty, and the University, 2) “amount to a prior restraint, one of the most egregious forms of censorship, 3) the State Department’s definition is probably unconstitutional, and 4) it’s a ‘fruitless’ and ‘meritless’ lawsuit.

04.30.2019 Israeli forces attack Palestinian family, demolish two Silwan homes Maan News. Jewish occupation troops smashed two more Palestinian homes today. The beat up one of the families, including the women and children. They also shot rubber coated steel bullets and gassed local people with CS gas and pepper spray as locals tried to block the demolition.

04.30.2019 EU supports Gazan farmers with 3.7 million Euros Maan News. EU donates to help hundreds of farming families suffering from Israeli attacks and occupation in both Gaza and the West Bank.

04.30.2019 PCBS: Unemployment in Palestine up in 2018 on International Labor Day Maan News. 2018 unemployment rate increased to 31 percent compared to 28 percent a year ago according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). Gaza unemployment rose to 52% in 2018 vs. 44% in 2017. At the same time, West Bank unemployment decreased from 19% in 2017 to 18% in 2018.

04.30.2019 Israel orders stop-construction of solar panels in Jordan Valley Maan News. Foreign NGOs donated solar panels to destitute Palestinian families in the occupied Jordan Valley. The Israeli regime issued orders to the Palestinians to stop the project.

04.30.2019 Ambassador Danon teaches the UN a history lesson on the Jewish connection of the Land of Israel YouTube. 18 minutes. In reply to questions about international law regarding Israel’s illegal colonies, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon put on his beanie and began reading the Old Testament in the bible in Hebrew. [This is in 2019].

04.30.2019 Israeli rabbis at military prep school are caught on video praising Hitler Mondoweiss by Jonathan Ofir. Israeli TV aired footage of homophobic and breathtakingly racist rabbis in the occupied West Bank colony of Eli, who train pre-military Jewish students. The rabbis say Hitler’s ideology is “100 percent correct” except that Jews, not non-Jews, are the master race.
After the expose’ the rabbis are trying to weasel out of the limelight by claiming they were quoted out of context. Article notes that the Israeli TV station said, “These statements have been repeated again and again for years at Bnei David. Not a slip of the tongue, but a set agenda.”

04.30.2019 Israeli Navy shoots, injures, Gaza fisherman. Maan News. Jewish gunboat crew shot another Palestinian fisherman with a rubber coated steel bullet. His condition uncertain.