January 2019, Week 4

January, 2019 Week 4
01.22.2019 12 Iranian soldiers killed in Israeli strike on Syria, watch dog says
Haaretz Israel bombed Syria AGAIN last night. Report says they killed 21 people. Source for that number is something called the, ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ which is one guy, who is an anti-Assad Syrian immigrant operating out of his house in London, England. So, his reports, maybe, maybe not.

01.22.2019 Erekat: ‘PA informed U.S. to stop sending security aid.’ Maan News PLO Executive Secretary. He noted that the U.S. cut $844 million in aid—pretty much everything except security funding that Israel relies on. Cuts include $359 million to UNRWA, $231 million to USAID, $90 million to East Jerusalem hospitals, and $175 million to Palestinian civil society projects like roads, sewers, and schools. The Palestinian Authority has long been accused of collaborating with Israel to stop resistance against the Jewish state. The reason the Palestinians don’t want the security money is that last year Congress passed, and Trump signed the ‘Anti Terrorism Clarification Act of 2018.’ This Act paves the way for Americans to sue any government that accepts U.S. security aid for millions if a member of their family is injured or killed [for example, an American moves to Israel, goes in the Army, gets hurt or killed, the family can sue]. There are multiple stories about this in the U.S. media blaming Trump for endangering Israel.

01.22.2019 ‘I make the glass half full’ US-Israeli family clings to hope for soldier son severely wounded in West Bank attack Haaretz Sad story about Jewish family that moved to Israel ten years ago. Their youngest son was shot in the head last December when a Palestinian shot up a group of soldiers in the occupied West Bank. The young soldier has been in a coma since. His mother has instructed visitors that they are to remain positive and upbeat when they are in his room.

01.22.2019 Undercover Israeli forces kidnap Palestinian in Bethlehem Maan News Palestinian man black bagged from the gas station where he worked. Whereabouts or reason for kidnapping unknown.

01.22.2019 100 Palestinian prisoners injured in Israeli attacks, 20 remain hospitalized Electronic Intifada by Tamara Nassar. Israeli occupation troops in combat gear attacked prisoners with rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas, military attack dogs, and sound bombs. This included the children’s wing. Israelis raided Ofer, Nafha, and Gilboa prisons. Perhaps as part of pre-election grandstanding, the Jewish state is goading the Palestinian public by beating prisoners, cutting back on autonomy, cutting water rations, and blocking Palestinian prisoner welfare funds from the Palestinian Authority.

01.22.2019 Israel delivers demolition notices to Palestinian homes in Issawiya Maan News Occupied East Jerusalem. Occupation troops measure more Palestinian homes, residential buildings and commercial buildings for demolition because they don’t have the building permits which Israel doesn’t issue Palestinians. There are different processes for Jews and Arabs. Jewish colonists are fast tracked for permits through the Israeli government. Arabs have to spend years and, thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of dollars and most often are denied anyway.

01.22.2019 Palestinian demolishes own shop in Issawiya to avoid Israeli fines Maan News Car repair shop, and family income, gone. Israel makes people destroy their own buildings or else they fine them and force them to pay an exorbitant price for the demolition.

01.22.2019 Israeli tanks open fire in northern Gaza Maan News Israel claims someone fired shots at occupation troops from the Gaza side. So they fired salvos of tank rounds. [Remember that Jewish snipers are firing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of bullets at Palestinians every week].

01.22.2019 Israeli court issues lien on land in Jerusalem belonging to Arafat Maan News Jewish Israelis claiming to be terrorism victims are suing Arafat’s estate for a 135 square meter parcel on the Mount of Olives. The parcel is connected to another parcel owned by someone else. The Israelis put the lien on the whole lot.

01.22.2019 Italy donates 1.5 million Euros to UNRWA Maan News To provide medical care for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

01.22.2019 Why the Israeli right hates the state of Israel and is bent on demolishing it’s democracy Haaretz by Chemi Shalev. Lots of articles along this line coming out before the election.

01.22.2019 CEC concludes project on ‘empowerment of women’ political participation Maan News 5 month project funded by the Norwegian government to encourage and support Palestinian women’s participation in political processes.

01.23.2019 Palestinian killed, 4 others injured in Israeli shelling on Gaza Maan News 24-year-old is dead, of the injured one is critically wounded. The Israelis claim that someone shot at their snipers from the Gaza side causing an Israeli a light wound from a bullet that bounced off his helmet.. That claim is unverified.

01.23.2019 Activists block Israeli ‘Apartheid Road’ near Jerusalem Maan News A few dozen Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists blocked the road for a short time. Occupation troops arrested 2 protesters and injured 4.

01.23.2019 Israeli bulldozers raze agricultural land in Hebron Maan News Occupation troops flattened 3.7 acres of a Palestinian farmer’s lands and demolished his retaining walls.

01.23.2019 Jewish terror suspect’s DNA found on rock that killed Palestinian woman Haaretz by Nir Hasson. One of the rock throwers, a 16-year-old Yeshiva student, is still in jail as a suspect for killing mother of 8 last October.

01.23.2019 The war that will decide Israeli’s future won’t involve air strikes, tanks or missiles Haaretz by Chuck Freilich. Another Haaretz article about how Jewish religious fanaticism is destroying Israeli democracy. Author estimates Israel has 30 years before Israel “sinks into poor and illiberal darkness.”

01.23.2019 Netanyahu orders halt on Qatari funds to Gaza Maan News [Netanyahu grandstanding for the public prior to the elections] In November 2018 Israel agreed to let Qatar send $15 million/month to Gaza to pay salaries and provide aid to needy families. Israel said it would allow fuel the Qataris are paying for into Gaza which would mean electrical power for the people. “The transfer of funds has been causing embarrassment to the Israeli government with the approach of the upcoming April 9, Knesset election…” But the transfer of the funds and the media coverage that it gets are politically difficult for Netanyahu…

01.23.2019 Israeli forces detain Palestinian for alleged knife possession Maan News Israel takes 15-year-old boy away from his family claiming the boy had a knife.

01.23.2019 Minors among 13 Palestinians detained in pre-dawn raids Maan News Israeli occupation troops black bag a baker’s dozen in night and fog raids across the West Bank.

01.23.2019 Israeli army distributes leaflets threatening residents near Salfit Maan News Picture of the leaflets (in Hebrew) with the article. Occupation troops stormed Ceir Isitya village last night firing tear gas and sound grenades. The plastered the community with leaflets threatening collective punishment of the villagers if anyone threw stones at Israeli colonists.

01.23.2019 An imprisoned Emir could blow up the Israel-Gaza powder keg Haaretz by Amos Harel. Unrest among the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners. 1,000 of them are on a hunger strike. Article claims prisoners are using cell phones that were sneaked in to them and that one prisoner being watched shat out 2 cell phones and a telephone. One commenter said in disbelief, “…are you sure he didn’t defecate a laptop complete with keyboard, too?”

01.23.2019 Judge lets Arkansas law against Israeli boycott stand. Arkansas Business by Andre De Milo. The Arkansas Times filed suit in U.S. district court to stop requirement by the state for residents to pledge allegiance to Israel in order to work the state of Arkansas. Judge Brian Miller dismissed the lawsuit ruling that the boycott isn’t protected by the first Amendment.

Palestinian woman grieves. Israeli occupation trooper taking part in the arborcide looks on from background–does he feel anything? Photo from Dr. Cesar Chelada’s 2015 Ecology article “on the million Plaestinian olive trees Israel has cut down in violation of international and Jewish laws.

01.24.2019 The sadists who destroyed a decades old Palestinian olive grove can rest easy Haaretz by Gideon Levy. Usually when Jewish colonists destroy Palestinian olive groves it gets a paragraph in the Palestinian press. No one is arrested. No one goes to jail. No one outside hears about it. In this article the incomparable Gideon Levy, Israel’s conscience, evokes a farmer’s pain and an author’s anger. Let’s read the first few lines: “Who are the human scum who last Friday drove all-terrain vehicles down to the magnificent olive grove owned by Abed al Hai Nasson, in the West Bank village of Al-Mughayir, chose the oldest and biggest row, and with electric saws felled 25 trees, one after another? Who are the human scum who are capable of fomenting such an outrage on the soil, the earth, the trees, and of course the farmer, who’s been working his land for decades? Who are the human scum who fled like cowards, knowing that no one would bring them to justice for the evil they had wrought?”
There’s a photo of the demolished trunks showing where attackers painted a blood red star of David on large stone. Their ATV tracks led back to an illegal Jewish outpost. This took place 3 days before Jewish Arbor Day.
Levy relates that the farmer is a 62-year-old man struggling with cancer. He said the trees had grown up with his children. He notes Israel took 7,500 acres from the village back in the 1970’s. Villagers live under constant threat of colonist hate crimes, not only cutting down trees but burning their fields, grazing sheep on village lands, and vandalism. About 2 months ago the villagers began protesting attacks against them in Friday demonstrations, as other villages around the West Bank do. Israel’s response is to shoot villagers with rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas, and live ammunition. And arrest them. Thirty-five people from the village are now in Israeli prisons.

01.24.2019 Israeli settler charged with manslaughter for killing Palestinian Maan News 16-year-old Jewish fanatic threw 2 kg (4.4 pound) rock through windshield of car she was in.

01.24.2019 In video-Israeli settlers enter women’s prayer space in Dome of the Rock Maan News Trying to stir up trouble at the mosque again. 41 Jewish colonists, guarded by 85 Jewish occupation troops, invade mosque with other Israeli troops deployed outside.

01.24.2019 Egypt closes Rafah crossing in both directions Maan News Border crossing closed until the 27th by Egyptian authorities for celebration of Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

01.24.2019 Ashroui: ‘Israeli attacks on Palestinian political prisoners are cruel’ Maan News PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi condemns Israel’s recent attacks on prisoners, especially against children prisoners, which she called cruel and unconscionable.

01.24.2019 Israeli settler injured by rock throwing in Hebron Maan News Israeli colonist described as lightly injured by rock throwers. Was taken to hospital.

01.24.2019 The Nazis tolerated gays, then everything changed. Haaretz by Boaz Neuman. Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

01.24.2019 Irish Parliament passes bill to ban Israeli settlement goods Electronic Intifada by Ali Albunimah. Once again the Irish are standing up for Palestinians. Last July the Irish Senate voted 25 to 20 to support the ban, causing heartburn in Israel and Israel to send one of its favorite congress supporters, Peter King (R-NY) to Ireland to lobby against the bill. There are also economic threats against the Emerald Isle. Undeterred, the Irish Dail today voted 78-45 in favor of the ban. Bill has another committee to get through before becoming law.

01.24.2019 Germany still has Holocaust problem Haaretz daily dose of Nazi. by Jacob Elder.

01.24.2019 Letter to Professor Dame Janet Beer on the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism British Society for Middle Eastern Studies. In which Stuart Laing, President of BRISMES, points out to the Dame that examples of anti-Semitism in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definitions include legitimate criticism. The Israel Lobby is using IHRA definitions to shut down debate on Israeli crimes against Palestinians. [Actually, there are 11 examples that are part of the IHRA definition and 7 of them are about criticism of Israel.] Laing writes, “The University and College Union (UCU), noting that the IHRA definition has been used to ‘intimidate academics who are engaged in activities that are critical of the policies of the Israeli government but that are not anti-Semitic,’ voted to disassociate itself from the IHRA definition at its congress in 2017.” Laing also notes that a QC (Queen’s Counselor (lawyer)), found IHRC working definition “confusing and unclear and should be used with caution.”

01.25.2019 Ireland Lower House passes bill to ban Israeli settlement goods
Al Jazeera. The Dail passed a major hurdle for banning goods from Israel’s occupied Palestinian territories by voting in favor by 78-45 with 3 abstentions. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s panties were in a twist, issued a statement that Israel was ‘outraged’ and accused Irish Parliament of…wait for it…anti Semitism.
01.25.2019 14 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces Maan News Unarmed protesters shot by Israeli Jewish snipers during the Friday protests along Gaza border. This week’s bag limit included a journalist, a paramedic and a teenage girl who was shot in the leg. Israel also targeted a medical station with teargas.

01.25.2019 Palestinian teen critically injured by Israeli undercover forces in Jerusalem Maan News Occupation troops disguised as locals shot the boy in the back, the bullet came out his abdomen. He was taken to hospital still alive. Article says he was handcuffed to the hospital bed despite his condition.

01.25.2019 Palestinian youth sustains head injury in Ramallah area clashes Maan News Occupation trooper shot a young Palestinian in the head with rubber coated steel bullet during the weekly protests against the occupation. He’s got a fractured skull with internal bleeding. [note that there are many accounts of Israelis modifying rubber coated steel bullets to make them lethal.]

01.25.2019 Two Palestinians said killed by Israeli fire during protests in West Bank and Gaza Haaretz by Jack Khoury. 16-year-old kid shot in West Bank today (probably the same one in the above story) has died of his injuries. Occupation troops also shot dead a 25-year-old protester in Gaza. 20 more Palestinians were wounded.

01.25.2019 Florida governor punishes Airbnb for “discrimination” against Israeli settlers Electronic Intifada by Nora Barrows-Friedman. In another example of American politicians choosing Israel over their own country and constituents, Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis says Florida should stop doing business with Airbnb after the company stopped listing Israeli colonist rentals in the occupied Palestinian territories. Article notes that the rentals are segregated, that Palestinians aren’t allowed to rent them. But DeSantos claims that it’s Israeli colonists who are being discriminated against.
The University administrations sent professors a memo directing them to cancel any University related reservations involving Airbnb. DeSantis declared, Florida, “is a pro-Israel state.”

01.25.2019 Israelis detain 2 Palestinians after crossing border Maan News Occupation troops interrogating two locals after they crossed the Israeli segregation barrier.

01.25.2019 The ghosts of Treblinka, in a Tel Aviv basement Haaretz by Judy Maltz. Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

01.25.2019 Saterical song poking fun at Hitler among collection of Yiddish songs nominated for grammy Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

[first 3 stories are fatalities. 2 are probably the same ones reported in Haaretz yesterday and the third is the boy Israeli snipers shot yesterday.]

01.26.2019 Israeli police shoot, kill Palestinian in Jerusalem Maan News Occupation troops opened fire on a Palestinian car claiming after that it was ‘suspicious.’ Rest in Peace.

01.26.2019 Palestinian killed by Israeli forces during Gaza protests Maan News 25-year-old Atallah Abed shot to death with live ammunition by Israeli snipers. Rest in Peace.

01.26.2019 Palestinian teen shot, killed by Israeli forces near Ramallah Maan News Occupation troops near Ramallah shot 16-year-old Ayman Hamad in the chest with live ammunition from a military watch tower. Local people say the Israelis denied the teen medical aid that tried to reach him and left him to bleed to death. Another teen was also shot. He was taken away, condition unknown.

01.26.2019 Israeli settlers injure Palestinian child, attack homes in Hebron Maan News. Jewish colonists from the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement attacked a Palestinian home near the Ibrihami mosque. They injured a Palestinian man and his 10-year-old son. The colonists are trying the drive the man and his family away so they can take his home. They’re trying to take over the whole street so they’ll have easier access to t he mosque which Jews call, the Cave of the Patriarchs.

01.26.2019 2 Palestinians shot/injured in clashes near Bethlehem Maan News Jewish troops attack Tu1u village again. This time they shot one man in the head with a rubber coated steel bullet and another man in the foot with live ammunition.

01.26.2019 Palestinian forced to demolish 2 rooms in East Jerusalem Maan News A man added 2 rooms to his home a couple years ago, total of 50 square meters. The Israelis forced him to demolish those rooms today or they’d force him to pay them to demolish them.

01.26.2019 Israeli forces detain former Palestinian prisoner Maan News Man was arrested at a military checkpoint. No reason given.

01.26.2019 Israel slams Irish Parliament for advancing ‘hypocritical, anti-Semitic’ settlement ban Haaretz by Noa Landau. Israel name-calling again.

01.26.2019 On contact with Chris Hedges The Lobby USA. On Contact RT. Chris talks with Ali Abunimah and Max Blumenthal about the attempted suppression, ongoing censorship, and astonishing revelations in the 4 part documentary about the Israel lobby in America, ‘The Lobby—USA.’

01.26.2019 Palestinian genetics doctor wins medical research award in Switzerland Maan News Palestinian genetics researcher Lina Quteeineh in occupied East Jerusalem, won 2nd prize in best published research category for her 2018 article in the American Journal of Transplantation. Her study is on connection between a particular gene and heart disease in a patient with properly functioning transplant.

01.27.2019 Israeli settlers kill Palestinian father, injure 30 others, near Ramallah. Maan News Heavily armed Jewish terrorists, backed by Israeli occupation troops, shot up al-Mughayyir village late Saturday. The terrorists shot 38-year-old father of 4 Hamdi Nasson in the back with live ammunition. They also shot 30 others including 6 shot with live ammunition.

01.27.2019 In land of illegal outposts and hate crimes, another Palestinian life claimed Haaretz by Gideon Levy. The great man lays into Israeli occupiers as only he can for today’s stand-out atrocity, the killing of a father of four.

01.27.2019 Ashrawi: ‘Israeli government responsible for rise in settler terrorism’ Maan News PLO member commenting on Jewish colonists killing father of four today.

01.27.2019 UN Mladenov condemns Israeli settler killing of Palestinian father Maan News Nikolay Mladenov is the United Nation’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

01.27.2019 Palestinian child injured by tear-gas bomb fired by Israeli forces Maan News. Child (age unknown) hit in the foot. A group of children were lighting tires on fire as a smoke screen to make it harder for Israeli snipers to shoot protesters in the Great March of Return along the Gaza border when the Israelis opened fire at the children with live bullets and tear gas bombs.

01.27.2019 Injuries reported as clashes erupt in West Bank village Maan News Israeli occupation troops set up a flying checkpoint at entrance of Turnusayya where villagers were waiting to receive the body of Haidi Nassan, the father of 4 that the Israelis killed yesterday. Before Israel brought the body back Jewish troops opened fire on the crowd with rubber coated steel bullets, tear gas grenades and stun grenades.

01.27.2019 Israeli forces assault Palestinian workers at checkpoint 300 Maan News Occupation troops attack Palestinians going to work again.

01.27.2019 Minors among 9 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. More people, including kids, black bagged during night and fog raids in the West Bank districts of Bethlehem and Ramallah.

01.27.2019 Paralympics: Malaysia stripped of right to host world championship after Israeli ban. Channel News Asia An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman called the decision, “A victory of values over hatred and bigotry, a strong statement in favor of freedom and equality.”
Malaysia’s Minister of Youth and Sports said, “If hosting an international sporting event is more important than standing up for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who get murdered, maimed, and tortured by the Netanyahu regime, that means Malaysia has truly lost its moral compass.”
[If you think how many Palestinian kids Israel has made eligible to be in para Olympics—shot in the spine, shot in the head, legs, arms, fractured skulls, amputations, blinded by rubber coated steel bullets, lung damage from tear gas, internal organ damage, Gaza could field the world’s largest per-capita para Olympic kid’s team—if Israel would let them travel. Which of course, it doesn’t.]

01.27.2017 Holocaust movies: 18 of the best beyond Schindler’s List Haaretz by Ruth Schuster. Haaretz daily dose of Nazi. Recycled article.

01.27.2019 Top Israeli rabbis should be indicted for condoning fatal stoning, rights groups say Haaretz by Aaron Rabanowitz. Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu consoled students from the suspected Yeshiva terrorist stone throwers by telling them they should not be afraid of prison “because it’s the path to political power.”

01.27.2019 No, Israeli and American aren’t breaking up. Don’t believe the hype Haaretz by Aaron David Miller. Another in the endless bifurcated stream of “We’re doomed! The Americans are sick of us!” followed by, “Don’t worry! The Americans love us.”

01.27.2019 Israeli MK tours Jerusalem’s old city as setters storm Al Aqsa. Maan News Knesset member and Minister of Culture and Sports, Miri Regev chose the moment Israeli occupation troops were provoking trouble by deploying in Al Aqsa compound to let Jewish colonists roam around inside. In violation of agreements Israel signed with Jordan, which is responsible for the mosque, Israeli’s restrained mosque guards from doing their duties, and roughed up and arrested a Palestinian youth. Regev chose that moment to walk around the old City where the mosque is located, with her camera crew to film her re-election campaign commercial.

01.27.2019 Israel accuses EU of funding NGO’s backing BDS Maan News Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry says EU is funding organizations that support BDS “to the tune of millions.” [The Strategic Affairs Minister didn’t mention that Israel and it supporters are spending tens of millions a year trying to suppress BDS in the United States.]

01.27.2019 Brazilian Jews sue cartoonist over ‘Nazi hug’ Netanyahu drawing Times of Israel. Rio Jewish Federation is suing Brazilian cartoonist Aroeira because they don’t like his caricature of Netanyahu hugging Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro with their arms at angles to form a swastika. Article has a photo of those two hugging and their arms are at angles where you can see where the cartoonist got the idea.

01.28.2019 “Moment of truth” Congress to decide on key Israel-related legislation within days Haaretz by Amir Tibon. Israelis are closely following American legislation, waiting for U.S. Congress to use the 3 week re-opening of government to pass legislation giving Israel billions in money and weapons while at the same time passing legislation punishing Americans who boycott, or refuse to sign a loyalty oath, to Israel.

01.28.2019 Palestinians recall settlers dressed in white firing at them as soldiers stood by Haaretz by Amira Haas. Byline: “One witness recalls 10-15 settlers firing their guns, while another remembers Handy Na’asan being shot in the back as he went to help the wounded. Article includes more details of the attack and murder of the father of 4. .

01.28.2019 Did a settler or a soldier shoot dead a West Bank Palestinian? Depends on who you ask. Haaretz. Unlike the other Palestinians killed this week, the murder of the father has gained international condemnation, now the colonists are claiming the killer wasn’t them, it was an Israeli occupation trooper. Occupation troops say the killer was one of the colonists. In the comments section people are asking, ‘What’s the difference?’ [Certainly not much to the four children whose dad will never tell them a story at bed time again.]

01.28.2019 Israeli forces seal off entrances of Qalqiliya Maan News Occupation troops block all entrances with check points as other occupation troops set up other check points in northern West Bank. Still other occupation troops placed iron gates across the main road at Zawata and Ijisinya.

01.28.2019 In video-Glick performs wedding ritual inside Al-Aqsa compound Maan News In another provocation/violation of the rules Israel agreed to, Israeli Knesset fanatic Yehuda Glick performed and filmed a Jewish marriage ceremony inside the mosque compound. Photos with the article show Jewish occupation troops with machine guns, wearing black ski masks, guarding Glick’s stunt.

01.28.2019 The incredible Salvadoran plot that saved thousands of Jews during the holocaust Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

01.28.2019 Sporting champion, feminist icon, Nazi spy? the extraordinary life of Violet Morris Haaretz by Shlomo Papirblat. Another Haaretz daily dose of Nazi.

01.28.2019 Israel to expel International Monitoring Force in Hebron after 20-year presence Haaretz by Noa Landau. The ‘Temporary International Presence in Hebron’ (TIPH) is a group of civilian, neutral, observers set up after the 1995 Oslo 2 agreements to monitor both sides during the supposedly temporary five year agreement, as a gesture of transparency between Israel and the Palestinians. The group is funded by Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey began work 1997.
[Hebron is the largest city in the West Bank with about 220,000 Palestinians and about 800 hyper violent Jewish colonists installed by the Israeli government along the eastern side of the city. The colonists are protected by hundreds of heavily armed occupation troops. After 20 years Israel is still in Hebron, says it will never leave, and is now going to kick out the observers who consistently make the Jewish state look bad by documenting their violations of human rights law against the Palestinians.]

01.28.2019 Canadian government accuses leading Jewish charity of supporting IDF and West Bank settlements Haaretz by Amir Tibon. Israel has dozens of pre-army programs they call, ‘mechinot’ that don’t qualify as charities under Canadian law. A wealthy Jewish organization was bankrolling mechinot so the Canucks revoked the organization’s charity status.

01.28.2019 Israel Parliament cancels Irish trip in protest at goods boycott bill The Irish Times by Mark Weiss. Last week the Irish Dail advanced a bill banning goods from Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied territories. The bill still has some hurdles before it becomes law but Israel is freaking out with worry that the rest of the EU may follow suit. Israel is vowing to “prevent by all means” passage of the bill. In this article Israel’s economy and industry minister threatens that Israel will try to undermine Ireland’s economy and use Ireland’s political process to undermine Ireland’s political process. The Jewish state is ‘all in a lather’ as they say in Ireland.

01.28.2019 Israel to host summit for Europe’s emerging Nationalist Bloc Haaretz by Noa Landau. Leaders of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic invited to Israel in February, “as part of Nethanyahu’s effort to shake up the EU consensus on issues related to Palestinians and Iran.

01.28.2019 The incredible Salvadorian plot that saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust Haaretz daily dose of Nazi by David Green.

01.28.2019 Roseanne Barr calls BDS a ‘Nazi Boycott’ on tour of Jerusalem’s Old City Haaretz daily dose of Nazi by Aya Chiyat.