April 2019, Week 3

April 2019, Week 3

42-year-old teacher Fatima Suleiman, murdered by Israeli colonist in hit-and-run attack, touched off protests in which occupation troops shot a boy they’d blindfolded and handcuffed. Story on the 18th.

04.15.2015 Students suffocate as Israeli forces attack Hebron schools Maan News. Jewish state troops gassed children again today at five Hebron schools-two of them were elementary schools: Hebron Boys Elementary School, Khaldija Bint Kyuwaylids Girls Elementary School, Thou Nourain Boys School, al-Hajiriiya Girls School, and Tareq Bin Zaid Boys School.

04.15.2019 Palestinian succumbs to wounds sustained in Gaza protests. Maan News. Jewish snipers shot Ishaq Isteiewi two weeks ago injuring him seriously. They dragged him to the Israeli side of the apartheid fence. Today they informed Palestinian authorities that the young man has died.

04.15.2019 Amputee football championships held in Gaza Middle East Monitor Thanks to Israel, Gaza has hundreds of young amputees. 20 of the 80 participants in the games lost their limbs to Israeli snipers in the past year during the “Great March of Return” protests. The others lost limbs during previous Israeli attacks. The games were held in Palestine Stadium which the Israelis bombed during the 2014 Protective Edge Massacre.
There are beautiful photos of young athletes with one leg chasing the ball using their crutches. Goalies have one arm. Organizers of this event were Secretary General of the World Federation of Disabled Persons of the World, Simon Baher who lost his own leg in a work accident, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

04.15.2019 Palestinian-American wins UFC 236 preliminaries Middle East Monitor. Belal Muhammad from Chicago is now 15:3 after a unanimous decision against Curtis Millander in Atlanta.

04.15.2019 Ocasio-Cortez: cutting aide to Israel is ‘certainly on the table’ The Forward by Aiden Pink. In the latest round of the new congress women, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Netanyahu a “Trump-like figure” part of “the ascent of authoritarianism across the world.” She further said there is a conversation about cutting Obama’s $38 billion over ten years, weapons gift to Israel. Congress hasn’t approved the gift yet and Ocasio-Cortez says cutting it back is, “certainly on the table.”

04.15.2019 South African company confirms withdrawal from Clover Dairy Deal. Dairy Reporter.com. by Jim Cornall. Israeli Central Bottling Company (CBC) is buying 59.5 % of Clover—South Africa’s largest dairy company. Since South Africans are strong supporters of BDS, and multiple South African trade unions are against the deal, Brimstone Investment Corporation has announced it will fully exit the deal.

04.16.2019 Rep. Ilhan Omar raises $830 K for re-election campaign. Star Tribune by Torey Van Oot. Omar supporters showing support and solidarity with their wallets.

04.16.2019 Israel confiscates 51,000 dunams from Jordan Valley Maan News. Israel is taking over another 51,000 dunams (12,000 acres) of Palestinian lands. Also seizing farm machinery, solar cells and control of springs.

04.16.2019 Collective punishment in Issawiya for 5th day Maan News. Jewish troops raiding homes in the Jerusalem neighborhood daily, in addition to street closures, more checkpoints, arbitrary searches of people and vehicles, and arrests.

04.16.23019 Minors among 12 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Youngest victims dragged from their beds in last night’s night and fog raids were a 14-year-old and two 15-year-olds.

04.16.2019 Israeli forces dismantle two tents in Susiya Maan News. Israel took down a tent where 10 family members living, and also a tent where they keep their sheep.

04.16.2019 Israeli forces open heavy fire at Gazan fishermen, farmers Maan News. Jewish siege troops shot at Palestinian farmers and fishermen again today, stopping them from earning their livelihoods.

04.16.2019 Nurse in Gaza: ‘We had no choice but to lay patients on the ground.’ Nursing Times by Sarah Callins. Brutal, compassionate narrative by a Red Cross trauma nurse who’d gone the Gaza to train other nurses and was there on May 14, 2018 to help with the carnage when Jewish snipers killed 60 unarmed Palestinians and shot 1,400 with live ammunition. Many of the injured sustained life changing injuries. As they came in faster and faster the hospitals were overwhelmed. They ran out of pain killers, beds, bandages, and finally ended up treating people on the ground outside. A heroic young woman.

04.17.2019 Gallup quietly admits ‘Israel vs. Palestine’ sympathy polls are misleading anti-war.com by Grant Smith. Regarding its many years of polling how much Americans support Israel, Gallup admitted that “3 decades of polling data contain fundamental flaws, “well beyond what would attribute to normal sampling error.”
Gallup further admits, “the priming effect of asking country favorability appears to push people towards sympathizing with Israel…” Gallup verified that a majority of Americans do not sympathize with Israel. [This is a big deal because whether Americans support Israel or don’t support Israel is a huge factor in Congressional support for Israel and in the Israel Lobby’s ability to quash discussion on the topic.]

04.17.2019 Israel demolishes Palestinian home in Beit Hanionz Maan News. (Occupied East Jerusalem) Family of eight homeless tonight.

04.17.2019 Palestinian minor suffers serious injury during Israeli raid Maan News. (Jerusalem district village) Jewish occupation troops shot a 13-year-old in the knee with live ammunition. Article cites local sources saying the occupiers demolished three Palestinian farm structures and passed out dozens of demolition orders to the townspeople.

04.17.2019 In video-Israel demolishes home of Sakh al Barghouti in Kobar Maan News. Israel accused Barghouti of attacking/killing a Jewish colonist last December. They executed him as he sat in his taxi and now they have demolished his family’s home.

04.17.2019 Minor among 21 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. Night and fog raids.

04.17..2019 In video-Israel commences demolition of 500 Silwan homes and structures Maan News. Heavily armed Jewish occupation troops assaulted residents in East Jerusalem. Then they began bulldozing homes, stables, and buildings.

04.17.2019 Israel hails ‘record’ year in arms exports, despite $2 billion decrease Haaretz by Yaniv Kubobich. Jewish state weapons sales down to $7.5 billion from $9.2 billion the previous year.

04.17.2019 Radical rabbi says Notre Dame fire retribution for 13th Century Talmuc burning Times of Israel. In case you were wondering how the fire started.


04.18.2019 Israeli settler kills Palestinian woman after ramming her with a car, soldiers shoot and seriously injure teen IMEMC. A Jewish colonist rammed 42-yar-old teacher Fatima Suleiman’s car hard enough to throw her out of her vehicle into the street. Instead of rendering aid he hit her again and killed her, then he drove away.

Jewish occupation troops came and seized all the shop video surveillance cameras, which would have incriminating evidence, then they left. Responding to a demonstration against the attack later in the afternoon, occupation troops attacked the people with gas and rubber coated steel bullets. They handcuffed and blind folded a boy they caught. When he tried to run away they shot him at point blank distance. He is in critical condition. (see article below).

04.18.2019 In video-Israeli forces critically injure Palestinian student in Tuqu Maan News. Gruesome footage. Brutal occupation troops gassing villagers with CS gas, firing live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets. They were arresting one of the kids when he tried to make a run for it. They shot him at point blank range. There are photos and a video of him bleeding profusely. Video shows distraught village elders screaming at the Jews-who are all wearing masks so they can’t be identified-over the body of the boy. The cowardly Israelis, in near panic, are screaming at the older people, who are all unarmed, threatening them with guns that they will kill them.

04.18.2019 Israel bans Gaza Christians from going to Jerusalem, Bethlehem for Easter Middle East Monitor. Lots of commentators calling out the Israeli regime for celebrating its religious holiday of Passover at the same time they’re denying Christians the right to celebrate Easter. Israeli rights group Gisha calls it, “a flagrant violation of the freedom of movement, freedom of worship, and freedom of enjoying family life for the Christians in Gaza.”

04.18.2019 Israeli forces dismantle, confiscate tent in Susiya for the second time Maan News. Jewish occupation troops stole the tent leaving the family of ten homeless for the second time this week.

04.18.2019 Children, woman among 19 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces Maan News. More people dragged from their beds in the night raids.

04.18.2019 Clashes erupt as Israeli forces raid Palestinian stores near Qalandiya Maan News. Jewish occupation troops raided stores, fired live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets, and gassed the local people with CS gas.

04.18.2019 Israeli forces target Gaza farmers, fishermen Maan News. Safe in military towers Jewish troops shot at farmers working their fields. Meanwhile, out on the water Jewish gunboats opened fire on fishermen again. No injuries reported.

04.18.2019 Democratic senators introduce resolution to restore U.S. aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Haaretz/JTA. Trump administration is holding up monies for relief aid Congress appropriated in 2018. [This is probably to force Palestinians to accept the peace deal cooked up by Trump’s son in law Kushner, and the Israelis.]

04.18.2019 Israeli court upholds expulsion of human rights defender Electronic Intifada by Ali Albunimah. Israel is deporting the Director of Human Rights Watch in Jerusalem, Omar Shakir, because he talks about Israel’s abuse of Palestinian people. The Israelis are kicking him out based on their 2017 which doesn’t allow people into the country who support BDS.

04.18.2018 Army announces 9-day closure of West Bank, Gaza for Passover holiday Times of Israel. The occupiers are closing down checkpoints and crossings to Palestinians, but not Jews, from midnight tonight until midnight the 27th. Jews from the occupied territories will still be able to travel freely. Tens of thousands of Palestinians who work legally in Israel are out of luck. Israel says any exceptions for Palestinians will require approval from the Defense Ministry. [The Israelis pulled this same stunt earlier this month when they closed the Palestinians down for two days during Jewish elections.]

04.18.2019 Israel sounds alarm on measles after El Al flight attendant, boy slip into comas Times of Israel staff. 2 million Israelis are either not vaccinated or only partially so. There are multiple pockets of unvaccinated orthodox Jews who are spreading the disease.
Israel has 3,600 cases. The 513 cases in New York City and Rockland County have been traced to Jews flying back and forth to Israel where they picked up the disease and spread it to the United States.

04.18.2019 ‘Used food’ markets spreading in Egypt as poverty rises Middle East Monitor. Times getting tough enough around Cairo that people are forced to buy discarded restaurant meals and other foods with no health controls.

04.18.2019 Victory for boycott HP campaign: Netherlands trade union FNV drops HP as partner for its member offers. Palestinian BDS National Committee. [Hewlett Packard is the prime contractor for control systems at Israeli checkpoints, the apartheid wall, and has sold similar technologies to the Israeli navy to press Israel’s siege of Gaza]. Federateie Nederlandse Vakbewenging (FNV) is the Netherlands’ largest trade union representing 1.1 million people has dropped HP “as a partner in their offers to members.” Meaning FNV membership has chosen to support human rights in Palestine over HP discounts for FNV members.

04.18.2019 France insurance firm AXA divests from Israel arms manufacturer Middle East Monitor. In another BDS victory, French multi-national insurance and financial services firm has divested from Elbit Systems and will also divest from 5 major Israeli banks following a campaign by several NGO’s who asked AXA to reconsider its dealings with Israel’s occupation.

04.18.2019 BZU President applauds student council election process Maan News. Birzeit University President congratulated student council on providing leadership and responsibility during the election in which 9,041 of 11,830 students voted (78%) Results were close: 4,056 votes for Fatah and 3,997 votes for Hamas. Each block won 23 seats of a total of 51 seats. The other five seats went to the Democratic Progressive Student Pole. The President remarked, “Amidst the hardships that Palestine must endure due to political fragmentation and the Israeli occupation, we are required—as an academic institution and part of the Palestinian socio-economic, political, and cultural spheres-to approach our basic freedoms and rights boldly, and to uphold our academic freedom.”

04.19.2015 Israel shuts down Palestinian tournament in East Jerusalem Maan News. 12 teams were scheduled to play at the tournament. Israel closed it down at gunpoint.

04.19.2019 Dozens injured by Israeli forces in weekly Kafr Qaddum march Maan News. Northern West Bank village of Qalqila district. Jewish troops gassed the people with CS gas and caused various injuries.

04.19.2019 Israeli settlers attack Palestinian family in Hebron City Maan News. Jewish colonists broke into an al-Shuhada street home late last night and pepper sprayed the family.

04.19.2019 Israeli artillery targets sites across Gaza Maan News. Terrorizing Gazans again. No injuries reported.

04.19.2019 Israeli navy opens fire at Palestinian fishermen Maan News. Fishermen driven back to shore by siege gunboats again.

04.19.2019 Al-Quds University launches 1st astronomy club to raise astronomical literacy Maan News. With support from NOVA society, students and physics faculty at Al Quds in the occupied West Bank are trying to increase society’s interest in astronomy.

04.20.2019 Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian at Nablus checkpoint Maan News. Occupation troops shot a man they claim attempted to stab a group of heavily armed Jewish soldiers with a knife. No Israelis injured.

04.20.2019 37 Palestinians injured during weekly Gaza protests Maan News. From the safety and comfort of military fortifications on the Israeli side, Jewish snipers, shot at least 37 more people in Gaza Friday afternoon. Article says the injured were hit with live ammunition. The Jewish state also gassed the people and fired rubber coated steel bullets. Among the injured were 5 medics and 4 journalists. Israel also targeted/damaged an ambulance. [Imagine the U.S. media-storm if this title was 37 Israelis injured by Palestinians.]

04.20.2019 Watch: Israeli soldiers stand by as settlers pelt Palestinians with rocks Haaretz by Yotan Berger. Video.

04.02.2019 ‘There’s a hole in the system. Israel became a haven for suspected Jewish sex offenders Haaretz. by Dina Kraft. Israel has a ‘Law of Return’ [for Jews only] that allows/encourages Jews from anywhere in the world to move to Israel. If a Jew with legal charges against him or her makes it to Israel, the Jewish state is very resistant to sending them back to the country that wants to put them on trial. A number of pedophiles or accused pedophiles (65 that are known) have escaped to Israel from various countries.
Article opens with the case of a New York rabbi who escaped to Israel after a male victim he sexually abused when the victim was 12-years-old, revealed what the rabbi had done to him.
Most of the rest of the article revolves around the high-profile case of Australian Jewish girl’s school headmistress Malka Leifer, who fled to Israel in 2002 to dodge trial where she faced 74 counts of sexual assault and rape of children. The Australian government has officially demanded the woman be returned for trial. Israel continues to harbor Leifer to this day.
Israeli officials told Haaretz that unless the pedophile is convicted of re-offending there is no legal way to supervise them. As a result, pedophiles from other countries can end up working with children in the Jewish state. Most of the 65 pedophiles identified by advocacy group ‘Jewish Community Watch’ as having fled to Israel to avoid prosecution are

04.20.2019 Why Zionism has always been a racist ideology Middle East Monitor by Asa Winstanly. Winstanly is a British writer who advocates for Palestinian human rights. Here he offers some history of the racist, colonial British officials who facilitated the Zionist takeover of Palestine. He ends with a few paragraphs on efforts by the present Zionist front in British Parliament operating as, the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), to use British democracy to undermine British democracy. Take away line: “The Labour anti-Semitism “crisis” is, in reality, a campaign by racists to smear anti-racists as “racists.”

Sunday 04.21.2019
Dozens of Palestinian students suffocate from Israeli tear gas
Maan News. Hebron Elementary School. Jewish troops gassed the children with CS gas again.

04.21.2019 Dozens of Palestinian students suffocate from Israeli tear gas Maan News. Jewish occupation troops gassed children and teachers who were on their way to school in Hebron—again.

04.21.2019 Israel bans Gaza Christians from entry to West Bank for Easter. Maan News. In the latest religious repression, the Jewish state refused to allow Palestinian Christians permits to services at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.