November 2019, Week 5

November 2019, Week 1

16-year-old Fahed al-Astal shot dead by Israeli sniper from hundreds of yards away.

from IMEMC
11.29.2019 Palestinian killed on Gaza border. Jewish snipers, firing from the safety and comfort of military emplacements, scoped and murdered 16-year-old Fahd al-Alstal. On the same afternoon, Israel injured many others with a combination of gas, rubber coated steel bullets, and live ammunition.
from Wafa
11.29.2019 Israeli police bans TV interview of PA Minister in Jerusalem The only democracy in the Middle East deployed occupation troops to the Mount of Olives neighborhood where the Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi Hidmi, was having an interview. The occupiers broke into the interview, detained the Minister, told him to get out. Article notes this is third time in five months this Hidmi, and they’ve ordered him to appear for interrogation multiple times.

11.29.2019 Illegal colonists burn Palestinian cars, puncture tires and write racist graffiti. Taybeh and Dier Ammar villages. Racist tropes in Hebrew. ‘Death to Arabs’ etc.

11.29.2019 New Israeli bypass will bring settlement closer to Jerusalem and hurt Palestinian farmers Haaretz by Amira Hass. Another apartheid road being built on stolen Palestinian lands—for Jews only. Six miles long. Cost estimate $98 million. Features: concrete walls, lights, surveillance cameras. Israel’s racist/colonist (is that redundant?) Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich is gushing about the new road. IN the Israeli vision, Jewish colonists will be able to drive to Jerusalem at 75 miles an hour without stopping. Wheee!

Arabs not allowed. Worse than that, Arab farmers won’t be allowed to get to their vineyards on the other side of the road. Author Haas talks with affected farmers. They have the farmer’s bias that their lands produce the best crops. Their grape vines can produce bunches up to six and a half pounds of superb grapes with no irrigation (!). They say that Israelis came and took their seeds to start their own vineyards. Haas tells them she thinks Israeli grapes have no flavor and have a texture like plastic. The farmers agree. They say Israeli’s industrialized grape farming produces bad grapes loaded with pesticides, and they’ve heard Israeli grapes are sometimes rejected by other countries. [I haven’t tried the grapes but Israeli farmers were exposed in 2012 for using more pesticides than any other country in the OCED with average of a staggering 3.5 tons of pesticides per 1,000 cultivated dunhams, (247 acres). That’s more than twice the next nearest country.]

11.29.2019 Canceling Roger Waters The Jerusalem Post. by Lana Melman. [Israel lobby working to corrode the First Amendment of America’s Constitution.] A pro-Israel entity calling itself Yad Yamin got a handful of supporters to pass out leaflets at the premier LA showing of Roger Waters’ new documentary, ‘Us+Them’ Author Melman boasts that Yad Yamin convinced one (1) patron to leave without seeing the screening. After that YY asked the regional director to ban a subsequent screening , which the director did.

[Helpful to know, article bio of the author calls Lana Melman, “CEO of Liberate Art Inc. a leading expert on combating the cultural boycott effort against Israel, a Hollywood liaison, and professional speaker and writer. She was the premier director of Creative Community for Peace (2011-2015) an industry based organization against the boycott. (emphasis mine). Regular readers will remember the September 29, 2019 article ‘Documents prove “Creative Community for Peace” is front for right-wing Israel Lobby Group “Stand With Us”’ by Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. (PACBI)which reports CCFP and SWU work out of the same LA office. Tax documents show both groups are registered with the IRS as a single non-profit calling itself ‘Israel Emergency Alliance.” Their founders and board leaders—David and Esther Renzer—are married(!) Stand With Us is “a long established right-wing, anti-Palestinian, pro-Israel settler lobby group with long-time ties to Israel’s far-right government.” Article says CCFP and SWU collaborate on pro-colonist propaganda with Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and they have received a grant from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.]

11.29.2019 Bishops oppose illegal settlements, stand in solidarity with church in Holy Land. ICN (Independent Catholic News) the Bishops of England and Wales wound up their autumn meeting with a statement issued by Bishop Declan Lang, Chair of the Department for International Affairs. Here ‘tis:
“As Bishops of the Holy Land Coordination have consistently highlighted, we all have a responsibility to oppose the continued construction of illegal settlements which not only fuels human rights violations, but imperils any chance of a two-state solution. We stand in solidarity with the church in the Holy Land as it strives for justice and peace amid these increasingly difficult circumstances and look forward to reiterating this support in person during our forthcoming visit to Christian communities in Palestine.

11.29.2019 Illegal colonists chop 30 olive trees near Nablus. Chosen people making the desert bloom again.

11.29.2019 How Israel became one of the world’s worst rogue states Middle East Eye. by Alain Gabon. Good piece lays out how Israel has, for decades, successfully promoted itself with the mantra that it’s the only democracy in the Middle East, when it is not a democracy and never has been. It has a separate legal system for Arabs, steals Arab land, water, and resources and distributes them to Jewish colonists.

11.30.2019 Updated: “Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian teen in Southern Gaza. Some new details of how far away that Jewish sniper, firing from the safety and comfort of his military emplacement, was when he shot 16-year-old Fahed al-Astal in the abdomen with live ammunition.

The boy was among a group of about 20 Palestinians gathered HUNDREDS OF METERS (several football field lengths, ie. no threat to anybody) away from Israel’s segregation fence, when the sniper scoped him and shot him. Since he could not have posed any threat, the Israeli army says it is investigating the ‘incident’. That’s Israeli army-speak for they’re waiting to see what video footage emerges that might give the lie to whatever story they cook up as to why it was justified to kill an unarmed kid.

Article notes five more people were shot and injured and many others suffered from gas inhalation.

from Wafa
11.30.2019 Israeli war planes attack posts in north of Gaza Strip. Once again, Israel claims a small projectile fired from Gaza landed in an open field causing no damage or injuries, so they launched an aerial raid and fired three missiles.

11.30.2019 Settlers chase herders off Jordan Valley pastures. Jewish thugs assaulted Palestinian shepherds and International Solidarity supporters to drive them off their own lands.